Date of Entry: 11/09/2018
Surname: Pitts
Christian Names: Kevin William
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Myrtleford
Service #: Army
Service: 37958
Branch: Royal Australian Infantry Corps
Case Notes:


Kevin William Pitts is the President of the Myrtleford RSL, he along with his Secretary Bryan Meehan are medals cheats.




Pitts is wearing:


Australian Active Service Medal (AASM)

General Service Medal (GSM) Malaya

Vietnam Medal (VM)

Australian Defence Medal (ADM)

Pingat Jasa Medal (PJM) Malaysia

Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal (RVCM) - NOT ENTITLED


He has earned all the medals except the RVCM, which he has "tacked" onto his rack.

 Being an RSL President and having done hard service he should be the epitome of a preserver of protocol and tradition. Here is a photograph of Pitts and his Secretary Bryan Meehan, both are wearing non earned RVCM medals




His Secretary Bryan Meehan is separately listed on this website.

 When contacted, Pitts could not accept that he is a medals cheat and strongly and wrongly defended himself and his mate Meehan. When asked if he would like a copy of the criterion for the medal he refused to discuss the matter further.

 Pitts served for 133 days in Vietnam which is 48 days short of the required 181 days. In addition he was not returned to Australia as a Battle Casualty.




Here are the rules for the RVCM, these rules have stood for the fifty years that Pitts has worn the medal.




As both are senior executives of the Myrtleford RSL, perhaps an audit of membership medals is in order, however neither Pitts nor Meehan should be involved as they are known offenders.

 Kevin Pitts is welcomed to this website where his behaviour as a medals cheat is recorded for posterity.

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