Date of Entry: 01/03/2019
Surname: Randazzo
Christian Names: Donato
Country: Australia
State or Province: Western Australia
City or Town: North Perth
Service: None
Case Notes:


Donato Randazzo is 48 years old and has spent many years claiming to be a "veteran" of the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR). His claims are all fanciful lies.


Notice the "rakish" angle of his SASR Beret. Only a fraud would wear the coveted Sandy Beret in the fashion of a "spiv", (a man, typically a flashy dresser, who lives a disreputable life).

In addition to his "rakish" beret, he also sports an impressive tattoo on his chest.


Randazzo commissioned the tattoo at a local tattoo shop and during the procedure extolled his extensive SASR service to the tattooist. The tattoo is very well executed by an artist and it is fair to say that Randazzo is also an artist, but one of the bovine excreta genre.

We hold Statutory Declarations from people he has directly told, that he is an SASR Veteran.

He was contacted by a researcher by phone on 18 Jan 19 and asked about his SASR service he said:

He had never claimed to be an SASR Veteran.
Had never worn and SASR beret
Does have an SASR tattoo on his chest because of an ex SASR friend.

The tattoo artist has advised that the person in the SASR beret is the person who received the tattoo and discussed his overseas deployments with SASR.

SASR is an elite Australian Army unit manned by people of exceptional talent who have given hard service to Australia. Having been selected to serve with SASR is a great honour that must not be usurped by frauds like Randazzo.

He is the epitome of why we do our work and we are very happy to welcome him to the ANZMI Regiment where it takes exceptional dishonour and lies to become accepted.


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