Date of Entry: 01/01/20xx
Surname: Martin
Christian Names: Lyle Trevor
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Coraki
Service #: NX505172 & 21326746
Service: Army & Reserve
Branch: Infantry
Commencement of service: 1946 ARA. 1948 ARES
Completion of service: 1948 ARA. 1950 ARES.
Case Notes:




Purchasing fake or commemorative medals from Medal Dealers and tacking them on to the end of a genuine set of medals is usually the modus operandi of wannabees who have had no operational service whatsoever during their time in the military.

Alternatively,  our pages are full of other frauds who have never served in the military and just buy and wear whatever medals they like.

Our story below though makes us wonder why genuine veterans would want to cheapen their authorised rack by mounting non authorised medals beside their official awards.

Lyle Trevor Martin was born in August, 1928.  He is a Korean War veteran who served in the Australian Army and Reserves for 15 years.  He had a distinguished career with service in Japan, Korea and Malaysia.

In the above photographs Lyle Martin is wearing the following medals -;

1.         Australian Active Service Medal (AASM) Clasps Korea and Malaya.

2.         Korea Medal.

3.         Korea United Nations Medal.

4.         General Service Medal (GSM) 1918 – 1962. Clasp Malaya.

5.         Australian Service Medal (ASM) Clasp (possible PNG)

6.         Australian Defence Medal.

7.         Pinjat Jasa Malaysian Medal.

8.         Occupational Medal Japan. (Unawarded tin purchased medal.)

9.         Nuclear Test Medal. (Unawarded tin purchased medal.)

10.       Anniversary of Korea Medal. (Unawarded tin purchased medal.)

The last three medals on Martin’s rack are tin medals that he has purchased and had court mounted.   Martin has no need to embellish his rack. 

In the first and third photographs, Martin is wearing a Commando badge on his right lapel.  He was never a Commando and this badge should not be worn. 

Above his medal rack he also wears the United States Presidential Distinguished Unit Citation awarded to 3rd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (3 RAR) for the Battle of Kapyong on the 24th and the 25th April, 1951.   Martin arrived in Korea on the 26 August, 1951 and did not serve in the Kapyong engagement.

The Kapyong Presidential Unit Citation may be worn by members whilst attached to that Unit.  Only those who were at Kapyong are eligible to wear it after leaving that Unit.   Martin arrived in Korea well after the battle of Kapyong.

Martin enlisted in the Australian Army on the 9 December, 1946.  He served for two years regular Army and during this period, he was posted to Japan for a time with the British Commonwealth Occupational Forces. 

He then discharged on the 25 October, 1948  and within a few days enlisted in the Royal Australian Army Reserves.  He then re-enlisted in the Australian Regular Army in July, 1950.

In August, 1951 Martin was posted to Korea as an Infantry soldier with 3 Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment. 

He was subsequently wounded in Korea on the 7 July, 1952, and was casualty evacuated to Japan and then to Sydney in September, 1952. 

He later served in Singapore in 1957 as a Storeman/Clerk and received the GSM with clasp Malaya.

He was discharged from the Australian Army on the 21 April, 1961.

We do not get satisfaction from exposing former military personnel who have served in areas of conflict.   However,  intentionally wearing three tin purchased medals with genuinely awarded medals is against all military medal protocols set down by the office of the Governor General. 

These protocols were initiated to maintain dignity, integrity and respect to all personnel awarded genuine military medals that are worn on the left side.  This is in keeping with long standing traditions.

Martin’s unofficial purchased tin medals should be worn on the right side with his other commemorative medals and below ancestors or family members medals that are worn on specific occasions.

The NSW Korean War Veterans Association (KVAA)  is awash with members wearing self purchased tin medals.  Their Face Book page displays members from the NSW President , Allen Lewis down to ordinary members,  wearing un-awarded medals on the left side at official commemorative functions.  The National Executive of the KVAA need to address the correct medal wearing procedures by their members to ensure that they conform with existing rules and protocols.

Martin is a former President of the Coraki, New South Wales Returned and Services League (RSL)  Sub Branch.  He has also been a member of the Woodburn – Evans Head RSL and the Casino RSL.

He has been cautioned on numerous occasions by RSL Sub Branch officials and members regarding the wearing of non awarded medals on the left side.  On each occasion he has ignored that advice.

He should know better.

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