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Surname: Reid
Christian Names: Bruce
Country: New Zealand
State or Province: North Island
City or Town: Wellington
Service: Nil
Case Notes:

Bruce Reid  -  Rooster to feather duster in one fell swoop

Here is the Rooster:



Here is the feather duster



One day the “Lieutenant Colonel’s” portrait was hanging in the Hallowed Halls of his old school, the day next it was on the dump, and he was having “discussions” with Officers from the New Zealand Police in Wellington.

Here is the complete story from the Wellington Sunday News. Notice, that so far, nine women have spoken to the police and Reid has been charged with one offence. We have observers in place to keep us updated.

High school revokes award to soldier-impersonator old boy

Last updated 05:00 03/07/2011

Bruce Reid

Bruce Reid, exposed for impersonating a soldier allegedly in order to obtain financial support, has had his recently presented high school alumnus award revoked.

Several women who met Reid on dating websites have complained to police that he posed as a lieutenant colonel in the Defence Force and promised to marry them if they supported him financially. Many of them fell for his line.

Another victim of his charade was Wellington High School, where he was a pupil in the late 1980s. For his "achievements" in the Defence Force, he was lauded along with 63 other alumni at Wellington High School's 125th reunion earlier this year. His picture was hung on a wall near the entrance of the school beside genuine high achievers such as dancer Sir John Trimmer and artist Len Lye. It has been taken down this week after Reid's actions were uncovered.

Constable Jonathan Westrupp of Mana said that, to date, nine women had contacted police about Reid. They had been interviewed to see if any criminal offences had been committed against them.

Lawyer John Miller said there was nothing in the law to say impersonating a soldier was forbidden. But he said it could be argued Reid obtained money by deception and that was a criminal offence, though it would have to be proven the only reason he was given money was because the victims thought he was a soldier – not that they trusted other aspects of his character.

Reid has pleaded guilty to one charge of obtaining money by deception and will be sentenced later this month.

Wellington High principal Prue Kelly said she should have gone with her gut instinct, which told her Reid was a "dodgy man". She tried to check with the army and Massey University where he said he had a degree but did not get much help.

The reference to this story is: http://www.stuff.co.nz/sunday-news/news/5224511/High-school-revokes-award-to-soldier-impersonator-old-boy

Fake colonel sorry for deception


Last updated 05:00 20/07/2011

BRUCE REID: Claimed to be an officer of The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire and to have received the Queen's Gallantry Medal.

A fake lieutenant colonel says his deception has cost him dearly.

Bruce Reid, 38, masqueraded as a high-ranking decorated army officer – a far cry from his life as a beneficiary in Porirua.

Police are investigating complaints from nine women who met Reid on dating websites and fell for his promise of marrying them if they supported him financially.

Though there was nothing in the law to say impersonating a soldier was forbidden, police were interviewing the women to see if he had committed a criminal offence.

Reid was sentenced yesterday in Porirua District Court for obtaining a property inspection report by deception last March.

Judge John Walker imposed three months' community detention, 100 hours' community work and ordered reparation of $1209, which included debt collection fees.

Reid was also forced to give up several army uniforms, complete with bravery medals and SAS parachute badges.

In an email to the property inspection company, Reid claimed to be a lieutenant colonel who held the post of deputy director of New Zealand special operation force (intelligence).

He also claimed to be an officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire and to have received the Queen's Gallantry Medal, awarded for exemplary acts of bravery.

He followed up the email by wearing full regalia when paying for the inspection report and when his credit card payment was declined he said the army would pay the $875 bill out of his relocation allowance.

The money never eventuated.

Outside court, Reid would not comment on why he started the ruse but said he had "stopped ages ago" and that the uniforms had been confiscated.

When asked if he was sorry he said: "Of course I am. It's cost me my house ... and all sorts of stuff."

He explained that he tried to shun a Wellington High School alumnus award, which included having his picture hung on a wall at the school beside genuine achievers such as dancer Sir John Trimmer. He was lauded along with 63 other alumni at the school's 125th reunion earlier this year for his "achievements" in the Defence Force.

"I told the principal I didn't want to do that thing and she kept pushing and pushing."

The award was revoked earlier this month.

Reid was discharged from the Territorial Services in December 1995.

Porirua RSA president Roger Kingsford said Reid had made a mockery of the men and

Army spokesman Major John Gordon condemned Reid's behaviour. "It's quite upsetting for people who have these decorations; it really takes away from what they did to achieve these."   Major Gordon said secondhand medals and uniforms were prolific. The Defence Force had no jurisdiction over civilians misusing army uniforms



Reid is another example of insipid males, pretending to be of the military genre to either fleece money from, or get sympathy from vulnerable women. In other words he is what is now termed as a “Love Rat”

We have a few of them on our web site;

Montgomery  -  Montague Elliot -  Gwilliams -  Blanc -  Boxshall  -  Stoove  -  Bennetts BD

We like to stick to the facts and not give names to wannabes, but if we did give names, we would call this piece of excrement a contemptible cur.

Veterans and ex Servicemen in New Zealand and Australia should be on the lookout for this wannabe “Lieutenant Colonel”.  Our experience shows that they move from place to place repeating their fraud and making the lives of vulnerable women very miserable.


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Rhyce
Christian Names: Patricia Margaret
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Cessnock
Service #: W219038
Service: RAAF
Branch: Motor Transport
Commencement of service: 09 Apr 58
Completion of service: 23 Jun 67
Case Notes:




Patricia Margaret Rice in her home town of Cessnock, New South Wales is known as Patrice Rhyce. she has added a bit of "Class" to her name and in the same way added a bit of "Class" to her medals rack. Below is a photograph of Rice on Anzac Day 2015 wearing lots of medals, badges, trinkets and a Peacekeepers Beret.


Here is another photograph of Rice on ANZAC Day 2014 wearing most of the false medals and badges she was wearing in 2015. We are reliably advised that she has been parading her false medals for many years.

The only medal that Rice would have, is the Australian Defence Medal. She served in the RAAF as a light transport Driver from April 1958 until June 1967. She is reported as being a competent Servicewoman who was promoted to Corporal during her service.

Here is a photograph of Rice on the day she enlisted:

Here is a letter from the Air Board who wrote her a letter of appreciation for her service after discharge.

We have been able to identify some of the medals and trinkets she is wearing. On the left Breast she is wearing four very prestigious awards, they are:

Royal Red Cross Medal - For exceptional service in Military Nursing.
Member of the Order of the British Empire. - For outstanding achievement or Service in the Community
Royal Red Cross medal - Same as above
Member of the Order of Australia (OAM) - For service worthy of particular recognition.

She also wears the:

Australian Defence Medal - For completing period of service in the Australian Defence Force.

Beneath the first row of medals there are Numerous United Nations Medals. We believe these to be:

1. U.N.T.S.O. (Truce Supervision Palestine/Israel, June 1948-Present)
2. U.N.E.F. II (Suez Canal and Sinai 1973-1979)
3. Golan Heights Medal
4. U.N.I.F.I.L. (Southern Lebanon 1978-Present
5. For service in the United Nations Headquarters
6. United Nations Korean War Medal
7. UNTSO medal again
8. Multinational force and observers medal.
9. UNTSO medal again

The Badges on the left lapel appear to be:

Caduceus Medical Pin.
Number two unsure
RAF wings
RAF Wings Sterling Silver Sweetheart Pin (with Kings Crown)
Army Parachute Wings
United Nations Button Badge
RSL Badge

We will not detail what she is wearing on her right breast, however we do note a Presidential Citation.

On her head she wears the Powder Blue Peacekeepers Beret with the International Peacekeepers Badge.

Rice is not listed on the Australian Government Nominal Rolls as having been awarded an OAM, nor is she entitled to wear any of the other medals, except for the Australian Defence Medal which is awarded to all people who complete their engagement in the Defence Force.

We are reliably advised that the Cessnock Returned Services League, (RSL) Sub Branch and the New South Wales (NSW) State Branch have been aware of Rice's behaviour for numerous years and have chosen to do nothing.

The NSW State Branch behaved similarly in relation to other fraudsters from NSW.

Major Andrew Philip Johnstone from Lismore was protected (unsuccessfully) by ex senior Defence officers and members of the RSL. See here:


RSL executive and long term imposter who appears to have escaped censure from the Cronulla RSL Sub Branch and the NSW State RSL for his multiple false claims of Vietnam RAN service is Kenneth Edward English from the Cronulla RSL Sub Branch (Sydney)


We don't know what motivates Rice to behave so badly and insult Veterans and ex Service persons who had to work hard to earn medals and awards. We condemn her as a shameless fraud, liar and wannabe and we also condemn the NSW RSL for knowingly allowing her to fraudulent present herself as a highly decorated Veteran.


UPDATE  Rice aka Rhyce 16 Jan 16

Ms Rice cannot believe that ANZMI would try to "bring down" her good name and would love to take us to court.   She said this on 11 Nov 2015 at a Remembrance Day Commemoration Service in Cessnock NSW.  Here is a photograph taken on that day.

Despite our initial exposure, Ms Rice is still decked out in lots of bling and it is interesting to note that she is not horsing around as she has added the  Companion of the Order of Australia to her stable.

When questioned about the Order she said "it was presented to my Mother".

When asked about the Presidential Citation on her right shoulder, she said  "it was personally presented to my father by the President of the United States".

She said about the parachute wings and the United Nations (UN) medals that she was given them after she left the RAAF, as she  was there as a nurse to the UN.  She also said that "she was not allowed to talk about her UN service".

This woman is clearly breaking the law and should be prosecuted by New South Wales (NSW) State Police, however NSW and Western Australia (WA) Police will not prosecute these offences.  Every other State and Territory of Australia would take action, but NSW and WA cannot be bothered.  Should those in positions of authority in those States earned genuine Defence Medals the hard way, then perhaps there would be a change of attitude.





Surname: Richardson.
Christian Names: Robert William
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Greensborough
Service #: 37874
Service: Australian Army
Branch: Infantry Clerk
Commencement of service: 14 Aug 1961
Completion of service: 19 May 1969
Case Notes:



"The pen is mightier than the sword" coined by English author Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1839, indicating that communication (particularly written language), or in some interpretations, administrative power or advocacy of an independent press, is a more effective tool than direct violence. Wikipedia.


In the case of Robert William Richardson, could be !!

ANZMI respect the service of all men and women who have served in the New Zealand and Australian Defence Forces. It matters not, what Branch or Units of the Military one served. It does matter though, when imposters embellish their service to gain benefits that would not otherwise have been received, had they not lied or put themselves out there as war heros.

Richardsonrobert1jpg Copy



The above photographs depict former Private Robert William Richardson OAM, leading 1 Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (RAR) component of the Melbourne ANZAC day marches. He has led the Unit on Anzac Days since 2000.

The gentleman behind Richardson, (second photograph) and bearing the United States 173rd Airborne Brigade blue and red standard, is a former member of that Brigade. He has specifically requested ANZMI not to delete his face from this exposure. We will not name him here, but he proudly represents the 173rd Airborne Brigade with 1 Battalion RAR on Anzac Day Marches.

Robert William Richardson was born on the 17 February, 1941. At the age of 20, he enlisted in the Australian Army. He completed recruit training at Kapooka Army Base, Wagga, New South Wales, (NSW), and was posted to 1 Battalion, (RAR) Holsworthy, NSW. In 1964, Richardson qualified as a Clerk (GD) and was posted into a Clerk’s position in B Company, 1 RAR as a Lance Corporal.

On the 27 May, 1965, Richardson was posted to then Republic of South Vietnam with 1 RAR. His duties were clerical, a sedentary role.

In August 1965, Richardson was demoted to the rank of Private for neglecting orders in regards to local leave. He was then transferred to Battalion Headquarters as a Private. (Clerk) He served in South Vietnam until his return to Australia on the 9 June, 1966. He was never deployed on any operations during his Vietnam tour. He remained on base and performed his allotted clerical duties.

During his time with 1 RAR, Richardson was posted to Battalion Headquarters, Bien Hoa, an American Military Base, 25 kilometres north of Saigon. 1 RAR was the first Australian Army Infantry Battalion to be posted to South Vietnam, and as such Australian logistical support was limited. Therefore, 1 RAR came under operational command of the US Army Commander , 173rd Airborne Brigade.

1 RAR conducted numerous operations within the Tactical Area of Responsibility (TAOR) and also in the Mekong Delta with the US Brigade. One of the major operations undertaken was Operation Crimp.

Operation CRIMP (8 – 14 Jan 66) (Courtesy 1 RAR Association Website.)

1 RAR, with under command 3 Fd Tp (minus), in direct support 105 Fd Bty. West-central Binh Duong province, 37 km WNW of Bien Hoa air base. A brigade search and destroy operation, 1 RAR being the blocking force for 173d Bde, which was operating in conjunction with 3d Inf Bde (US) both being commanded by HQ lst Inf Div (US). The brigade AO was centered in the general area of the Solirene plantation, nine km WSW of Bien Cat, and the 1 RAR AO of thirteen sq km was central within the brigade AO. Generally flat terrain, with areas of rice, jungle, and rubber plantations. The operation was directed at the destruction of the Saigon- Cholon-Gia Dinh Special Sector Committee, believed to be located in the southern portion of the long-established VC base area, the ‘Ho Bo Woods’; the Committee was protected by up to two VC main force battalions. Deployment by helicopter, directly from Operation 18/65 ‘MARAUDER’ via Bao Trai.
Results: Casualties: own: KIA 8, WIA 29; VC: KIA 27, wounded/escaped 7. Twelve VC suspects detained, and many civilians evacuated. Extensive multi-level tunnel systems were broken into by 1 RAR; these included a headquarters complex, reproduction centres, dispensaries and a hospital. A major arms cache and a rice store (fifteen tonne) were located. The operation was notable for the 7488 documents captured, primarily by I RAR.

The battalion completed its tour of duty and on the 1st June 1966 began the move back to Australia. The cost to the battalion was 23 killed, 114 wounded and 2 bodies not recovered. 1 RAR marched through Sydney on the 8th June 1966 and received a magnificent welcome from the thousands of people lining the streets. The battalion returned to Gallipoli Barracks, Holsworthy. End.

Private Robert Richardson was not deployed on Operation Crimp. He was back at the Bien Hoa base fulfilling his duties as a BHQ Clerk, including the completion of pay records and leave entitlements for the operational troops fighting in the field..

Following Richardson’s uneventful tour of South Vietnam, he remained in the Australian Army until he discharged on the 10 May, 1969. His discharge is recorded as “Retention in the Military Forces not being in the best interest of those forces.” This was due to 9 convictions of false pretences in obtaining goods by a Victorian Court.

Unfortunately, his convictions in the Victorian Court did not stop him from continuing his nefarious ways as a false pretender.

In 1980, the following occurred.

From Signed statements obtained -; .

Melbourne Age newspaper article 5 June 1980.

In June 1980, in response to a story that appeared in the Age newspaper on the 3 June 1980, by a Viet Cong soldier, who claimed that he had fought against 1 RAR during Operation Crimp in 1966, Richardson embellished his war service record through a Vietnam War story, “War’s bitter memories close to home, ” which Richardson gave to the Age newspaper Melbourne. Richardson called the Age newspaper and gave his account of Operation Crimp, and what he had experienced on that Operation.

Richardson informed the Age reporter:
“That this is one operation I will not forget” Richardson said, “ I reckon it was the beginning of all my troubles”.

The trouble with this statement is that Mr Richardson was a Clerk (GD) 40 km away from the location of Operation Crimp and took no part in the Operation Crimp or any other operation in his tour of duty.
Mr Richardson told the “The Age” reporter that he had fought against the former Viet Cong second lieutenant on Operation Crimp. ‘He also stated that he had no resentment towards him’ he said “If anything I suppose I am more bitter towards the Australian Government for the conditions under which we went”.



* Richardson stated his job was to count the casualties of Operation Crimp--- in his own words a “bastard of a job”
* Richardson then ridiculed, insulted and made inflammatory and unsubstantiated comments about the American soldiers. (173rd Airborne Brigade). Richardson made false and misleading claims about the American Pilots stating that they had sprayed him and the rest of 1RAR with Agent Orange whilst he was on Operation Crimp.

* Richardson also stated that all of his battalion were left “non – operational “for several days after they were sprayed.
* Richardson also claimed that he himself was chemically poisoned by being sprayed with Agent Orange, whilst on Operation Crimp.
* Richardson claimed the Battalion had lost two members KIA on Operation Crimp. The truth was 1RAR had lost 8 KIA and 29 WIA.
* Richardson false story has also been reported in USA on a Vietnam Veterans web site (Wounded Times) in April 2014, and was condemned as lies and fraud; this web site gets 1 million hits a month.
* Mr Richardson made up the entire story as he was not on Operation Crimp. His story was total lies and his fraud misled the Australian general public and in particular other Vietnam veterans that had served with 1 RAR in Vietnam on Operation Crimp
. End.

On the 10 June, 2002, Richardson was awarded the Order of Australia Medal (OAM), for service to the welfare of veterans and their families, and to the community.

Not satisfied with his new found fame as a fully fledged Operational Infantry soldier, in 1 Battalion RAR, South Vietnam, and a recent recipient of the OAM, Richardson then convinced the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) Media Unit in 2004, that they should record his “outstanding” feats of military greatness.

The DVA Media Unit then recorded 3 videos with Richardson, where he falsely stated his experiences of “patrolling and fighting in the jungles of Vietnam, and his worst operation of all, being Operation Crimp, and the tunnels of Cu Chi.”

A Senior Melbourne Herald- Sun newspaper Journalist interviewed Richardson about his claims, that he took part in Operation Crimp. Richardson was also asked about the contents of the 3 Vietnam War videos, that he had made for the Australian Vietnam War educational web site.

Richardson conceded that his 1980 Age newspaper claims of storming Viet Cong tunnels in one battle was "faulty", and that he took no part in the operation. He also admitted that his video about Operation Crimp was also not 100% accurate and not true.

The Herald- Sun newspaper articles were published on the 16 March 2014 and again on the 4 April 2014. The headlines were:


After being viewed by about 300,000 people, the 3 videos have now been removed from the DVA Educational web site.

From Signed statements -;

When finally in 2014 Richardson was exposed and cornered as a liar and a fraud, he then told the 1 RAR investigation Officer Brigadier Neil Weeks AM MC 1 RAR Vietnam second tour that he was involved in a Vietnam vehicle accident on the 9th August 1965 and that a Digger 1 RAR (driver) and two 173rd Airborne Brigade soldiers were killed in the accident .And like all his other Vietnam War stories this story was again total lies and fraud.

As a result of Richardson’s continuing fraudulent claims of Vietnam service the following has occurred. –

From Signed statements -;

1. His appointment as a Justice of the Peace for the State of Victoria has been revoked,.
2. As a result of the Herald-Sun newspaper stories in March/April 2014, and complaints about Mr Richardson's lies and false Vietnam War stories from 1RAR and 173rd Airborne Brigade Vietnam veterans 1965/66, the First Battalion Association of the Royal Australian Regiment commenced an investigation into Mr Richardson's Vietnam War service claims. The result was that Mr Richardson was found guilty of:
3. Mr Richardson was not on Operation Crimp and took no part in the Operation.
4. That Mr Richardson was not sprayed by an American C130.
5. That 1RAR was not made non-operational for a number of days.
6. Mr Richardson was admonished for bringing the good name of the 1RAR Association into Disrepute and banned from any position of responsibility for two years; the real effect is for life.
7. That Mr Richardson was found guilty of loose wording during interviews and bravado.
8. It was found that Mr Richardson claims that he identified the killed and wounded of 1 RAR on Operation Crimp, was false and totally untrue.
9. Mr Richardson claims about the 173rd Airborne Brigade (separate) were blatantly wrong, and there was no truth in his claims regarding the American soldiers waiting for 1RAR clearing the area before they would go through.
10. Mr Richardson claimed that 1 RAR lost 2 killed in the Age newspaper story was not true .In the DVA Vietnam War video about Operation Crimp, Mr Richardson claimed 1RAR lost 5 killed .The actual amount 1RAR lost was 8 killed and 29 wounded on Operation Crimp.

Representations have also been made by members of 1 RAR to the office of the Governor General, to have Richardson’s award of the OAM revoked.

Richardson is a Grandstander without credibility.. He has let down his former mates in 1 RAR, members of US 173rd Airborne Brigade and his family. His role as a clerk, with all the comforts of a Base Camp, is far removed from his claims of fighting the Vietcong in the jungles of Vietnam.

He has received unearned respect, recognition and benefits from his deceit. He is an imposter, who should return his OAM as a moral gesture. He has absolutely no credibility for this prestigious award..

Richardson's false claims of combat service are not dissimilar to Anthony (Tony) John Flaherty, a former Catering Corps Cook in South Vietnam, 8 Battalion RAR, who also appears on this site for his own claims of combat "derring do!".

See link. flaherty

The Department of Veterans Affairs, (DVA) Investigation Section has also been notified regarding Richardson's false claims of combat service.

Surname: Rickard
Christian Names: Richard Wayne
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Sunshine
Case Notes:

Richard Wayne Rickard of the Sunshine, Melbourne RSL, Victoria.

Richard Wayne Rickard was a National Serviceman who served in Vietnam with 5th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment. As is the case with most Infantry soldiers who served in Vietnam,  he was a “Front Line” soldier. On ANZAC Day, 25 April 1969 he was “wounded in action” by a land mine. On that day, Australians were remembering the legends of all our past veterans and Rickard was adding to the legend on the front line of a war.


We are not happy to include Rickard on our web site but, he has chosen to add to his medals rack, a piece of self-purchased “Tin Junk”, known as the Front Line Medal.

Rickard is wearing the coveted and legitimate Infantry Combat Badge (ICB) which is all that is needed to indicate that he was a “front line” soldier.

We recognize Rickard as a true front line soldier, but condemn him for breaking tradition and protocols, by wearing the abominable medal as if it had honour and meaning.

Here is the offending Medal known as the "Frontline Medal" from the World War 2 era and Rickard’s offending rack.




This is published in the public interest, veterans of all conflicts, in particular that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.

Persons appearing on our site that are now deceased will not be removed, but the case will have the word "Deceased" placed next to their name when we are advised.

Surname: Ritchie
Christian Names: Peter John
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Sydney
Service #: 8085774
Service: RAN
Branch: Naval Police
Commencement of service: Unknown
Completion of service: Still Serving
Case Notes:




Wannabes are not always retired ex-servicemen and women or nufti’s with no service at all. As our pages have shown, a small number of current serving members of the ADF think they can get away with embellishing their service or adding the odd medal or two to their rack to make themselves appear what they are not. Recent cases of this behaviour can be found by following the links provided:


With the above list containing both Officers and Other Ranks, it should come as no surprise that now we have a Warrant Officer fabricating his service. This is perhaps more disappointing because this Senior Sailor has during his career been responsible for training junior ranks in leadership, as well as a being a member of Sea Training Group where Warrant Officer Ritchie was the Subject Matter Expert (SME) on everything, including Navy values!

Peter Ritchie was photographed wearing:

Australian Active Service Medal (AASM) (No Entitlement)
Australian Service medal (ASM) (No Entitlement)
Defence Long Service Medal (DLSM) (Entitled)
Australian Defence Medal (ADM) (Entitled)
Unknown – Possibly UN Medal (No Entitlement)
Liberation of Kuwait Medal (No Entitlement)

Warrant Officer Ritchie has no entitlement to the AASM, ASM, Liberation of Kuwait Medal or the other one. These medals imply he has deployed to Middle East Area of Operations during the first Iraq war and also that he has also deployed on peacekeeping operations. None of it is true. Warrant Officer Ritchie did not deploy and has no entitlement to wear those medals.

If the fact that a Warrant Officer, the most senior non-commissioned rank in the Navy would embellish his medal entitlement is bad enough but Peter Ritchie is also a Military Policeman, and senior Australian Defence Force Investigative Service (ADFIS) investigator.

What chance do we have when the fox is put in charge of the chicken coop?

We at ANZMI are advised that Ritchie was reported to his superiors and at this time, all investigations and administrative action is complete. The final outcome was a CO's warning, and hopefully the loss of his credibility amongst fellow Service Police.

Whilst this matter has been dealt with internally by the Navy, let us not forget that Ritchie committed offences under the Commonwealth Defence Act (1903), not just internal Navy regulations. He improperly wore medals and decorations contrary to S80A of that Act and could have been subject to a maximum 6 months imprisonment. Sometimes a CO’s warning looks pretty good!

Precedents have been set with the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) with Lieutenant Commander Brian Ferrie and Leading Seaman Fane Cokanauto, that if you wish to wear military medals/ribands that you are not entitled to wear, it doesn't really matter, because nothing is going to happen in a disciplinary sense to affect your military career.

Surname: Roberts
Christian Names: Ronald Alfred
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Woody Point
Service: Army
Case Notes:

This charlatan was traced and confronted by members of the AATTV (Australian Army Training Team, Vietnam) Queensland Division at a house in Ellen Street, Woody Point, a suburb north of the City of Brisbane. He stated that he borrowed the medals as a joke that turned sour. A "stupid joke" that had got out of hand.

His military experience was in 1959 when compulsory National Service required him to complete three (3) months basic training at 11 National Service Battalion situated at Wacol on the western outskirts of Brisbane.


He conned everyone he associated with claiming that he was employed by the Department of Foreign Affairs and working from the Australian Army's base at Enoggera, Brisbane.

His decorations, awards and medals claims include:

  • Distinguished Conduct Medal
  • Mentioned In Despatches three times
  • United States Silver Star
  • Vietnam Cross of Gallantry With Palm
  • Plus other military accoutrements and unit emblems.
  • The civilian awards he claims are:
  • The Order of Australia, and  
  • The Star of Courage.
Second appearance.

Ronald Alfred Ashley Charles Clarence Henry Roberts,  what a magnificent collection of names for a man with a magnificent collection of war medals.  He may have been granted all the names but he certainly wasn't granted all his medals.

Here is a man who just doesn't learn.  No only does he have a chest full of medals he hasn't earned, he has been busted by us twice now.   He is the perfect example of why we need government to implement and enforce the proposed new fines and jail sentences proposed on our opening page.

Ron Roberts is a compulsive liar and charlatan. 

Ron is truly a brave man, not through service but through the fact that he has claimed service twice and is still walking the streets a free man.   This brave fellow, a man who is capable of punching young girls, who in his own words claims covert service with, yes you guessed it, the SAS, has got a wealth of war stories that he will fire at you in any RSL of your choosing.

The following is a transcript of Ron, taped by a Veteran who was very suspicious of his stories.

"Is wearing several decorations including the Order of Australia, Distinguished Conduct Medal, Military Cross, Military Medal, several Vietnam Govt decorations, American decorations, The National Service Anniversary Medal,  South Vietnam Cross of Gallantry and bar, plus several others not known to the writer.

He claims the VC winner, Arthur Sullivan, was his grandfather and that his father won the Military Cross.

He himself went into the army as a National Service conscript in 2nd intake 1956 where his number was 1/729700.  His number later became 9269423.

He transferred to the Regular Army (date not known) and was originally with 21 Construction Squadron and then later transferred to 6 Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment [6 RAR].

With 6 Bn he did two stints in Malaya and whilst there was trained by the British in covert operations.
He was sent into Vietnam as one of the first 16 Australians to go there. They were all sergeants and above and were there well before the Australian Army Training Teams were there. What followed was three and a half years living in the jungle on “behind the lines operations”.

As an NCO he won the Military Medal.

He returned to Australia and joined the elite SAS where he gained commissioned rank. He then did another stint in Vietnam, when he won the Military Cross and the Distinguished Conduct Medal. 

He claims that his army number by now was 9269423 When asked to explain the “nine” in front he explains that it was a number given to a very select and secret group by ADIO and DSS.

As well as serving in Malaya twice and Vietnam three times he has also served in Borneo, Sarawak, New Guinea, Rhodesia, Lebanon, the American Expeditionary Forces in Granada and Panama, and was part of an Australian SAS group guarding a CIA listening post on top of the Andes Mountains in Chile as part of the Falklands War. (Their job was to let the British know when Exercet Missile carrying aircraft were leaving Argentine air bases.)

He has two children in the Army, one who is a girl signaller serving in Afghanistan and another is his son, Aaron, who is a Brigadier.

The five generations of the family are or have been military people – the Sullivans, Murphy's and Roberts.
When asked if his name is really “Ron” he replied : “No, Fred”.

During conversations the following was said:
“What really sat hard with me was those boys that had done their time in National Service – and they were only boys - who had done their time in hell, and came back to Australia expecting to be returned servicemen, and the RSL said they were not. Wouldn’t let them join the RSL.   Eventually they realised – and I really respect Bruce Ruxton, who was one of the main one’s who really got stuck into that attitude – that if they didn’t let them in then they weren’t going to have any bloody members.”

My boy Aaron, he’s 41 and he’s a Brigadier.
When asked if anyone had ever done a story on his exploits, he replied “No.  I can’t. I’m a signatory of the Official Secrets Act. I can only tell you basic and –oh – simple information. I only recently got into awful trouble. Joy’s brother is David Sproule who’s the head photographer of the Australian Newspaper in Brisbane, and he rang me in Gippsland on a cell phone because he’d heard that there was more than one Australian mixed up in the Al-Qaida.

The ASDIO is based in Gippsland, of course, and I’d just been to visit some old mates of mine there, and found out a lot of information and didn’t know that it was classified, and didn’t know that at that time the hierarchy didn’t want it known how many Australians were involved and what have you. And like a fool, on the cell phone I said to him – or he said to me -  that he’d heard that there was a second one and that he was from Queensland, and I said ”Yeah, his name’s Dewey, he comes from Mooloolaba.”
The next day I was in big shit. I can tell you – I was really in bad trouble.

But I can talk about the family – the history of the family – no problem. But actual – a lot of combat operations – and things like that in my term in the ADIO and the DSS – the DSS not so much. That was the Diplomatic Security Service. It’s now called Federal Protective Service. It started off as the Embassy Guards and went to the DSS.

Question: But after 30 years, doesn’t the freedom of information come in ?

Ron Roberts: “No. Mine’s lifetime. If you talk to Joy, she gets very upset about it because she reckons that all they want is for us blokes, all of us who were involved in these things, they just want us to die. And– so that we take to the grave all the stuff that we’ve got. An awful lot of them have. Those that haven’t killed themselves have died from other causes. We lost very few in battle. The only guy we lost in Brunei was killed by an elephant – by a rampaging elephant.
So that’s the problem. A lot of that stuff I won’t talk about. The ordinary army stuff – yeah – but there’s plenty of that sort of information on the market.
A lot of the stuff that we did in Central America and South America – there’s a lot of that that can’t be spoken about, only in general sort of terms. General terms I don’t mind

Tape ran out

Well there you have it.  The tales of a true Australian war hero...........now for the facts as we know them.

Ron, I've got as many names as bravery medals, Roberts was indeed a National Serviceman in the 1950's.  He spent a grand total of three months service in this role.  During this time he would have been issued a uniform and boots.......adequate time to learn how to do up the buttons and tie the bootlaces.........a true Veteran and hero.  He may have even seen a photo of a rifle.

In addition to the current list of medals he wears below, Ron was originally exposed wearing the items at medal list 2.  It would seem that when run out of town [Woody Point, Redcliffe, Queensland] by the AATTV Ron lost his memory and couldn't remember what medals he thought he was entitled to.  Ron's vast knowledge of medals is not good as you can see from his photo on the opening page.  Here he wears bravery medals but nothing to represent the campaign he won them in.  No wonder this bloke came undone [again].

Ron's complete collection of medals he wears today are:

Order of Australia,
Distinguished Conduct Medal,
Military Cross,
Military Medal,
several Vietnam Govt decorations,
American decorations,
The National Service Anniversary Medal, and
South Vietnam Cross of Gallantry and bar

Medal List 2

  • Distinguished Conduct Medal

  • Mentioned In Despatches three times

  • United States Silver Star

  • Vietnam Cross of Gallantry With Palm

  • Plus other military accoutrements and unit emblems.

  • The civilian awards he claims are:

  • The Order of Australia, and  

  • The Star of Courage.

Ron may have children but after they read this story he may not have them claiming him as their father any more, and they certainly aren't in the Army.  There is no record of there ever having been a Brigadier Aaron Roberts, past or present.  As for a daughter serving in Afghanistan, again false.  No servicewomen from Australia have been posted there.  Further to this no Australian service persons served in the Falklands war and he certainly didn't get posted to all other areas he mentions during his hectic three month career.

His knowledge of a soldier on active duty being killed by an elephant is correct, however the location he provided is way off the mark.  Ron should have memorised the book he read a little better.

His vast array of bravery awards and medals mentioned above,.........we will reduce them to one.  The National Service medal, he can retain that for learning to do up his buttons and tie his bootlaces during the hectic three months basic training he did.  He can also retain the right to be a member of the services side of the Returned and Services League and the National Servicemen's Association........that's if any will accept him for what he has claimed in the past.  Hang on here....RON IS THE VICE PRESIDENT OF THE COFFS HARBOUR NATIONAL SERVICE ASSOCIATION!!!!   Now the story takes a little twist as the past president of this association also seems to have been telling a few porkies of his own and he quite rightly deserves a special place on these pages too.  Stay tuned to these pages and you will see his amazing story in the near future.........meanwhile back to Ron;   The medals Ron has claimed for his fictitious service are some of the highest awards for bravery that a serviceperson can be awarded.  To even consider his name in conjunction with those that have been awarded these medals should be considered a crime in itself.

Currently resting in the Australian Parliament is an amendment to the legislation on Servicepersons and their medals.  Please refer to the opening page of this site and read it.  If you agree that these penalties should be imposed then we ask you, as Veterans or Civilian readers of these pages,  to email all federal politicians and voice your outrage of people such as Ron and all the other we have exposed and will expose in the coming months.  We need these new fines in place to ensure that legal action is taken against these bogus veterans and until such time as the fines are of sufficient penalty nothing will be done.  Email addresses for all your political representatives can be found here. http://www.aph.gov.au/house/members/EMail.asp email them after you have finished reading these pages and ask them to support the implementation of this legislation during the current sitting of Parliament so that we might be able to rid our ranks of the likes of Ron and his ilk.

To add further embarrassment to our Veteran ranks this make believe hero punched out two young girls for sniffing flowers in his front yard.  He was charged with assault and then claimed Viet Nam Veteran status for leniency in court.  It worked, as the legal system took his word for his service and didn't check to see if this liar was lying.  He was awarded a paltry 200 hours community service for this assault on two young 15 year old teenagers. See Roberts newsclip.

See video footage of Roberts courtesy of Channel 7, Today Tonight Programme.


Video Streaming On This Page Requires Real One Player
Download Here If Required

or  Download and Watch a Windows Media Video(WMV) Copy Here(1.1M)

There is provision within the Military for the appropriate government and legal authorities to verify the bonefides of those claiming Veteran status.  Why was this avenue not pursued???  Now that Ron Has been convicted and fined under a false claim will he be charged with perjury???   Will Ron ever be charged  under the Federal Offence of impersonating a serviceperson and wearing medals for which he has no entitlement???  He has done this not once now but twice that we have caught him out on.   Where else has he told these lies and what reward has he gained from telling them???     With your assistance in writing to a politician about the penalties, CPMH will insist that these charges are laid and we will request the maximum fine and sentence for wearing these bravery awards.............As for the young girls, well on a television interview they said they might sue.  Go for it girls.  This bogus veteran needs people with your intestinal fortitude getting right down his throat.  If any of you readers of this site  have ever encountered him in your local RSL and have stories and or photos of him with his medals on that you would like to share with us please use this link information@anzmi.net to send them to us.  

Ron currently resides at Tweed Heads.  He moved there after the Australian Army Training Team [AATTV] located him at his address at Woody Point, Redcliffe.  After this he will no doubt be on the move south again if we dont get the new fines in place and have him charged soon.    Keep going right down Ron until your hat floats.  You have a special place in the sights of genuine Veterans.


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.


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