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Surname: Dunn
Christian Names: Gordon
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Townsville
Service: Army
Branch: Royal Australian Army Medical Corps
Case Notes:

Updated  17 Oct 2013 see below

Further update - click to read the court's decision!


Gordon "Charlie" Dunn –  The case of the "Rambo Ambo".

Gordon Dunn, also known as "Charlie" Dunn is a paramedic in the Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) who works in the far north of the State. Prior to joining the QAS he was a Royal Australian Army Medical Corps (RAAMC) Sergeant in the Australian Regular Army (ARA). 

 After joining the QAS he served as a Sergeant in the Australian Army Reserve (ARES) unit, 31/42 Battalion, Royal Queensland Regiment.  In recent times he was spotted wearing nine medal ribbons on his Queensland Ambulance Service uniform. We are reliably advised that the Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) of his Army Reserve unit advised Dunn in the compelling way that RSM’s tell Sergeants, that he must not wear ribbons to medals he did not earn.  Since receiving the RSM’s “message” Dunn has not been seen around his Army Reserve unit.

We assume one of the reasons that Dunn has worn the fake medal ribbons is to enhance his professional profile in the QAS.  To this end the above photograph was recently used at an Ambulance Service Seminar attended by many QAS Executives, Bureaucrats and Politicians. The photograph was part of an official display at the event

Unfortunately the photograph we have has not captured his three rows of ribbons, however we hold Statutory Declarations detailing medal ribbons he has been observed wearing at one time or another. The Cross of Valour ribbon and the other three ribbons, shown in the photograph, are sufficient to damn him as a wannabe without Statutory Declaration evidence. Following are all the ribbons he was wearing in the photograph and ribbons he has been seen to wear on other occasions;

Cross of Valour

Conspicuous Service Cross

Nursing Service Cross

Conspicuous Service Medal

Distinguished Service Medal

Australian Active Service medal  1975 (Rwanda bar and East Timor bar)

Australian INTERFET medal

United Nations Medal (Rwanda)

Australian Defence Medal

 On other occasion he has also worn the:

Defence Long Service Medal

United Nations Medal (East Timor)

His actual campaign medal entitlement is the Australian Active Service Medal 1975 with Clasp E Timor, Australian INTERFET medal. In addition, he has been issued with a Returned from Active Service Badge (RASB), he would also be entitled to wear the Australian Defence Medal after completing his enlistment period in the Australian Regular Army.

 His real service history is as follows:

In 1995, he joined the Australian Regular Army (ARA) and completed three months recruit training at Kapooka in New South Wales (NSW) he was then allocated to Royal Australian Army Medical Corp (RAAMC) and completed basic medical training at the RAAMC School at Portsea in Victoria, followed by three months at 2 Field Hospital at Enoggera, Queensland, and was then posted to The Army Aviation Regiment at Oakey, Queensland as a Medical Assistant.  

During late December 1999 Dunn was deployed in an RAAMC role to East Timor with B Sqn 3/4 Cavalry Regiment, he was in that deployment for only a few months before returning to Australia, and that is his only operational service, and represents his only campaign medal entitlement.  He was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 2004 whilst serving at Lavarack Barracks, Townsville, Queensland (Qld). He was discharged in 2004 and joined the Queensland Ambulance Service and then the Army Reserve unit 31/42 Royal Queensland Regiment, Townsville Qld, in 2007 with the rank of Sergeant. A photograph of Dunn serving as a "Medic" with 3/4 Cavalry Regiment in Timor is shown below - he is the man on the left wearing the "Jackie Howe" blue singlet.


 Dunn has a story for every fake medal, for instance;

“He was awarded the Cross of Valour for saving the life of another soldier following a fatal Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) accident in Townsville.”

Another version. “He was wearing the Cross of Valour because it belonged to his good friend who lost his life in the APC Accident." - Our investigations prove the person concerned was neither his friend nor did he have a Cross of Valour.  He also claims that  "Initially he returned this medal to the Department of Defence because it reminded him of his dead mate, but recently had it reissued to give to his son" 

“The Rwanda Clasp on his Australian Active Service medal was earned because in 1995 he was posted to B Squadron 3/4 Cavalry Regiment and was located off shore on a US war ship and therefore entitled to the Clasp”.  Dunn is not listed on the Rwanda Nominal Roll and his “Rwanda” Service is not listed on his service record.

“Nursing Service Cross was awarded because he alone turned a non functioning Regimental Aid Post (RAP) at B Squadron 3/4 Cavalry Regiment into a fully functional RAP with his whole unit medically ready to deploy to war if required."

 The medals he keeps at his house are obviously fakes because they have no regimental details engraved on them. Dunn explains that:

“His real medals are kept in his safe because real medals are expensive” or “his real medals are being remounted, or in a bank vault for safe keeping”.

 There is no ending to Dunn’s confabulation, he also claims to have served with the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) in Western Australia from 2000 to 2003.  Dunn has said “He had to depart SASR because of a parachuting accident which has resulted in permanent injury”.  He was never posted to, or worked in any way as part of the  SASR.

Obviously Dunn has enjoyed the kudos emanating from his medal decorated countenance at his place of work, however Queensland Ambulance Service will be embarrassed when they realize that instead of a “Rambo Ambo" in their midst they have a liar a fraud and a wannabe on their hands. 

Paramedics are trusted professionals. Dunn is an ex military liar, fraud and  wannabe who has brought discredit to himself and the QAS.  Dunn may have been able to grossly exaggerate his military service  among his QAS colleagues and the general public, but because of the efforts of ANZMI there is a huge upsurge in public awareness about fake veterans and being named and shamed on this web site was inevitable 

Having enjoyed his hours of fame, this false "Rambo Ambo" can now enjoy being named and shamed as a liar a fraud and a wannabe on the World Wide Web.

Update 17 Oct 2013

Following his exposure as a liar, cheat and wannabe, the Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) terminated Dunn's employment. Dunn has now taken legal action to seek compensation from the QAS for wrongful dismissal. Here is a report from the Cairns Post dated 6 October 2013. Dunn claims that he was "accidentally" wearing the medals described in our original exposure.




Dunn's excuse to the Court for wearing the medals is up there with the best we have heard:

"My wife put them on my shirt and I did not look down" It is on a par with "My dog ate my homework"
All Veterans, who have worn medal ribbons will chortle at Dunn's lame brained excuse.

It is also well known that Dunn's wife must have made similar mistakes at other times, as he has been seen wearing false medals on numerous occasions.

In addition, he has fitted heroic lies around the medals he has worn.


And the Court's decision!


Update Gordon"Charlie" Dunn - The Rambo Ambo loses his Appeal

Dunn and the Queensland Ambulance Service parted company following our initial report.

Dunn launched a law suit against the Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) and after an arduous legal battle and an appeal, was comprehensively done over.

A major problem with all wannabes is that they blame ANZMI for their demise and fail to understand that it is their actions that caused them to be exposed, and that ANZMI are only the reporters and they are the instigators, to coin a hackneyed phrase, they are "Hoist on their own Petard"

We have a copy of the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission Judgement which is an eleven page document. Excerpts from the document are shown below.

The most telling passage is this one, it says in a nice way, that Dunn is a liar.

Consideration and Findings

It became clear during his evidence that Mr Dunn had provided various versions of how he came to be wearing medals that he was not entitled to wear. Firstly, he told Warrant Officer Landy that they belonged to a friend who had died and he was wearing them out of respect. However, in Mr Dunn's statement to the Department of Defence provided as part of an investigation into the matter, he said he was wearing them as he collects medals and ribbons as a hobby. In cross-examination Mr Dunn said this statement was a mistake and that it was his son who collected medals and ribbons as a hobby. In other evidence to the Commission Mr Dunn said his wife had placed the ribbons collected by him on to his paramedic uniform. It was this version that Mr Dunn pressed under cross-examination. This is despite his wife formerly having been a serving member of the ADF. Mr Dunn also asserted that when he put his uniform on the morning the photograph was taken that he did not look down to see which medals were there. Given that there were a number of medals on his uniform (when the ribbon bar he would normally wear would properly hold only one) this evidence simply is not credible. This, together with the varying versions, and without referring to other difficulties with Mr Dunn's evidence, all leads to the conclusion that Mr Dunn was not a witness of credit.

Throughout the document ANZMI is mentioned as the instigator of Dunn's downfall and also names a member of ANZMI, however, nowhere does the Judgement in any way criticise the actions of ANZMI.

Here are the official finding.

[29] The Commission orders:

1. That the appeal be dismissed.
2. The decision of the Regulator is confirmed.
3. Costs be reserved for further argument.

[30] In relation to costs, the Respondent is required to provide to the Appellant and lodge in the Registry a Schedule of Costs sought within 22 days of the date of release of this decision. Directions will then be issued to schedule submissions to be made on the matter of costs.

[31] Order accordingly.

Our original report was comprehensive and honest in proving that Dunn is an unscrupulous liar and wannabe. Our finding has been tested by the Legal system and found to be sound.

We trust that Dunn is chastened by the ruling and that he and other wannabes will think twice before launching into legal action when a case is based on lies. Some one will have to "foot the bill" for this legal action and there is a good chance that it will be Gordon "Charlie" Dunn.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Persons appearing on our site that are now deceased will not be removed, but the case will have the word "Deceased" placed next to their name when we are advised.

Surname: Dunn
Christian Names: Noel Irwin
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Walcha
Service #: 216233
Service: Army
Branch: Infantry
Case Notes:


We iterate that there is a nation wide media watch for people wearing false medals and in particular the Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal

Noel Dunn has been caught in the net.


Notice he is wearing:

Australian Active Service Medal (AASM)
Vietnam Medal (VM)
Australian Defence Medal (ADM)
Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal (RVCM) - Not entitled

He is not entitled to wear the RVCM as he served in Vietnam for only 140 days of the 181 days required, and he was not returned to Australia as a Battle Casualty.


Have no doubt that Noel Dunn did a lot of hard work in Vietnam as an Infantry Soldier, however, he did not earn the RVCM that he has chosen to wear.. All who served in Vietnam knew the 181 day requirement and Dunn has knowingly, falsely worn this medal.

The Walcha Returned and Services League (RSL) and RSLs' throughout Australia should, as part of their Constitutional requirements monitor medals worn by their members.

We congratulate Dunn for his service in Vietnam, but he gets no accolades for the false medal he has worn for many years

Welcome to the website Noel Irwin Dunn. 

Surname: Dwyer
Christian Names: Christopher John
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Cairns
Service: Army
Branch: Signals
Case Notes:
Christopher John Dwyer – The liar.

Where do you begin when you are confronted with a thief a liar a fraud and a wannabe? Christopher John Dwyer of Cairns, Far North Queensland is just such a man. After a long run of luck Dwyer is now being brought to Veteran justice.

We present the make believe military history of Christopher Dwyer, and the real military history of Christopher Dwyer. Neither bears any resemblance to the other.  Dwyer likes to play” dress ups” and will wear anything to prove the outrageous stories of his life as a soldier.


Despite the above photographs, Dwyer was never a Commissioned Officer, or an officer of any kind, he was a Signalman (Private Soldier) fixing communications machines under supervision during his entire service. We hold a copy of a letter written by his Commanding Officer dated the 5th June 1974 which says in part:

“Since being posted to 5 Sig Regt in Dec 73. Sig Dwyer has proved himself to be inefficient, lazy and negligent in the performance of his duties.  He has also proved to be an administrative liability through continuous minor acts which require unit administrative attention”.

The final paragraph of the letter said.

“It is considered that the actions of Sig Dwyer since Dec 73 have not been the actions of a dedicated soldier and it is strongly recommended that action be taken to administratively discharge him in accordance with AMR 176 (1) (a) as soon as possible”

Dwyer was discharged on the 2nd August 1974 with the reason given as “Retention in the Military Forces not being in the interest of those forces”. A copy of the discharge certificate is shown below:



Dwyer served in South Vietnam, with 104 Signal Sqn from September 1970 to October 1971 and served in Singapore from February 1973 to December 1973.

This is the military history of Christopher Dwyer according to Christopher Dwyer.

Attended the Army Apprentices School where he qualified as an Electrical Engineer

Served in Vietnam with 3 Squadron, Special Air Service Regiment (SASR), from 15th June 1966 to 18th Feb 1967 and again in 1971 – 1972.  He also served with 104 Signal Squadron in 1970 – 1971. For his claimed SASR service in 1966 – 1967 he has stolen the service and valour of a genuine and much admired SASR Sergeant, with the same surname and initials i.e. C J Dwyer, however the Christian names are different. 

Was a “Parachute Jump Instructor”. Note in the photo above he wears Parachute Wings

Was a helicopter and fixed wing pilot. He wears Pilot’s wings.

He was a qualified Sniper with twenty two confirmed kills. That role included “Black Ops” with assassinations of North Vietnam high ranking Officers and leaders. He also boasts to have shot and killed a Vietnamese mother and her baby with one shot.

Liaison Officer, and personal security officer to the Governor General in Canberra

Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, as senior adviser to the local Army Reserve unit.  

Provided security for Bill Clinton during his Cairns Visit,

Was wounded in action in Vietnam.

Worked with the CIA and Montagnards in Vietnam.

Is a firearms instructor.

Conducted a mercy killing of an Australian soldier who was strapped inside a burning helicopter.

Claims entitlement to medals and badges he has never earned. Notice in the first photo he is wearing the badges of a Pilot, a Parachutist, an Infantry Combat Badge, a Unit Citation that was issued to 2 Sqn RAAF, 8th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment and the elite Australian Army Training Team, and an Army Individual Readiness (AIRN) badge. He is wearing eight medals when his entitlement is four. 

Dwyer’s military history according to his Record of Service:

He was never at the Army Apprentices School, Balcombe, Victoria and in any case that institution did not train Electrical Engineers.

Served as a Private soldier in the Army Reserve from 20th June 1967 to 27th  Feb 1969.

Enlisted in Australian Regular Army (ARA)  on 23rd Apr 1969 sacked on 2nd Aug 1974.

Qualified as a Technician Signals on the 6th Apr 1970.

Qualified as Telegraphic Technician on the 20th Jun 1972.

Re-enlisted in Army Reserve on 28th Jan 1975 after being sacked from ARA.

Sacked from Army Reserve on 14 Dec 1976 after being placed on non effective list.

All of Dwyer’s Army trade training was completed at the School of Signals which was co-located at Balcombe in Victoria with the Army Apprentices School until 1970. They were entirely different units.

Dwyer may have been at the School of  Signals at Balcombe during 1969 1970 but was never at the Army Apprentices School Balcombe at any time. The Army School of Signals moved progressively from Balcombe Victoria, to Watsonia Victoria, during 1969 - 1970

Dwyer has spread his lies all around the Far North Queensland region. One of his favourite haunts was the Mount Carbine Hotel, North between Cairns and Cooktown. He would camp in the area and frequent the Hotel wearing camouflage military clothing and sporting lethal weapons. On one occasion he pulled and displayed a silenced .25 Beretta pistol whilst in the bar. The photo below shows Dwyer at a camp site in the Mt Carbine area and he is displaying his silenced pistol and a rifle. Notice also the bottle of Rum on the table, it is well known that Rum and firearms are a lethal combination, but of course this "Black Ops" high ranking killing machine, would thumb his nose at such wisdom.


Notice that Dwyer is in Camouflage military clothing and is wearing epaulets, which we are reliably advised showed the rank of Major.  He also donated “his” SAS beret and other items of military kit to the Mt Carbine Hotel, we assume to “prove” his false military history.  Here is a photo of the SAS Beret at the pub.  We imagine there are SASR blokes around that would not appreciate Dwyer fooling with their Beret.

Dwyer is now persona non grata at Mt Carbine, because he displayed his pistol in the bar and at another time shot and killed the dog of a resident who had been admitted to hospital. The dog needed someone to care for it during the absence of the owner, however Dwyer took it upon himself to go to man’s house and shoot his dog. On release from hospital the dog’s owner was barking mad.

As well as holding Statutory Declarations and photographs we have read Dwyer’s complete Service Record, and note as part of his persona as an "inefficient, lazy and negligent administrative liability" he was charged with twelve military offences during his short military career. The stories that Dwyer tells and the photographs he produces bear no resemblance to the real military history of Christopher John Dwyer which in the eyes of most veterans would be viewed as squalid.

Dwyer has committed criminal firearms offences as well as offences against the Defence Act 1903 because he is wearing medals and badges to which he is not entitled to wear.

Regarding Dwyer’s claim to have executed an Australian soldier who was strapped inside a burning helicopter we all know that he refers to Lance Corporal John Francis Gillespie whose remains were recently returned home. To understand the depth of depravity reached by Dwyer we close this exposure with details of this event as described by Dwyer and recorded on a Statutory Declaration.


The military history of Lance Corporal Gillespie is an emotional issue for Vietnam Veterans, to understand why, read this:  http://minister.dva.gov.au/speeches/docs/hanoi_address.pdf

It is unconscionable for Dwyer the liar, thief, fraud and wannabe to use Lance Corporal Gillespie’s military history to enhance his false military history, in the same way he has used the other CJ Dwyer to “prove” his service with 3 Sqn SASR in Vietnam

Dwyer offends all Veterans, he offends the memory of Lance Corporal John Francis Gillespie; he offends the ex SASR Sergeant who bears the same name and initials; he offends those units whose Citation he has stolen; he offends those who earned the right to wear the Infantry Combat Badge; he offends those who legitimately achieved high rank in the Defence Force; he offends those genuinely qualified to wear Parachute and Pilot wings and the AIRN Badge; and most of all he offends the honour of all those who did not return.

Updated 10th Jul 2010

Update Christopher James Dwyer the Liar

As a result of our exposure, Dwyer has featured on the front page of his local newspaper, the Cairns Post. Dwyer has vehemently asserted that our claims are false. The problem is, that he has told his stories and shown his false photographs to a lot of people in the Cairns area. He knows, that we know, that he is a fraud, liar and wannabe and he can never prove anything, other than, that he was a Signalman (Private Soldier) who served in Vietnam and Singapore carrying out the duties of a very junior soldier and always under supervision.

Here is a copy of the newspaper report: 

We are reliably advised that as a result of the Cairns Post exposure, Dwyer has made death threats, and of course the usual threats of legal action to those who spoke to the newspaper.

Dwyer correctly claims that the medals he is holding in front of his face in the newspaper article are his, however, the medals he is shown to be wearing in our initial exposure are different and four of them are fake, along with the Parachute Wings, Pilots Wings, Infantry Combat Badge, AIRN Badge, Unit Citation Badge and the rank of Major.

Further events will unfold about Dwyer over the coming weeks and we will make appropriate updates.

Read the report direct from the Cairns Post here:   http://cairnspost.newspaperdirect.com/epaper/viewer.aspx


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

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