Date of Entry: 11/05/2020
Surname: Larkham
Christian Names: Graham
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Penrith
Service: Army (National Service)
Branch: Royal Australian Armoured Corps
Case Notes:


Graham Larkham of Penrith has no need to enhance his military service and tell lies, however for reasons known only to him he does.

Notice that Larkam wears:

1 2 Cavalry Beret and Badge.

Left breast.
2. Australian Service Medal (ASM) - Not entitled
3. National Police Service Medal.
4. National Medal.
5 Australian Defence Medal.
6 Anniversary of National Service Medal.

Right breast.
7. NSW Police Medal.

Here is the offending medal:

Larkham genuinely served as a National Serviceman during the period of the Vietnam war. When asked about his service by a researcher, Larkham said, he had been deployed to Vietnam with 2 Cavalry Regiment, and had embarked for Vietnam, aboard HMAS Sydney. He continued to say that enroute, the ship docked at Shoalwater Bay Queensland, and 2 Cavalry Regiment were off loaded. For his unsuccessful deployment to Vietnam, he wears the ASM, and claims it was awarded by Department of Honours and Awards.

As Larkham refuses to provide any further information about his Vietnam "near miss" we are unable to discern which clasp is attached to the ASM.

We are advised by 2 Cav historians that the Vietnam story is well known but is a "barrack room myth" that did not happen.

As evidenced by his Police medals one would expect that Larkham would be a pillar of society, instead of a medals cheat, who tells lies. He has committed two criminal acts against the Defence Act 1903 Part VII Sectionss 80A and 80B for falsely claiming to be a returned Veteran and wearing a medal that has not been awarded.

Larkham also holds senior positions as Secretary for the Penrith NSW RSL and the Penrith National Servicemen's Association.

Larkham is not a fit an proper person to hold such positions of trust, and we urge both organizations to expel him with ignominy.

He will however been elected as secretary of cheats and wannabes at ANZMI Barracks where he is among many others of his ilk.

There are numerous former Australian National Servicemen who appear on the ANZMI website, who have falsely embellished their service. A few years ago, in New South Wales, a National Servicemen's Association Protocol Officer was appointed to rectify this growing problem. He has worked tirelessly to educate recalcitrant members of the Association to comply with Governor Generals medal wearing protocols. It appears that he still has much work to do.

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