Surname: Dudley
Christian Names: Brian
Country: Australia
State or Province: Unknown
City or Town: Unknown
Service: NZ Army
Branch: Artillery
Case Notes:

“Sir” Brian Dudley the dud Knight of the realm

Lance Bombardier Brian D Dudley served in Vietnam with the New Zealand 161 Fd Bty. Brian D Dudley is now “Sir” Brian D Dudley MIDI and is a pathetic wannabe who has been jousting with the truth for a long time.

 As the patron of an Ex Service Organisation he has no right to publicly declare himself to be a Knight or to use the post nominal’s MIDI.

“Sir” Brian wears a medal of the Order of St John along with his New Zealand Army medals, together with a couple more self purchased tin medals. Dudley uses the title “Sir” on official documents and to the media.


Below is an Ex Service Organisation (ESO) submission to Senator John Faulkner Minister for Defence of the Australian Government.  The ESO consists of a group of New Zealanders who are based in Australia and call themselves the Vietnam Veterans Action Group (VVAG)  This group have appointed “Sir” Brian Dudley MIDI to be their Patron. It is not a very clever move for an Ex Service Organisation to have a dud wannabe signing submissions for them.  See the letter to Senator Faulkner below, much of the detail from the letter has been omitted as the content is not relevant, but "Sir" Brian's signature is very relevant.



Late last year “Sir” Brian also became internationally notorious as a dud investment guru.  See what was written about him on a Fraud Forum:



To read more about this material click on here:     http://insidetradellc.com/forum/fraud-protection/90-sir-brian-dudley-australia-london.html

What is the MIDI post nominal that Dudley uses?  Dudley says it stands for “Maison Intellectual De Internationale”(MIDI).  Wehaven’t been able to find anything on Google about MIDI however Dudley claims to also be Patron of that organization and that it includes, as members, Nobel Prize winners.  One thing for sure is that it is not a legitimate Australian or New Zealand post nominal. Having a Patron who is a phony Knight and uses a pretentious post nominal is a sure way to bring discredit to an ESO and to Australian and New Zealand Veterans. Dudley would have no credibility with any Veteran related government offices either in New Zealand or in Australia.

Below is the “waffle” of the organization that according to Dudley has declared him a Knight: 



Notice that the whole thing is under the “Royal Charter of a King and a Prince of Yugoslavia”  There are fake self styled Orders of St John all over the world and this is just another one, which makes Dudley a fake Knight in a fake order of St John.

We have Stat Decs that declare that Dudley has told the President of the VVAG that he is a partner in the worlds largest Merchant Bank, but won’t say which one. In addition he has stated that he and his American partner have recently purchased the latest Gulf Stream Jet aircraft.

There is no doubt that the President, the Committee and the Members of the VVAG have been duped by Dudley and that naivety  shows the VVAG as having no credibility.

It is also amusing to note that Dudley declares himself to be the Marquis of St Aibans (sic), An aristocratic title he claims to have inherited.

Dudley is a wannabe because he is the Patron of an ESO who grossly exaggerates his achievements by claiming to be a Knight.  Dudley’s behaviour does nothing but bring ridicule to himself and to the ESO to which he has been appointed Patron.

ESOs that allow wannabes or dud Knights into senior positions have failed in their duty of care to their members. The New Zealand VVAG is one such organization. Their decision to appoint "Sir" Brian Dudley as Patron is a gross error of judgement. The Veterans Affairs Ministers for Australia and New Zealand would find their submissions to be rather amusing and completely devoid of credibility


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

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