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Surname: Skelton
Christian Names: Kenneth John
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Grenfell
Service: Army
Branch: Trainee
Case Notes:

Kennith John Skelton was the President of the Grenfell NSW Returned Services League for eighteen years.

 Skelton gulled the Grenfell RSL members and the Grenfell general community into believing that he was a returned Veteran, and to prove it, he wore an Infantry Combat Badge (ICB) and a General Service Medal (GSM) indicating overseas operational Service.




Here are details of entitlement to the ICB and the GSM




The Infantry Combat Badge (ICB) is awarded to a member of the Australian Army for service as an Infantryman in warlike operations. Skelton was never even a Trained Infantry Soldier, and was never involved in any warlike operations and therefore has no entitlement to wear the ICB or the GSM.


On formal RSL and Cadet Forces occasions Skelton wore an array of other medals. The Grenfell RSL and Cadet Unit must be an inept mob to have allowed Skelton to cheat for so long.  The poor quality of the photographs shown below precludes identification of the medals but we can identify the GSM, and maybe an Australian Cadet Forces Medal, the others would be self purchased commemorative tin medals.




Skelton was never a fully trained soldier; he spent only ten months in the Army and was posted to Training Strength (T/S), 4th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (4RAR) at the time of his discharge from the Army. Below are his Record of Service and his Interim Discharge Certificate.


We contacted Skelton to get his slant on his behaviour. He denied he had ever done anything wrong or ever worn medals he should not have worn. He went on to say “if that is all the thanks I get for 18 years of work well they can all go and get stuffed”

Being exposed as a fraud, liar and a wannabe has no time limitation. Obviously Skelton duped the people of Grenfell for a lot of years. Now is the time for retribution in the form of being named and shamed on our web site.

Most of those we expose have involvement with Ex Service Organisations (ESOs). The RSL continually produces frauds and liars who hold, or have held senior executive positions. Frauds and wannabes are destroying the fabric of the RSL. These RSL frauds push their way into executive positions so they can live their false military history and publically wear their false medals and trinkets whilst stealing the honour of true veterans.

We will continue to expose frauds, liars and wannabes and we will continue to mention the inability of senior echelons of ESOs to distinguish the difference between the honourable and those who steal their honour. 

Kenneth John Skelton is a thief of honour and his true military history will remain on this web site for ever more.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Slikkerveer
Christian Names: Johannes Pieter
Country: Australia
State or Province: WA
City or Town: Ellenbrook
Service: Army Reserves
Branch: Pay Corps
Case Notes:

Johannes Pieter Slikkerveer – Pay Corps, Army Reserve Officer from Western Australia

This Royal Australian Army Pay Corps (RAAPC) Officer looks dashing in his Sam Browne (Regimental Belt) and Sandy Beret at The Brook Tavern, Ellenbrook on the outskirts of Perth Western Australia on ANZAC Day 2013


Slikkerveer is an Army Reserve Pay Corps Officer who has never done anything, that would in anyway suggest he is part of the elite Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) - except for wearing an SASR Beret.

Veterans, ex Servicemen and Women, Serving Men and Women and the general public are now very much aware of our role in the Veteran Community and blatant acts of stupidity, now have no chance of going unnoticed, as is the case with Slikkerveer.

Very few who yearn to wear the Sandy Beret are able to pass the tests that gives them the right to wear it.

Slikkerveer is an Army Captain who does not exhibit the behaviour necessary to be a Reserve Pay Corp Officer or Army Officer of any kind, and we hope his Military superiors and his peers treat him appropriately.

Those who wear the Sandy Beret have proven themselves to be superior in matters of strength, stamina and willpower. In recent times three soldiers, including and Australian, serving in the British Army, perished in the United Kingdom (UK) whilst undergoing the UK SAS selection course. 

The Sandy Beret must be earned and must not be worn by pretenders and wannabes like Slikkerveer.

Those who have earned the Beret and those who know of the feats of SASR Troopers, Non commissioned Officers and Commissioned Officers will understand why Slikkerveer is now given a life sentence on our web site.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Slingsby
Christian Names: Graham John
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Bligh Park
Service: Serving RAAF Commissioned Officer
Case Notes:

Graham John Slingsby, about 45 years of age, is a deceitful character determined to get his way. He is a manipulator of the truth, a fraud, an imposter and a blatant liar. He is currently a Flying Officer in the Royal Australian Air Force. (RAAF)


Some wannabees on this site tell us incredible stories of their bravery whilst in combat, during hazardous secret missions that they have trouble talking about. However, when we ask for documentation of their bravery, they say it has all been destroyed for security reasons.

However, Graham John Slingsby is a different kettle of fish. Slingsby was happy to provide us with documentation that he thought supported his story that he was a former highly decorated NSW Police Officer who had been awarded the National "Commendation for Brave Conduct' award before he joined the Royal Australian Air Force. Slingsby proudly wears this National Commendation for Brave Conduct award on ceremonial occasions like Anzac Day and other official ceremonies.

The National Commendation for Brave Conduct is a silver gilt sprig of mimosa on a blood- red backing ribbon and is worn on the left side.

In the photograph below, Slingsby is wearing a Royal Australian Air Force Flying Officer's uniform with the National "Commendation for Brave conduct" ribbon and the National Medal for 15 years service in the NSW Police Force. This photograph was taken at a recent Anzac Day ceremony and can be found on his Face Book page.


The National Commendation for Brave Conduct is a prestigious bravery award that is bestowed among members of the public including Police Officers for outstanding acts of bravery. Recognition for this award is only achieved when the actions of a person are reported and formally reviewed by the Honours Secretariat and then this information is placed before a the Australian Bravery Decorations Council consisting of fourteen representatives from within Australia. These members then decide if the actions are worthy of an appropriate award.

These include, (1) the Cross of Valour (CV), (2) The Star of Courage (SC), (3) The Bravery Medal (BM) and (4) The Commendation for Brave Conduct. As you can see, the Commendation for Brave Conduct is ranked 4 in importance and is an honorable award.

When these awards are approved, the recipients on all occasions attend Government House and the medal is bestowed upon them by the Governor General in appropriate and moving ceremonies.

Slingsby came under our radar when we were directed to his Face Book page by a reader who saw his photo and recognised him as a former Police Officer in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales in the 90's and early 2000s. It appeared to the reader that the bravery award he was wearing was suspicious.

Slingsby joined the NSW Police in 1987 as a 19 year old. He served as a Police Officer until he left in 2005. He had 18 years service and was awarded the National Medal for 15 years service. He served in the Wagga Wagga area in general duties. He then joined the RAAF in 2006 and commenced Officer Training School, left and sought other employment and then in 2009, he rejoined and recommenced Officer Training School.

Following advice from our concerned reader, we then contacted Slingsby and informed him that we had received information that the bravery award he was wearing in the photograph had been reported to us as suspicious. Slingsby replied that he had genuinely been awarded the Bravery Commendation whilst in the NSW Police and that he would provide ample documentary proof of that fact. He told us that he had no idea why his award was not recorded at the Government Web Site, "It's an Honour" , but said that he would take steps through the NSW Police to have them notify that Department and correct the anomaly.

Slingsby then forwarded the below mentioned documents.


This is a copy of the report of the good policemanship by Slingsby and another Constable in the arrest of a man at Wagga Wagga in 1996.


This is a copy of the invitation for Slingsby to attend Mirage Room, Wagga Wagga RSL Club on the 10th November, 2005 for a Medal/Award Ceremony.


This is a copy of the Certificate of Service of Graham John Slingsby following his departure from the NSW Police Force on the 5th December, 2003. It confirms an award of a National Medal and a Commendation for Brave Conduct.


Slingsby first applied for RAAF Officer Training School in 2006. In April, 2006, he organised that a letter (above) be forwarded from the Personnel Manager of the Wagga Wagga Police Local Area Command to the RAAF Officers Training School informing them of his commendation for brave conduct. In May 2008, he again organised a confirmation of this award to the Officer Training School. No doubt, this was important for him to show the RAAF Officer Training School hierarchy that he was a commendable applicant. Slingsby has advised us that he had the award placed on his RAAF "PM Keys record". This is his Personnel File.

Following our perusal of all this documentation, everything appeared legitimate. However, his name did not appear on "It's an Honour" as the recipient of the National "Commendation for Brave Conduct Award". The alarm bells started to ring, and when we made inquiries at the Wagga Wagga Police Command, we were informed that the Bravery Award Slingsby was presented with was based on a local Commander's recommendation for the incident in 1996. He was subsequently awarded a local Region Commander's "Certificate" for his actions by the then Police Commissioner at the Awards Ceremony. Something he could place on his wall. There is no ribbon, medal or anything else presented with this "Certificate." It is a local award.

Slingsby was awarded this local Region Commander's Certificate in 2005, following his departure from the NSW Police in 2003. He then used this occasion for his own advantage and deceitfully claimed significant higher award status to impress his RAAF Recruitment Officers, his RAAF colleagues, civilian friends, family, and people on Face Book.

He then continued this deception to try and convince ANZMI that this significantly higher bravery award was genuine and was identical to the much lesser local award that he received at Wagga Wagga. He also informed us that he would arrange with the NSW Police Protocol Unit to have his name recorded on It's an Honour" to correct the anomaly. He knows this will not happen. Just another lie. He knows what he is doing. There are no excuses. He is a false pretender and he knows it. He has been caught out.

In our communications with Slingsby, he was continually asked one question that he declined to answer -;

"Is the National "Commendation for Brave Conduct " award that you wear and that you organised to have recorded on your RAAF PM Keys record, the same award that was presented to you at the Mirage Room, Wagga Wagga RSL on the 10th November 2005?" A simple question you would think. However, no answer.

The worrying part about all this is that he is a current serving Commissioned Flying Officer in the RAAF.

Slingsby is a disgrace. He is a disgrace to the RAAF Officers uniform that he is wearing, and he is a disgrace to the NSW Police Force. Many brave NSW Police Officers have been awarded this prestigious award over the years at Government House for their truly brave actions that have saved the lives of others, or their own.

To have someone like Slingsby taking the honour of these brave men and women is despicable. He flaunts this award like he is a hero.

He may have made a good arrest in 1996, but so did dozens of other Policemen and Policewomen who were also awarded Region Commanders commendations. (Certificates)

Slingsby has no credibility. He has manipulated the system and embellished his local award for his own gratification.

In addition, he has purchased the National "Commendation for Brave Conduct ribbon" from a Medal dealer or from an internet supplier. Well knowing that he is not entitled to it.

This fraudulent glory hunting RAAF Commissioned Officer should be hunted out of the Royal Australian Air Force with the speed of an F111.
We have done our bit.

Surname: Smets
Christian Names: John Mark
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Brisbane
Service #: 8080553
Service: RAN
Branch: Combat Systems
Commencement of service: 07 Mar 1983
Completion of service: 2014
Case Notes:

John Mark Smets is 51 years of age. He resides at Arana Hills, a suburb of Brisbane. He had 21 years service in the Royal Australian Navy, where he performed the duties of a Combat Systems Operator. (Sonar) He discharged in 2004 as a Leading Seaman and then joined the RAN Reserves.

John Smets is Medal Cheat, a Valour Thief, a Fraud and a Love Rat. He has preyed on vulnerable generous women, who have believed his heroic war stories of being a Naval Clearance Diver, in Iraq and Afghanistan. He uses the disability of war caused Post -Traumatic Stress Disorder to convince these women to give him money and lodgings. When he cannot use them anymore, or they refuse to give him more cash, he moves on to next victim.

Below is a photograph of John Mark Smets.


Smets1jpg 2

In the above photograph, Smets is wearing the following medals -;

1. Australian Active Service Medal (AASM) with 3 clasps. (East Timor – ICAT – Iraq 2003.) Entitled to AASM with one clasp only – East Timor.. He is not entitled to wear the ICAT clasp (International Coalition against terror) or the Iraq 2003 clasp.
2. Interfet Medal. - Entitled.
3. Afghanistan Medal. – Not entitled.
4. Iraq Medal – Not entitled.

5. Australian Service Medal (ASM) with 3 clasps. (Unknown) - Entitled to ASM with one clasp- Kuwait. Whatever the other two clasps are, he is not entitled to them.
6. Defence Force Service Medal with a 5 year clasp. (DFSM) - Entitled.
7. Australian Defence Force Medal. (ADM) - Entitled.
8. United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor Medal (UNTAET) – Not entitled.

Above his medal rack, Smets is wearing a Royal Australian Navy Parachute qualification badge. He is not entitled to wear this adornment. He never commenced or completed this course.


Smets2jpg2 Copy

The image above is of the Royal Australian Navy’s Parachute Qualification Badge, awarded to sailors who have not completed the SAS selection and CT training cycle, but have completed para training and awarded the standard RAN parachutist wing. This includes the Clearance Divers who now form part of the east coast based TAG-E which is structured around the Sydney based 2 Commando Regiment.



He is also not entitled to wear the above blue coloured United Nations beret and hat badge.

Smets served on a number of ships during his RAN service as a Combat Systems Operator (Sonar). However, he never served in Iraq or Afghanistan in a prescribed war like period, and he is not entitled to wear those medals. He also did not serve for 90 consecutive days in East Timor to be eligible to wear the UNTAET medal.



The above medal is the un-awarded Iraq Medal.



The above medal is the un-awarded Afghanistan Medal.



The above medal is the un-awarded UNTAET medal.

UNAMET/UNTAET medal was established on 9 December 1999. The ribbon has two outer bands of UN blue, representing the UN presence in East Timor. Inside the two bands, there are two equal bars - closest to the blue, the bar is crimson, with the bar closest to the center being sunrise yellow. These colours represent the brilliant and spectacular sunrises and sunsets experienced in East Timor. The center of the ribbon is a band of white, traditionally the colour of peace and hope, the goal this Mission seeks to achieve. Qualifying time of service for the reception of UNAMET/UNTAET medal is 90 days.

Smets was never a Clearance Diver with the Royal Australian Navy. That statement is also false.

Smets has been an incorrigible liar for many years. We have been sent statutory declarations from a number of extremely generous women who invited him to live in their homes, because of his alleged acute battle fatigue and lack of finances.

We know that we have only touched the surface with these statutory declarations and we have been assured, that there are many other ladies out there, who are willing to provide further statutory declarations about this Fraud, and his despicable behaviour.

The statutory declarations we have been provided, detail outlandish lies by Smets to ladies to ingratiate himself with them, gain their trust and sympathy and then request financial assistance from them, that he never repays. This behaviour has continued over many years and he has left a trail of disheartened and angry people in his wake.

His lies include -;

• He was a qualified elite RAN Clearance Diver for 20 years.
• He was “dux” of his class at the Clearance Divers Course, and his name is engraved on their Honour Board.
• He became a RAN Clearance Diver Instructor and trained and tested potential clearance divers in Sydney Harbour.
• He served in war like theatres in East Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan as a RAN Clearance Diver.
• He shot a female in Afghanistan who was subsequently found to have explosives on her.
• Whilst in Afghanistan, he held down the femoral artery of a wounded colleague, and applied pressure for as long as he could, before watching his colleague die.
• He cleared IED’s (Improvised explosive devices) in Iraq and Afghanistan by laying on his stomach and scratching the ground with his fingers, to recover the device.
• He suffers acutely from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.
• Due to the clandestine operations he was involved in, all his military records are classified as “Secret”, and they cannot be accessed by anyone.
• He was a RAN Clearance Diver during the Brisbane Floods.
• Although he has acute PTSD, he went to Bond University and qualified as a Solicitor and a Barrister. He came first in his Law Class.
• He is a qualified DVA Pension Officer and Advocate.
• He needs money to send the body of his recently deceased father back to Belgium to be placed in the family vault.
• He is suffering Testicular and prostate cancer, and needs money to pay for his ongoing treatment.
• He does not attend Anzac Day ceremonies now, as he gets too depressed.

We have also been advised by senior Redlands Returned & Services League (RSL) Sub Branch (Qld) officials, that Smets tried to ingratiate himself in their Sub Branch affairs. He claimed that he was a Barrister, and was giving advice on Department of Veterans Affairs pensions, to their members. Most of the time, the information supplied was was found to be incorrect. It was subsequently revealed that he was never a Barrister, a Solicitor, a qualified Pension Officer or an Advocate. He was immediately given the boot by the Redlands RSL, once his fraudulent claims were discovered.




Above are further recent photographs of Smets for the information of any other women or RSL Sub Branches, who could fall prey to John Mark Smets.

We welcome Mr Smets to the growing list of frauds, military imposters and love rats who appear on this site.

Surname: Smith
Christian Names: Ross B
Country: Australia
State or Province: Unknown
City or Town: Unknown
Case Notes:

With a reputation as a “magic hands” physio, Ross has treated many veterans with muscular/joint disabilities and accordingly is on the payroll of the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Australian Commonwealth Government body whose charter is the care and welfare of our war veterans

This website was contacted by a Viet Nam Veteran who was undergoing a course of physiotherapy from Ross, it seems this errant manipulator saw fit to prevaricate and take the false trail of attempting to impress with tales of “Covert actions” in Viet Nam with the famed Special Air Service, the SAS, - tales of blood and guts and “Secret missions” spewed from his mouth.

 The Veteran in question suffers deep bouts of depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder [PTSD] from Viet Nam service and put simply, did not need the additional stressors to awaken the demons inside his head.   He simply required treatment for muscular manipulation and on more than one occasion was subjected to the stressful exposure to traumas he was attempting to avoid.

 CPMH conducted a thorough investigation into the possible Military Service involving Smith and guess what?  None – and it follows that he never served in Viet Nam nor served with the elite SAS.  Smith was contacted by mail and given the mandatory 14 days right of reply.

 On 18 November 2002, CPMH received his written admission that he never served and that he was not a Viet Nam Veteran.  Smith also apologised for his actions and advised that he had accessed the website.

 When considering website exposure CPMH took into account the apology and admission of bogus Veteran status, however, the majority consensus was that from our experience, if a person has repeatedly offended with tales of false activities with one person, the odds are that this person is a serial offender and accordingly Smith has earned the dubious right to make his debut on our “Rogues Gallery”.

 To take this case to court would place undue stress on the Veteran involved. He is attempting to overcome the unnecessary and unwarranted invasion of his troubles Active Service history.  Of notable interest was the article in the Sunday Herald/Sun [Melbourne] dated 30 March 2003, which states in part “The penalty for wrongly claiming to be a returned Soldier, Sailor or Airman would increase from $200 fine to $3300 and up to six months jail under proposals introduced to Federal Parliament”  [This is reproduced in full on the opening page of CPMH]

 Whatever the punishment this bogus Veteran attracts from his peers and the relevant authority, he deserves – one would have thought his involvement with the Olympic Gold Medal team would have been enough credit.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: smith
Christian Names: Murray
Country: Australia
State or Province: Unknown
City or Town: Unknown
Case Notes:

Murray Smith claims to have been a SASR (Special Air Service Regiment, based at Swanbourne, Western Australia) trooper.  He wears the medals of a Vietnam Veteran and the Infantry Combat Badge [ICB] of an Infantryman.   

He rose through the ranks to become the President of the Royal Australian Army Service Corps Vietnam Veterans Association Inc. Smith thought he had made all the right moves to now be classed as "in" with the veterans of this association, however the RAASCVN association members are no fools.


Murray Smith would have severe flashbacks on ANZAC Day and tell stories of his brave missions into Cambodia to anyone who would listen to him. He would almost become traumatised by the stories he would tell to the point where the RAASCVN Association had had enough and decided to check his record of service thoroughly. The result of this check proved beyond any doubt that he was an impostor.   

Murray Smith was confronted and asked to prove his service. He could not, and further went on to admit to the Association that he had purchased the medals he wore through a memorabilia outlet, an organisation that should have asked for the bone-fides of the person before making the sale to him.   

It is a Federal Offence in Australia to impersonate a serviceman/woman or wear medals not rightly bestowed on the wearer of any such awards.

Currently the RSL (Returned and Services League) and the Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia are pushing government for the penalties for this offence to be increased. It is hoped that the Australian government will listen to them and impose much harsher penalties.

Australian Vietnam Veterans had it tough enough when they returned from active service, but now that they are at last becoming accepted and to a degree feted, it seems that everyone wants to become a Veteran.

Imposters dishonour the memories of all servicemen and women of all conflicts who paid the supreme sacrifice for this country. Now the country can do something to assist the veterans in their quest to find and expose these impostors by increasing the fine and jail sentence that should be imposed on the "Would be if I could have been" segment of the Australian and New Zealand population."     

Murray Smith has been reported to the Australian Federal Police for falsely wearing the decorations of a veteran. Like all the others on this site, Smith's claims to the awards he wears, are false.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


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