Surname: Ferguson
Christian Names: Edward Francis
Country: Australia
State or Province: South Australia
City or Town: Whyalla
Service: Army
Branch: Infantry
Case Notes:

Edward Francis Ferguson - President Whyalla SA Returned Services League

Edward Francis Ferguson was elected President of the Whyalla Returned and Services League (RSL) with a blaze of publicity and much pomp and ceremony in March 2012.

25th Nov 2012

 Then, after ANZAC Day 2012 a sentence on the Whyalla RSL web site advised of Ferguson’s demise. However with the sudden and unexpected resignation of the new President due to private and health reasons just after Anzac Day.  What happened to Ferguson?



Ferguson has no entitlement to any of the medals he is shown holding in the photograph, not even the National Service Commemorative Medal, because he did not complete his National Service obligation.

Here is the full report relating to Ferguson’s election to RSL President.



Once again the mighty RSL exhibits how impotent and disinterested it is in integrity.  Whyalla RSL is a prime example of the reasons for this incompetency. The Whyalla RSL chose to ignore our requests for information about this matter; we were prepared to show their reasons for voting Ferguson to the position of President.  Because of their reluctance it is not difficult to understand what a bunch of inexperienced “cowboys” they are, more content with swilling beer and self aggrandizement than taking care of the integrity of the RSL.  

The RSL Australia wide, belligerently and underhandedly blocked full participation in RSLs by Korea and Vietnam Veterans. In the years following the Korea and Vietnam War, hundreds of new Ex Service Organisations were created because World War 2 (WW2) Veterans were fearful of losing control. Finally the RSL realized that its membership was decreasing because its WW2 membership were ageing and they had not welcomed new blood from subsequent wars into their ranks. To combat vanishing membership, the RSL watered down its membership criteria.  Any person, even those who have never served in any Defence Force, anywhere, can now participate as Affiliate members with the same membership rights as returned Veterans. Affiliate members cannot be Presidents but they can vote to elect a President.  Currently the membership of the Whyalla RSL as shown on their website, is:


The general malaise in RSL management at Whyalla, reflects what has filtered down from higher echelons.  More and more people who have never pulled on a boot, let alone served in an operational area, are taking control. Extrapolate the Whyalla membership figures and it reflects why the RSLs integrity is all but gone. The fabric of the RSL has always been the bond between those who have been to war. That experience provides a unique common denominator that members of the general public could never understand

Ferguson was a member of the Australian Army for a period of 534 days, however 395 days were spent on Leave Without Pay (LWOP). His effective military service was only 139 days.  Here is a photo of Ferguson on his day of enlistment and two documents from his Service File, clearly showing the whole of his service was spent in Australia.



He was very easy to “catch out” because of a quote from a newspaper article.

During the war Eddie was mainly in Vung Tau and Nui Dat and was sent home when the war finished in 1975.

On ANZAC Day 2012 Ferguson, dressed in an Army Uniform, donned his fake medals and with pomp and ceremony absorbed the euphoric state of being a be-medaled Veteran as he marched through the admiring throng. Had the throng known the real story about Ferguson he would have been pelted with rotten eggs. See below:



Surely there must have been a veteran or two among the minority twenty two Service Members, of the Whyalla, RSL Sub Branch who could see through Ferguson’s deceit.  Every day we uncover anomalies in RSL Executives, either they are complete fakes, or are wearing self purchased commemorative medals, or overseas medals that have not been Government approved.

Is the malaise in the RSL a reflection of a change in values of the Australian way of life? If there is no honour in the RSL there will certainly be none in Suburbia.

Edward Francis Ferguson is a fraud a liar a cheat and a wannabe, Veterans everywhere should keep a watch out for this contemptible, disreputable Wannabe.  If you see him, let us know.

25th Nov 2012

We have received the following contrite apology from Ferguson


The problem with these “heartfelt” apologies is that those concerned are usually not sorry for their actions but sorry that they were caught.

Ferguson had to put a lot of preparation and planning into his subterfuge, he arranged for a uniform and medals to wear, he concocted a story and implemented his plan. It was not a slip of the tongue or a alcohol induced "silly" action

We proceed without fear or favour and have no interest in mitigating circumstances or a "Heart felt apoligy" (sic)

Be a wannabe at your own peril, and get as much pleasure as you can from the experience, because when you are exposed you will get no sympathy from ANZMI or genuine Australian or New Zealand Veterans.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

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