Surname: Thomas
Christian Names: Carleton David
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Rochdale South
Service: RAAF
Branch: Aircraftsman
Commencement of service: 13/04/1977
Completion of service: 24/02/1978
Case Notes:

A125356 Aircraftman Carleton David THOMAS DOB 22/07/1958 of Rochdale South, Queensland enlisted in the RAAF on the 13th April 1977 and was discharged at his own request on the 24th February 1978 as he was incompatible with service life.

But this did not stop him serving with the Australian SAS, ASIO, Israeli Mossad, National Intelligence Security and carrying out covert operations.

We hold a number of sworn Statutory Declarations as to the claims made by Carleton Thomas. Further reliable information has been received that he is still making these claims, wearing the beret and the number of medals has increased.

Source One

Carleton Thomas said in my presence, that while serving with the Australian SAS he was involved with covert operations in Cambodia. He also served in the Philippines and dived onto a submarine and entered the sub via the escape hatch. He also said at one time in his SAS service he was under the Commanding Officer by the name of Jeffery.

Carleton had an SAS Beret with a cloth SAS Badge which he got a friend of mine to “bash” for him. He now has an SAS beret with a metal badge.

He also showed me a photograph of a group of SAS men which I believe was taken was on ANZAC Day 2008 on the steps of King George Square, Brisbane.  

There were three rows of SAS Troopers standing in a tiered formation facing half right. There were approximately thirty in the photo all wearing suits with their Sandy berets on. The photo was taken from the right hand end of the group putting them in left profile. There was no banner or anyone sitting or kneeling.

Carleton was standing in the middle row third from the right (not positive) and can be identified by the grin with prominent teeth wearing a single medal which I could not identify.

I have tried to get a copy of the photograph, but have not been able to do so.

Carleton is now using that photo to substantiate his claim of being a member of the SAS.

He has also told me he has a Law Degree.

For the readers not familiar with the term “Bash”, it means to soak the beret in water and shape it to your head so it keeps a permanent shape with the beret following the contour of your head and not looking like a helicopter pad.

The Commanding officer of the SAS Regiment 7th January 1976 to 22nd October 1977 was Lieutenant Colonel P. M. (Mike) Jeffery MC, who later became the Governor of Western Australia and Governor General of Australia.

Source Two

Carleton Thomas did intimate verbally to me that he, at such time previously; had been involved with the Israeli Mossad, Australian ASIO, and National Intelligence Security Agencies as a covert operative.

He also stated during his military service, he was a member of the elite Australian Army Special Air Service and during that period he did participate in “Black Operations” in Northern Ireland, El Salvador, Colombia (South America) and the South Pole.

He further claims that under the Secrecy and Crimes Act, he is prohibited from discussing or elaborating upon the said confidential and restricted operations to anyone.

Source Three

Carleton Thomas stated to me that he was a former member of the Australian SAS Regiment. He further stated the while serving with the RAAF, he was purportedly detached from his unit to participate in covert operations with the SAS.

Source Four

I stayed with Carleton Thomas at his residence in Rochdale South for a few weeks some years back. He told me on numerous occasions that he had served with the SAS on covert operations in Cambodia.

The alarm bells began ringing when he gave me an SAS beret and asked me to “bash” it for him. This beret had a cloth badge which only the UK and New Zealand SAS wear.

As can be seen from Carleton Thomas’s Certificate of Service there is no way he could have served with the Australian Special Air Service or any secret service organization especially when he was discharged as being incompatible with service life.

We have not got a current photograph of Carleton Thomas or the group photograph in question. If any of our readers has a current photograph of Thomas or a copy of the group photograph we would appreciate it if you could contact us so you can send us the photograph/s to put up on this site.

It is most likely that he is a member of or has visited RSL branches in Queensland and we would like to hear from you.

Why or for how long Thomas has been telling these lies of a life of fantasy, no one knows. One thing is for certain, because of these lies he will grace our web site for the rest of his life.

13th Jul 2010

We would like to thank a reader of our web site  for  reading the story of Carleton David Thomas. The person was kind enough to forward a photograph of Thomas and it has been confirmed that it is Thomas.

The photograph shows Thomas wearing the SAS beret and clearly shows he needs some instruction on how a beret should be worn. As the photograph is of poor quality it is difficult to properly identify the United Nations medal he is wearing. After comparing the medal with all UN medals issued it appears to be the Cyprus UN Medal which was issued to all Australian Police Officers that served in Cyprus.

Enquiries were carried out with the informants and they have advised us that Thomas never served in Cyprus. Australia only provided police and not troops at the time of the crisis.

A search on the above web site reveals that Thomas has not been awarded any medals.

You will also notice that above the medal Thomas appears to be wearing qualification badge which appear to be Parachute Instructors Wings. As the service record of Thomas clearly shows he only served in the RAAF from 13 April 1977 to 24 February 1978. He certainly did not serve long enough in the RAAF to earn any sort  of qualification badge.

It is also difficult to identify the other badges that Thomas is wearing on his lapel. It would be appreciated if anyone has seen this photo of Thomas who can identify the badges  to contact us and we will do a further update.

4th Feb 2011

Carleton David Thomas

Thanks to some readers of our web site whom supplied more information and photos of Carleton David Thomas we can now update the information on him.

This is a photograph of Thomas before he had work done on his teeth.

This is how he looks today.

In our original story you will see that Thomas had managed to get a photo of him posing with the Queensland Branch of the Australian SAS Association on ANZAC Day 2008. We now have that photo. How he was not noticed by the other members is unknown.

Another source from out original story was that Thomas claimed to have a Law Degree. We now have a photo of his business card and the fact that he received his Law Degree at Nottingham University. We know that Thomas has a poor grasp of grammar and spelling. We are in possession of a couple of letters he arranged for someone to proof read and correct his letters and given back to him to sign. We will not publish the letters, but on his Title at the end of each letter



Further research into this uncovered that Thomas has a Skype address and also has his details on LinkedIn. You will notice at the bottom of the page he received his qualification from Nottingham University between 1998 and 2007.

In the Skype address you will notice he states his qualifications as LLB, LLD, Hons Law to stand against Corruption.

Thomas is not registered as a barrister of Lawyer in Queensland and he may have redesigned his business card using and of the following examples. He does target Veterans as well as civilians with his false degree in law.





29th May 2011

For those following the case on Carleton Thomas the following newspaper articles say it all. As for As to the quote by Thomas in the first newspaper article “There is more to my records, believe it or not than these people allegedly obtained.”

We have this to say to him. We have your complete service record. The Defence Department could not find any record of you serving in the army or the SAS Regiment.

As for his solicitor Paul Donnelly of NSW who Thomas worked for, we could not find anything in the Defence (Special Undertakings) Act 1952 which states he could not comment on the service record of Thomas.

In the second article Donnelly states Thomas worked for him as a clerk and insisted Thomas had a Law Degree. Yet the couple in the second article state they could not find a record of Thomas being admitted to practice law in any Australian jurisdiction or held a certificate as either a solicitor or barrister. It would appear Donnelly has been duped by false documents produced by Thomas as we know he cannot even put a sentence together.



This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

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