Date of Entry: 01/01/20xx
Surname: Campbell
Christian Names: Jeffrey Steven
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Esk
Service #: 185338
Service: Army
Branch: Infantry
Commencement of service: 13 Jun 89
Completion of service: 05 Apr 90
Case Notes:




Jeffrey Steven Campbell is from Esk, One Hundred Kilometres West of Brisbane, he is a well know Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (QFRS) Volunteer and when in uniform wears five medals on his left breast contrary to State and Federal medals protocol.

We recently exposed an ex RAN man and two Salvations Army Everyman workers for wearing fake medals and we have had a lot of inane remarks from less than erudite people for exposing "nice people". Frankly we don't give a damn if you are a nice person, a Bishop, RSL President, Politician, Butcher, Baker or Candlestick maker, if you degrade the value of medals by not following protocols and One Hundred years of tradition, we will nail you to our web site as a medals cheat.

Campbell is the epitome of a rural "Mr Nice Guy". However he has a penchant to enhance his image by wearing false medals.

These are what he is wearing:

Australian Centenary Medal (ACM) - Entitled - for work as Volunteer
National Medal (NM) - Entitled - for work as Volunteer
Australian Defence Medal (ADM) - Not entitled
United Nations International Year of Volunteer Medal (UNIYVM - "Tin rubbish"
Emergency Service Medal (ESM) - "Tin rubbish"

Campbell is entitled to wear only two medals on his left breast, they are the Australian Centenary Medal and the National Medal.

The one Defence medal he is wearing is a replica sham. He enlisted into the Army in June 1989 and was discharged in April 1990 as being "Unsuited to be a Soldier". He did not fulfil the criterion as shown below:

How it is awarded

The Governor-General (or his delegate) awards the Australian Defence Medal on the recommendation of the Chief of the Defence Force (or his delegate).
The eligibility criteria requires completion of an initial enlistment period or four years service, whichever is the lesser. The criteria also includes those who could not serve the four-year qualifying period or complete an initial enlistment period for one or more of the following reasons:

the death of a member during service;
the discharge of the member as medically unfit due to compensable impairment;
the discharge of the member due to a prevailing discriminatory Defence policy, as determined by the Chief of the Defence Force or his or her delegate.

The United Nations International Year of Volunteer Medal and the Emergency Service Medal are both self purchased junk that should not be worn at all.

The QFRS is a prestigious well organized and managed institution with a clearly defined medals policy. Here is the essence of their policy:

Campbell is in breach of Federal, State and QFRS medals policy. As stated early in this presentation we take no notice of those who have no respect for protocols and tradition. People like Campbell and the Salvation Army people we recently exposed, wear unearned and worthless medals to falsely enhance their standing in the community. It is deception and dishonour and no decent person would do it.

Jeffery Steven Campbell of Esk in Queensland has earned his place on this web site.

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