Date of Entry: 05/03/2021
Surname: Ellery
Christian Names: Craig
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Altona
Service: Army
Branch: Army 5/7 Infantry Battalion
Case Notes:


Craig Ellery is another St John Ambulance Officer who has embellished his medal rack. He currently carries out his duties as a St John Divisional Youth Manager, Altona. Melbourne Victoria. He is a Medal Cheat and Honour Thief.


ElleryCraig1 2021 03 05

In the above photograph, Ellery wears the following medal ribands.

1. Australian Service Medal. (ASM)
2. Defence Long Service Medal. (DLSM)

Second row.
3. Australian Defence Medal. (ADM).
4. Voluntary Medical Service Medal. (VMSM) U.K Award. Not entitled.


5. International Year of the Volunteer Medal. (IYVM) Tin medal


ANZMI received information that Craig Ellery has embellished his rack and is not entitled to wear the last two medal ribands displayed on his rack. The VMSM and the IYVM.

1. The VMSM is shown below.

ElleryCraig2 2021 02 25




The VMSM is a United Kingdom award proclaimed in 1932. It is awarded for 15 years continuous service as a volunteer for St Andrews First Aid or the British Red Cross. It is a Long Service Medal rewarding those volunteers who have served those Institutions for the required period. It is recognised in the Australian Honours and Awards system, and may be worn on the left side when awarded.

Recipients of this award are registered in the London Gazette.

Ellery is not registered in the London Gazette as a Recipient of this medal.

The last medal on his rack is the International Year of the Volunteer Medal. See below -;


International Year of Volunteers was designated for 2001 by the United Nations General Assembly. The initiative aimed at increased recognition, facilitation, networking and promotion of volunteering, to highlight the achievements of the millions of volunteers worldwide who devote their time to serving others, and to encourage more people globally to engage in volunteering.

This medal is not listed on the Australian Honours and Awards System. If worn, it is to be worn on the right breast and not mixed with or added to medals approved for wear by the Governor General on the left breast. It is a tin medal.

Ellery was contacted by a Researcher and invited to provide proof of his entitlements to the VMSM and the IYVM.

In a hostile response he stated -;

First Response

Mr. (name deleted) or whatever your name is.
I do not have to answer to you or anyone else concerning what honours and awards I possess. I know I have an entitlement to any medal I possess, so do what you will, you coward. If you care to meet me in a public forum I will be more than happy to present any documentation.
Have a good day!

Second Response

He then responded -;
You may take whatever you will from my email. The fact is I was awarded those medals from the appropriate delegates of those organisations, in Australia for my service to those organisations, in Australia. Do what you will as I don't care. This is my last message. Any messages from you or ANZMI (faceless cowards) will be deleted and blocked.

You would think that it would be a simple task to produce some supporting documentation for medals that you wear on your left breast. Any genuine medal recipient who is invited by ANZMI to provide that documentation does so. The matter is then concluded, and we congratulate them for their service.

On this occasion however, Ellery has adopted an aggressive attitude and states that he was awarded the VMSM in Australia for work he has done for those UK bodies (St Andrews First Aid and British Red Cross) in Australia.

If that is the case, why did he not just provide the evidence. He should be proud of his achievements over the 15 years he has put in to acquire the British VMSM medal, whilst not leaving Australia.

Following Ellery's belligerent response, a Researcher then contacted St Andrews First Aid, Australian Headquarters about Ellery's claims. This is their response -;

It appears that Craig Ellery was a member of St. Andrew’s First Aid Australia for a short period of time during the mid-2000s and ceased to be a member in February 2007.

Further, I can state that there is no record of Craig Ellery ever been awarded the Voluntary Medical Service Medal (VMSM) through St. Andrew’s First Aid Australia. Currently we have six members of our organisation who have been awarded the VMSM and they are listed in the schedule of approved foreign awards by the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. Craig Ellery is not one of them.

The British Red Cross, United Kingdom, were also contacted and they have no record of Craig Ellery ever being awarded the VMSM.

Ellery is a medal cheat. He has also stolen the honour of those six St Andrews First Aid personnel who have been recognised and awarded the VMSM for their dedication and loyalty.

Ellery needs to remove both medals from his rack immediately. He sets a bad example for St John Ambulance, and the young persons he mentors as a St John Divisional Youth Manager, Altona, Melbourne, Victoria.

He joins a growing list of St John Ambulance personnel who now grace the ANZMI website for their lack of credibility.


It is now abundantly clear that St John Ambulance need to carry out an intensive audit, to ensure that all their staff comply with Australian Governor General Honours and Awards medal wearing protocols.

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