Date of Entry: 21/05/2021
Surname: POLLARD
Christian Names: Vernon Joseph
Country: Australia
State or Province: .
City or Town: .
Service #: 3777580
Service: National Service
Case Notes:


In veteran vernacular, Vernon Pollard was a Nasho who is now a wannabe, because he wears a lot of "Tin".


Here is a list of the medals he wore on a commemorative occasion in Maryborough Queensland.

Australian Defence Medal. Authorised
Commemoration of National Service Medal. Authorised
Queens Golden Jubilee medal. Non authorised
Cannot identify Non authorised
Conscription medal Non authorised
(CMF) Citizens Military Forces/Reserve Forces tin medal riband. Non authorised

He is entitled to wear only these two medals.

PollardInsert2 2021 04 03

He wears six. Three of the six can be clearly identified as non authorised, self awarded "Tin" medals. One of the six is mostly hidden and cannot be identified, but it will be another "Tinny".


His two legitimate medals were for National Service in Australia, however, his posterity, and uninformed civilians celebrating a commemorative occasion, would interpret him as a battle hardened veteran. Those who know, and now those who read this, will know, that he earned only two medals for domestic service in Australia, and that his behaviour is a disgrace to the Australian and New Zealand veteran community.

There are many who wear less than six medals, who have done hard service on overseas deployments and deserve accolades. Pollard is no more that a wannabe, who completed minimal service as a National Serviceman and deserves derision for "his" six medals, not the accolades he seeks.

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