Date of Entry: 12/12/2020
Surname: BURNS
Christian Names: Luke
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Ballarat
Service: Army Reserve
Case Notes:



Luke Burns of Ballarat Victoria, is a pathological liar, who can "spruik" false evidence to all and sundry about his fantastic Special Forces Army service.

Burns L1Burns L2

Notice that Luke wears a Commando "T" shirt and a bold rising sun tattoo on his breast, to convince the naive, that he is a hardened veteran of the Special Forces genre

We hold Statutory Declarations, detailing that Burns has made the following statements.

"He was deployed to Afghanistan as part of a Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) team, that was commanded by an SASR, Victoria Cross (VC) winner". Burns is now roaming free from the Army, as, "his SASR team is under investigation for alleged war crimes."

He also claims, "he did three tours of Afghanistan and got shot twice". One of his favourite stories is: "They were under fire, and he blacked out through anger/adrenalin, didn't feel getting shot in the leg, and managed to get one of his mates to safety before collapsing".

In reality the only military service that Burns has had, is in the Australian Army Reserve, and he has never been deployed overseas.

Luke Burns who also uses the Christian name of "Luc" and has a face book account advertising his fanciful military service, as per below:

Burns L3

Burns, at every opportunity, tells of his being a Special Forces Trooper, who served tours of duty in Afghanistan. In fact, he is liar, with no overseas Defence Service, and the most dangerous military action he has seen, is at an Army Reserve Military Rifle Range in Townsville Australia.

SASR Troopers, who have served in Afghanistan have done the very hard yards. Burns, with his tattoos, T shirts, and lies, has saved himself the trouble of actually being there, and just basks in the admiration from those who believe his lies.

For his past "basking" he is now welcome to the precipitous slopes of Mount ANZMI, where he can "bask" in shame, whilst receiving the ire of Australian and New Zealand Veterans.

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