Surname: Fenton
Christian Names: Trevor John
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Bundanoon
Service: RAN
Case Notes:

Trevor John Fenton, President of the Bundanoon NSW Returned Services League (RSL) is another RSL executive who wears “dodgy” medals. Of the ten in his rack there are two self purchased “tin’ medals and two Vietnam Medals that he is not entitled to.  He served for twelve years with the Royal Australian Navy on numerous ships and shore bases



Both Vietnam medals are clearly visible among his rack of ten shown in the photograph.

On the 12 June 2001, Fenton took a claim for DVA benefits to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). The full report of that hearing is shown herehttp://www.austlii.edu.au/au/cases/cth/aat/2001/515.html   the report clearly shows

Fenton’s operational service, see below:

“There is no dispute between the parties and the Tribunal accepts that the applicant served in the Royal Australian Navy from 15 February 1960 to 14 February 1972 and that during this period he rendered operational service as follows:

* 5 January 1961 to 24 January 1961

* 17 February 1961 to 9 March 1961

* 25 March 1961 to 17 April 1961

* 28 February 1962 to 16 March 1962

* 31 May 1965 to 22 June 1965 “

Of the above listed dates the only one relating to Vietnam service is aboard HMAS Vampire for twenty two days in May - June 1965. HMAS Vampire was for a few days deployed on operation “Market Time” a US lead Naval deployment.  Itwas the Navy’s effort to stop troops and supplies from flowing by sea from North Vietnam to South Vietnam during the Vietnam War.  Ships patrolled up to 160 kilometres off land during this duty. The history of HMAS Vampire clearly shows Vampire never even sighted land during its “Vietnam service”. Vampire rendezvoused with HMAS Sydney in the South China Sea before proceeding on a very short “Market Time” patrol before returning to Australia on the 22 June 1965.

To have earned the two Vietnam medals worn by Fenton  he would have had to have served in ships posted to Vietnam waters for a cumulative period of 181 days.  His actual recorded twenty two days in Vietnam waters would make him eligible for the Vietnam Logistic Support Medal only. He has deliberately purchased the two Vietnam medals he is wearing and is falsely wearing them.

In a newspaper report from his home town, he claims to have completed two tours of Vietnam



The Department of Veterans Affairs Nominal Roll, confirms the information from the AAT Tribunal, see below:



The two medals Fenton wears on the right hand side of his rack are also self purchased “tin medals” The second from the left may have been earned during his 1961/1962 service in Malaysian/Borneo waters.  The third from the right may also have been earned during that period.  We are not sure of the identity of the black ribbon in the centre of his rack.

We wrote to Fenton requesting information about his medals, among other matters our letter contained the following information:

“It has been brought to our notice that you wear a total of ten medals on ceremonial occasions and some of the medals may not align with your Navy service. We are also advised that you are the President of an RSL Sub Branch.

We have no opinion one way or the other in these matters and believe that the quickest way to resolve an enquiry is to ask the person concerned, therefore, could you please email to the above address a scanned copy of your Certificate of Service, showing your medal entitlement.”

Fenton chose to ignore our request.  A simple explanation from him would have cleared up the whole matter instantly, however it appears that Fenton is unable to confirm his medal entitlement.

During 2010 we will be targeting RSL executives who blatantly disrespect medals protocol by wearing either “tin” medals or medals they are not entitled to.  The government web site http://www.itsanhonour.gov.au/   concisely describes protocols for wearing Australian medals.  All Veterans know what their medal entitlements are and wearing medals they are not entitled to, or wearing self purchased “tin medals” is no more than an exercise to falsely and dishonestly  enhance their profile in the Veteran community.

Falsely wearing campaign medals, as Fenton is doing, is an offence against the Defence Act 1903 and attracts penalties of up to $3,300 fines or six months jail or both.

Recently, Anthony Charles Woollett another RSL Director was exposed for wearing false medals. Woollett “fell on his sword” and resigned from his RSL position. We cannot see how the Bindanoon RSL could knowingly allow Fenton, a wannabe, to continue as their President.

31st aug 2010

Trevor John Fenton - Update

Without doubt the worst “Tin” offenders are ex Navy Servicemen and among them, is Trevor John Fenton of Bundanoon New South Wales.

In our original report we corrected Fenton’s Navy History in regard to his claimed two tours of Vietnam, when in fact he had only done one and during that tour his ship remained well off the coast of Vietnam and well out of sight of land.



The above photograph was taken on the 18 August 2010. Notice, that in response to our exposure he has removed the Vietnam Medal and the  Vietnam Campaign Medal that he had no entitlement to wear, but he still wears two self purchased “Tin” medals with his official rack.  The “Tin” medals are:


  1. Commemorative Navy Logistic Support Medal. In addition to that medal, he has replaced the Vietnam medal with the official Logistic Support Medal and thus wearing both to “bulk up” his rack

      2   FESR Association Commemorative Medal.  In addition he also wears clasps to his Australian Active Service Medal and his Australian Service Medal.


Below are the medals he wore before our original exposure.



The fact that the Veterans of the Bundanoon area allow this “Show Pony” to ponce around wearing medals he has no right to wear beggars belief.

The time is right for the Returned Services League (RSL) to confront this RSL President and tell him to cease and desist his childish antics and get himself properly dressed.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

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