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Surname: Payton
Christian Names: Kenneth Richard
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Goulburn
Service #: R65026
Service: Royal Australian Navy
Commencement of service: 12.02.1966
Case Notes:



Kenneth Richard Payton joins the long list of former HMAS Sydney Veterans who snub their noses at the rules and protocols established regarding the wearing of Official and Un-Official Medals.

The above image shows Payton wearing a rack of eight medals. These awards reflect his service in the Royal Australian Navy, and his service during the Vietnam War.

The medals Payton is entitled to wear are:

Australian Active Service Medal 1945–1975 (AASM 45-75)
Vietnam Logistic and Support Medal (VLSM)
Australian Service Medal 1945–1975 (ASM 45-75)
Defence Force Service Medal (DFSM)
National Medal (NM)
Australian Defence Medal (ADM)

The last two medals are un-official tin medals. One has been identified as the Vietnam Logistics Support Medal and the other ‘Sydney’ medal was issued for a time by the HMAS Sydney Association and was freely available for purchase on their website.

HMAS Sydney Medal Tin self-purchased medal. Not to be worn with official medals.

Logistic and Support Medal Tin self-purchased medal. Not to be worn with official medals

Of interest, the HMAS Sydney Association placed a warning on their website which clearly dispels any suggestion that Payton and the other medal cheats “did not know it could not be worn”

Like all of his shipmates who have decided to mount these ‘tin’ medals they forget that the Nation has already recognised their service with the award of the AASM 45-75 with clasp ‘Vietnam’ and the VLSM, while their service in southeast Asia has been acknowledged with the award of the ASM 45-75 with clasp ‘FESR’. There is absolutely no excuse for adding additional self-purchased medals other than as an act of self-indulgent, self-promotion within the local Goulburn ex-service community.

Surname: Pedlow
Christian Names: David John
Country: Australia
State or Province: XXXXXXX
City or Town: XXXXXXX
Service #: Army
Service: 25 May 1966
Branch: Engineer
Commencement of service: 25 May 1966
Completion of service: 26 June 1969
Case Notes:


David John Pedlow - An ex Royal Australian Engineer, a current liar and wannabe.

Learning that a “Veteran mate” has been lying to your face is a gut wrenching experience and those who have been lied to feel betrayed and disparaged.  




We hold Statutory Declarations from numerous veterans who have declared that Pedlow told them that he was a Vietnam Veteran who had been wounded in action. We have other statements from reliable sources detailing that Pedlow said he was receiving a pension of $2,000 a fortnight following a lump sum payment of $75,000 from the Department of Veterans Affairs.


Pedlow served in the Australian Regular Army for a period of three years from 25 May 1966 to 26 June 1969 during that service he was employed as a driver in Royal Australian Engineer Units and he never left Australia.


He enlisted on 25 May 1966 as shown in this document.


He was posted to Royal Australian Engineer units - in Australia only, as shown below.



He was discharged on the 26 June 1969. On discharge he elected to be placed on the Australian Regular Army Reserve, Eastern Command for five years.  This was an inactive list of discharged soldiers who could be recalled in an emergency.



Pedlow did not serve in South Vietnam, nor was he wounded in action, nor does he receive a pension relating to service in South Vietnam. From the number of reports we have received he is in the habit of claiming to be a returned veteran, unfortunately for him his lies have now caught up with him and he is one of the chosen few who now grace our web site.


Veterans will not tolerate Wannabes who steal their honour. Unfortunately, despite presenting sufficient evidence, to at least set law enforcement agencies on the right path, they have no interest in the hurt perpetrated on veterans by Wannabes. In the United States Wannabes are investigated by the FBI and harshly dealt with by the courts. Australian Veterans live in the hope that one day law enforcement agencies, particularly Australian Federal Police will enforce the provisions of the Defence Act 1903 where Wannabes are eligible for up to six months jail and a fine of $3,300 or both.


Pedlow, like all suspected wannabes, was given the opportunity to explain his behaviour, however he failed to respond to our letter.


Whilst Wannabes may not be actively pursued by law enforcement agencies ANZMI is determined to rid the Veteran community of this scourge.  Veterans everywhere are urged to remain vigilant and report suspects to ANZMI.


Wannabes, just like Napoleon Bonaparte, will meet their Waterloo and details of their crime will be broadcast to the world on our web site.


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Pedrana
Christian Names: Michael
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Hoppers Crossing
Service: Army
Branch: Infantry
Case Notes:

Michael Pedrana of Hoppers Crossing, Victoria is a younger generation soldier who has chosen to wear a medal and a clasp that he is not entitled to wear together with his earned medals. 

 Pedrana served as an Infantry soldier in the Regular Army until he was discharged in 2008 and now serves with the Army Reserve



The photographs shows Pedrana wearing the following medals.

Australian Active Service Medal 1975 with two clasps.       Entitled to one clasp only for Iraq.

Iraq Medal                                                                            Entitled to wear

Australian Defence Medal                                                    Entitled to wear

United Nations Medal East Timor                                        Not entitled to wear


His official entitlement is described as follows:

Entitled to wear the ADM

Entitled to wear the Iraq Campaign Medal (Qualified in Zone 2 –outside Iraq , was on Schedule 5618/05)

Entitled to wear the Australian Active Service Medal 1975 with Iraq ’03 campaign clasp (Qualified on Op CATALYST in 2004, on Schedule 252/04)

Entitled to wear RAS Badge

From reports we receive it is obvious that contemporary veterans are just as disgusted with their peers who exaggerate their service as generations of veterans before them.

Pedrana has offended his peers and all veterans by wearing an East Timor clasp on his Australian Active Service Medal and by wearing the United Nations Medal for East Timor.




He never served in East Timor and has no entitlement to wear the Clasp or the Medal.

Veterans who exaggerate their service, whether they are old or young are fair game, and if they do the crime we will name and shame them on our web site.

Wannabes and frauds should be cognizant that there are a million veterans, current servicemen and ex servicemen in Australia and New Zealand who do not like those who blatantly lie about their service or gild the lilly.

By wearing the East Timor medal Pedrana has committed an offence under Part VII of the Defence Act 1902 Section 80B and liable to a fine of $3,300 or six months imprisonment or both.

We suggest to Pedrana that his days of wearing a false medal and Clasp are over and he removes them from his Army Reserve uniforms and does not wear them on commemorative occasions.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Pelczar
Christian Names: Otto
Country: Australia
State or Province: WA
City or Town: Perth
Service: RAN Reserve
Case Notes:

Commander Otto Pelczar, Royal Australian  Navy Reserve, Retired

Otto Pelczar’s photograph was featured on a Government Veteran’s website, he was being displayed as an example of an Australian Veteran.

 The photograph was bereft of any identity and it took some time to track Pelczar down to a Returned Services League (RSL) establishment in Perth, Western Australia, where he is a member and a Sub Warden of the Western Australian State War Memorial. The hat with white badge he is wearing in the photograph shown below, is his Sub Warden's Hat.



The web site featuring Pelczar was for the Centre for Military and Veterans Health -  http://www.cmvh.org.au/  and was very prompt in removing the photograph when they were made aware that the Pelczar photograph was offensive. 

Shown in the photograph which was taken some years ago, he is also wearing foreign medals of a relative on his right breast, which he is entitled to do, however on his left breast he is wearing an unauthorized “Tin” self purchased Atomic Association medal.  Since the photograph was taken he has acquired more medals, however he still has the Atomic medal on his rack. Most Veterans who see a person wearing “Tin” usually give the wearer a hint about correct protocol, apparently the Perth RSL are a bit shy to give advice to an ex Navy Reserve Commander.

Here is a current photograph of his medal rack still bearing the "Tin" Atomic Association medal and a photo of the Atomic medal shown separately



All of his medals are for Navy Reserve service, he wears no campaign medals. We approach our work without fear or favour and report that the worst “Tin” offenders are ex Navy, usually of the rank of Ordinary and Able Seamen, we don’t expect ex Senior Navy Officers to be following the trend as is the case with ex Commander Otto Pelczar.

Commander Pelczar’s is on the lower scale of offences against ex Servicemen and Veteran protocol, however, as an ex Senior officer he must have know better, in addition you would assume that the Perth RSL, which is heavy with ex Senior Defence Officers, would take action to stop one of their own from making a fool of himself and of their establishment.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Penney
Christian Names: Ronald Keith
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Not Known
Service #: 363481
Service: Army Reserve
Branch: Not Known
Commencement of service: May 77
Completion of service: Feb 84
Case Notes:




Ronald Keith Penney has long and honourable service with Corrections Victoria, the Army Reserve as well as to the World Police & Fire Games, Law Enforcement Games and the Aus/NZ Police Games. The latter was recognised by Mr Penney being awarded an Australian Sports Medal in October 2000.

He has also been awarded the National Medal with 2 bars, the Australian Defence Medal and both the 10 and 20 year Victorian Corrective Service Medals (now superseded). All of these point to a man who has given much to his country, State and community.

Ron Penney joined the Australian Army Reserve in May 1977 and served with the Army Reserve until February 1984 when he was discharged at his own request. For this service he was awarded the Australian Defence Medal.

So Ron is entitled and should feel very proud to wear his Australian Commonwealth medals on his left breast (Australian Sports Medal, National Medal and Australian Defence Medal).

His 2 Victorian State Corrections medals have no place being displayed on the left breast and we can only assume that this has been done to pad out his rack. This is contrary to the correct protocol set out by the Australian Government on the It's an Honour website : "State awards: Medals awarded by Australian State and Territory governments are not considered "unofficial" and may be worn on the right breast."www.itsanhonour.gov.au/honours/awards/wearing.cfm#Order

Here at ANZMI we often see similar examples of people who have served Australia well at both a National and State/Territory level expanding their medal racks by adding either unofficial (tin) or State/Territory awards. We also often hear the feeble excuse "I didn't know." If legitimate recipients of medals feely proud enough to wear them, then they should at least learn the protocols and responsibilities which go along with this. Ignoring these well-known guidelines and rules is either a sign of ignorance or vanity. Neither is acceptable.

Surname: Perry
Christian Names: Malcolm
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Brisbane
Service #: At his interview for the
Service: Royal Australian Navy (RAN)
Branch: QMG
Commencement of service: 1991
Completion of service: 1993
Case Notes:


A significant reason convincing imposters to falsely claim military service in the Australian and New Zealand Defence Forces, is to gain employment positions and undeserved monetary benefits over other applicants..


Malcolm Perry


Malcolm Perry is a typical example of an outright military fraud, who gained the position of General Manager at a highly respectable Youth Development Organisation, that develops young Australians in a positive manner, in order that they gain self confidence in every aspect of leadership, team and character building.

The organisation has been acclaimed in various Government and Business circles for the development of these personal skills of Australia’s youth. The organisation pride themselves on the honesty and integrity of their staff, who have had successful military careers in the Australian Defence Force, and bring those qualities and skills to the program.

The program contains a military aspect with field craft, drill, physical training, uniform and kit maintenance and other barracks orientated self discipline being taught.. The current Director of this organisation has requested that we not disclose their name.

In 2017, Malcolm Perry, who was born on the 29 April, 1972, of Brisbane, Queensland, applied for the vacant position of General Manager of this organisation.

At his interview for the position, Perry stated that he was a former member of the Royal Australian Navy as a qualified Clearance Diver, however, he later stated that he “blew out his eardrums whilst diving” and was re-assigned to other duties. He was appointed to the General Manager position above other applicants, due to his claimed exceptional military service.

He was just what the organisation wanted. A former highly experienced special operations serviceman, who would be respected by all levels of the organisation, including the young attendees, for his accomplishments in the military.

Following his appointment to the Executive position, cracks started to appear in his responses to his service, following questions asked by other employees. It appeared that other long serving RAN Clearance Divers had never heard of him.

We have obtained signed statements from witnesses who state that he claims-;

"That he was deployed to Iraq on operational service to defuse sea mines, but does not wear his medals, as he feels he is not entitled to it.” He then falsely claimed that, he "left the Navy and joined the Australian Army Reserves.”

When further questioned about his Australian Defence Force service, and asked to provide written proof of his claims, he stated, “I have nothing to prove to you, the last time I was in Perth, I went and visited the team there”. Perry is no doubt alluding to the false pretence, that he visited the “Special Australian Air Service Army team”. (SASR), who are based at Swanbourne in Western Australia

All of his Defence Force claims have now been exposed as lies, and he has been subsequently dismissed from the position of General Manager of the Youth Development Organisation.

Perry was contacted by ANZMI, and given an opportunity to explain his version of events. He declined to respond.

He can now add this exposure to his false resume for future employment, and he will remain on this site for some time to come.

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