Surname: Ferrie
Christian Names: Brian Stanley
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: HMAS Cerberus
Service: RAN
Case Notes:

8073946 Lieutenant Commander Brian Stanley Ferrie is a Commissioned Officer in the Royal Australian Navy.  He was born on the 23 June, 1953 and enlisted in the Navy on the 24 April, 1985.

Lieutenant Commander Brian Stanley Ferrie is a fraud, a liar and a wannabe. 

4th Dec 2012

These are qualities certainly unbecoming of a Commissioned Officer of the Australian Defence Force.  Ferrie wore campaign medal ribands on his RAN uniform that he had not earned. 

He is supposed to be a leader but he failed the all important integrity and ethics tests abysmally.


Ferrie is wearing the following medal ribands on his left breast, from left to right starting with the top row;

Australian Active Service Medal 1945-75

Vietnam Logistic Service Medal

Australian Active Service Medal 1975

Interfet Medal (East Timor)

Australian Service Medal 1975 (clasp unknown)

Reserve Forces Decoration

Defence Long Service Medal

Australian Defence Medal.

In relation to the medals that he is wearing, LCDR Ferrie has been found guilty of five charges under the DEFENCE ACT 1903 – SECT 80B.

Improper use of service decorations.

(1)   A person is guilty of an offence if-;

a.     The person wears a service decoration; and

b.    The person is not the person on whom the decoration was confirmed.

Ferrie pleaded guilty to all five charges and was awarded:

(i)             A severe reprimand.

(ii)            A fine of 14 days pay.

(iii)           A severe reprimand.

(iv)          A fine of 14 days pay and

(v)           A reprimand.

The Navy closed ranks regarding this matter (as they should because of the embarrassment of revealing the despicable behavior of a Commissioned Officer to the O.Rs (Other Ranks) and the public in general).

However, we found a note in a bottle containing all the information washed up on a deserted beach near the base HMAS Cerberus where his charges were heard.

We weep at the dishonour that Ferrie foists onto the Royal Australian Navy. (RAN) 

The first two ribands relate to the Vietnam War which Australian involvement in that war concluded in 1972.  Ferrie enlisted in the Royal Australian Navy in 1985.  We wonder how he expected to get away with that façade of wearing Vietnam ribands for so long.

There are no records available indicating that Ferrie has actually served outside Australia.  We are confident that Ferrie has limited sea time, if any, yet his superiors and peers must have accepted his abhorrent deceptions by ignorance or indifference.

An essential quality to a Defence Commissioned Officer is integrity, ethics and honour.  We can be completely confident that Ferrie would have been trained in proficiency accomplishments in the subjects of “ETHICS AND FRAUD MANDATORY AWARENESS”.  , a standard awareness proficiency required by all Commissioned Officers and reaffirmed regularly.

We can also be confident that Ferrie must have been a dismal failure and that the course was completely wasted on him.  Ferrie was Training and Development Officer organizing courses, however the importance of ethical behavior and high moral standards was insignificant in his own personal behavior. 

Not only did Ferrie wear medals he did not earn, but he also spoke of his false exploits in operational areas to junior sailors at HMAS Penguin and of course told how records relating to that service had been misplaced.

Admiral Lord Viscount Nelson would turn in his grave.  Veterans of Vietnam and Timor as well as servicemen everywhere will shudder and turn their backs on the ignominious behavior of Ferrie.

We wonder at how or when Ferrie initially decided to falsely represent himself as a returned operational serviceman.  Was it an overnight thought, or did he just keep adding unawarded ribands and medals to his “rack” gradually, so that no one would notice.  How could this happen?

This is the first serving Commissioned Officer we have ever recorded on our website and we are sure that rotten apples on board Her Majesties Australian Ships are very few and far between.

LCDR Brian Stanley Ferrie is on our website to stay so that the world will be appraised of his true Navy history and not the false one he has been masquerading around.

Integrity and Honour are necessary for a Navy Officer.  Ferrie lacks both these qualities, and his lies and behavior leave the RAN a poorer place for him having served.

4th Dec 2012

Update Lieutenant Commander Brian Stanley Ferrie

The attempted suppression of the Ferrie affair by the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) has not worked. We were able to work it out, and the media has picked it up from our web site. A very high percentage of Australian Servicemen and Women, Veterans and ex Servicemen and Women read our web site and appear to have brought pressure to have the matter made public

ANZMI through years of hard work have the confidence of Australian and New Zealand Serving and ex Service community, and the confidence of major Newspapers, Australia and New Zealand wide. We are reliably advised that very senior Defence Officers also monitor our web site.

We would have preferred that Ferrie faced a Courts Martial instead of his offences being heard by his Commanding Officer.  We assume the Navy wanted to dispose of the matter as quietly as possible and forget about it, however, they have misjudged the mood of their Officers and Sailors regarding frauds and wannabes in their midst.

Here is the report that appeared in various newspapers on the 2 December 2012.


Being a fraud, wannabe and liar, is behaviour not compatible with the standards demanded of a senior Navy Commissioned Officer.

Our work is done now it is up to the RAN

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

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