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Surname: Doubrova
Christian Names: Jaromir Henry
Country: Australia
State or Province: South Australia
City or Town: Coober Pedy
Service #: Nil
Service: Nil
Branch: Nil
Commencement of service: Nil
Completion of service: Nil
Case Notes:





Sitting around a public bar spinning yarns of military daring-do is the thing to do for many ‘wannabes’, but when those ‘yarns’ make their way into the National media and the storyteller tries to pass himself off as something he definitely is not then that is a whole new kettle of fish.

This is the story of Jaromir ‘Henry’ Doubrova, bar fly from Coober Pedy who used an interview to tell his farfetched story of service in Vietnam.

Reading the article, it would be clear to most that his story of service in Vietnam is nothing more than a fanciful tale cooked up in his own mind. That is until he tries to make the reader believe he was a Prisoner of War (POW). This statement moves him from just a ‘wannabe’ to being a Valour Thief of the highest order, deserving a permanent place on this website.

Doubrava’s flippant claim of being approached by Australian Army and American personnel to deploy to Vietnam without the hint of formal training in anything is ridiculous. Jaromir Doubrava did not arrive in Australia until October 1969 as a refugee.

Allowing for time for him to settle into Australia as a migrant, undergo vetting and training, relocate to Darwin, find employment as a gardener it is clear that it is completely impossible for him to have seen service in Vietnam as he would have us believe.

His claim to have been a POW is offensive and vile. The history of the Vietnam War will forever be marked by the ill treatment, depravation and torture meted out to US and Allied POW’s during the conflict. The experience broke many strong men and has left lifelong scars on all those who suffered at the hands of their captors.

Jaromir Doubrava was not a Prisoner of War in Vietnam.

For making the claim that he was a POW, and attempting to place himself in the same company of those brave men who endured, and those who lost the fight for life while in captivity Jaromir Doubrava deserves to be named and shamed. Such claims are offensive and cannot be brushed off as bar talk.

Jaromir Doubrava should apologise to the Veteran community as a matter of urgency, and in particular he should remove his hat, bow his head and give thanks to the men and women who served in Vietnam and to those who were POWs, because he was not one of them.

Surname: Downey
Christian Names: Tom
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Goulburn
Service #: Unknown UK
Service: Unknown
Branch: UnKnown
Commencement of service: UnKnown
Completion of service: UnKnown
Case Notes:




We get some odd bods reported to us at Anzmi. Downey is a classic odd bod. He looks great all dressed up in his near perfect French Foreign Legion uniform with all his medals.

He attends Anzac Day and Remembrance Service days at Goulburn in his uniform. He tells anyone who is interested that he served in the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) UK for 20 years and the French Foreign Legion for 22 years.

Downey wears a lot of medals. Some are difficult to identify due to medals being hidden by others.

However we have identified that among his grand collection on display , he wears the following medals -;

General Service Cross. UK

Active Service Medal UK

Suez Canal Zone Medal UK

Suez Medal UK

British Forces Germany Medal UK

National Service Medal UK

Cold War Victory Medal UK

Hors De Combat UK.

QE2 Coronation commemorative Medal. UK.

The above nine medals are self purchased tin medals that just add colour to his shirt. They can be purchased from Medal Dealers in the United Kingdom for about 20 to 40 pounds sterling each.

He also wears the General Service Medal. 1918-1962. (GSM) UK

On his left side he also wears -;

The Cross for Military Valour. France.

Insignia for the Military wounded. France.

North Africa Security and Order Operations Commemorative Medal with clasps. France

They are all purchased tin or commemorative medals that can be ordered on the net.

We did not waste our time trying to verify his alleged military service. None of these medals have been officially awarded except possibly the GSM. If he had been awarded any other official medals he would be wearing them.

In any case, foreign medals, official or not, should be worn on the right side unless approval is given from the Australian Honours and Awards Secretariat, Government House for official medals to be worn on the left.

Approval has not been given in this case.

We did however discover a photo (below) of two of his French Foreign Legion colleagues who he may have served with.

We have received reliable information that the French Foreign Legion uniform he wears is also suspect and does not conform with a genuine uniform.

Tom Downey has a problem with credibility. This colourful character will now adorn our site with his two colleagues for his indiscretions.

Surname: Doyle
Christian Names: John Henry
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Townsville
Case Notes:

Perusing the offenders on this site you will most likely note the number of people that we have cited who  have held an executive position within ESOs (ex-service organisations), or they say they were in the Special Air Service or some fanciful 'special operations' group and their missions were that secret they still cant talk about them, or if they do they "will have to kill you". 

Odd you say?? 

Well not really, as the military imposter or 'wannabe' is the epitome of a coward that didn't have the intestinal fortitude to put on a uniform and do his bit. In his dreams he likes to think that he has the ability to be better than the real thing. You will find that most of these people will say that they served in the SASR, Australia's elite troops, the AATTV (Australian Army Training Team, Viet Nam) or they will have been a member of a platoon that has been in a famous battle, like the battle of Long Tan. Always pay attention to anyone who claims he was a member of this elite band of soldiers called the SAS or if he says he was the hero of a major battle. 

Ask them questions, and the more you ask the more they will lie to you as they like the attention and they will give you all the information you will need to place them firmly on the pages of this site for life. 

Meet John Henry Doyle, who was a past-president of the Townsville Returned and Services League. 

There is not a lot we can add to the fine job done by this reporter and as is stated in the article mail order medals are the problem here as anyone off the street can write away for and receive through the mail any medal they wish to purchase. There is no offence in doing this, however; if it is the intention of the purchaser to wear this medal and pretend to be a returned serviceman then a federal offence has been committed and they will stand trial when caught. 

It is the aim of CPMH with the assistance of people such as yourself, the media and police to ensure that the bogus person is caught, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law (Defence Act 1903). 

Doyle and the major publicity he has attracted gives us a chance to explain a little more about why we are here. Mentioned here with Doyle is another bogus member of the Townsville R&SL who has recently been jailed for fraud. For the full story on Ted Miskiewicz go here, http://members.nbci.com/prominentvet/ 

Is being caught, getting a small amount of exposure in the press and a small fine a big enough deterrent to the bogus veteran? The maximum fine in accordance with the Defence Act is chicken-feed; less than most speeding tickets, and the 6 months in prison is never carried out no matter how serious the offence may be. 

These penalties appear by no means to be a deterrent to the imposter as he will pay the fine, suffer some embarrassment and then usually moves to another town and starts his deceitful tales all over again as is shown on this site in the case of Rod Bolam. It may mean he might have to purchase 'his' replacement medals and awards again but he will do that because he likes to bask in the glory of what he thought he might have done if he he had the courage to enlist in the first place. 

The majority of imposters listed on the pages of CPMH and our US counterparts wannabe pages are full of cowards who steal the identity or good name of genuine veterans and denigrate the ANZAC tradition by telling their lies to captive audiences of mainly innocent civilians who cannot pick the difference between the truth and the lies they tell. Some are indeed accomplished and clever and have researched the bogus lifestyle in which they fantasise and in some cases they have fooled genuine veterans and their families for long periods and have also fooled the Department of Veterans Affairs. 

This lust for seeking fame as a hero of war gets bigger and bigger as they become more confident with the lies they are spreading, until they become so confident they make one tiny error in their story which ultimately becomes their undoing. There are many on the pages of this site in that category that you will see as you pass through and there are more to follow. 

Shortly you will see the story of the bogus veteran who promoted himself to Lieutenant Colonel in the Armoured Corps and organised and took a contingent of genuine veterans to 'The Wall' in the USA. We have him on film spruiking his lies and on his return from America he awarded himself the Defence Force Service Medal for 15 years of bogus activities he has performed hidden in the veteran community with his lies. We invite you to continue returning to this site as he will appear here on the pages very soon. 

These bogus veterans may be able to endure a little embarrassment of a once-only appearance in their local paper but once placed on the pages of CPMH they have a life sentence as there is no removal from these pages once you have been identified as a bogus veteran. 

As stated in this article on John Henry Doyle the veteran community has a zero tolerance of bogus veterans and if you endorse this view, please email the Minister for Veterans Affairs, and any or all other politicians and voice your disgust at the infinitesimal fines issued to these people. 

You will find a poll [link removed] on this site where you can indicate what you think the fines should be for the federal offence of impersonating a veteran. Please pass your opinion on to the politicians by talking to your local member (there is an election this year, and the veteran vote is significant in today's closely-fought electoral campaigns) and maybe if enough pressure is applied from veterans, concerned civilians and the media we can instigate a change in the fines and jail sentences. 

With significant and punitive fines and genuine custodial options in our legal (as opposed to justice)  system, plus concerted campaigns to shame the imposters in our midst; the potential to rid our  community of military imposters can only be enhanced. Your action, can help put an end to imposters. 

There would be an enormous public outcry from the various state police departments if bogus police, fire and emergency services personnel began turning up in their areas of responsibility. Those that died, those that were wounded and those who suffer physical and psychological consequences of their service in theatres of conflict deserve no less respect. 

Do your bit.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: Doyle
Christian Names: Harley Stewart
Country: Australia
State or Province: SA
City or Town: Adelaide
Service #: R58376
Service: RAN
Branch: Stores Victualling
Commencement of service: 25 Sep 1961
Completion of service: Unknown
Case Notes:

Harley Stewart Doyle JP, is the State Vice-President of the Vietnam Veterans of Australia, South Australia Branch. This is an important and well-respected organisation for ensuring support to Vietnam Veterans in times of need, lobbying Government, and other forms of advocacy.

Doyle should be commended for his years of faithful service to fellow Veterans.

Doyle, however, should be condemned, for perpetuating dishonesty over many years by wearing medals he has not been awarded.


Doyle 1 2 3

The above photograph appeared in a number of syndicated publications throughout Australia, commemorating Vietnam Veterans Day in 2014. Here, Doyle can be seen wearing the following medals:

1. Australian Active Service Medal (AASM) 1945-75 (2 clasps) – only entitled to one clasp for this medal.
2. General Service Medal (GSM) 1962 (1 clasp) – no entitlement.
3. Vietnam Logistic Support Medal (VLSM) – entitled.
4. Australian Service Medal (ASM) 1945-75 (1 clasp) – no entitlement.
5. Australian Defence Medal (ADM) – entitled.
6. Pingat Jasa Malaysia Medal (PJM) – no entitlement.

Doyle joined the Royal Australian Navy in 1961 from the Adelaide Police Barracks, where he was a Probationary Constable, swapping one uniform for another.


Doyle 1 2

Pre-1970 Navy personnel records are publicly available from the National Australian Archives (NAA). Those records, in the case of a sailor, took the form of a “Ratings Record Card”. This item followed them throughout their career, until 1970, when this information was transferred to an electronic record.


Doyle 3

On the rear of the card is recorded all postings of the member. This information was recorded meticulously by administrative staff to ensure that every day was accounted for in regard to where the sailor was at that time.

Doyle’s first sea posting was to HMAS Duchess.

On 24 February 1964, just two weeks after the Voyager disaster, the Australian Government accepted the British offer of a replacement ship.

Duchess arrived in Sydney on 19 April 1964 with a combined RN/RAN ship’s company and a week later sailed for Williamstown Naval Dockyard for a much needed refit. She was commissioned into the RAN as HMAS Duchess (I) at Williamstown on 8 May with Commander Ian Burnside, RAN, in command.

The RN component of the crew returned to the UK leaving the ship completely in RAN hands for the first time. Duchess remained at Williamstown undergoing refit until 20 November 1964 when she departed for her homeport of Sydney. She arrived two days later and immediately began work-up in preparation for her first deployment on 19 January 1965.

Doyle served on the Duchess from 08 May 64 to 03 Jan 65.

The Australian War Memorial (AWM) keeps copies of the Report of Proceedings (ROPs) for HMA Ships, from both World Wars, the Korean War, and up until the end of the Vietnam War. Those documents are available online on the AWM website for public perusal.

An inspection of the ROPs for Duchess over the period Doyle was posted there, shows that the ship was in Australia undergoing refits and sea-trials. Duchess did not leave Australia on operational deployment until 19 Jan 65, as the extract of DVA records below discloses. Doyle posted off the ship 12 days before this deployment.


Doyle 4


Doyle was next posted to HMAS Sydney from 04 Jan 65 to 04 Apr 65. During this period Sydney did not leave Australian waters.

Doyle returned to Sydney on 28 Mar 67, completing three trips to Vietnam, as shown on the Vietnam Service Certificate below. These were the only operational deployments undertaken by Sydney in that year, spending from June to December alongside in Australia, undergoing refit.


Doyle 5

From the information provided so far, it can be seen that the three deployments to Vietnam were the only warlike, or non-warlike, service by Doyle. This becomes very relevant when Doyle’s entitlement to the medals he is wearing is scrutinised.

AASM 1945-1975: In the photograph Doyle can be seen to have two clasps to this medal. As his only warlike operational service was onboard HMAS Sydney, the medal should only have one clasp, namely ‘VIETNAM’.

GSM 1962: The GSM is an Imperial (UK) Award, instituted in 1964 to replace the Naval General Service Medal 1915-62, and the General Service Medal 1918-62. As is with all General Service Medals, it is issued with clasps, which define the operational service for which the award was made.

The clasps most commonly awarded to Australians are ‘MALAY PENINSULA’, ‘BORNEO’ and ‘SOUTH VIETNAM’, the latter awarded exclusively to Australian troops.

There are a number of qualifying criteria for the award of this medal. Doyle did not see any relevant operational service in those areas between 1962 and 1966 and is therefore not entitled to that medal.

VLSM: In 1993, the Vietnam Logistic and Support Medal was established to recognise those who had served in Vietnam during the time of the Vietnam War, for relatively short periods of time in support of Australian operations and who had not received any recognition for that service.

Doyle is entitled to the award of this medal for his deployments to Vietnam on HMAS Sydney.

ASM 1945-75: Doyle is also wearing this medal, to which is attached one clasp.

The ASM 1945-75 was approved in 1995, and may be awarded for service in, or in connection with, prescribed non-warlike operations during the period commencing on 3 September 1945 and ending on 16 September 1975.

For the time of Doyle’s service, the appropriate clasp would be ‘FESR’ for service with the Far East Strategic Reserve, between 02 July 1955 and 31 October 1971. However, Doyle did not see service in this area of operation. Doyle is not entitled to the medal or the clasp.

ADM: The ADM recognises ADF personnel who have efficiently completed either an initial enlistment period, or four years’ service, which ever is the lesser, and all of the relevant service was after 3 September 1945. Doyle is entitled to this medal.

PJM: In 2004, the Malaysian Government offered Australia the PJM medal to commemorate ADF personnel who served to uphold the sovereignty of Malaysia during the Malayan Emergency and the Indonesian Confrontation, between 31 August 1957 and 31 December 1966. The Australian government accepted the offer and has issued over 8,000 medals.

Once again, Doyle did not undertake qualifying service and is therefore not entitled to wear that medal.

Harley Stewart Doyle, you were appropriately awarded for your service in defence of our country, but chose to add a further three medals to your rack.

Harley Doyle was contacted by ANZMI. He was requested to provided an explanation as to his wearing of non awarded medals. He replied that in respect to the General Service Medal, he was on the HMAS Duchess when it sailed close to the qualifying area for the medal, so he thought that he would buy the medal and place it on his rack.

In respect to his purchasing and wearing the non-entitled second clasp on the Australian Active Service Medal, the non-entitled Australian Service Medal with one clasp and the non-entitled Pingjat Jasa Medal, he stated that it was "just something that he did at the time."

Harley Doyle, your actions have sullied all of your work with the VVAA and call into question your fitness to hold an executive position within that organisation and also fitness to remain as a Justice of the Peace. You are a Medals cheat and you should stand down immediately as the Vice President, South Australia State Branch of the Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia.  You have no credibility.

You are now among good company on the ANZMI website.

Surname: Doyle
Christian Names: Murray Patrick
Country: Australia
State or Province: N/A
City or Town: N/A
Service: Merchant Marine
Case Notes:


Murray Doyle is an Australian Merchant Marine Captain who wears two medals:


His medals are:

Australian Antarctic Medal (AAM)
Unknown Merchant Marine Medal

He was awarded the AAM by the Australian Government for outstanding service in support of Antarctic expeditions.

The second medal is a non official commemorative medal that must not be worn on the left breast with the official medal. If it is to be worn at all, it must be worn on the right breast.

The Australian Merchant Marine Association advise that they follow Australian Government and Returned and Services League protocols in relation to wearing medals.

Members of the Merchant Marine Association are aware of medals convention and like their Defence Force colleagues will not tolerate blatant disregard of traditions.

We welcome Murray Patrick Doyle aboard the good ship ANZMI. 

Surname: Duckworth
Christian Names: Aiden John
Country: Australia (ex NZ)
State or Province: WA
City or Town: Norseman (formerlyDunedin NZ)
Service #: (NZ) 43201 (Aust 265057)
Service: Army
Branch: Infantry
Commencement of service: 12 Nov 80 (Aust)
Completion of service: 25 Mar 85 (Aust)
Case Notes:




Aiden John Duckworth is an expatriate New Zealander who now resides in  the famous gold mining town of Norseman, Western Australia.  He has found  infamy by way of a media release about his life which included details of his military service which is false.

Duckworth claims to have served with the NZ Army in Vietnam during the war as well as serving in Malaysia.  According to Duckworth:

"For twelve months I was in the Vietnamese Highlands sending communications back to Na Trang, the 2nd Special Service group Headquarters. It was guerrilla warfare and we lived and fought with the Highland people mainly Montagnards in the mountains ".  

"My job was at the base running communications"

"The NZ Army had trained morse radio  operators which others didn't, so we became a valuable commodity"

He is a liar.  He was never deployed to Vietnam during his service in the NZ Army.

His Australian service is also exaggerated, he says. After a year is Sydney he missed the Military life and joined the Australian Army where he stayed for the next  twelve years.

Duckworth joined the Australian Army Reserve on 12 Nov 1980 and was discharged on 11 Nov 1985 for "Non Efficient" service.  He claims  to have served in the Australian Army for twelve years when in fact he served part time in the Australian Army Reserve for five years before being discharged for not rendering  efficient service.

Soon after the media release we contacted Duckworth at the Kalgoolie Hotel where he was working,  and asked if he had served in Vietnam, he confirmed that he had, and said that the media release was accurate.

Some weeks later we  tracked him  to  Norseman, where he answered the Returned and Service League's Mobile phone.  Following the phone call he sent a copy of his NZ Army Discharge Certificate as proof of his NZ  Army Vietnam service

Although the Certificate is badly damaged the notations of the "VEITNAM GENERAL MEDAL"  (sic) and the "VEITNAM STAR" (sic) are quite clear. Notice that both medals are incorrectly spelled and both incorrectly named. The medals are:



We have discovered that Duckworth did serve in the New Zealand Army, but did not serve in Vietnam.  You will not find his name on the New Zealand (NZ) Government Nominal Roll of those who served in Vietnam. See here:


New Zealandcontributed more than 3,000 Military and Civilian personnel to the Vietnam war, 37 died on Active Service and 187 wounded.  Two civilians from the NZ Surgical Team also lost their lives. 

Duckworth also claims "I stayed for 10 years (In the NZ Army)  and went to Malaya and Vietnam with the ANZAC Task Force"

As well as not going to Vietnam, Duckworth did not go the Malaya. New Zealand's involvement in Malaya ended in 1960 when Duckworth was 9 or 10 years old.

Duckworth is the epitome of a wannabe, fraud and liar. Like many others of his ilk he does not understand the extent of the Veteran Community network in Australia and New Zealand.

Veterans and ex Servicemen from  Kalgoorlie and the Goldfields region of Western Australia were convinced Duckworth was a Vietnam Veteran.  He has fooled and scammed everyone in that area for years.

We contacted the Editor and the journalist from the Kalgoorlie Miner Newspaper, who wrote the article shown above, and they refused to accept that Duckworth could be a fraud, and said the article was accurate. Perhaps the newspaper is not interested in the truth and are happy with fiction instead of fact.  We understand that journalists report what they are told, but they must always be prepared to advise their readers that an article was inaccurate because the interviewee had lied.

As the newspaper is located almost next door to the Pub where Duckworth was working,  and considering the response from the newspaper, perhaps the journalist and Duckworth could well be more than journalist and interviewee.

Duckworth's entire time in the NZ Army was on NZ soil. Following his NZ Army service he migrated to Australia and joined the Australian Army Reserve where he served for five years spending  the whole time on Australian soil.

For years Duckworth has fooled the people in the Kalgoorlie region, including, his family, the RSL  other ex Service organisations, the Kalgoorlie Miner newspaper and perhaps the Freemasons Lodge where he is a leader.  Notice in the final paragraph of the newspaper article he says "I love it (meaning the Lodge) because of the camaraderie and the fellowship the opportunity to project yourself"

He has been deceitful to those who have counted him as a friend. 

Having enjoyed the false kudos of being a fake returned Veteran of the Vietnam War he can now enjoy the equal and opposite effect by being a proven liar, fraud and wannabe.

Welcome to the website NZ fraud Aiden John Duckworth.


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