Surname: Newlyn
Christian Names: Phillip Eric
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Nowra
Service: RAN
Branch: Psychologist
Case Notes:

Phillip Eric Newlyn of Nowra New South Wales. The case of the gallant Navy Psychologist.


This is a recent photo of Newlyn in his Navy Reserve Officer uniform, complete with medal ribands he is not entitled to wear. It was the Vietnam Logistic Support Medal (VSLM) that bought him undone.  He claimed to have earned this whilst serving in the Australian Army prior to joining the Navy Reserve. He does not appear on the Department of Veterans Affairs, Vietnam Nominal Roll nor does he have an Army Service file in the Army system. He also wears the National Medal that is not registered on the Australian web site “It’s and Honour”.



Newlyn’s deceit was not a spur of the moment action as careful planning and forgery went into his preparation. Unfortunately wannabes prevail when organizations are inept or purposefully negligent in checking credentials.  Newlyn presented forged documents shown below to Cadet Units to “prove” his previous military service.




The forged “Certificate of Discharge” and “Certificate of Service contain numerous errors including i.e.

  1. Wrong abbreviation for Battalion i.e. “Batt” instead of “Bn”

  2. He is wearing the Vietnam Logistic and Support Medal whereas the documents shows “Vietnam Service Medal”

  3. Newlyn has included “dots” between the abbreviations of both “RAR” and “RAAMC”

  4. The Certificate of Service should read “Served with” not “Service”


It is an exceptional wannabe who “Falls on his sword” and “graciously” accepts the fate of being named and shamed on our web site. We are pleased to announce that Phillip Eric Newlyn is an exceptional wannabe, however this is because he is a Psychologist who knew he was cornered and produced a whining confession, in the hope that his contrition may save him from the wrath of ANZMI, genuine Veterans and the Psychology Council of NSW.   

 Newlyn is a senior Psychologist who lectures at a NSW university and understands the underlying reasons for his behaviour, that being so he could have sought appropriate help from a colleague. Apparently the “feel good” part of being a fraud was a preferable reality to being and ordinary decent bloke.

Before we confronted Newlyn we knew quite well that he was a fraud, because we had checked in all the right places and we were holding photographic and Statutory Declaration evidence. When we tracked him down and put our allegations squarely to him, he responded, excerpts from some of his responses are shown below.

“Your investigations are correct.  I have fraudulently wore medals that I am not entitled to and, in doing so have told lies and committed offences against my country, veterans and service personnel of the ADF

While some may say that I am sorry because I got caught, I do feel remorse for what I have done.  The ANZMI website has brought my deceit sharply into focus. 

I can only hope that I can make restitution for this crime.  I would be most appreciative if you could provide some feedback as to how I can apologize to veterans and to the ADF.

In my consciousness, I knew what I was doing was wrong and I was a liar.  Once the lie was perpetrated, it was difficult to stop.

Also, when this is made public I will risk losing my part time job and gaining the loathing of the community.  As I live in a military town, many people will, no doubt, shun me.

I also apologise to the Royal Australian Navy and the Royal Australian Air Force as I have worn medals I am not entitled to on their uniforms.  This was done with the knowledge that I was committing deceit”. 

Whilst serving for many years as a Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Reserve Officer and an Officer of Cadets in both the Australian Navy and Australian Air Force, Newlyn wallowed in the kudos of his fake Army history, now, like all wannabes he will have to endure the ignominy of being listed on our web site. 

Newlyn says he may lose his job and will earn the enmity of the community for his deceit. The community expects those who advise about very personal issues to be scrupulously honest and we are sure, that the Psychology fraternity is also concerned about integrity. We have advised the Psychology Council of NSW and await developments from that august body.  

If you steal the honour of Veterans, you had better steel yourself for when we name and shame you.

Is it worth it?


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

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