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Surname: Kerr
Christian Names: William Raymond
Country: New Zealand
State or Province: Northland
City or Town: MAngawhai
NZ -Which Island:
  • North Island
Service #: U18564
Service: RNZN
Branch: Unknown
Commencement of service: Unknown
Completion of service: Oct 69
Case Notes:



William Raymond Kerr of Mangawhai, from the Northlands Region of New Zealand’s North Island, is a person without conscience or honour. He is the perfect example of a military fraud and he represents the reason why ANZMI exists today.

Kerr was a originally a member of the Onehunga Returned and Services Association (RSA) in Auckland, New Zealand. He let his membership lapse. In 2009, Kerr and his wife eventually decided to move north, where they settled in the township of Mangawhai, about 2 hours drive north of Auckland.

Within 2 years he was President of the nearby Hakaru RSA. A respected position within the community. He remained on the RSA committee as President for the next 6 years.


When Kerr joined the Hakaru RSA in 2009, he had not been a member of the RSA for a number of years. He was asked the usual questions about his service and requested to provide proof of that service.

He then submitted two documents to convince the committee that he was the real deal and a genuine “Returned Serviceman”

The below mentioned document is a copy of his “New Zealand Armed Forces Certificate of Release”.


The Date of Release indicated on this document is wrong. His actual date of discharge from the RNZN was October, 1969 and not November, 1970. He has provided the wrong date and forged this certificate.

The below document is his application to join the Hakaru and Districts Memorial RSA. Kerr has indicated on this form that he is a “Returned Member”.


Within a short time of his membership being accepted, Kerr began attending official commemorative functions at the Hakaru RSA and other venues. Two years later, he was President of the Branch.


The above photograph depicts the NZ Military Medals worn by Kerr on each occasion at these functions. They are -;


NZ Operational Service Medal NOT ENTITLED.

About the New Zealand Operational Service Medal
The New Zealand Operational Service Medal (NZOSM) was instituted in 2002 for award to New Zealanders who have undertaken operational service since 3 September 1945. The start date is the day after the surrender ceremony in Tokyo Bay, and is also the day after qualifying service towards medals for Second World War service (including the New Zealand War Service Medal) ended.


The Vietnam Medal. NOT ENTITLED.

About the Vietnam Medal
The Vietnam Medal was instituted in 1968 to recognise New Zealanders who served in the Vietnam War. It was awarded for qualifying periods of 1 day on land, 1 operational sortie by air, 28 days at sea off the coast or 30 days cumulative visits, between 29 May 1964 and 27 January 1973 (the latter date was the date of the signing of the Paris Accords).

  New Zealand General Service Medal (WarlikeNOT ENTITLED.

About the New Zealand General Service Medal 1992 (Warlike)
This medal was instituted in 1992. It was issued in silver to recognise service in warlike operations for which no separate New Zealand or British Commonwealth campaign medal was issued. By the time it was replaced in 2002, four clasps had been issued for warlike operations between 1956 and 1991 in the Suez Canal region, Malaya, Vietnam and Kuwait.


New Zealand Defence Service Medal. ENTITLED.

About the New Zealand Defence Service Medal
The New Zealand Defence Service Medal (NZDSM) was instituted in April 2011 to recognise attested military service since 3 September 1945. The Royal Warrant for the NZDSM allows for one or more clasps to be awarded with the medal. The number of clasps awarded to an individual will be determined by the type(s) of military service.


Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal NOT ENTITLED.

The Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal was awarded by the Government of South Vietnam to New Zealand and Australian forces who served for six months in Vietnam between 1964 and 1973. The Sovereign approved the wearing of the Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal by eligible New Zealand personnel in 1966.

During his Presidency, some of the Hakarua RSA members commenced having doubts about Kerr’s alleged Vietnam service. Some of the comments made by Kerr indicated that he may not have been the Vietnam veteran that he claimed to be.

During 2016, inquiries were made with the NZ Defence Force Personnel Archives, where it was ascertained that Kerr had no operational service during his RNZN service. He was entitled to the NZ Defence Force Service Medal only.

Subject: RE: Medal entitlement - unclassified

Hi xxxxx(name deleted),

Thank you for the email enquiry regarding medal entitlement for WRA Kerr (18564)

I have checked his records and confirm that for his service he is only eligible for the NZ Defence Service Medal. According to our records the medal remain unclaimed. Attached herewith please find an application form to claim the medal.

Signed xxxxxx(name deleted)
NZDF Personnel Archives &Medals
Private Bag 905 I Trentham Military Camp I Upper Hutt 5140

As a result of these inquiries Kerr was referred to the local Police. He was charged with wearing NZ military medals that he was not entitled to wear. He subsequently pleaded guilty and was fined $500.00 at the North Shore District Court for his deceit and fraudulent behaviour.

Kerr is a military fraud who should just wander off into obscurity. He has no place in the veteran community. He is a disgrace.

The below article was published following Kerr’s conviction.


Surname: King
Christian Names: Gary Scott
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Toowoomba
Service #: 8214629
Service: Army
Branch: Reserves 25/49 RQR
Commencement of service: 7th Nov 2005 (t
Completion of service: Unknown
Case Notes:



“Give me enough medals and I’ll win you any war”
Napoléon Bonaparte

Gary KING is yet another Veteran who is not satisfied with his service in the Australian Army, service for which he has received appropriate medallic recognition.

KING enlisted in the Australian Regular Army in 1991 and served in Intelligence until 2005 when he transferred to the Active Reserve.   By all accounts he was a good soldier, completing a number of courses such as the Fraud and Ethics Training - which he qualified.  

Ironically, Gary KING is a fraud, and totally lacking in ethics.

KING served as part of Operations TANAGER and ANODE and has been awarded a Bronze Army Commendation and The Army Soldiers Medallion.   He is entitled to the following awarded:

Australian Active Service Medal (AASM) – Clasp East Timor

Australian Service Medal (ASM) – Clasp Solomon Islands

Defence Long Service Medal (DFSM)

Australian Defence Medal (ADM)

He also has an entitlement to the Returned From Active Service Badge (RAS) and possibly, although not confirmed, maybe entitled to the UN East Timor Medal.



In the above photograph however, KING, our very own ‘Napoleon Bonaparte’, who as we all know was also a Corporal is wearing a lot more medals,

In the photograph, he is wearing the following:

AASM with Clasps for Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan
ASM with clasps for Solomon Is II, MFO Sinai,
Afghanistan Campaign Medal
Iraq Campaign Medal

UNTAET UN Medal with No2 device
NATO Medal, (Afghanistan)
MFO Sinai Medal

Why Mr KING, why?   Having served in East Timor and the Solomon Islands and received commendations for your service, what on earth has made you decide that you must now embellish your service and wear medals you clearly have no entitlement too.

Now, normally it takes a write up from ANZMI to get the authorities to act against imposters such as KING, but in a positive twist, he was terminated by Defence for wearing a large number of unearned medals after a photo of him appeared in the ANZAC Day 2014 edition of the Toowoomba Chronicle where it was seen by the RSM 25/49 RQR.

Our investigation into KING has unearthed many witnesses to his fraud, as if the photograph is not enough evidence.   Witnesses have come forward to provide evidence that KING is not only a medals cheat, but also a valour thief and an outright liar.

‘…Cpl. Gary King or 'Kingy' as he was known to us is a reserve soldier in 25/49RQR. When I first met him he was posting in from 31/42RQR as an instructor in the trainee coy. Kingy was posted to BHQ as the Bn Intelligence Cpl.  Right from the off he was an awe-inspiring figure; a twice instructor at Kapooka (or was it three?) 1RAR in Somalia service with 'special forces' when asked which one he alluded to SAS going on to say 'I was special forces... But I wasn't special forces, if you know what I mean?'.... No, we didn't know what he meant, only now do I think I understand; had I been posted to SAS I too would wear the winged dagger on a beret, not the SAS beret this being sf but not sf... If you know what I mean. I believe now that he was posted there as an intelligence soldier never actually becoming beret qualified. When I saw him wearing a para-smock I told him about another

Cpl. I'd seen kicking around with one who wasn't a paratrooper and Kingy immediately said that he got his for being a parachutist thus alluding to his SAS story. On yet another occasion I mentioned about 3RAR having the best-looking wings being the same as those worn by Aussie paras in WW2. He jumped in saying that his looked better as they were blue, the SAS obviously having blue wings. Without going into every detail of his stories as time went by they got more and more elaborate: working as a mercenary in Iraq and Afghan going with 2RAR to Rwanda (he can never decide whether he was in 1 or 2 RAR) getting demoted from Sgt twice, being forced out of infantry because he broke his back parachuting onto a building and it goes on. Finally, we come to Anzac Day the day the infamous day the Hines twins showed up Kingy was there too resplendent with his numerous gongs. I noticed he had no parachutist wings at all, further he had more clasps to his aasm than I would have thought possible regrets I can't remember all of them but one that did stick in my mind was Sierra Leone which I didn't know Australia even went to! A mate of mine who is still in the unit has more to say than I do about it. Sorry I have no photo but I believe the Somalia and Rwanda story ought to give you a good lead to establish whether he is full of crap or not…’

Our investigations reveal that KING was at no time a Recruit Instructor at Kapooka, nor did he serve in Somalia or Rwanda and was most definitely not SASR.  

Now that the Army has taken action and let KING go, it is likely he will now ingratiate himself into the RSL and Veteran community.   We have many cases on our website where RSL executives have failed to do appropriate background checks on new members, let us hope they heed this early warning and keep an eye out for the ‘little corporal’ in their ranks.

Welcome to our website Gary KING.

Surname: Kingston
Christian Names: Timothy
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Cairns
Case Notes:



Timothy Kingston of Edmonton, Cairns, Far North Queensland has somewhat exaggerated his Military History.

According to Timothy he served in the Army and completed four clandestine tours of Afghanistan.

In reality, this dud has never pulled on a boot, and never suffered the lash of a Regimental Sergeant Majors tongue. He has not a skerrick, not a scintilla, not a crumb, of military history. He is just a pathetic wannabe liar.

He has told all who would listen that "he served for six years and did four tours in Afghanistan. His service in the "Sand Pit" involved secretive missions where he was parachuted in to conduct hostage recovery missions, in some cases he had to shoot his way out".   He also explains that he sought discharge "because he was "Sick of dropping people"

He said his unit was"4," which was an Intelligence Special Forces Unit. Initially there were eight people in his team but now there were only two left, all the others have been killed".

He further said he was "in a bad way, because of "PTS" (sic) and was waking up with bad dreams from when he was on tour." He also related that "he had to carry his dead friend out of the "field" when he was deployed, and had been involved in his funeral and another one of his friends".

More verbal garbage, "After he was discharged he was made redundant from a civilian job and within a day, the Army contacted him to offer him his job back as they really needed his skills and they had been keeping an eye on his career".

Kingston has a severe case of the "Walter Mitty syndrome" with unremitting tales of his heroic Defence Service. Kingston has never served, and would have no idea of what it takes to be even an ordinary soldier let alone one of the very elite who become involved in Special Forces Operations in war zones

We contacted Kingston and asked him about his Military Service.


Am back again, there seems to be controversy as to whether you have ever served in the Australian Defence Force, as have been unable to locate a Defence Service File for a person with your name?

Can you please confirm that you have served.?"

Here is his answer of the 8th April 2014

"Ididn’t serve in the army and don’t know where that information has come from

As we have numerous Statutory Declarations clearly defining where the information came from we responded to Kingston, see below:


We hold numerous Statutory Declarations from people who allege  you have related your military history to.

Because you state that the Statutory Declarations are untrue, we will report the Signatories to the Cairns Federal Police  for investigation regarding the possibility of making false declarations, which is a serious Federal offence.


Some advice for Kingston is to shut up, or join up, and put some substance to his tales, however, we would wager that he doesn't have the physical or psychological strength to pass even the Army Recruit Training program.

Fame and infamy is found in many corners. Kingston's corner, for ever more, is this web site, whenever his name is "Googled" it will lead straight to here, which is the price paid by those who falsely claim heroic Military service.

Surname: Kirkman
Christian Names: Harry
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Mount Druitt
Service: RAN
Case Notes:

Harry Kirkman's war story 

Kirkman came to our attention in 2004 when an interview about his Navy service was published in the Sydney Morning Herald and the Melbourne Age. We have accessed Kirkman's service file and determined that as a 17 year old sailor, Kirkman joined HMAS VENDETTA when it sailed to Singapore/Malaya/Borneo as part of the Far East Strategic Reserve (FESR) Naval force operating in that area between August 1965 and March 1966.   Here is a report about that service as told to the Melbourne Age by Harry Kirkman.

Harry Kirkman insists that Two Hundred prisoners of war including women, children and aged persons were gruesomely and relentlessly tortured on the deck of HMAS VENDETTA between the 29th November 1965 and 4th December 1965. He also insists that sometime between 20 November 1965 and March 1966 a riot took place near a British naval base in Singapore in which a British serviceman was killed and crew from HMAS Vendetta were injured.  Did these events really happen or has Harry Kirkman concocted  a "story" to  enhance his war experience and gain benefits from The Department of Veterans Affairs for himself and others? 


Harry Kirkman, 65

April 25, 2004


Harry Kirkman's greatest escape during the Indonesian confrontation was fleeing "an angry mob brandishing machetes and screaming death to all white men". He turned the wrong corner on leave in Singapore during 1965 and walked straight into "a fully blown race riot where local natives were running towards us whacking any white fella with big stick", he said, "and it looked like curtains". The mob wounded some of his mates and attacked an English officer "beating him to death with bamboo sticks, so I turned and bolted faster than I've ever run in my life to get the hell out of there".

Joining the navy at 15 because "it seemed the best way to help Australia", he served during the confrontation as gunnery officer on HMAS Vendetta, looking for communist insurgents in the Malacca Straits.

"We were the only ship between the communist enemy and non-communist Malays," he said. He tailed 80 Indonesian communist vessels, "loaded and fired very heavy 4.5-inch shells" at enemy ships and "had a few direct hits". His biggest catch was arresting an inconspicuous enemy vessel travelling towards Malaya with 200 Indonesian communists hiding on board. "We held them on the upper deck chained together for five days, interrogated them and turned them over to the Malayan government. That's how we helped win that war."

After the war he served throughout Asian waters on escort vessels Bandanna and Duchess before "stress got to me. Eventually I got a free discharge because they could not control me".

He is married and lives in Sydney.

(Note:  Kirkman is not 65 years old - he was born 1st August 1948)

Kirkman has completed other written statements relating to the same or similar incidents, here are excerpts from four other statements he has written.

Statement 1. Undated

On the 29th November we sailed for another patrol returning to Singapore on the 4th December. During this patrol an Indonesian boat with 200 odd Indonesian Army personnel on board were arrested and these people were chained to the Quarter Deck where they were interrogated by Malaysian Army personnel for 5 days. The upper deck was washed down morning and night using fire hoses to clean the area and the people the whole time they were on board. I remember one time during our trip to the Far East I was ashore in Singapore sitting near the gates outside the wharves having a few drinks and something to eat when it seemed like thousands of Singapore natives came screaming up the street banishing bamboo sticks and attacking any British servicemen they laid eyes upon which also included Australian Sailors. Not 15 feet from where I was sitting I witnessed the death of a British Sailor from these people bashing him to the head with their sticks and kicking him. I remember that our leave was suspended until we set sail, which was delayed, due to the number of our ships company being injured during these riots.

Statement 2. February 22nd 2004

During this patrol we engaged an Indonesian boat with 200 odd Indonesian Army personnel on board whom we arrested and these people were chained to the Quarter Deck where they were interrogated by Malaysian Army personnel.

These people were on board for 5 days and we were told that the Quarter Deck was out of bounds. Like all 17 year olds, curiosity killed the cat and the temptation was too great and many sailors investigated what was happening on the Quarter Deck.

Various times over those 5 days I witnessed these people being tortured by the Malaysian Army. They tortured women, children and even the old folks relentlessly for the 5 days. It scared my brain for life what I saw it was gruesome.

We sailed for another patrol on December 8th returning on December 29th. On the 10th December we were ordered to sail toward Raffles Light where we met up with over 80 Indonesian War ships sailing up and down the waterway at full speed.

We were the only allied ship in the area for nearly 4 hours and we were at action stations the whole time as we were unsure what the Indonesian's intentions were so we sailed up and down the coast with them.

The first time I saw these ships was when I had completed my watch in the boiler room and when I came to the upper deck and looked over to the Indonesian Navy sailing what looked like a hundred yards of our starboard I was extremely scared that I would not see home again.

When you are 17 and you are onboard a Destroyer in the Royal Australian Navy nothing gets your adrenalin pumping faster than being on board and traveling at full speed, but when you add the enemy also traveling side by side at full speed, words cannot explain how one felt.

Fortunately 2 of their ships run aground and the British Air force flew over roughly at the same time followed by additional war ships joining us, but those 4 hours I thought it will be the last I would see.

We were part of the Strategic Reserve for another 2 months and we completed another 2 patrols of Borneo before returning home on March 12 th 1966. During this period I remember one time when I was ashore in Singapore sitting near the gates to the wharves leading to the HMAS Vendetta having a few drinks and something to eat when it seemed like thousands of Singapore natives came screaming up the street banishing sticks and attacking any British servicemen they laid eyes upon which also included Australian Sailors.

Not 15 feet from where I was sitting I witnessed the death of a British Sailor from these people bashing him to the head with their sticks and kicking him. I ran for my life with only a few minor bruises and was picked up by the Shore Patrol and whisked back to HMAS Vendetta. I remember that our leave was suspended until we set sail, which was delayed, due to the number of our ships company who were injured during these riots .

Statement 3. 28 February 2005, includes the following;
Between 29 Nov and 4 Dec 1965 "an Indonesian boat with 200 odd people onboard were arrested and I witnessed these people being chained to the Quarter deck and subjected to beatings by Malaysian Army personnel for 5 days........They tortured women, children and even the old folk relentlessly for the five days"

On 10 December 1965, VENDETTA was ordered " to sail towards Raffles Light where we met up with 80 Indonesian warships sailing up and down at full speed." He came of watch in the boiler room and from the upper deck "looked over to the Indonesian Navy sailing what looked like a hundred yards off our starboard."

He "was sitting near the gates to the wharves leading to the HMAS VENDETTA having a few drinks and something to eat when it seemed like thousands of Singapore natives came screaming up the street banishing sticks and attacking any British servicemen.....not 15 feet from where I was sitting I witnessed the death of a British sailor from these people bashing him to the head with their sticks and kicking him...... I remember that leave was suspended until we set sail, which was delayed due to the number of our ship's company who were injured during these riots." 

Statement 4. 27 June 2007 -  On the 20th June 2007 we wrote to Kirkman telling him that we had received reports questioning his account of  events that occurred on VENDETTA in 1965 1966. He sent us the following email

----- Original Message -----
From: Harry Kirkman
Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2007 4:47 PM
Subject: Harry Kirkman


I received this letter today in a express post envelope which did not display a return address and as you can see this letter was not signed but as a matter of courtesy I have decided to answer the questions raised.

There was a Singapore riot in 1965 and I have no idea how much of Singapore it affected but I was at the gates to HMS Terror at a late hour in the night enjoying my last beer and a bite to eat when these guys came roaring through the little town banding ( sic) bamboo cans and hitting every white man in the joint and may I say I did not hang around long at all. We were asked to sail in the morning as a precaution although I believe the ships log does not confirm this or so I was led to believe when Rightways did an investigation on a fellow sailor who lodged a claim in Queensland.

The torture of prisoners on board Vendetta, let me say that we took on about 70 guys (women & Children included) and we had them on board for 4 days. These guys were chained on the upper deck although Rightways says that they were left on their boat and the Jimmie (2IC) skippered the boat and we left the Indonesians onboard their vessel. When did the Australian Navy ever leave prisoners on their own vessel when it has been arrested? When we had these guys on board where did they use the toilet? Remember this was a destroyer with 336 sailors on board and we had no females on board in the 60's. When did the Navy allow the Jimmie to leave the ship when we were at action stations as we were still on patrol in an operational area.

Firing on Indonesian naval vessels well I guess the crap they used when mounting an invasion of Malaya could be called an "Indonesian navy vessel" as they were manned by Indonesians and in some cases by their Military people and we certainly sank 2 or three of these vessels whilst we were on patrol.

The flotilla of Indonesian Naval war ships occurred when we were on duty and were called to sea. We left many sailors behind on the beach as at the time the lucky few were enjoying a "ban yan" (beach bar-b-q) and we did not have time to pick the guys up. When we got to sea I was on duty in the boiler room and when we reached the Indonesian ships we began going full ahead, stop, full ahead etc and I popped up onto the upper deck to have a look and there were many Indonesian war ships not 1500 Meters from us and we were sailing with them up and down the coast. Rightways says there were 2 Indonesian ships involved but can I say that 2 had ran aground with 1 being re floated the next day and the rusting hull of the other is still there today. 

I joined the Navy in 1964 and I was 15 years young. When I joined the Vendetta I was an ordinary seaman. I have never made a claim to being a gunnery officer. I am extremely proud to say to all and sundry that I was a stoker. I have also added that I did not climb the ladder above that of a stoker because I had a shit attitude. Who ever lays claim that I have ever posed as a gunnery officer is a bloody liar.

You be the judge in this matter but be assured if I can take legal action against you I will not hesitate if you print a defamatory statement concerning me.

Harry Kirkman
Armed Services Assistance Centre
Level 4 Advocate (TIP-DVA)
PO Box 285 Mount Druitt 2770
Phone/Fax #  (02) 9832 4898 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (02) 9832 4898 FREE  end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Mobile # 0405 358 248 
Email Address bighasa1@optusnet.com.au
"Providing free assistance in relation to pensions welfare, compensation and entitlements to serving and ex-serving
members of the Australian Defence Force and their families".

Total Commitment for the Veteran Community. 
On receipt of our letter Kirkman broadcast it throughout the veteran community, this resulted in numerous individuals rushing to Kirkmans defence on the basis that he is a friend and an honourable man.  In particular the letter from Mr Ray Brown the President of the Injured Service Persons Association (ISPA) stands out, he, without knowing anything about the case abused us and said we should be chasing people making false Post Traumatic Stress Disorder claims, he then degrades the service of logistics personnel and RAN people involved in the Gulf wars.  See his email Below:
From: Ray Brown [mailto:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Wednesday, 27 June 2007 4:36 PM
Subject: allegations

To the spineless coward who questions others,
Since there is no way of defending one self to people who dont have the intestinal fortitude to put their name to correspondence, I would like o pass on the white feather to you & your cohorts.
Maybe exposing ptsd frauds would gain you more widespread support or is that too close to home? Fraudelant claims is more $ draining & more widespread than a fake veteran.
You liken yourselfs to ordinance & cooks who say they went to war but were kms away from the battle such as navy guys in gulf 1 & 2 who were 100's of kms away from battle.
Mr Brown, we hope after  reading this case you have learned to shut up until you know what you are talking about.  We would also hope that you will apologise to "ordinance" (sic) cooks" and "Navy Guys in gulf 1 & 2" for your disparaging remarks



Now we will study records from HMAS VENDETTA's FESR service to see if Kirkman's version of events gel with the official version. The documents we have are:

Reports of Proceedings (ROPs)

The Captain of HMAS Vendetta sent detailed monthly reports to his Admiral, these reports are known as "Reports of Proceedings" ROPs, they include details of day-by-day occurrences about his ship, including movements, operations, morale, social occasions and any other activities. We have copies of each of these reports for the entire deployment.

Statement from the Captain of HMAS VENDETTA

Vice Admiral D W Leach AC CBE LVO RAN (Rtd) in 1965 held the rank of Commander and was the Captain of VENDETTA, we have a statement from Admiral Leach denying any knowledge of a riot in Singapore during VENDETTA's FESR service.

Statement from the Executive Officer HMAS VENDETTA

Admiral M W Hudson AC RAN (Rtd) (now deceased) was the executive officer of VENDETTA in 1965 holding the rank of Lieutenant Commander, we have statements from Admiral Hudson detailing events surrounding Kirkman's statements about the "mistreatment of Two Hundred communist prisoners of war".

Research from Commodore PM Mulcare RAN Rtd

Commodore Mulcare, produced a report in relation to many of the claims made by Kirkman. Commodore Mulcare summarised his report as follows:

"I have not found any evidence to support the claims by Mr xxxxxxx and Mr Kirkman that there was a riot in Sembawang (Singapore) in March 1966, that they witnessed the violent death of a British 'redcap' or a British sailor and that HMAS VENDETTA delayed sailing because a number of sailors from the ship had been injured in the riot."

"I have not found any evidence to support Mr XXXXXXXX's claim that the Sembawang riot occurred in November 1965, resulting in the ship's sailing being delayed because a number of the crew were injured".

"There is no evidence to support the claims by Mr Kirkman and Mr XXXXXX  that Indonesian prisoners were taken onboard HMAS VENDETTA, for a period of five days according to Mr Kirkman, where they were beaten and tortured by Malaysian soldiers."

"I have also examined HMAS VENDETTA's crew list* for the ship's 1965/1966 deployment to the Far East. It was customary for ships patrolling the Singapore Malacca Straits to carry an interpreter, usually a Malaysian junior sailor.  The interpreter from 29 November 1965 was ORO SMN B G Ibrahim. He was the only Malaysian serviceman onboard on 30 November 1965.

*The crew list is held in the Naval Personnel Records Section of the Department of Defence, it lists all the personnel who were onboard when the ship sailed from Sydney and all changes that occurred until the ship returned to Sydney at the end of the deployment  

Commodore Mulcare's report also includes direct evidence of conspiracy by three sailors to commit fraud  -  in this paragraph;

" Mr X X XXXXXXX's Statement

In his statement Mr XXXXXX says he was ashore with Mr xxxxxxx and Mr Kirkman about 20 November 1965 when the alleged Sembawang riot occurred.  He said "we escaped with a few bruises, one RN sailor apparently died that night.  We were rescued by the Military Police and returned to the ship. A number of our crew were injured which delayed our departure from Singapore."  He also claimed that families from the MURIARA (sic) were brought on board VENDETTA and "beaten up by Malay soldiers we carried on board."

Report from the Office of the Navy History Section, Sea Power Centre – Australia Department of Defence, CANBERRA ACT

This organisation summed up VENDETTA's 1965 1966 FESR operations as follows: "For HMAS Vendetta and her ship's company, the periods spent on patrol were generally uneventful."

A Statutory Declaration held by ANZMI declaring that Kirkman conspired with others to produce false declarations for the purpose of claiming benefits from The Department of Veterans Affairs.

Report from a HMS Terror personnel

These people were posted to the land based RN facility HMS Terror in Singapore during 1965 and 1966 when Kirkman and others experienced "a riot where a British officer was murdered.

These people told us: inter alia " I lived in Singapore until 1966 and the only riots I remember were in 1963 but they happened outside of the Naval Base Gates and as far as I am aware not at HMS Terror.  I do not remember anything at all about any problems in 1965. 

A British sailor working at HMAS Terror in 1965 told us: "Wish I could be of some help mate but I don't have any evidence for you.  There were fights quite often with drunk matelots coming off shore at the dockyard gates but as for a riot, I must have missed it.. We did quite a bit of training in Terror for just such events but we never had to use it ."  

Research by ANZMI investigators

Our investigators have researched Kirkman's claims, including searching the Singapore newspaper The Straits Times , where details of all events and riots in Singapore's post WW ll history have been reported.

A sailor from the Vendetta told us:  I cant remember any race riots I think there was a demonstration and we were told to stay away from it but no one from vendetta was injured that I can recall. He further said:  "There was definitely no 200 communist prisoners onboard or tortured".    

Kirkman's Service file was also accessed from National Archives and his record of service scrutinised.


We can now compare Kirkman's statements with evidence we have gathered. Here are the Kirkman claims that we say are lies

Claim 1.

Involved in a race riot in Singapore on or about the 20 November 1965 or March 1966 (The dates differ depending on who is telling the story)  " not 15 feet from where I was sitting I witnessed the death of a British Sailor from these people bashing him to the head with their sticks and kicking him. I ran for my life with only a few minor bruises and was picked up by the Shore Patrol and whisked back to HMAS Vendetta. I remember that our leave was suspended until we set sail, which was delayed, due to the number of our ships company who were injured during these riots" .

The Truth

HMAS VENDETTA during this cruise tied up in Singapore on eleven different occasions and visited Hong Kong twice. There was no civil unrest in Singapore during late 1965, early 1966.   We can find no historical evidence where a British Naval person was killed and Australian Sailors injured.    There is no mention in any of the seven, Captain's Monthly Reports of Proceedings (RoPs) of injuries to VENDETTA sailors resulting in a delay of departure from Singapore. There is no doubt that had this event occurred it would have been included in a monthly RoPs.  For instance - The Vendetta report for October 1965 reported that "whilst tied up in Hong Kong on the 10 th October 1965, shore leave was restricted for the crew, because of the possibility of civil unrest during the celebration of the Founding of Communist China ."  On this occasion, a Concert Group entertained the crew on the wharf; this was paid for from the ships welfare fund. Because of the concern by the Captain about civil unrest in Hong Kong it is most unlikely that he would have not mentioned civil unrest in Singapore where his crew were directly involved, some being injured and a British Naval person killed.

We believe the episode is a lie that has very serious implications for Kirkman and others. We are reliably advised that Kirkman and other sailors from the same ship may have conspired to defraud the Department of Veterans Affairs by using this and other imagined events in claims for benefits.

The history of Singapore Riots is  well documented as part of the history of Singapore. There have been no riots involving Singapore and the United Kingdom.  

  1. 23 April 1955 there was a workers union dispute, known as the Hock Lee Bus Depot Riots in which 2 police, one student and a journalist were killed

  2. 21 Jul 1964 on the birthday of the prophet Muhammad a race riot developed between Chinese and Malay groups. There were two distinct elements to this riot as there was a second flare up in September 1964.

  3. 11 Mar 1965 a terror bomb exploded at the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank in Orchard Road, 2 girls were killed.

Singapore's then Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew declared on 9 August 1964 that Singapore was a sovereign, democratic and independent State. Singapore had no problem with the United Kingdom when Kirkman first arrived in Singapore in late August 1965. There are no records of racial tension between "Singapore natives and "White fellas" (as described by Kirkman). The Captain of the VENDETTA knew nothing about the "riot", his injured sailors, or the delay in sailing because of their injuries. Any delays in sailing would have been included in the RoPs, for instance in paragraph 30 of his February 1966 report the Captain says:

"VENDETTA, in company with H.M.A.S. DUCHESS, sailed from Singapore Naval Base at 2200 on the evening of the 24 th bound for Darwin, the original time of sailing having been delayed four hours by the successes of sailors from both ships in the Boxing Finals of MILLSPORT.

Below is a copy of a letter written by Vice Admiral Leach on the 7th February 2007 Denying that the riot took place:

Kirkman's statements together with statements from other sailors of their involvement in a race riot in Singapore on or around the 20 th November 1965 or March 1966 are false, we assert that these sailors made these declaration in relation to claiming benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs and they know that their declarations are false.

In his statement of the 27 June 2007 Kirkman seems to have forgotten the most important aspect of the riot, that "a British sailor was murdered fifteen feet from where he was sitting"   In addition, there are four variations to where and when the "riot" occurred depending on which statement you read.

1. Turned the wrong corner on leave in Singapore.

2. Sitting near gates to the wharves

3. I was at the gates of HMS Terror.

4. Kirkman infers that the riot occurred during March 1966, others claim it was on or about the 20 November 1965

Claim 2.

Held Two Hundred communist insurgents including women and children chained to the deck of VENDETTA where they were gruesomely tortured.

If this allegation were true the Captain of VENDETTA should be charged with war crimes.

Vice Admiral Leach is one of the finest Naval officers ever to serve Australia and for Kirkman and others to declare by Statutory Declaration that he allowed women and children to be gruesomely tortured on VENDETTA during FESR service in 1965 1966 is scurrilous, un- Australian and inexcusable.

Para 27 of the November 65 RoP, says nothing in relation to the 200 prisoners chained to the quarterdeck.

"After a command Team briefing at Fleet headquarters on Friday 26th, VENDETTA sailed for MALACCA Straights patrol on Monday 29th, expecting to return to Singapore by Saturday 4th December.  The highlight of the patrol to date has been the assistance in the arrest of an Indonesian coaster by K.D SRI PERLIS (a Malaysian Naval vessel) off Cape Rachado on the evening of the 30th November. This was reported in my Restricted Message D.T.G. 020945Z"

Paras 3 and 4 of the December 65 Rops.

 "The first four days of December were spent on Malacca Straits patrol in the Sembilan Islands, Cape Rachado, and Pulau Bengkalis areas. the ship refueled from F.F.A. EDDYROCK on Thursday 2nd"

"At 0800 on Saturday 4th the Bengkalis deterrent patrol was completed and VENDETTA proceeded to Singapore berthing at 1445 on HMAS DUCHESS at number 6 Berth"

Admiral M W Hudson AC RAN (Rtd) – (now deceased) was the Executive Officer aboard VENDETTA during the 65/66 FESR cruise. In June 2004 he made a statement in relation to several claims including one "  that families from the MUTIARA were taken onboard HMAS Vendetta  and tortured. Admiral Hudson said"

It is obvious that this whole episode is a conspiracy hatched by Kirkman and others to gain benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs. They have committed details of the "gruesome torture of women and children on the deck of VENDETTA in November/December 1965" to Statutory Declarations full well knowing that their Statements are false.

It is also relevant that in his last statement of the 27 June 2007 he reduced the number of "prisoners chained on deck" from Two Hundred to Seventy.

Claim 3.

Served during the confrontation as gunnery officer on HMAS Vendetta.

Kirkman was an Able Seaman Mechanical Engineer or better known as a Stoker.  Stokers don't fix engines or do any mechanical work they are the roust-a-abouts of the engine room. If guns were fired their "Action Station" may be helping to supply ammunition from ships magazine to Guns. A Gunnery Officer is a commissioned officer in the Royal Australian Navy, Kirkman was a junior sailor, who would not have been allowed anywhere near a Ships Gun. In fact there were only two Gunnery Officers onboard VENDETTA and they were the Captain and the Executive Officer.  Kirkman says in his statement number 4.  "Whoever lays claim that I posed as a gunnery officer is a bloody liar".   That aspect was very clearly reported in the Melbourne Age and the reporter wrote what he was told by Kirkman.

Claim 4.

Fired 4.5 inch shells at enemy ships and sunk some.

The Office of the Navy History Section, Sea Power Centre – Australia Department of Defence, CANBERRA ACT, said

"HMAS Vendetta did not engage, nor did hostile forces engage her, during Confrontation.  The ship did conduct what was reported as a naval gunfire support firing exercise in Wallace Bay in North Borneo on 12 November 1965.

The RoP said in relation to the fire support exercise. Paragraph 15 to November 1965 RoP – "On completion of patrol on the night of 11/12th VENDETTA anchored in the approaches to WALLACE BAY for a naval gunfire support firing exercise.  This was successfully carried out, spotting being provided by the Royal Artillery Regiment."

Claim 5.

On the 10th December we were ordered to sail toward Raffles Light where we met up with over 80 Indonesian War ships sailing up and down the waterway at full speed We were unsure what the Indonesian's intentions were so we sailed up and down the coast with them…….. .when I came to the upper deck and looked over to the Indonesian Navy sailing what looked like a hundred yards of our starboard I was extremely scared that I would not see home again.

Well Harry the Indonesian Navy never had 80 ships to sail up and down at full speed. If they did it would have been one of the greatest Naval Armadas since the Spanish Fleet had a go at Britain in the year 1588.  Let's see what the Captain of HMAS VENDETTA said about this "massive international incident"

 para 8 of the RoPs for the month of December 1965

"A day patrol between Tanjong Ayam anbd St. John's Light was carried out on Thursday 9th shifting to the Horsburgh Light area at dusk.  Two Indonesian Warship sightings were made that day, one Riga and one Kronstadt proceeding westwards from the Rhio Strait."

para 11 of the December 1965 Report

"After the night patrol of 11/12th VENDETTA proceeded up the Kuals Johore and at 0800 anchored off Loyan. Banyan Beach parties were landed on Pulau Serangoon at 1030 for a day on the beach, however, as a result of further Indonesian Warship movements VENDETTA was sailed with despatch for the Singapore Straits, getting under way at 1345 after recovering the parties. On arrival in the Straits the Indonesian Warships, two Skories and one Riga class were sighted proceeding south westwards down the Phillip Channel.  It was later discovered that the Riga class destroyer, KAKIALIA had run aground on the Helen Mar reef."

In Kirkman's statement of the 27 June 2007 he says

"The flotilla of Indonesian Naval war ships occurred when we were on duty and were called to sea. We left many sailors behind on the beach as at the time the lucky few were enjoying a "ban yan" (beach bar-b-q) and we did not have time to pick the guys up." 

The RoPs clearly show that the ship recovered all of those at the "ban yan party" and got "under way" at 1345 hrs

At no time did any of the Indonesian vessels make threatening manoeuvres or gestures towards VENDETTA whilst being photographed in the embarrassing situation of having run aground.  Harry's declaration describing a major naval operation of an extremely dangerous nature is false

The Captain reported sighting three different Indonesian vessels - he obviously missed the other seventy seven that Harry "saw" one hundred metres off the starboard, sailing up and down the waterway at full speed.

It is also notable that Kirkman changed the distances of the "enemy" ships from 100 metres in his early reports to 1,500 metres in the report of the 27 June 2007.

This is simply another episode of falsely declaring a "Severe Stressor" type situation for the purpose of claiming a benefit from The Department of Veterans Affairs.

Claim 6.

We were the only ship between the communist enemy and non-communist Malays.

HMAS VENDETTA was part of a fleet of Commonwealth ships operating in the region as Strategic Reserve Service (SRS).   In fact there were twenty six other ships three submarines and one Shackleton Bomber (used for aerial observation) that we were able to count. These were :

RAN               HMAS, Duchess, Ibis, Teal, Snipe, Sydney,

RN                 HMS, Tamar, Euryalas, Ark Royal, Falmouth,

                      Brighton, Lanton, Woolaston,    Blackpool,

                      Albion, Manxman, Nubian, Triumph, Dido

RN Subs        Oberon, Ambush, Anchorite

RFA                Tide Reach, Gold Ranger, Eddyrock, Wave Sovereign,

KD                   Hang Tuah

SOML             3507

HMNZS          Taranaki

MV                  Tivoli            

RAF                Shackleton Bomber


 Harry Kirkman and his co-conspirators seem to subscribe to the theory "the more often something is said the more likely it will be believed", and also "the bigger the lie the more likely it will be believed." Three separate sailors from the 1965-1966 HMAS VENDETTA FESR operations have formally declared "Stressor" inducing events occurred whilst they were crew on VENDETTA. It is most likely that they have all knowingly made false declarations to gain benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

We are reliably advised that in the 1960s era Statutory Declarations were a very common document in the Royal Australian Navy; any minor indiscretion could be rectified by a few slick words on a "Stat Dec". Because of such common usage, perhaps some sailors have forgotten that the law will not be your friend if you are detected knowingly lying on a Statutory Declaration.  

The small print shown on a New South Wales Statutory Declaration says as follows:

"A person who wilfully makes a false statement in a statutory declaration under the Statutory Declarations act 1959 as amended is guilty of an offence against the Act, the punishment for which is a fine not exceeding $200 or imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months or both if the offence is prosecuted summarily, or imprisonment for a term not exceeding four years if the offence is prosecuted upon indictment .

But that is just the start, followed by all the criminal offences committed by the perpetrators of these false claims if benefits have been paid to anyone, as a result of the claims, by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

It matters not whether the statements on the Declarations were accepted as true or rejected as false by the Australian Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA), what matters is that Kirkman and others may have knowingly made false declarations for the purpose of gaining benefit from the DVA.

Kirkman not only committed a false history of HMAS VENDETTA's 1965/66 FESR service to Statutory Declarations he also made statements to the Age newspaper to enhance his war service with information that fitted nicely into the lies put forward by Statutory Declaration to claim benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Harry Kirkman, holds responsible leadership positions in the veteran community, if you type his name into an internet search engine he appears in many different Australian veteran support roles. Initiating false Statutory Declarations about his "war" service is hardly a good trait for a leader, especially when his lies bring disrepute to the senior service and brands his Captain as a war criminal, because, according to Kirkman, the Captain allowed the torture of women and children on his quarterdeck between the 29 th November 1965 and 4th December 1965.  

We have received numerous reports about Kirkman similar to the one shown below:

"Harry Kirkman, whilst the sub-branch President of St Mary's, openly bragged to all and sundry that he was made a TPI (Totally and Permanently Incapacitated) was involved in a riot whilst serving on HMAS Vendetta during which a British MP was killed. He and a number of sailors were posted to Vendetta before being escorted back onto Vendetta".

It is common knowledge that Harry Kirkman and another sailor  made Statutory Declarations in support of a veteran claiming a severe stressor for the "riot incident".   These Statements are known to be false.  The riot did not happen, nor were Two Hundred communists including women and children tortured on the deck of HMAS VENDETTA,

We have on our web site another sailor who produced "Severe Stressor" evidence "to order", for DVA claims, this is the infamous "China" Hammal, who will remain on our site for the rest of his life as will Kirkman and when we get around to it the other Kirkman conspirators.

There is no place in the veteran community for dishonest leaders. Kirkman has pushed himself to a position of leadership and then taken advantage of his influence and position to gain benefits from DVA for himself and others.


The weight of evidence is very much against Kirkman.  Evidence from:

1.Three high ranking Naval Officers.

2. The  Office of the Naval History Section, Sea Power Centre


3. History of riots in Singapore and the Straits Times newspaper

4. Reports from HMS Terror where the "riot" was supposed to

   have occurred

5. Reports of Proceedings from HMAS VENDETTA.

6. Statutory Declarations from individuals.

7. ANZMI Investigators.

The above evidence shows that Kirkman is a liar and fraudster and that he has conspired with others in his fraudulent behaviour.

Kirkman by his false statements has brought dishonour on the Officers and crew of VENDETTA and on the Navy generally.

Another side effect of this unhappy saga is that by his fraudulent actions as a pensions advocate, Kirkman may have brought the Department of Veterans' Affairs Training & Information Program ( TIP) into disrepute.  There are a large number of very dedicated men and women TIP trained Pension Officers and Advocates who have voluntarily taken on this onerous task of assisting ex and serving members of the Australian Defence Force  who are in great need of representation .  It is  very important that the scurrilous few who defraud the system are brought to light by the veteran's community themselves and the Federal Government guarantees that offenders are prosecuted to preserve the integrity of the Veterans Pensions system.

Fraudulent claims clog up the system and inhibit the ability of veterans in genuine need to gain access to that which they are entitled. Kirkman has thumbed his nose at the veteran system, now it is the turn of the system to exhibit its reaction to lies and fraudulent claims by taking all the necessary action to bring Kirkman and his accomplices to justice.

Remember Newtons third law: 

- For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction - 

Let's hope that in this instance the "equal and opposite reaction" comes from - The veteran community - Department of Veterans Affairs - The State and Federal Police and that retribution is swift and meaningful.

   07Jul 2009

Harry Kirkman – Unrepentant liar.

Harry Kirkman is an unrepentant liar, cheat and wannabe.  In two emails dated 29 June 2009 he “dons” the mantle of a sagacious adviser about matters relating to the Veterans Review Board (VRB).

He was originally listed on this web site as a liar and a wannabe in regard to his lies and gross exaggeration of his FESR service on HMAS Vendetta. His lies attack the fabric of the integrity of HMAS Vendetta Crew during FESR service. If his assertions were true the Captain and many of the crew would be guilty of war crimes. Our original listing is also about how he signed and submitted false Statutory Declarations on behalf of another sailor to the VRB

After you have read the initial ANZMI report it is hard to believe how Kirkman would have the gall and lack of integrity to avow that all he had said about his FESR service was true. On the 2nd June 2008 he said in an email

From: Harry Kirkman

Sent: Monday, 2 June 2008 9:17 PM

Subject: The vicious lies of xxxx xxxxxx

Against my better judgement I had a look at the xxxxxxxxweb site tonight and I find my name is still plastered all over it with crap like "HARRY KIRKMAN NO LONGER A DIRECTOR AT ROOTY HILL RSL CLUB".

The fact is my name has been listed on the wannabee site ANZMI. This site is suppose to deal with frauds in the Veteran Community. I.e. Guys wearing medals they are not entitled to or claims from guys that they went to Vietnam when in fact they never left their mother's tit.

I wear 6 medals all supplied by the Australian Government so I guess I have not been named and shamed by xxxxxxxx because I am wearing medals I am not entitled. I was on HMAS Vendetta when it was on duty in the Far East during the Malay Emergency and I went to Vietnam during the same trip to the FESR. I turned 17 1 month before our first patrol in Borneo.

Why was I listed on the ANZMI Site, simply put because I submitted a statutory Declaration for a Veteran who had joined and served with me on the Vendetta for his VRB hearing.

The point is VRB hearing documentation is not public domain information. How did xxxxxxx get his hands on this document? I did not give him a copy and nor did the Veteran so either he received the document from the VRB or from the Advocate.

Let us look at the document and I will swear on a stack of bibles that I have not lied. My statement may not be 100% correct either and that I will not make an excuse for because what I have stated is what I remember as a 17 year old boy who was serving on the front line of defence for my country and those memories are embedded in my mind.

xxxxxxx is a hypocrite, he took the time and made the effort to dissect the memory of a 17 year old which happened well over 40 years ago and make out that I was lying to make monetary gain. This was not my VRB we are talking about, this is my account of the events which I signed a statutory declaration which has ramifications if found to be false. I stand by this document.

(Note: Irrelevent paragraphs have been deleted)

Kirkman has not denied that his Statutory Declarations were false (criminally so). He says like a spoilt child - “It’s not fair you weren’t supposed to read what I said”

We don’t know whether Kirkman includes in his “I Stand By this document” statement all of the crap about relentlessly torturing women and children aboard HMAS Vendetta for five days.  Or his lies about witnessing the murder of a British serviceman during a “riot” (that never happened) in Singapore.

In an email of 29 June 2009 Kirkman becomes the great adviser on matters VRB, and in one paragraph says

Personally, I would not lodge a claim for a Veteran if he/she did not suffer from the condition however when doing the claim the Veteran may say he is suffering from an illness but when it is investigated further by DVA sometimes the condition may not be present or as severe as the Veteran makes out as to the information DVA have raised however at the VRB I have the opportunity to supply fresh material including up-to-date medical reports and I present the facts to the VRB as I see them and they can ask the Veteran any questions that they believe will enhance his claim. DVA do not get that opportunity mate, DVA can only go off what has been written.

Kirkman, although being of proven dubious character has found solace in communicating with a group who call themselves the Mad Galahs, many of the Mad Galahs like Kirkman are proven liars who lack credibility.

No person of sound mind could ever read our report about Kirkman and view him in any other way than being an unrepentant liar, wannabe and a scoundrel.

We will relentlessly pursue Kirkman until he has owned up to his lies and apologized to the Captain and crew of HMAS Vendetta and the Veteran community

As a Veteran’s Advocate all that Kirkman puts before DVA, VRB or AAT should be viewed with great suspicion.

Kirkman says he would swear on a stack of bibles that he has not lied.  We all know that he has.

Kirkman is a liar.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: Knapp
Christian Names: Len
Country: New Zealand
State or Province: North Island
City or Town: Hamilton
NZ -Which Island:
  • North Island
Service #: Unknown
Service: Army
Branch: Royal New Zealand Infantry
Commencement of service: 1960's
Completion of service: UnKnown
Case Notes:




Len Knapp is the President of the New Zealand Malaya Veterans Association and President of the Hamilton Returned Services Association. New Zealand have the same protocols as Australia when in comes to wearing foreign awards. President Len Knapp doesn't give a fig about tradition and protocol because he wears the unauthorised Pingat Khidmat Berbakti Medal from Malaysia.

Knapp wears the following medals:

New Zealand Operational Service Medal
New Zealand General Service Medal 1992 [warlike] clasped MALAYA 1960-64
The New Zealand Defence Service Medal
The Pingat Jasa Malaysia Medal
The Pingat Khidmat Berbakti Medal

This is the offending medal:

Pingat Khidmat (Dedicated Service Medal): instituted by King Hisam ud-din alam Shah on 29th July 1960

New Zealand has a list of foreign medals that may be worn by those who have earned them. Here is the list:

The Pingat Khidman Berbakti is not included on the list and should not be attached to authorised medals that have been awarded by the Sovereign.

Here is advice from New Zealand Government:


I have checked our records and spoken with Defence Medals Policy. There is no record of any official request for this medal to be presented to NZ personnel by the government of Malaysia. Consequentially, no request for approval to accept and wear this medal was ever initiated by either ourselves or Defence.

It is, therefore, an unauthorised medal for which approval to accept and wear has never been given. It should not be worn with official orders, decorations and medals.

(Custodian, New Zealand Order of Wear)
Director, Honours Secretariat
Cabinet Office, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet"

We are reliably advised that Knapp is importing replicas of the medal to sell. If you spend your hard earned cash on purchasing this worthless replica do not flaunt the traditions and protocols of the ANZAC traditions by adding it to your medal rack.

We are reliably advised that Knapp has been asked to remove the offending medal. His response is always a hearty scoff. We hope this entry on our web site will cure him of his scoffing problem.

Surname: Koch
Christian Names: Timothy Robert
Country: Australia
State or Province: SA
City or Town: Port Lincoln
Service #: 8540902
Service: Army
Branch: Infantry
Commencement of service: Mar 08
Completion of service: Jun 10
Case Notes:




Timothy Robert Koch of Port Lincoln enlisted into the Australian Regular Amy in March 2008 and was sacked in June 2010. The reason for his departure is shown as "Retention not in the Service Interest".

Koch appeared in the Port Lincoln Times following this years Remembrance Day service. He was wearing four medals and one badge. These were:

Australian Active Service Medal
Afghanistan Medal
Australian Defence Medal
North Atlantic Treaty Organisation Medal
Infantry Combat Badge

Koch is a classic wannabe, fraud and liar, he has earned none of the medals or the coveted Infantry Combat Badge.

Before being sacked Koch spent all of his twenty seven months of Army Service in Australia. After recruit training he was posted to the 5th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (5RAR). An element of 5RAR were posted to Afghanistan in 2008 but Koch was not with them, and he had been discharged from the Army before the Battalion was deployed to Afghanistan in September 2010.

We have reported this matter to the South Australia Police and have received information that they are actively investigating offences under the "Defence Act 1903 Part VII Sections 80A and 80B"

80A. Falsely representing to be returned soldier
80B. Improper use of service decorations  

Both these offences carry maximum penalties of $3,300 fine of six months imprisonment or both. Koch is a Corrections Officer at Port Lincoln and for these offences he may get the opportunity to see the other side of his work. At the very least he is not a fit and proper person to be a Prison Officer.

Koch has "sported" his false medals in a Retuned and Services League Bar at Port Lincoln. He also wears the medal ribbands on his Correction Officer uniform. His blasé approach indicates he confidently believed that he would not be caught. Koch was wrong, ANZMI have thousands of Veterans and ex Servicemen all over Australia watching for wannabes.

Koch has been comprehensively caught and will now be able to "sport" his false medals for all time on our web site and with a bit of luck may get to wear them on an inmate uniform.


UPDATE KOCH  December 2015

South Australian Wannabes beware as those who falsely claim to be returned veterans or wear medals they have not earned are very likely to be charged and put before a Magistrate.

For the first time in our twenty years of operation South Australia State Police have successfully charged a wannabe.  It is disappointing to Veterans that there are still two States who will not prosecute offenders, they are New South Wales and Western Australia. 

Below is the media report that updates and finalizes the Koch affair:


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