Date of Entry: 01/01/20xx
Surname: Fearn
Christian Names: John David
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Toorbul
Service: None
Case Notes:

John David Fearn born 8 November 1945 of Toorbul Queensland likes uniforms, he claims Army Service and is a Fireman who often attends Commemorative Ceremonies with a bonny Kilt girding his loins and Tam O'Shanter perched on his noggin with an Army Shirt complete with "Australia" badges on the epaulettes and a Lanyard around his shoulder.

Fearn-1 2014-01-23

Fearn-2 2014-01-23

Fearn the Fireman tells people he is ex Australian Army and that he has been waiting Twenty Five years for his medals. He will also tell you that the delay is due to his "Secret Service" as he was seconded from the Army to Australian Secret Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) for undercover operations in Cambodia, and that the secrecy surrounding the operations in Cambodia must be causing the medals delay. He will then say that because of the secrecy of his secondment to Cambodia, all mention of it would probably be removed from his Army File.

We sent Fearn a polite letter requesting information about his service.

Fearn-3 2014-01-23

He advised people at the Fire Station that he had received hate mail (our letter) about wearing a kilt which he says he is perfectly entitled to wear.

If he were genuine he could have simply given us his service details and the matter would be finished, however like all wannabes he huffs and puffs and threatens legal action.

To spin silly yarns about ASIO operations in Cambodia is indicative of the childish naivety of Fearn. Most people are led to believe that Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) would have run such operations, but then again, who really knows?

We are reliably advised that Fearn gets his "nick nacks" like Australia badges Lanyards etc from a small museum at the Returned Services League (RSL) Village at Caboolture Queensland where he is the curator.

Fearn loves to relate his "secret service" to the gullible young blokes at the Toorbul Fire Station and anyone else who will listen.

National Australia Archives have been unable to locate an Army File for Fearn, that together with his stupid "Secret Service" tales, tells us that Fearn is a liar, cheat and wannabe.

We suggest that he cease and desist with his cockamamie claims to have been seconded from the Army to be a secret operative in Cambodia. His claims are lies and he well earns a position on this web site.

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