Date of Entry: 05/03/2021
Surname: Brennan
Christian Names: Bernard Charles
Country: Australia
State or Province: .
City or Town: .
Service #: A27412
Service: Royal Australian Navy
Branch: Meteorologist then Air Observer
Case Notes:


Age does not weary liars and valour thieves, they can be from seventeen to one hundred years old. Human beings like to be respectful to elders in their community, however this does not apply to people who grossly exaggerate their Defence service.

Bernard Charles Brennan was born on 1 Jul 1928 and served both as a rating and a commissioned officer in the RAN from 1946 to 1959. When interviewed about his Defence service he gave detailed information, much of which is not true.



A Producer from a film company named "100 Acts of kindness films", interviews and records stories from interesting people. One such interview was from Bernard Brennan who gave the film producer his "stories" about his RAN service.

Below is a summary of his genuine and fictitious RAN career.

"Bernie a Seaman in the RAN, in 1946, aged 17, was sent on the RAN destroyer, HMAS Warramunga, to clean up Hiroshima.
Then a few years later, he trained to be a aircraft pilot for Fleet Air Arm. He carried out bombing missions from aircraft carriers, in the Korean War. He claims to have been shot down, not once, but twice by the enemy. On the second time, he crash landed and was trapped underneath the cockpit. He was captured and tortured.

After being rescued, he was bound to secrecy by the Defence Force, for 50 years. This obligation has since expired, hence he can tell the "real stories" of his service".

Much of what Brennan has said are lies. His RAN records, do reflect thirteen years of RAN service, but do not reflect , his Korea war service as a combat pilot.

He is not listed in the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) Korea nominal roll.



His RAN records as an able seaman, in the late 1940s are in poor condition, for most other years they are readable .

Brennen claims to have been a pilot in the Korea war. The Korea war ran from Jun 1950 until Jul 1953. He also tells harrowing stories of flying Sea Furys and Fireflies in Korean, and then Sea Venoms after the war, resulting in being affected by PTSD.

As an Able Seaman in 1950, he was sent to RAAF Station Point Cook, Victoria, to learn to fly, but on 15 Aug 1950, he was deemed to have failed the training, and returned to the RAN, as an able seaman meteorologist.



On 15 Oct 1952 he was commissioned as an Acting Sub Lieutenant and posted to the below locations. He clearly never served as an able seaman pilot in Korea.



After he was commissioned he served in the following locations:



In 1954 he was sent to the United Kingdom (UK) for service and training. After his return from the UK in 1955 he was posted to 808 Naval Air Squadron, as an observer in Havilland Sea Venom aircraft.

The purpose of this entry is to ensure that Brennans history is accurate and his posterity know the true story of his service.
In any case, he did very well by being promoted, from a Seaman to a Lieutenant, but, he did not serve in the Korea war in any capacity. He has ruined his history by making outrageously false claims of heroism.

Full details of Brennan's interviews can be found here:

He is welcomed aboard the good ship ANZMI, however, for his fabrications has been demoted back to ordinary seaman.

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