Surname: Mathews
Christian Names: Raymond John
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Leongatha
Case Notes:

Information was received by the CPMH that a manager of Vic Roads in rural Victoria (Leongatha) had completed an application to join an ESO (specifically a Vietnam Veterans' association) and on that document wrote that he served with "RAASC and Special Services  - Cambodia 1970/1971 (No Records)" see below



A check of available records was completed and it was ascertained that Matthews had indeed enlisted into the Australian Regular Army in March 1969 and discharged three years later, March 1972. During his entire period of service Matthews was employed as a driver at the Army base at Puckapunyal Victoria; he was never posted to any other location in any other state and definitely had NO Active Service in any theatre of war, and therefore was NEVER awarded any Active Service Medals, Infantry Combat Badge or Returned from Active Service Badge.

Further intelligence was mailed to CPMH investigators with photographs of Matthews wearing the Vietnam Medal ribbon and several other ribbons on a leather vest.  Above these ribbons quite clearly can be seen the Infantry Combat Badge.  

Recently a video was made available for CPMH viewing in which Matthews is seen associating with genuine Vietnam Veterans in Washington circa 1995, here he is seen quite clearly wearing the abovementioned illegal accoutrements of a genuine veteran from the Vietnam conflict. Movie download here (large file. .mpg format).

Just another pretender, our intrepid CPMH investigator thought; until further evidence came to hand that Matthews had been elevated to the esteemed position of Justice of the Peace in 1999, is the current President of the Leongatha R&SL and has apparently been under the microscope of the State Branch of the Melbourne R&SL because of reports of his bogus veteran activities.

A member of CPMH's Victorian Team contacted Matthews by telephone, giving him the opportunity to explain his more than questionable actions.  The result of this conversation can be seen in his attempt to sweep the matter under the carpet in a less than fulsome and genuine apology he faxed to one CPMH Team member.


Consider the fact that this ex-serviceman completed three years of Regular Army service and would be well and truly aware of his NON ENTITLEMENT to wear any kind of combat or service decorations. Whilst on the phone he alluded to training members of the highly-esteemed AATTV (Australian Army Training Team Vietnam) and other members of the forces in "Combat Driving/Motor Transport" whilst at Puckapunyal, in preparation for their arduous service in Vietnam.  Impressive to say the least, for a Temporary Corporal with such limited service.

CPMH have an airtight, solid, concrete case whereby this impostor in his own writing and during an interview with a CPMH investigator has fallen on his own sword: "Served  1969 to 1972 with Cambodia service 1970 to 1971 (NO Records)".  

The only truth that he has recorded in any utterance to date, is that are NO RECORDS - we have verified this to our complete satisfaction.

A Justice of the Peace who now holds a respected position in a country town, currently the R&SL President.  How many innocent Veterans, civilians and acquaintances of this impostor have fallen prey to his bogus lifestyle?

CPMH will continue to monitor the activities of Matthews and invite him to respond further. This response is awaited with great anticipation.

Other than his three year's service at Puckapunyal, Matthews' claims to all awards and experiences, are false.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


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