Surname: McGibbon
Christian Names: Geoff
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Sydney
Service: Army
Branch: Electrician
Case Notes:
McGibbon Geoff

Bottom photograph courtesy
Brisbane Sunday Mail
6 Feb 2005

Geoff McGibbon is a Veteran in his own right, contrary to what you may have seen on television news at the time of his exposure, however, he is one of the ever growing number of genuine Veterans who are not satisfied with their actual service and have to inflate their ego and civilian positions in life by claiming war service that is not rightfully theirs.  Geoff is one of these people.  He was good with his masquerade, very good, as he fooled a lot of people in high profile positions.  This includes not only the Veteran community as a whole, but genuine members of the SAS, the unit he claimed he served in, in Viet Nam, and also politicians, high court judges, the Royal Life Saving Society [RLSS] of which he became Executive Director and members of the United States Veteran Community including a couple of their Medal of Honor winners. 

Let Geoff McGibbon's story be a lesson for all Veteran Organisations to take heed of.  Always check the bonefides of those applying for membership to your organisation.   Do not accept copies of discharge certificates. Sight the genuine article and take a copy of it for your records and if necessary contact the Central Army Records Office for verification of service prior to finally accepting any application for membership of your organisation. 

Geoff McGibbon's actual overseas service and decorations are shown below:

Army Service Period: 1962 - 1967
Corps: RAEME, as an electrician
Overseas service: June 1963 - June 1964 - Papua New Guinea,
June 1965 to December 1965, Sabah and Singapore, and
January 1966 to October 1967 he was back in New Guinea.

Active Service: Sabah from June 1965 to November 1965 [5 months]

SAS Service: Nil

Viet Nam Service: Nil

Decorations and Awards: General Service Medal 1962 with clasp Borneo,
Australian Active Service Medal with clasp Malaysia
Australian Service Medal with clasp PNG
In the near future he may be entitled to apply for the about to be released, Malaysian Government medal for service in Malaya during the Malayan emergency and Indonesian confrontation period.

All of the above information less the new Malaysian medal, would have been listed on his GENUINE Discharge Certificate or available from the Central Army Records Office.

There will be more on McGibbon shown here on the site as soon as we wade through the mountain of paperwork forwarded to us on him.  In the meantime go to the link below and you will see what the media have disclosed on this man after investigating his past, when awarded the Order of Australia medal in this years Honour list.  CPMH supplied the photos and information on his military service and his medals to the media and there are major errors in  reporting the story.  The reporter has cropped the photo and stated that McGibbon said  "he had never worn false medals".  Now after reading this story right through you will be taken to the media section  of the site and see the uncropped photo showing these medals on his chest.  By our reckoning he is falsely representing himself to be a returned serviceperson [Viet Nam] and wearing awards which have not been bestowed upon him.  Both are offences against the Defence Act carrying maximum penalties of 6 months in prison and/or $3300 in fines.  He is entitled to medals for his service in Malaya and Sabah as a RAEME Electrician.  Will the Federal Police again refuse our request to have this person prosecuted in accordance with the Defence Act for wearing the Viet Nam Medals? 

The story of Geoff McGibbon, SAS Viet Nam Veteran unfolded on 6 Feb 2005 in the Australian media, both in newspapers and on television Australia wide.   CPMH has been aware of McGibbon's false Viet Nam service for a long time and was preparing a site entry to be released once all information had been confirmed as accurate.  It was coincidental that at the same time a newspaper reporter, who shall at this stage remain nameless, had seen McGibbon's name in this years Honours list and has made a feeble effort to search into his background.  He realised that it was possible that McGibbon was a bogus Veteran and emailed CPMH to see what we knew about him.   CPMH responded to his request and forwarded to him the information we had confirmed as being correct, thinking that the reporter would publish the truth.  Accompanying this was a photograph showing McGibbon wearing Vietnam medals and a SAS beret.   This photo was cropped by the reporter to suit his lies printed and televised across Australia.  His credibility as a news reporter on Veteran matters, as far as we are concerned is now shot, and anything he may print or relay to Television news in the future on Veteran matters will not be considered as true facts, but a distorting of facts to suit his own agenda.  Just what is the agenda in this case, well read on and see if you agree with us.  

The following is the true story of Geoff McGibbon that should have been relayed to both the written and electronic media by this reporter.  These are the facts we provided.  We will distinguish clearly what was provided and what was reported and you, the readers, make up your mind about everything shown below.


Geoff McGibbon is a genuine Veteran of Malaya and Sabah.
Geoff McGibbon is not an SAS or Viet Nam Veteran and has no entitlement to wear either the SAS beret or Viet Nam service medals.
Geoff McGibbon was awarded the Order of Australia [OAM] for his services to the RLSS for his dedication to the society and there was no mention of his Military service in the application for him to receive this award.

Above are the facts.  We will now expand on these facts for our Veteran readers to fully understand what we see happening here and then you decide if you wish to follow the 'lead' of this reporter in his quest to attempt the removal of the OAM.

The reporter approached CPMH for information on McGibbon.  These facts and a photo were forwarded to the reporter.  He failed to respond to the information provided either to thank us for the information or to question it against what he was preparing to make public.  Instead he went off on his own tangent and as a consequence        published and broadcast lies to the Australian population.  After reading all these facts follow the link into the media section and you will see exactly how he reported this story to the newspapers.

The story that hit the television news had it that McGibbon is not a returned Veteran at all.  Another lie, as the information above on his overseas service was passed to this reporter and he changed it to suit his story, the same as he cropped the photograph supplied to again confirm with his distorted lies that McGibbon had never worn false medals.  These can be seen on his chest in the uncropped photograph also in our "Media Wall of Shame", that you will be directed to shortly.  To top off the story he relayed to the television audiences, he made the inference that because McGibbon was not a Veteran and that he was exposed for being a bogus Viet Nam SAS Veteran, that the Veteran community should rally and petition the government to have the OAM bestowed upon him rescinded.

Having seen this story on TV, CPMH received many emails from an outraged Veteran community saying they were going to petition the Government to have this award removed.  We emailed them back with the following and we ask that all of you reading these pages also consider this before you entertain the request of this reporter to email the Government asking for the OAM to be rescinded.

First let me reiterate the facts, the truth that has been omitted from this reporters story:

Geoff McGibbon is an SAS Vietnam Veteran fraud.  He has worn Viet Nam medals and claimed to have been in the SAS in Vietnam.  He had been approached by SAS personnel about this in the late 1980's however he continued to wear the medals up to 2003 that we can confirm at this stage.

Geoff McGibbon is a genuine Veteran in his own right.  Even though he has been found to wear medals he has no entitlement to, CPMH must stress the fact that he has service of which he should be proud of and satisfied with.  If he had claimed only this service then he would not have appeared on these pages.  However in his defence of the lies published in both newspapers and the television news reports, CPMH will back him on his genuine service.

CPMH also does not endorse the reporter in his quest to have the OAM rescinded because of McGibbon's bogus Viet Nam service.  The awarding of the OAM was done through the RLSS and has nothing to do with his Military Service either real or bogus.     We have it on good authority that the RLSS nominated him for this award for his outstanding service to this organisation of which he became an Executive Director and therefore the Veteran community should not support the rescinding of the OAM requested by the reporter based on his bogus Viet Nam service alone.  It is out of our ball park because he has never been charged or convicted of this.  However as a concerned citizen you could request its rescinding and also that he be charged with the bogus veteran offences. 

This email below was sent to the reporter to see if we could find out exactly what his agenda was.  He failed to respond to our request so the email was forwarded a second time.  Again he failed to respond to us.  That email is reproduced below in full.  To date, 11 Feb 2005, there still has not been a response to this email.

This is the delivery receipt.  We know this reporter got our email.

<<RE: WHAT'S THE STORY>> Your message



Sent: Tue, 8 Feb 2005 12:48:17 +1100

was delivered to the following recipient(s):

XXXXXXXXXXXXXX on Tue, 8 Feb 2005 12:48:46 +1100


-----Original Message-----
Sent: Tuesday, 8 February 2005 11:48 AM
Importance: High


I am forwarding this email to you again as the previous may have been lost in cyberspace.  If there is no reply to this by tonight I will consider that you are ignoring us for some reason as you were quick off the mark to request the initial information on the McGibbon story and our site will be amended to reflect the facts as they really are. 
The site is viewed by thousands of serving and ex serving Military members, politicians, police etc. who need to know the truth as it really is.  Im sure that once they all read it, it will be passed amongst the community at large and they can all then make the decision on whether they should support the rescinding of the OAM as a concern of Veterans or not.  
Its a pity you have severed communications after distorting the facts on this story as we could have supplied you with information on some very prominent people who are masquerading as Veterans that we are going to make public in the near future.
-----Original Message-----
Sent: Monday, 7 February 2005 12:05 PM

XXXXX, you contacted us for information on McGibbon and we forwarded off a lot of info for you to use.  You didn't have the courtesy to respond to any of the emails.  This story has now hit the airwaves right across the country and I would like answers to the following as soon as possible please.
We provided you with photographs clearly depicting Viet Nam medals on the chest of McGibbon.  You cropped this photo for the newspapers and then proceeded to add that "McGibbon said that he had never worn false medals".   Lies.  You had the photo but you printed this without referring to, or cropping the photo to show that he infact did have them on as well as the SAS beret.
On the nightly news service the report, and I can only assume that you must have had a hand in this as you are the reporter that got all the information from us, they stated that McGibbon has no Military Service at all.  Again a pack of lies as we forwarded to you his service record clearly showing he was in RAEME as an electrician and had served in Malaya and Borneo.  Again lies in the media as this man is a Veteran in his own right.  He just isn't a Viet nam Veteran.
Further to this you have manipulated the "Bogus Hero" story via the newspapers and the TV to aid you in a quest to have the OAM awarded to McGibbon rescinded and all the reports have asked that the Veteran community get behind this and lobby the government for its removal.  Why?  This OAM was sought by the Royal Life Saving Society, [RLSS], for deeds he has performed while being in this organisation.  I have it on very good authority that the RLSS made no mention of his Military service when requesting this award so why are you asking the Veteran community to support your quest to have this award removed when it was not initiated by them nor has it anything to do with them?  The organisation you should be lobbying is the RLSS. 
We as CPMH have for years contacted the Federal Police to obtain convictions against the Defence Act for those who falsely represent service people and wear medals they are not legally entitled to wear.  We will again approach them on McGibbon.  If this had been done prior to your 'breaking story' and McGibbon had been charged and found guilty of this offence then he may well have had a conviction that could have stopped him getting the award of the OAM.  This still could not be supported by the Veteran community as a whole as the award is from the RLSS, but it might have shown a conviction that the Governor General, also a former SAS member could/may have used to reject the award. As the Federal Police fail to support Veteran request to have these charges laid and convictions recorded, the McGibbon file on our books has laid dormant for over 4 years, waiting for the time that the FEDPOL actually start supporting us and doing their job of charging them and then we will load them up with almost all the people that appear on our pages.
Since your story broke and Veterans have seen the lies about McGibbon's service in the papers and on TV, saying he is not a Veteran at all, we have received a huge amount of email.   Some of these stating that he is going to be removed from his RSL club.  Why?  He is a Veteran in his own right for Malaya and Borneo as we told you.  This man is going to suffer huge embarrassment for falsely claiming to be a Viet Nam Veteran, but do not strip him of what he has rightly earned.  That is only the work of an irresponsible reporter and I dont think you fit this mould.  Prove to us that you are good and retract all the lies and print the truth and give this man back a little of his honour that he deserves.  He is now down and there is no need to kick him in the guts on false and misleading information.
So in conclusion what was your real agenda with this story?  Was it to expose McGibbon as a bogus SAS Vietnam Veteran?  Was it to discredit him of the real service that we advised you about?   Was it to attempt support from the general Veteran community to assist you in removing an OAM that appears to have been genuinely awarded by the RLSS??  Do you have a grudge against the RLSS? 
You have not replied to any other emails.  I would appreciate a reply to this one so we know what's going on.

So above you see the email forwarded to this reporter asking him to explain himself and what his intentions really were with this story.  During the period of time we waited for his reply we contacted a few people in Canberra where he resides and asked about his reporting of incidents that may be of interest to the Australian public, especially those to do with anything Military or on Veterans.  The response was nearly unanimous and basically says "Why let the truth get in the way of a good story".  To date, 11 Feb 2005, this reporter still has not answered our emails.   In response to this and all you have seen above you are now directed through the link below to the "Media Wall of Shame" area of the site.  Scroll down until you see the picture we supplied and the crop job done on this along with the lies that were printed in the media contrary to the correct information being supplied.  This story was obviously followed through to the television media by this reporter as he and he alone had all the information and projected his lies to them.  This false information was subsequently aired on every television news on 6 Feb 2005.   McGibbon may have masqueraded as a bogus Viet Nam Veteran and he has been exposed for this, however, he has genuine service to his credit and has been awarded an OAM by the RLSS for services to that organisation and the Veteran community, in our opinion, should not be manipulated by this reporter to try and remove an award that has nothing to do with his Military service, bogus or genuine.  If you wish to object to it do so as a concerned citizen but be careful with the use of bogus veteran as he has never been charged with the offences.  This needs to be rectified but the Federal Police will not listen to complaints about bogus veterans claiming service and medals.  This video footage is a distortion of the truth as presented to the television media.  Irrespective of what is said in this clip McGibbon is a Veteran.  See the video news coverage here

 It is up to you to determine who is supplying the truth here and whether the Veteran community should object to the awarding of the OAM by the RLSS.


The basic bottom line of this story is Geoff McGibbon has been masquerading as a  SAS Viet Nam Veteran since the 1980's.  He has been exposed here on the site for this, however the lies depicted in the media need to be exposed as well.  Geoff McGibbon has genuine Veteran service and is therefore entitled to be a member of the ex service organisations and have the truth told about what was reported in the media.  It is our aim and intention to shown bogus activity to the Australian and New Zealand Veteran communities, but we will also protect genuine service, even if the member has overstepped the mark in the past. 

We have tried in vain in the past to have all these bogus people charges with the relevant offences.   All requests have been refused by the Federal Police.  Maybe its time all Veterans reading these pages contact the Minister for Federal Police and ask the question, why?  If McGibbon had been charged and convicted it would add weight to the rescinding of this OAM.

Jan 2006

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.


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