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Surname: smith
Christian Names: Murray
Country: Australia
State or Province: Unknown
City or Town: Unknown
Case Notes:

Murray Smith claims to have been a SASR (Special Air Service Regiment, based at Swanbourne, Western Australia) trooper.  He wears the medals of a Vietnam Veteran and the Infantry Combat Badge [ICB] of an Infantryman.   

He rose through the ranks to become the President of the Royal Australian Army Service Corps Vietnam Veterans Association Inc. Smith thought he had made all the right moves to now be classed as "in" with the veterans of this association, however the RAASCVN association members are no fools.


Murray Smith would have severe flashbacks on ANZAC Day and tell stories of his brave missions into Cambodia to anyone who would listen to him. He would almost become traumatised by the stories he would tell to the point where the RAASCVN Association had had enough and decided to check his record of service thoroughly. The result of this check proved beyond any doubt that he was an impostor.   

Murray Smith was confronted and asked to prove his service. He could not, and further went on to admit to the Association that he had purchased the medals he wore through a memorabilia outlet, an organisation that should have asked for the bone-fides of the person before making the sale to him.   

It is a Federal Offence in Australia to impersonate a serviceman/woman or wear medals not rightly bestowed on the wearer of any such awards.

Currently the RSL (Returned and Services League) and the Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia are pushing government for the penalties for this offence to be increased. It is hoped that the Australian government will listen to them and impose much harsher penalties.

Australian Vietnam Veterans had it tough enough when they returned from active service, but now that they are at last becoming accepted and to a degree feted, it seems that everyone wants to become a Veteran.

Imposters dishonour the memories of all servicemen and women of all conflicts who paid the supreme sacrifice for this country. Now the country can do something to assist the veterans in their quest to find and expose these impostors by increasing the fine and jail sentence that should be imposed on the "Would be if I could have been" segment of the Australian and New Zealand population."     

Murray Smith has been reported to the Australian Federal Police for falsely wearing the decorations of a veteran. Like all the others on this site, Smith's claims to the awards he wears, are false.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: Smith (aka Stowers)
Christian Names: Jason
Country: Australia
State or Province: VIC
City or Town: Melbourne
Service #: N/A
Service: N/A
Branch: N/A
Commencement of service: N/A
Completion of service: N/A
Case Notes:




Wannabes take many forms as the ANZMI website will attest.   Most wannabe’s operate in that grey area of believability where their stories of daring do convince the listener that maybe the wannabe is legitimate.   Every now and then however a wannabe pops his head up, with a story just so ridiculous that the wannabe is just asking to be hit between the eyes.  

This is the case of Jason Smith (aka Jason Stowers).

We do not believe that this person’s name is Stowers and given his rather tenuous grip on reality, it probably isn’t SMITH either.  However those are the names this wannabe uses, particularly when spinning a yarn to pick up the ladies.

Watch out for Jason, he has all the stories.   He was wounded by a grenade, he’s a Major in Special Forces, and wait for it… all of his family members ceased to exist and claims to have been put into military boarding school at age 9 in Adelaide.

Wait a minute, ‘all of his family members ceased to exist’, what the hell is this bloke on?

As you can see from the following image, this nut just has no idea.

He is wearing awards issued to US ARMY and US AIR FORCE personnel including WW11 and Korea up to Afghanistan here is the full list:

Right breast top row

Korean presidential citation

Army Valorous Unit Award

Joint Meritorious Unit Award

Right Breast Bottom row

US Presidential Citation each cipher on ribbon donates another award

Left Brest Top Row Left to right

Distinguished Service Medal

Silver Star

Defence Superior Service Medal

Left Breast Middle Row left to right

Soldiers Medal

Purple Heart

Joint Service Commendation Medal

Left Breast bottom row left to right

European and Middle East Campaign Medal (WW2)

Afghanistan Campaign Medal

US Air Force Small Arms Expert Marksman Ribbon

What more is there to be said?   If this bloke was in a play or stage show, the uniform might be in some way plausible, but that is not the case, we have evidence that he uses the ‘special forces’ modus operandi to impress and not to entertain.   This peacock even drives around Melbourne with the uniform on display on the back seat of his car as a means of avoiding police fines by falsely claiming his ‘Special Forces’ status.

Of course it comes as no surprise that this wannabe also chooses to be a ‘Major in Special Forces’, complete with SAS Beret and ID Card, suitably blanked out to protect his secret identity.   Wearing the coveted SAS Beret makes this bloke a valour thief as well as being a medal cheating wannabe.

Not only does this wannabe parade about in a uniform he has no entitlement to wear, but he also has his own little shrine to his courage in his house.   Readers will note that both medals are American, but that’s not surprising as everything he wears was made in the good old USA.   We will not subject the reader to pages of reasons why Jason STOWERS (SMITH) has no entitlement to any of the medals and awards he claims, that should be self-evident.   Suffice to say he could not have served in World War 2, Korea or any other conflict.   He could not have won the Purple Heart Medal, it is only ever awarded to US Personnel and no, he is not American or a US Citizen.

We here at ANZMI are gobsmacked at the stupidity of Jason STOWERS (SMITH) who has well and truly earned a place on our special wall of fools where only those wannabes who just make you say, “What the…” appear.

Welcome to our website Jason STOWERS (SMITH).


Surname: Snow
Christian Names: Ronald Charles
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Sunhine Coast
Service: Army
Branch: Engineer
Case Notes:

Ronald Charles Snow MM
If you want to know how to ruin a reputation and a personal military history, in one fell swoop just ask ex Warrant Officer Second Class Ronald Charles Snow, Military Medal (MM) of the Sunshine Coast area of Queensland. Snow formerly of the Royal Australian Engineers now audaciously portrays himself as “Major Ron” Snow MM retired.


You can see from the medals that Snow is wearing that he has given a lot of service, and after showing exceptional courage and leadership as a Sergeant in Vietnam, was awarded the Military Medal MM.  Unfortunately for reasons known only to him he had to “gild the lily”, and claim to have served in the Army as a commissioned officer with the substantive rank of Major.
Ron Snow presents himself around his Region as “Major” Ron Snow there is much anecdotal evidence to support that claim, and hard evidence in the form of his listing as Patron to the Caboolture National Servicemens’ Association. Snow had convinced executives of that organization that he was a commissioned officer during his Regular Army service. Here is their web site banner.


The executives of the organization are not entirely without blame because they have neglected to check the bona fides of Snow. 
Only a commissioned officer, who has attained the rank of substantive major, or above, has the right to use their military rank as a title, in the same way as a Doctor.
It appears that Snow claims his title from serving in the Australian Army Cadets (AAC) after his Regular Army service. According to the AAC Chief of Staff located in Canberra - If he attained the rank of Major in the AAC, and if he departed that service at the age of Sixty Five years, then he is entitled to describe himself as follows:
Mr Ron Snow MM Major (AAC) retired. Not as Major Ron Snow MM retired.
Snow’s actions are deliberately designed to give the impression that he attained the rank of substantive major whilst in the Regular Army. It is a deliberate dishonest act and the act of a wannabe.
Whilst Snow’s subterfuge, is at the lower end of the wannabe scale, as an ex Warrant Officer with long term service, he would well know that his actions were somewhere between pretentious and dishonest.
It is our opinion that the Caboolture National Service Association must not retain Snow as their Patron. Patronage of such organisations is reserved for people of honesty and integrity. Ron Snow, because he pretends to be a retired Major is not an honest person and he lacks integrity
Ex Service Organisations (ESOs), Australia wide are fecund ground for frauds and wannabes and there are many who have been exposed and reside on our web site and there are many more in our files being investigated.
We have three suggestions for ESOs  - Check, check and check.


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Snow
Christian Names: Alan Neil
Country: Australia
State or Province: WA
City or Town: Kalgoorlie
Service #: R105662
Service: RAN
Branch: Underwater Control
Commencement of service: 18 Sep 69
Completion of service: Not Known
Case Notes:




On Monday 16 February 1970 HMAS Sydney departed Port Jackson (Sydney) bound for Vietnam.  Embarked on board Sydney that day was 7 Battalion RAR and the ships’ company that included Ordinary Seaman (Underwater Control) Alan Neil Snow.



Sydney and her escort HMAS Yarra arrived in Vung Tau harbour and anchored at 0638H on Friday 27 February where she disembarked the troops of 7 RAR and then embarked 5 RAR and a large amount of cargo.  At 1120H Sydney weighed anchor and proceeded on her homeward journey, arriving at Fremantle on 5 March.

As can be seen the total time Sydney was in Vietnam was 4 hours and 42 minutes.

The RAN count war service from the time the ship leaves an Australian port until its return to an Australian and therefore Ordinary Seaman Snow was awarded 18 days Vietnam War Service as the following certificate attests.



In addition Ordinary Seaman Snow was awarded:

  • Australian Active Service Medal
  • Vietnam Logistic and Support Medal

For his service in the RAN, Ordinary Seaman Snow was awarded the Australian Defence Medal.

The three medals awarded to Ordinary Seaman Snow should be worn with a sense of pride and honour for having served his country as a member of the RAN.  However this is not to be the case as Ordinary Seaman Snow went ahead and purchased:

  • The Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal, to which he was not entitled;
  • The Australian Logistic Support Medal, that is pure junk (a tin medal); and
  • The Sydney Medal, that is also pure junk (a tin medal)

Ordinary Seaman Snow looks a real treat in his Bonnie Scots bonnet and of array six ‘war’ medals.



For reasons known only to himself, Ordinary Seaman Snow has added three false medals to his rack.  Civilians in his home town of Kalgoorlie would not know that he is wearing six medals for spending 4 hours and 42 minutes in Vietnam.

By his dishonesty, Ordinary Seaman Snow is not a person who belongs in the company of honest veterans.  Wearing false medals proves he is a liar, medal cheat and wannabe.  For his dishonest actions, Ordinary Seaman Snow has earned a place on this web site for evermore.

Surname: Sorensen
Christian Names: Carl Jon
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Boronia
Service: RAN
Case Notes:

Carl Jon SORENSEN DOB 29/01/1947 R63437 joined as a cook and changed jobs to a Writer (Clerk) in the Royal Australian Navy from 2 May 1964 to 1 May 1973.

He did one tour to Vung Tau, South Vietnam on HMAS Sydney a troopship carrier; know as the Vung Tau Ferry. Read on as to why he appears on our site.

Boronia RSL - located in the Outer Eastern suburbs of Melbourne was featured in a local paper the Knox Journal prior to ANZAC day with their incumbent Secretary of 15 years Carl SORENSEN given a front page spread resplendent in some form of uniform sporting five medals.

In the photo Secretary Carl wears five medals - two of which are what we call "Tin Medals" - purchased that which financially lines the pockets of dubious companies who prey on the wanton greed of those who desire to appear more worthy than they are.

As you look at his photo the last two medals on the right hand side of his rack are commemorative trinkets which sell for around $75 each. 

Our ever alert ex RSM Vietnam veteran who has already one scalp on the site (Ken GIBBONS) had this paper delivered to his letter box and immediately detected a wannabe - having already exposed one RSL poser from the Croydon RSL he now had another, not more that six kilometres apart at the Boronia RSL!!  This RSM almost burst a vein gathering the necessary evidence to expose yet another RSL Executive who has walked the false trail.

 Telephone contact was made and when asked to explain why he wore "Tin" SORENSEN replied:

"These extra medals are allowed to be worn because for a long time people in the Far East Reserve (Royal Aust Navy) were not recognised to get Vietnam medals.  He claimed that he has instructions on the notice board at the Boronia RSL that allow for the wearing of these things". 

 Our RSM suggested to SORENSEN that anything not issued by the Government should not be worn on the left breast which prompted the reply: "Why do people wear the Vietnamese Campaign Medal as it was not issued by the Australian Government"?

This would have to be the most ludicrous reaction from a supposed "elder" of the RSL.  Sure, SORENSEN never spent the required 180 days in Vietnam to qualify for the Vietnamese Campaign Medal.

In reality his time "In Country" in Vung Tau harbour is only recorded for HMAS Sydney is from 0700 hours 8 June to 1020 hours 11 June 1965, the 23 days marked on the nominal roll is from port to port - so he must hold some resentment over this issue.  

Out of the five medals he wears on his left breast only the first three are official medals, the other two should never be worn. The medals from left to right are;

1.     Australian Active Service Medal 1945-75 clasp Vietnam (official entitled)

2.     Vietnam Logistic Support Medal (official entitled)

3.     Australian Defence medal (official entitled)

4.     Sydney Medal (un-official tin medal)

5.     Australian Logistic Support Forces Medal (un-official commemorative tin medal)

The government and the RSL itself has published documents stating that un-official medals should not be worn on the left breast and mixed with official medals, yet this sub branch and others continue to disregard official protocol regarding the wearing of medals.

Google research shows SORENSEN is also a Justice of the Peace and this does not reflect the public's expectations of said office.

 Our investigation team Australia-wide is currently in the process of finalising more cases of RSL Executives who wear "Fools Jewels" with their issued medals. 

We will not rest until this insidious practice ceases so the youth of this nation deserve the right to respect our supposed ex-service community leaders.

 ANZMI holds no regrets over exposing any genuine veteran, who desires to inflate his issued entitlements and this means of exposure will continue for as this exposure goes to air we can advise of another genuine Vietnam veteran who wears more than he should and represents a veteran’s organisation under the roof of the aforementioned Boronia RSL.

 “Sydney” was in VT harbour, on his one and only trip, 0700hrs on 8 Jun to 1020hrs on 11 Jun 1965.

During May 1965, Sydney was undergoing a refit at Garden Island, when she was ordered to prepare the ship for her first voyage to Vietnam.[94]The refit was hastily completed, and cargo loading started on 23 May.[94]A blanket media ban concerning the ship was issued, and soldiers of 1st Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment(1 RAR) and the Prince of Wales's Light Horsearmoured regiment, along with a logistics unit and a group of journalists were covertly transported to the ship on 26 May in order to foil any protest attempts.[95][96]Sydney began her departure at 0139 hours; leaving Sydney Harbour with only her navigational lights lit.[95]The troopship was in Vung Tau from 8 to 11 June, and returned to Fremantle on 26 June.[97]

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Sorensen
Christian Names: Derek Joh
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Ipswich
Service #: Not found
Case Notes:



Derek Sorensen


In the photographs above Sorensen is wearing a Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) sandy beret as well as some unidentified medals and an Infantry Combat Badge (ICB).

Derek Sorensen has never served in the Australian Defence Force. He is the son of a Special Air Service Trooper who served in the then Squadron at Campbell Barracks, Swanbourne Western Australia in the early 1960s.

Here is what he has said about his fabled SAS service:


A prominent SAS veteran advised that no Trooper has been shot twice in the same leg in any SASR deployments. Sorensen has also been seen wearing a Medal of Gallantry (MG) and claims to have been involved in the Blackhawk tragedy near Townsville Queensland in June 1996.

Simply put, Sorensen is a liar, a fraud and wannabe. He has stolen the honour of the elite Troopers from the Special Air Services Regiment (SASR).

He has been spinning his yarns to loved ones, friends and work mates for many years. Wannabes should be aware that they will be exposed, and should understand that the false lives that they have created will crash down when their loved ones, friends and work mates read of their deception.

Sorensen has well earned a position with ANZMI where he will remain until at least the 200th anniversary of the Townsville Black Hawk disaster.

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