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Surname: Woollett
Christian Names: Anthony Charles
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Canley Heights
Service: Army
Branch: Infantry
Case Notes:

Anthony, Charles Woollett is a Director of the Canley Heights, Returned Services League (RSL) and Sports Club, and we have no doubt works hard in that capacity. 

When he was told that he was suspected of wearing medals he was not entitled to wear, all he could gasp out was how could anyone question him after all the work he has done. Many wannabes are hard workers in Ex Service Organisations (ESOs) because that is the way they reinforce their deception, and give false proof that they are genuine veterans or that they have enhanced their service.

Here is Tony Woollett wearing his rack of medals. Also there is a photo of Tony from his Service File when he commenced his National Service obligation on 2 October 1968.



You will notice that Tony is wearing the following five medals:

Australian Service Medal 1945-75

National Medal

Australian Defence Medal

National Service Commemorative Medal

Unidentified self purchased Medal

Woollett is not entitled to wear the Australian Service Medal. He stated on the telephone on the 26th November 2009 that he was awarded that medal for a detachment to Papua New Guinea (PNG) 1970 in relation to a tsunami that had caused an emergency in the Gona and Buna areas of PNG. He was sent as a Rifleman guard for emergency relief workers. He said at the time of his PNG service he was posted to  Headquarters 1st Division, (HQ 1Div) Defence Company, located in Brisbane.   Simply put the PNG “emergency” never happened and Woollett’s Service Record reflects that he never left Australia during his National Service commitment between 2nd October 1968 and 1st October  1970

In fact for the whole of 1970 Woollett was recovering after being hospitalised in Brisbane in June 1969. In November 1969, he was transferred to Sydney for further medical treatment and served the remainder of his National Service commitment at the Eastern Command Personnel Depot in Sydney, New South Wales.

We can find no evidence of his entitlement to wear the National Medal, he stated he got that for "his government job" between 1972 and 1988, but was unable to detail what the job was.  The vast majority of civilians awarded this medal are detailed on the web site “Its an Honour”, see here  http://www.itsanhonour.gov.au/   Anthony Charles Woollett is not listed.

Here is Woollett’s service record:





Had Woollett completed a detachment to PNG in 1970 it would be clearly noted on his Service Record, there is no such entry. In addition he stated during the telephone conversation on the 26th November that his PNG service was during his HQ 1 Div service, he left HQ 1 Div in June 1969 after being hospitalized, and never returned and was certainly not there in 1970.

Wollett’s entitlement to medals does not include the Australian Service Medal and it is unlikely that he is entitled to wear the National Medal.  He is also wearing a unauthorized “Tin” self purchased medal.  Government protocol dictates  that self purchased “Tin” medals should not be worn on the left side mixed with government issued medals. 

As a Director of an RSL it behoves Woollett to set an example, however the Veteran community is full of “Turkeys” like him who wear false medals.  ANZMI is now declaring war on RSL executives who wear “Tin” medals and will display photographs of them and their medal racks on this web site.

Woollett also has a penchant to show off his false medals on ceremonial occasions and has been photographed wearing them in the company of the Minister for Veterans Affairs and the Governor of New South Wales on Victory in the Pacific Day (VP) this year where he was master of ceremonies and proudly wore his false rack, which presented a perfect photo opportunity

Unless evidence to the contrary is forthcoming we contend that Woollett is entitled to only two of the medals he is wearing, they are the:

Australian Defence Medal, and the

National Service Commemorative Medal

Woollett is not up there with the worst wannabe offenders, but he is a wannabe non the less. We assume he wears the false medals to enhance his station in life by presenting himself as an experienced veteran, when in fact he was a National Serviceman who served only in Australia, and only served effectively for a period of eight months, and then served the remainder of his commitment convalescing and doing general duties as an unallotted soldier in a Personnel Depot in Sydney.

"We applaud those veterans who have assisted us to expose this RSL executive wearing medals to which he has no entitlement and offer this warning to those in ESO executive positions who wear false medals or wear "Tin" medals."

Warning - We will expose you

22 Dec 2009

Woollett Update

We have been advised that Tony Woollett resigned from his position as President of the Canley Heights, NSW, RSL Sub-Branch as soon as he was aware that he had been caught and would be exposed for falsely wearing medals.

 At least Woollett was man enough to “fall on his Sword” and show remorse by resigning.

We warn veterans who falsely wear medals or who wear self purchased “Tin” medals that you are very likely to be named and shamed, exactly like Tony Woollett has been.

There are many frauds and wannabes who have been exposed as Wannabes and despite overwhelming evidence just won’t admit to their malfeasance.  Here are some of the unrepentant wannabes from our web site.






ben Serai



Currently ANZMI is working on a project to show the faces and “Tin” medals of those Veterans and non Veterans who wear “Tin” medals. Then as photographs come in, they will included on the “Tin” wall.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Woolley
Christian Names: Edward John
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Winmalee
Service #: 22083127
Service: Claims British Army service in Palestine and Germa
Branch: Claims Commando Parachute Regt
Commencement of service: 01 Nov 47
Completion of service: 10 Jun 50
Case Notes:




Edward John Woolley or John Woolley as he likes to be referred to, claims military service in the British Army as well as Australia.

He wears seven medals on his left chest but is only entitled to wear three. The fourth – the NSW State Corrective Services Long Service medal award should be worn on the right side and not mixed with National awards worn on the left. The remaining three are tin purchased medals.

The below photograph is John Woolley at a local remembrance day service wearing his seven medals.

In the photograph above Woolley is wearing the following medals.

1. General Service Medal 1918 – 1962 with Clasp Palestine.
2. National Medal.
3. Australian Defence Medal.
4. NSW Corrective Services Long Service Medal.
5. United Kingdom (UK) National Service Medal.
6. British Forces Germany Medal
7. 2002 Queen Elizabeth Golden Jubilee Medal.

He also wears parachute wings above his medal rack and on his necktie. He has previously worn 2 Commando Regiment lapel badges.

Woolley is currently a committeeman of the Vietnam Veterans Association, Blue Mountains Branch, New South Wales.

Woolley came to our attention from members of his local community and others, who were quite rightly concerned about his claimed medal entitlements.

As a consequence we commenced our own inquiries.

1. General Service Medal. 1918-1962. (GSM) Clasp Palestine 1948-1949.
He informed us that he was awarded the GSM whilst he was a member of the British Forces in Palestine. As British military records are difficult to verify, we will take him for his word on that one.

2. National Medal
The second medal he wears is the National Medal (Australia) awarded for a minimum of 15 years service by operational members of specified organisations, and in the case of Corrective Services, it is restricted to custodial duties. He is not listed on “Its an Honour” for this medal. (Probably entitled.)

3. Australian Defence Force Medal.
For service in the Australian Defence Force for a prescribed period. (Unable to verify his entitlement to this medal.)

4. The NSW Corrective Service Long Service Medal.
Awarded for 15 years service. (State award. Should be worn on the right side.)

5. United Kingdom National Service Medal
Purchased un-awarded tin medal from a UK medal dealer or on the internet. (Tin trinket)

6. British Forces Germany Medal.
Purchased un-awarded medal from a UK medal dealer or on the internet. (Tin trinket)

7. 2002 Queen Elizabeth Golden Jubilee Medal.
Purchased un-awarded medal from a UK medal dealer or on the internet. (Tin trinket)

Woolley was contacted and stated that he was awarded the GSM for British military Army service in Palestine. He also said that he was awarded two medals for his time in the NSW Corrective Services Department and that he was entitled to a UK National Service Medal.

In the above photograph Woolley has decreased his medal rack and has removed the tin British Forces Germany medal and the tin Queen Elizabeth Golden Jubilee medal.
Woolley is another former British Serviceman who likes to wear tin medals purchased on the internet to make himself look more important. We have similar cases on site with -;

John Malcolm Griffiths, President Essendon RSL Sub Branch
Dennis Michael Moran. Current location unknown.
Neal Longden, Goodna, Queensland.

Perhaps our site listed former British Servicemen may think that they can escape the scrutiny of genuine Australian veterans and servicemen/women by wearing tin UK medals. The internet is not only a means to purchase tin medals, it is also an outstanding resource to ascertain if a medal rack is genuine, or just purchased un-awarded trinkets.

Our advice to Edward John Woolley is discard the tin and show more respect to your colleagues. Welcome to the site Edward John Woolley, medal cheat and wannabee.

Surname: Workman
Christian Names: Ronald Samuel
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Palm Beach
Service: RAAF
Case Notes:

Live: 04 Nov 2013

Updated: 19 Nov 2013

Ronald Samuel Workman OAM, of Palm Beach, Queensland for the past 20 years, has been Chairman of the Board of the Currumbin Returned Services League (RSL) and the President of the Memorial Club.


A216946 Ronald Samuel Workman, served one tour in Vietnam with the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) as a Loadmaster with RAAF Transport Flight Vietnam, which was later renamed 35 Squadron.  It was also known as Wallaby Airlines for just less than seven months. The aircraft was a twin engine Caribou,  which was used to transport troops and supplies all over South Vietnam during the war by both RAAF and United States Squadrons


You would expect a man holding such high positions would set an example to the members by adhering to the correct protocol of wearing medals, which seems to be lacking in a lot of Sub-Branches of the RSL in Queensland.


The medals Ronald Workman is wearing from left to right are-;

Medal of the Order of Australia. (entitled)

Australian Active Service Medal 1945-75. (entitled)

General Service Medal 1962. (entitled)

Vietnam Medal. (entitled)

Australian Service Medal 19445-75. (entitled)

Centenary Medal. (entitled)

National Medal. (entitled)

Australian Defence Medal. (entitled)

United States of America Air Medal. (entitled since 2008)

Republic of South Vietnam Gallantry Cross with Silver Star (not approved)

Republic of South Vietnam Air Gallantry Cross (not approved)

Vietnam Campaign Medal (Republic of South Vietnam medal entitled)



A number of Australian servicemen were offered awards by the Government of the Republic of South Vietnam during the war,  but only a small number were approved by the then serving Australian Government, following recommendation by the Australian Defence Department. That is not to say that they could not keep them as a memento, but they could not be worn on the left breast with official medals approved and awarded by the Australian Government.

In that situation, they should be worn on the right breast.

Ronald Workman does not appear on a list of names from all three armed services that served in Vietnam as having been awarded any foreign medals.

The list contains all the awards which include Imperial (British), United States of America, Republic of South Vietnam and Cambodia, and was compiled from researching all records of the three services and overseas involvement.

He was only awarded the United States Air Medal after years of negotiation between RAAF Associations and American Associations to seek approval from the United States to award the medal to 35 Squadron. The same representations cannot be applied to the South Vietnam Gallantry awards, as that Government ceased to exist after the fall of the Republic of South Vietnam, when the North overran the country in 1975.

Below is a speech made recently in regard to matters involving the Queensland RSL.



In the speech he made and interesting statement;

“I’ve shot people and I’ve killed people and I know how to stand my ground.”

We know that the squadron flew missions all over South Vietnam carrying troops and supplies. This included missions to remote bases where the aircrafts were shot at. The job of a loadmaster is to unload or load the aircraft as quickly as possible in high risk areas so that the aircraft could lift off the ground hastily and reduce threats of incoming fire from the enemy. The forces on the ground are responsible for protecting the aircraft and its crew.

As already stated,  Queensland Sub-Branches seem to be the worst for members wearing medals that they are not entitled to.

Two members of the Southport RSL,  who also appear on our site, Mark Tull and Sydney Keith Boese,  have been voted into executive positions of Secretary and Treasurer respectively.

Maybe the Queensland RSL should look at other Sub-Branches in regards to members wearing unofficial or not approved medals.



Ronald Workman,  you have earned the right to appear on our site for the lack of leadership and integrity for a man in your position.

Updated: 19 Nov 2013

We have received a number of enquiries regarding Ronald Workman being a qualified Loadmaster whilst in Vietnam and the wearing of the General Service Medal 1962 (GSM).

Firstly, Roanld Workman was a qualified Loadmaster whilst in Vietnam, but at the time they did not have a Muster for Loadmaster which is why he is shown as an Engine Fitter.

The GSM 1962 has two clasps on it which cannot be read, he also has two clasps on his Australian Active Service Medal 1945-75 which indicates he should only have one clasp on his GSM if he served in the Malaya Peninsula or Borneo.

Only the members of the Australian Army Training Team Vietnam are entitled to the clasp VIETNAM as any RAAF personnel awarded the GSM 1962 Clasp Vietnam were withdrawn and replaced with the Vietnam Medal by Royal Warrant dated 8 June 1968.

If Ronald Workman is wearing the clasp Vietnam with his GSM 1962, he should remove it.

This is published in the public interest, veterans of all conflicts, in particular that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.

Persons appearing on our site that are now deceased will not be removed, but the case will have the word "Deceased" placed next to their name when we are advised.


Ronald Samuel WORKMAN update. 19 Dec 16

Rambo Ron Workman is at it again with his heroic stories of Vietnam service as a Caribou Loadmaster in the Royal Australian Air Force.

Following our exposure in 2013, where he was exposed as a medals cheat and a liar, for purchasing and wearing the Republic of South Vietnam Cross of Gallantry and the Republic of South Vietnam Air Gallantry Cross, Workman has now participated in a Currumbin RSL video interview, making outlandish claims of his Vietnam service. His Vietnam service is recorded on the Vietnam Nominal Roll, Australian War Memorial, from the 17 February, 1965 to the 15 October, 1965. (8 months or 241 days.)

The video was part of a series in which Currumbin RSL Sub Branch members are interviewed and tell their war related stories to members of their RSL or anyone else who is interested in watching.

In his latest dribble, Workman makes the following claims to his adoring followers, who must now be concerned about his mental health or ability to retain his executive position of President of the Currumbin RSL Sub Branch.

The video can be accessed at Australiaremembers.com.au - Veterans Stories - Ron Workman remembers. We encourage all our readers to view it.


Talking about himself and his mates, Tiddles Pinkerton, who “got” the Military Medal, (he was actually awarded the Distinguished Flying Medal) and Shorty Williams RAAF, who Workman said “got” shot in the arm. Workman claims to the interviewer, that he (himself) “got” the Cross of Gallantry.

The last sentence is true. Workman “got” the Vietnam Cross of Gallantry” He “got” it after paying approximately 50 Australian dollars at a Medals Shop or he “got” it in the mail after a purchase he made on EBay. This is also how he “got” the Republic of South Vietnam Air Gallantry Cross, and paid a similar amount. He would have then paid about 400 dollars to have his medals “court mounted”

His supporters should request the paperwork that always accompanies these medals when they are officially awarded. He has no paperwork.. ANZMI requested it 3 years ago and we are still waiting.


Workman claims that he was involved in 1200 or more missions in South Vietnam. Workman spent 241 days in Vietnam for his claimed 1200 or more “missions”. If you take in to account that Workman would not be expected to work 7 days per week, we could reasonably state that he would have had at least one day off per week. That equates to about 34 days off. Then he would have had about 5 or 6 days R& R or in country R&C, Total 40 days at the very minimum.

From those figures ANZMI estimate that Workman must have been involved in at least 6 “missions” per day, every day that he was on duty. Now that is a lot of missions. He further states that he also had to buy his own survival knife. Apparently they were not on issue! Hopefully it was a tax deductable item.

His video story does get better though, and becomes increasingly dramatic with his shooting of an unarmed Viet Cong prisoner on a RAAF Aircraft.


Workman relates a horrific story where - “he was giving a Vietnamese girl mouth to mouth resuscitation after she had the top of her scalp blown off by Viet Cong. He had the three Viet Cong prisoners on board his transport aircraft. One of the Viet Cong prisoners started laughing at Workman so Workman stated ‘I shot him, I did not kill him, but if you say it again you are dead.”

Now that could have been a perilous decision to the aircraft and crew safety to shoot the Viet Cong prisoner whist he was on Workman’s aircraft. What if he had missed?

We have contacted a few of Workman’s former colleagues who cannot remember this incident, let alone being told about it.

Confessing on a publically accessed video to shooting an unarmed Vietnamese prisoner may well be considered a war crimes atrocity. Workman should seriously consider this, the next time he visits Saigon or Hanoi on holidays.


Workman states in the video that he was so depressed regarding his service, that he later sought the assistance of a Psychologist in Burwood, Sydney. He later refers to him as a Psychiatrist. Workman states that he made four audio tapes of his Vietnam service and handed them to the Psychiatrist to listen to, whilst Workman went to the pub and had 6 beers. “When he returned to the office, the Psychiatrist walked out of his office, as white as my shirt,” and said to him, “Sorry I cannot help you.” Workman states that he then left the office and threw his tapes away. Now we at ANZMI think that this Psychiatrist should be struck off. It must have been heart wrenching for Workman to be dismissed so cheaply and then have to discard his tapes. It may well be that the Psychiatrist was so affected, that he had to make an appointment with his own Psychiatrist.

At this stage of the dramatic video, Workman’s Currumbin RSL Sub Branch followers must be rolling around the floor having a good old belly laugh.

We repeat, we have been waiting 3 years for President Workman to send us proof of his awards of the South Vietnam Cross of Gallantry and the South Vietnam Air Gallantry Cross. We will not hold our breath. Maybe he could just send us his receipts.

Workman is a disgrace to the RSL movement. He should be booted out immediately.

It is individuals like Workman, who hold senior executive positions within the RSL, and who wear purchased gallantry medals, that the younger 4th wave of veterans from Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan refuse to join the RSL movement. Who can blame them?

In our original exposure Workman claimed that -;
“I’ve shot people and I’ve killed people and I know how to stand my ground.”

He continues to tell preposterous stories of his toughness to gain some sort of recognition, including “shooting and killing people.” even in a RAAF aircraft!

Returned & Services League of Australia, Queensland State Branch President, Stewart Cameron CSC, should direct Currumbin RSL executives to remove this ridiculous video from their website, and “retire” Rambo Ron Workman, for the embarrassment he has caused their Club and the RSL in general.

RSL State Branches publicise “Mission Statements”, “Visions” and all sorts of other philosophies to their constituents.

One of the core “Vision” statements of the Queensland RSL State Branch is -;

1. Maintain a proper standard of dignity and honour among all past and present members of the Defence Forces of the nation and to set an example of public spirit and noble hearted endeavour

This “visionary statement” flies in the face of their lack of action in regards to Currumbin RSL Sub Branch President Ron Workman wearing un-awarded gallantry medals for years, and his claims of shooting unarmed Viet Cong in RAAF aircraft to big note himself.

ANZMI will follow this matter up and disclose to our readers, what action Queensland RSL State Branch take in respect to Workman and his ridiculous claims.

Surname: Wright
Christian Names: Dennis A
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Maryborough
Case Notes:

Dennis A Wright of Maryborough Victoria is a military wannabe and Doomsday Soothsayer who can foretell the future by being able to interpret the words of Nostradamus and he is preparing for the end of the world in the year 2012.

  We have little interest in his occult powers but we do draw the line about his claims to being a Vietnam Veteran.



You will notice that Dennis has given himself a little air brush treatment around his snowy locks to give the impression of an aura. He runs a web site but we won’t give a reference because we do not wish to publicise his weird philosophies.  

Dennis is a wannabe because he claims to have been an Army Reserve Captain in the “Pyschiatric” Corp during the Vietnam era and during the 1968 Tet Offensive was on a visit to Saigon in Vietnam.  His main war story is that “he ran through the streets of Saigon firing his sidearm at anything that moved”.

Wright has told his stories to many people and we have Statutory Declarations detailing his statements

Veterans who were in Saigon at the time of the Tet Offensive know his statements to be stupid fabrication. Psychology Corps (there was no Psychiatric Corp) Officers did not run through streets shooting anything that moved. 

Dennis A Wright is not on the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) Nominal Roll, which lists most Army Reserve/CMF Officer visits to Vietnam. Not being on that list is not conclusive proof that Wright is a wannabe but it is right up there at about 95% proof.  When a person is not on the DVA Nominal Roll and in addition he does not have a Defence Force File in National Archives, the evidence that Wright is a liar and a wannabe is formidable and sufficient to earn a place on our web site.

Here is the notification from National Archives that they hold no file for Dennis A Wright:

Dear Ms xxxxxxxxxxx

Thank you for your inquiry regarding an Army dossier for Dennis A WRIGHT.

Post-WWII Army dossiers are held by the Central Army Records Office (CARO). They have advised he NAA that they were unable to locate a dossier for this individual.
We provided them with the following information:

Name:Dennis A WRIGHT

Served:  Army Psych Corps, Vietnam War

Yours sincerely,

CARO Reference Officer

Access & Communications


Wright is one of those shameful individuals who have convinced his family that he served in Vietnam in 1968. Unless we correct that lie the Wright family for generations to come will have a corrupted version of the history of Dennis A Wright. The real Military history of Dennis A Wright is that there is no history, he did not serve in Vietnam and he is not a Veteran of any war. Dennis A Wright is a liar and a wannabe and will remain on our web site for ever more, unless his predictions are correct, and in that case he will be there until 2012.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Wright
Christian Names: Barry Owen
Country: Australia
State or Province: Tasmania
City or Town: Burnie
Service: Army
Branch: Education Corps
Case Notes:



Dr. Barry Owen Wright first came to our attention in late December 2003 but it took until April 2005 to actually find him and ask some questions, initially we were only determined to deny his claims to the US Air Medal, Infantry Combat Badge and pilots wings. He could not, or would not, adequately or truthfully answer questions posed by us in a letter and e-mails.

He would have been actually better off by admitting he'd been caught out and apologising to the relevant people when we first contacted him because his responses caused us to dig even further into his Military career.

Many times we thought we were ready to publish our findings but as word of our investigations got out, more and more damning evidence was uncovered. This prompted further research into previously unthought-of records and we discovered that this individual did a lot more than spin some yarns at the club bar and pin on a few un-entitled medals and badges.

You will be astounded by what we found.

During our communications with Dr. Barry Wright, he stated.
"I am a Vietnam Veteran who served his country with honour.  I am a retired Officer of both the ARAand the ARES which I served with honour and distinction" 

"I have always said I have had two tours - what I said is that I have had two tours in SE Asia both of which were on active service, one in the RANand one in the Army."
"I am a Veteran with honourable Naval service.  Serving in the FESR"

Comments from former Army Officers who knew Barry Wright.

"Wright was a knownliar, everywhere"
"He was a lazy incompetent"
"He is a pathological liar" 
"Barry Wright over many years had told so many lies and fabricated so many stories that he would have no idea what is truth and what is fantasy"
We asked yet another former Army Officer to comment on Dr. Barry Wright's lies and deceit.  He wrote;
"The tragedy is, that he was not stopped earlier in his miserable life"
Three more comments for good measure.
"he was raving about how he went back to the NAM (post 1971) and was doing something in helicopters down in the Delta  and I thought in your dreams mate"..............
"When he was here (Kuranda) he ran a "scam" for people to acquire PhDs from a university in Kentucky. All of the people he signed up passed the course and were given PhDs"
"Iunderstand that he is currently (December 05) playing the invalid with some malady related to his time as a world class gymnast"
Perhaps the attitudes of Wright's superior officers toward him may be reflected in the date this  teacher  was posted to Vietnam, 24 December 70, and the method of his transport back to Australia to attend to urgent domestic matters.
He was sent home on a ship, a nine day voyage with two or three more days to get from Townsville to Sydney instead of a twelve hour Saigon-Sydney flight.  Apparently Barry didn't hold much sway within the officer ranks even then; a Private Soldier would have been afforded much better treatment  under the same circumstances.
Barry Wright wrote; "You were supplied with a photo of me in the presence of the G-G wearing what I claim and believe are my proper entitlements.  At no time have I undertaken to falsely present or wear decorations that I have no entitlement to"  (here's the photo)

We apologise to His Excellency Major General Michael Jeffery AC CVO MC, (Ret), Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, for masking his face but we felt it inappropriate to reproduce full photos of himin the company of thelikes of Barry Wright.

"At no time have I undertaken to falsely present or wear decorations that I have no entitlement to"  In this photoWright is wearingminiatures of the Australian Active Service Medal, the Vietnam Medal, the Australian Service Medal, the Defence Force Service Medal, the National Medal, theUS Air Medal and the Vietnamese Campaign Medal.
He is not entitled to the last two and his records indicate he had no Navy operational service so should not be recognised for the Australian Service Medal.  
Wright has also been seen to illegally wear the Infantry Combat Badge and pilot's wings while in Kuranda, North Queensland.
These wereand are his post nominals.  Only the AM is in question here, for now.

1988.  AM,  BA(Hons),  GradDipAbSt, MScSoc, PhD, TC, FRAI, AAIM. (AMis "Member of the Order of Australia")

June 2005.  BA(Hons), T Cert, MSc Soc, GradDipAbSt,PhD, DSc, Cert WTA, FRAI. What happened to the AM?There are 5 university degrees listed here in bold font but he recently claimed to have 7.We have confirmed all but the DSC, Doctor of Science.

What we present in this exposure is in the face of threatened formal legal action brought by Dr. Barry Wright. He has termed this action, "criminal proceedings"and will have us charged under the "Apprehended Violence provisions of the Crimes Act"for electronic stalking, harassment, threat and intimidation. Once the appropriate authorities are alerted to the actions of this disgraceful person, it will be him in the defendant's seat, not us.

Read more of this Army Education Corps Officer who, during his three tours in Vietnam, worked for the CIA, ASIS, flew helicopters in combat, commanded an Infantry company, was decorated for bravery when wounded in action and still has shrapnel in his body after all these years, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel.
Oh, he was a medical doctor, a Government employed assassin and an Olympic gymnast too.
Remember"Pilot" "Doctor" "Assassin", his reasons for these claims may be explained at the end of the main story. 
ARMY. Service number 216720
"I served with honour and distinction"
Distinction?   Hardly, his service was much less than distinctive, it was even less than ordinary, he is only remembered for his laziness, incompetence, and his lying ways.  
Dr. Barry Wright's biography as presented in this bookthat he claims to have co-authored, not co-edited.
"WAR Australia & Vietnam Edited by Kenneth Maddock and Barry Wright" (1987)ISBN: 0-06-312099-2

"Barry Wright is a senior lecturer in the School of Humanities and Applied Social Sciences at Nepean College of Advanced Education, Sydney. Prior to starting a new career in academia in 1974 he served in both the Royal Australian Navy and Australian Regular Army as an Officer. He saw service in various areas of South-east Asia, Papua New Guinea and as a Captain in South Vietnam.  On retiring from the regular Army in 1974 he continued to serve as an Infantry Major in the Army Reserve until 1982"

This bio plays games with the English language; we'll discuss this belowin detail.
Senior Lecturer.
This Nepean College is part of the University of Western Sydney. Wright had told people he was an Emeritus Professor at the University, which he was not; also that he has a doctorate in Applied Psychology.
He told us that our question to him on being a Doctor of Applied Psychology was not valid because there is no such degree.Fair enough, we can only work with information supplied but he didn't address our question on his Emeritus Professor claim, he totally ignored itand didn't bother to broach the subject of his DSc, our information wasn't far out.
Wright seems to have done quite a lot of academic work while allegedly being in receipt of a DVA compensation payment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  He did some off campus work for the University in 2001 and was an academic at the Nepean Collegefor a number of years prior to 1988.
We were told that he left the college in 1988 due to medical problems arising from injuries received during the Vietnam War

">>>he served in both the Royal Australian Navy and Australian Regular Army as an Officer. He saw service in various areas of South-east Asia, Papua New Guinea and as a Captain in South Vietnam"

He was not an Officer in the Navy; this is one of his many tales about histime in the Defence Forces.

Yes, he was an Army Captain in South Vietnam with the Education Corps.Any young Soldiers wishing to discuss further education after their return to Australia could find Capt. Wright in his air-conditioned library.

Service in various areas of SE Asia.   
Saigon and Vung Tau do not constitute "various areas of SE Asia"

He was attached to the logistic support group in Vung Tau, Vietnam, for 5 1/2 months with the Army and that's all. See more in the Navy section on this.

Papua New Guinea.

His records show that he was going to be posted there in 1973 buthe developed a skin condition which prevented his deployment to tropical areas.  There is no other reference to this country; apparently he never went near New Guinea during his Army or Navy service.

">>>On retiring from the regular Army in 1974 he continued to serve as an Infantry Major in the Army Reserve until 1982"

He did not "continue to serve as an Infantry Major" 
This could imply that he was in the Infantry and a Major prior to leaving the Regular Army. He was an Education Corps and a Survey Regiment Captain, he didn't retire either.
This is how that "On retiring" sentence should have been written. "On being placed in a situation where he had to show reason why he shouldn't tender his resignation from his Captain's commission in the Regular Army, he had no defence and resigned, promptly joining the Army Reserve"

In an official letter from 2 Field Survey Squadron dated 4/12/1973 and headed, "Resignation of Commission, 216720 Captain B. Wright - RA Survey", Major E. J. Laker wrote;

1...Attached herewith find resignation submitted by the above officer on 3 Dec '73.
2...The above officer was transferred from Army Education to RA Survey in Jan 1973.  It was originally intended that Captain Wright would, at an early date attend an overseas course in photogrammetry.   Shortly after his posting to AHQ Survey Regiment it became apparent his mathematical background was not of high enough standard for him to undertake the type of course planned.
3...To provide some training in Survey techniques he was detached to 4 Field Squadron(Adelaide) with the
intention that he should be taken on field operations in New Guinea.   Prior to movement to the field he developed a skin condition which precluded his employment in tropical areas.   He then requested a posting to 2 Fd Svy Sqn (Sydney) in consideration of [information deleted] his wife.   He joined 2 Fd Svy Sqn in September 1973 where he has been employed as unit Administration officer.
4...Capt Wright has a University degree (BA(Sc)) and has teacher training at Sydney Teachers College. In view of his qualifications he wishes to follow his profession as a teacher and so should this request be successful he would wish that his resignation become effective before the commencement of the 1974 Academic year.
5...Your action is requested please.  (END)

BA.(Sc). Bachelor of Applied Science. Doubts have been expressed as to the validity of this degree. His BA Honours wasgained from Macquarie University in 1975 as a result of his thesis on the geography of diphtheria in New South Wales.

On reading Major Laker's letter and noting other information supplied, we gathered that Wright didn't "retire" from the Regular Army, he was askedor told to resign due to his inability to cope with coursesin his new posting to RA Survey Regiment.

1987 biographyagain.

">>>On retiring from the regular Army in 1974 he continued to serve as an Infantry Major in the Army Reserve until 1982"

June 2005, in a letter to CPMH. "I served in the Royal Australian Infantry from 1976 till I resigned in 1985"  Yes, a Temporary Major with the Army Reserve, not the Regular Army. Why do the years vary? 1974 or '76 to 1982 or '85.

It's very difficult to understand what is, and what isn't the truth about this man. Records tell us that he went directly from the Regular Army to the Reserves in January 1974, but he now tells us he joined in 1976. We don't know exactly when he resigned, or whatever, but it wasn't as late as 1985.   Perhaps Dr. Wright could confirm or deny this information we received as to this Reserve service. His service wasn't continuous, there was a break of nearly two years during the period and he was discharged sometime in 1983 as a Temporary Major. 


There are four awards that he falsely lays claim to. The first has two divisions which could be either military or civil. They are, Member of the Order of Australia (AM),  the US Air Medal, the Vietnamese Campaign Medal, and the Vietnamese Civil "Affairs" Medal.
From the Nepean College of Advanced Education.

"I have checked the Nepean 1988 Calendar and Barry's qualifications, which would have been verified by Human Resources, are listed as follows:
AM, BA(Hons) (Macq),  GradDipAbSt(SACAE), MScSoc(NSW), PhD(NSW), TC(STC), FRAI, AAIM"

AM. "Member of the Order of Australia" Not to be confused with the lesser OAM. It's not known exactly when he began this deception and to use the post nominal AM when not entitled is a serious offence.
From a Section within the Prime Minister's Department;
"We have no record on our internal Australian Honours List database of a Barry Wright regarding the award of the Order of Australia"

One report from Queensland stated that Wright had retired from the ArmyReserve as a Major and had been seen on Anzac Days wearing what seemed to be inappropriate decorations and awards for a person who served only one short tour with HQ Australian Forces Vietnam.  These were the Infantry Combat Badge(ICB), pilot's wings and the US Air Medal. See more on this under "Claims".  

Vietnamese Campaign Medal.

Dr. Wright wrote,   "You question my right of entitlement of the South Vietnamese Medal.  I enclose a copy of my AB83 page that states I am awarded the above medal and I received the above medal from the issuing authority with my Regimental number and name engraved on it.  I have always been of the opinion that I am entitled to wear this medal.  In your letter you raise the issue of me having no such entitlement.  If that is so I am and have been unaware of that.  I will contact Army records to ascertain if I am entitled to the medal"

This page bears no Routine Order numbers, dates,rank of the officer  who signed it and no unit noted. We sincerely doubt the authenticity of this document.

Yes, Dr Wright, you should contact Army records because this document above has nothing to do with the award of the Vietnamese Campaign Medal. If this is a true page from your AAB83, it shows that you were approved to wear the "Ribbon of the Vietnamese Campaign Medal subject to verification by CARO". Army and other Defence Forces personnel who had actually spent enough time in Vietnam to be entitled to the award required this notation in their AAB83s to lawfully wear the "Ribbon" on their ribbon bar when returning to Australia.

His B103, a record of service prior to 1974, does not note the Vietnamese Campaign Medal. It only shows the award of the Vietnam Medal which merely says that the man was posted to a unit on active service in Vietnam for one day or longer. Surely his full medal entitlement would have been recorded and issued before he left the Army in January 1974, we believe it was.

If Wright produces anything that says he is entitled to this award, then there is something drastically wrong, there is absolutely nothing of a legitimate nature that he could provide to show any entitlement.  

His Special Service, Vietnam Southern Zone, is shown in records as 24 December 1970 to 1 June 1971 and this is regarded as his "Operational Service". These dates include the day his plane landed in Saigon and the day he disembarked from a ship back in Australia.  

A total of 181 days of recognised operational service was required for the awarding of the Vietnamese Campaign Medal and his total of 159 days including travel time didn't allow for this award to be made.  

We know of people who were refused the medal because they were just a few days short of the minimum days required, let alone three weeks.  Wright spent 149 days on Vietnamese soil.

Due to the Privacy Act 1988 we can't access entitlement to any awards made after 1973 so here's the email address for you to do it Dr. Wright, kindly pass us the reply.   Please provide detailed information such as the name of the Officer whose signature appears above, his rank and unit. The dates that the stamps were applied would also be required along with all information you provided to CARO when requesting the award.  dpe.honoursandawards@defence.gov.au

US Air Medal.

Barry Wright, correspondence received 26 & 29 July '05.

"The central issue seems to be my being awarded the US "Air Medal".  As I have told you I have always acted in good faith and have always believed that I am entitled to this award.  I still do"

"Since it is in question I will or you can write to Department of Defense[sic] Honors[sic] and Awards where I will ascertain if their[sic] is a record of my being recognised for this award.  I will ask if I have an entitlement to wear it as I belive[sic] I do.  If their response is in the negative then I will right[sic] to the US Airforce[sic] and ascertain if they have such a record.  I do have the medal and it was presented in an official US medal box which you cannot buy"  "The paper work you request from me was sent to Army HQ"

In other correspondence he used words such as "boarding" instead of "bordering, also "Owardwellian" for "Orwellian", "council" for "counsel" twice, and "rediculous"He has gift for flowery language but no idea of    how to spell the words he uses. This seems odd for a man who is an experienced teacher and holds Degrees and Doctorates.  

Following Wright's suggestion that we contact Honours and Awards, here is their answer, August 2005, "According to our records, Mr. Wright has not applied for formal approval to accept this award, and we have no other records of Mr. Wright being offered this award.

Wright was posted to the Eastern Command Personnel Depot at the time this letter was dated and signed, supposedly by CAPT Cosgrove.

1    216720 Capt. B. WRIGHT RAAEC was awarded the United States Air Medal on 27 May 71 ?

2    The medal and evidence of presentation have been sighted and verified ?  

Wright made the mistake of thinking his approved Special Service or Operational Service dates, 23 Dec 70 to 1 June 71, referred to his time on Vietnamese soil and this would have allowed for the presentation of the medal to be made by Captain Mitchell on 27 May '71.
On 27 May 1971 Wright was on the high seas onboard HMAS Sydney returning to Australia from Vietnam. 
The shipleft Vung Tau Harbour at 1330 hours, 23 May, arriving at Townsville on 1 June.
He told us that his "logged flight hours" were as a passenger. When we checked the the criteria governing this award, they distinctly prohibit passengers from being considered.
A senior member of the former CPMH emailed Wright and amongst other questions, put this to him;
"How did a "Chalkie" Captain who was posted to HQAFV from  24 Dec 70 to 23 May 71 (actual time in-country) find himself inthe air with the 5th Avn Det Vung Tau accumulating 50 hours of flight time??
Look at that second date, 23 May 71, this would have been the first indication Wright received that the wrong date was used on this allegedly forged letter.
How did he react? Any wannabe who would never admit to fraud such as this would ignore the question and carry on regardless, but what did Wright do? Prior to 21 October 05 he removed the US Air Medal from the row of medals he wears. This can only suggest that he knew damn well he'd been caught out in his lies and has no legitimate defence. This removal  constitutes an admission of fraud and forgery of a Military document.You can now remove the Vietnamese Campaign Medal as well, Dr. Barry Wright PhD etc.
We sincerely hope that someone in authority will investigate this "Notification of Foreign Award".Perhaps Captain Cosgrove's son could enlighten us as to the validity of the signature on this document. This son is General Peter Cosgrove AC, MC,former Chief of the Australian Defence Force.
Vietnamese "Civil Affairs" Medal
Wright told us he was awarded this medal and that they were handed out liberally. Not so, this award was earned by working with the civilian population in various productive fields and was substantiated by citations issued by the South Vietnamese Govt. We hold copies of  citations from the period Wright was in Vietnam and his copy should be in his records file, it's not. Not only did he misname this medal, the relevant Australian authority has no knowledge of him applying for recognition of the award.
What he erroneously calls the "Civil Affairs" Medal is actually called the "Civil Actions" Medal. If he had the citation he would know this.
Wright moved back to Sydney in late 1999 and continued with his war stories.  Many people regarded him as a former Infantry Officerwho retired as a Lt. Colonel.


Barry Wright. "I have always said I have had two tours - what I said is that I have had two tours in SE Asia both of which were on active service, one in the RAN and one in the Army" When he was the Secretary of Kuranda (Cairns) RSL, many members heard these claims and more.

Here's one of Wright's stories that was passed on to us.
"While serving on HMAS VOYAGER about 1962 (not 100% sure), a Lieutenant Commander approached him and ordered him to pack and depart the ship. Wright said he was sent to Swan Island and after some training, a Brigadier told him things were hotting up in Vietnam, he was dispatched to join  Operation Phoenix - and that was only his first tour"
He was a Sailor onboard HMAS VOYAGER from 7/11/61 to the date of his discharge, 31/1/63. 
He attended a full time civilian teacher training course in '63-'64and another education course in '65, enlisting in the Army in December '65.  Not much time there for spook training or a trip to Vietnamto work with the CIA in a program that had yet to come into existence. The NAVY section of our story reveals the real reason he departed the ship in January '63.

More Barry Wright talesprovided by people who know him well.

"He was the Skipper of a helicopter".  He actually had a pilot's helmet in his house and told visitors that it was the helmet he wore when he was a pilot. The rear of the helmet had a peace symbol painted on it.

"His second tour was as a helicopter pilot". Wright had paraded an American citizen, "Cecil", to all at KurandaRSL, later he said Cecil is a Veteran who had flown with himin Vietnam. Cecil was actually a helicopter pilot in Vietnam.

During our investigations, one person said he had,"Never heard Wright make claims of operating on secret missions with the CIA but had heard from him that he was involved in intelligence work in Vietnam" This same person had also heard his tales of being involved in combat while an Infantry Company Commander.

Many people have heard him tell many different stories of his war time exploits. Here are four more ridiculous examples.

1...."Barry Owen Wright has told me the following stories about his involvement during his two tours of Vietnamand his return to Australiaworking with a very secret unit."

2...."Wright made claim that he and a number of other people in the secret unit being responsible for despatching 'The Jackal' many years ago. I and a number of other people have been told how a section of the Hume Highwaywas sealed off and that he and at least one other person shot and killed The Jackal with silenced pistols.  The section involved then had a big party at his house (Wrights house) somewhere in Sydney"

3...."He claimed also that when he was a company commander in Vietnamhis company had just settled in for an evening meal. He noticed that there was an extra person in the group. He asked who was on guard and one of his soldiers stated that Nigel was. He recounts that he could not remember any of his diggers named Nigel. His CSM took him to one of the guard points and there they had 'Nigel the Nog' with a bayonet thru his throat and into a coconut tree which held his head upright -  and stated that Nigel the Nog was on guard duty"

4....Also  "He and Cecil Johnson were both helicopter pilots came over a rise of some kind, saw a number of VC and fired on them and wasted the lot"

This "very secret unit" business doesn't require much thought or investigation, here's why. "The Jackal", who could only be the killer "Carlos", was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1997, he's in a French prison today.  

Hereare some "snippets" from another person who heard Wrights tall tales.

"Barry told me many stories of his exploits in Vietnam. He stated that his first tour was one with the CIA in Operation Phoenix and also at some stage he flew helicopters with CWO Cecil Johnston Jnr. US Army"........"I visited Barry at his home, I did see an olive green flying helmet"........."Barry had an impressive array of medals on his chest on Anzac Days and also wore the Infantry Combat Badge" (ICB)
There is absolutely no possibility that an Education Corps Captaincould have accumulated 90 days as an Infantryman in warlike operations to be eligiblefor the ICB.
And from another person who knew Wright in Vietnam and Australia. "Anyway as the years passed I think I may have spoken to him once more in xxxxxxx and he was raving about how he went back to the NAM (post 1971) and was doing something in helicopters down in the Delta  and I thought in your dreams mate, but didn't challenge him on it" ">>> "he started raving about how his war service had ruined his life"
This conversation took place in the 1990s, with Barry Wright claiming a third tour in Vietnam.
On 20 June 2005, Wright wrote;
"I spent many hours moving around much of Vietnam visiting AATTV personnel and units as well as the other RAAF units in SVN"
"Other RAAF units" ???? We have no idea what this refers to.
We firmly believe thatWright took stories such as this from a book that includes the fantasies of another Education Corps Officer who dreamt he was the paymaster for far flung AATTV outposts and personnel. This officer, now deceased, adopted the duties of the only real Education Corps Officer who was posted to AATTV.
So, we have the factual Ed Corps officer whose duty early 1968 was to visit AATTV personnel in the field, then we have the second Ed Corps officer who thought he did this in 1967-68, but didn't, and now we have another Ed Corps officer who is trying to place himself in a similar situation in 1971.
Like most wannabe's b/s we encounter, Wright's is highly unoriginal, except for the "Jackal" story of course. That little bit of theatre earns him our award for the second most stupid wannabe of 2005, James Alwyn Montgomery being the ultimate fool.
"I am a foundation member of the VVAA attending the original meetings in 1979" We contacted one person who was at these meetings and he doesn't remember Wright being in attendance.
Onemore statement regarding Wrightand his dreams.  "In xxxxxxx in my presence he has claimed to be a Medical Doctor, a military helicopter pilot decorated for rescuing wounded soldiers from a mine field, a gymnast who represented Australia at the Tokyo Olympic Games and a Royal Australian Naval Officer"   ">>>> his family all believe that he was a helicopter pilot in Vietnam, where he was wounded and decorated for bravery in the minefield incident referred to"   
Wright informed us of his Army Reserve postings and duties.
"I served as a field rank officer"  A Captain who was elevated to the rank of Temporary Major in 1975. "Field rank" begins at full or substantive Major.
Officer Commanding Basic Training Wing.
GSOI Systems Training Officer HQ Training Command. This seems odd in that this duty would have been undertaken by a Regular Army Lieutenant Colonel, not a Reserve Officer and not a Captain/Temporary Major.
Officer Commanding A Coy 4RNSWR.We're checking on this now.
Battalion Training Officer 4RNSWR.Was this posting in existence during his time? We're checking.
Instructor TAC5 course. We believe that one had to be at least a Lt. Colonel to instruct TAC 5. Majors instructed lower courses. (TAC, Tactical Arms Course)
Without telling us exactly what rank he held during his Reserve postings, the above allude to him holding the rank of Lt Colonel which iswhat he told some people in Sydney.The full story on Wright's Army Reserve service will be available soon.
RAN, service number R42100, 31/12/57 to 30/1/63 also RAN Reserve, number S12247, 30/12/63 to 30/1/65.

Quote. "I am a Veteran with honourable Naval service.  Serving in the FESR"

"Honourable Naval service" ? A Navy apprentice, a boy of 16 who signed up for 12 years to learn a trade and was discharged after only 5 years. 
Discharged for either an inability to complete courses  or personal problems. One of these is the reason for him leaving HMAS Voyagerand the Navy in December 1963, not hisfantasy as shown in our Claims section.
"Serving in the FESR" The Far Eastern Strategic Reserve. No mention of this in his records under "Service in Special Areas and Operational Service" although he was posted to HMAS Voyager when the ship undertook an uneventful 17 day escort duty to SE Asian waters. This was the only operational service for the ship during his 342 days onboard and is what he now claims as a "tour in South East Asia"
He makes quite a deal out of being in the SEATO Strategic Reserve for five months as well, he didn't go anywhere or do anything so we don't understand what this is all about.
When applying for a Short Service Commission with the Army Education Corps in 1965 he offered some false information. Without going into great detail, the following information was mixed with fact and appears in his records.
"Ships Schoolmaster on HMAS VOYAGER from 20/2/62 to 31/1/63"
We have been informed that there were no Instructing Officers on ships the size of Voyager, a destroyer. He may have assisted some other young sailors in his spare time but "Ships Schoolmaster" was going too far.
"Qualified for promotion to Engineer Sub Lieutenant (Educationally) in Royal Navy" Qualified is the wrong word, it should be Eligible, and even then only after many interviews and assessments.
There is nothing in his records to suggest that his education standard was anything better than fair. He averaged 68 in his educational tests based on a 5th year of High School standard, Geography and History being his best subjects.
"Qualified Ordnance Artificer 1st class RAN" He was not qualified and never rose above Ordnance Artificer 4th Class (machinist, fitter and turner) in the RAN and only rose to OA 2nd class in the Reserve.
"Discharged F"  According to the Naval Records Historical Unit, this type of discharge could mean that he continually failed to pass a course and his services were no longer required or domestic problems prevented him from continuing his service.
"Have completed 12 months in RAN Reserve OTC 14"  Records note that he served at HMAS Watson 30/12/1963 - 26/1/1964, at HMAS Kuttabul 17/8/1964 - 6/9/1964 and again at Kuttabul from 20/12/1964-30/1/1965.  In the “Remarks” field it states “Approve 13 days WATSON”, “Approve 21 days KUTTABUL” and “Approve 42 days KUTTABUL"    He completed 76 days of active Reserve service at these shore based facilities.
There is no mention of OTC 14 (Officer Training Course) in his records.
"Teacher's Certificate - Sydney Teacher's College. Received Dec. 1964"  Wright did complete a two year teacher's training course but Sydney Teacher's College did not issue certificates, they were issued by the NSW Department of Education once teachers had completed their training and entered the teaching service. We can't access further information as to his accreditation as a teacher but according to him, he attended a  technical college pre diploma course for the entire period of 1965 for the study of Maths, Physics and Chemistry. He doesn't appear to have passed this course or have gone any further with his teacher training because he hasn't added DipEd (Diploma of Education) to his list of post nominals.
Wright applied for Army enlistment in June 1965, was discharged from the Naval Reserve at own request on 16/12/65, and was in the Army four days later.
Were the claims of higher education, training, and teaching experience the reasons for Wright being accepted into the Army Education Corps as an Officer, a Lieutenant? There's nothing else in his history that would impress senior Army Officers sufficiently to allow this.
Dr. Barry Wright told us that he never wears medals or attends commemorative days, more lies.
The last two medals on the right hand side are the US Air Medal and the Vietnamese Campaign Medal.

He wore these medals on Anzac Day 1991 and every commemorative occasion at Kuranda until 1999 .  After moving back to Sydney he attended parades wearing them but when questioned on his entitlement to some, he began attending parades in Canberra, once again wearing his un-entitled medals.

Barry Wright again.  
"I have no wish to cause any person offence or distress, I act in good faith in the knowledge that my credentials and medals were awarded in good faith and sincerity. My academic qualifications are all earned through much hard work undertaken as a part-time or correspondence student. If there is an error it was not of my making and of course if that is the case I would and do apologize [sic] sincerely to those so offended"

Are there errors Dr Wright?

Wright may have to do more than just apologise if he has used phoney war stories to gain the Special Rate of disability compensation (TPI) from the Department of Veteran's Affairsbecause the DVA Fraud Control Unit may be interested in reviewing his claims of Army service.

According to Wright,he sits on committees that decide whether children of Veterans receive tertiary study bursaries or not, the Long Tan Bursary is one of them and it is now funded by the Dept of Veteran's Affairs.Further information tells us that he is an assessor for the AVCAT (education bursary) scheme as well.

This person, who;

Has a limited grasp of the English language.

Offered false information when applying for an Army Officer's commission.

Allegedly forged Military documents.

Is a fraud and one of the most blatant wannabes we have ever dealt with, makes decisions on the educational futures of Veteran's children.

What's wrong with this picture?


A recent Wright grab for Veteran attention and acclaim was to arrange for his name to appear in the credits on the cover of the James Blundell DVD "Postcards from Saigon"
We have been informed that he had absolutely nothing to do with the production, his name shouldn't be there and it will be removed from any further releases.


On our opening page we asked you to remember these Barry Wright claims,"Pilot" "Doctor" "Assassin"

He is a real life version of James Thurber's fictional character"Walter Mitty", a meek, mild man with a vivid fantasy life who imagines himself to be a wartime pilot, an emergency-room surgeon and a devil-may-care killer.

We feel that to regard Wright as just a commonplace, unadventurous person who seeks escape from reality through daydreaming would be a mistake.  The affable "Mitty" kept his daydreams to himself, Wright made his public knowledge for career and further personal gain.

Should Dr. Barry Wright offer a rebuttal to our exposure of his lies, it will be included in an update.

Please use this area for any comments on this matter. information@anzmi.net

Should you wish to contact the Vietnam Veteran's Association of Australia NSW Branch Inc. affiliated with the Vietnam Veteran's Federation of Australia (VVFA),  their website is at www.vvfagranville.org.au

Any replies you may receive should be from Mr Bob Freshfield, Jnr Vice President, VietnamVeterans Association of Australia, NSW Branch Inc. who is also the webmaster of the VVFA National Association website. Later you can scroll down our Cases page and read Robert (Bob) Freshfield's pack of lies as well.

If you want a sensible reply from this organisation, contact the VVFA National Secretary, Nev Woodward.  nevwoodward@hotmail.com  


 29 Apr 2006

As mentioned in our story above, Dr. Barry Wright has indeed removed the US Air Medal from his bar therefore constituting, in our minds, an admission of fraud and forgery of Army documents. 

These photos were taken on ANZAC Day 2006 in Burnie Tasmania.


As you can see, he has retained the Vietnam Campaign Medal (last on his left) to which he is not entitled.

Remove this medal too Dr. Wright or show good reason why we should not make this demand.

You might also provide us with documentation proving your entitlement to the Australian Service Medal because there is nothing in your service records to indicate your entitlement to it. It should have a clasp on the riband too.

7 May 2006  Front page of the Cairns Post 25 April 2005 here



This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran community. All information presented is fact and the truth. Information was sourced from communicationsfrom Wright, Military records, and reports received from private citizens. These reports are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: Wright
Christian Names: Steve
Country: Australia
State or Province: Unknown
City or Town: Unknown
Service: RAN
Case Notes:

Upadated 5 Sep 2013

Steve Wright is another member of the Australian Peacekeeper and Peacemaker Association (APPVA) who wears the tin Peacekeeper Medal.

Wright served alongside the First and Second UN Operation in Somalia (UNOSOM I & II), during his tour of duty with the Royal Australian Navy as crew on board HMAS Jervis Bay in 1993.

Steve Wright we suggest you follow the protocols put out by the following website.


Unofficial medals

Ex-service organisations sometimes commission their own unofficial medals to mark participation in particular military campaigns, periods of service or types of service that have not been recognised through the Australian honours system. Awards made by foreign governments which have not been approved by the Governor-General for acceptance and wear are also "unofficial". There is no impediment to wearing such medals in appropriate private settings, such as a meeting of the relevant ex-service association, or a reception hosted by the relevant foreign government. Ideally, unofficial medals should not be worn at public ceremonial and commemorative events, but if they are worn as the occasion demands, the convention is that they are worn on the right breast.

Steve Wright you have earned a place on the Medals Cheat Page.

Update 5 Sep 2013

Further Information has come to hand regarding Steve WRIGHT and the wearing of the United Nations Medal Somalia which he has no entitlement to, as can be seen in the inquiry below.


HMAS Jervis Bay was a Training ship and Troop Transport delivering supplies and troops to Somalia only and not assigned to the United Nations Operation in Somalia. His only awards entitlement is the Australian Active Service Medal 1975 clasp Somalia and the Australian Defence Force medal.



Inquiry into Recognition of Australian Defence Force Service in Somalia between 1992 and 1995

The Tribunal considered a range of recognition issues relating to ADF service in Somalia, including a campaign medal, awarding of the Australian Active Service Medal to HMA Ships TOBRUK and JERVIS BAY and recognition for 1st Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment.

Submissions closed on 24 August 2009.

The report was presented to the then Minister for Defence (MINDEF) on 5 July 2010. On 16 July 2010 MINDEF advised the Chair that the Government had accepted the following recommendations in this matter:

The Tribunal recommends that the original CGS Commendation not be upgraded to that of a MUC.

The Tribunal recommends that a campaign medal for service in Somalia 1992-1995 not be struck.

The Tribunal recommends the upgrade of the ASM (Clasp SOMALIA) that was awarded to HMAS Tobruk ship’s company to the award of the AASM (Clasp SOMALIA).

The Tribunal recommends that HMAS Jervis Bay ship’s company be awarded the AASM (Clasp SOMALIA).

The Tribunal recommends that members of HMAS Tobruk or HMAS Jervis Bay deployed to Somalia between 1992 and 1993 not be considered for the award of the UN Medal because they were not assigned to the United Nations nor did they meet the 90 day eligibility criteria.

The Tribunal recommends that the Australian Government not approach the UN to alter the eligibility criteria for the UN Medal.

The Tribunal recommends that a Meritorious Unit Citation not be considered for the Australian Service Contingent of UNOSOM II.

The Tribunal recommends no changes be made to the current policy of one award per operational service.

The Tribunal recommends that no further consideration of additional distinguished service awards be made for either UNITAF or UNOSOM II.

The Tribunal recommends that no changes be made to the extant policy for visitors or members not force assigned.

On 18 April 2011 the Government announced its acceptance of the Tribunal’s recommendations.

This is published in the public interest, veterans of all conflicts, in particular that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.

Persons appearing on our site that are now deceased will not be removed, but the case will have the word "Deceased" placed next to their name when we are advised.



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