Surname: Magann
Christian Names: Barry
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Amberley
Service: RAAF
Branch: Pilot
Commencement of service: 0
Completion of service: 0
Case Notes:

Barry “Raven” Magann – “Jet Jockey” of Ashmore, Queensland.

Barry Magann claims to be a Wing Commander in the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) he is an idiot, of an idiot’s idiot. He claims to work with the Joint Operations Command, Amberley, Queensland, where he says “I fly as much as I like at my own choosing”

Magann operates a Face book site where he is also known as “Raven”. His web site is to do with designing decals and paint jobs on Military Aircraft Simulators. Here is what he has to say about himself:


Magann claims to have flown over numerous war zones. It’s a pity he can’t spell Baghdad. When you read more of his written work it becomes evident that his literary standards are nowhere near that which would be expected of a senior officer in the Australian Defence Force. It is also obvious that he creates “Contributors” to his web site to falsely corroborate his claims of being an RAAF Fighter Pilot. Here is an example:

Magann has borrowed or created the name “Matt Hall” to “prove” he is the person in the F111 Aircraft. RAAF contacts have confirmed that Magann is not known in the RAAF to have been a Pilot of any kind.  He has no RAAF Service File of any kind  and most likely no Defence Service at all.

Here are further examples of his literary skills taken from his “Raven” web site.  His spelling would be commensurate with a twelve year old child.

“Guys if you know any one that into (sic) flight simulator. Please by all mean (sic) help promote this sight (sic). So if you know of any one that would be interested please by all mean send them over so was (sic) can get there (sic) support.

Cheers Raven 

This is to Promote my own repaints for Microsoft flight simulator and any one elses (sic) textures in developmet (sic). Idea’s(sic) Sugetions (sic) or just looking for information on what to base your own textures off. I can help

lol Beleive (sic) me if you’re a local… it’s a difrent (sic)


In addition to the lies in the documents shown above, Magann further convinces his gullible forum web site members that he is an RAAF Officer with these posts:


“As you know I fly for 1 Squadron at Amberley and that takes up a lot of time. As much as My family come first. I'd have to say my flying comes first. But that's part of my life. With out work I can't support the family”

“Between Family life and working in the Royal Australian Air Force I find my self pressed for the things I love to do compared to the things that I should be doing”.


We are sure that Federal Authorities will be interested in the false Department of Defence Security Pass that Magann has created and posted a photograph of, onto his web site:


We received the following anonymous report from and interested person:

"Claims to be an aussie fighter pilot veteran of Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan to name a few. Is in the habit of photo-shopping himself in pictures, and posting them on facebook. Has created fake facebook profiles of current serving members to 'validate' his story. He has no service records - serving members were unable to find any record of him ever existing on PMKeys. If this guy wanted to fake being a fighter pilot, not sure why he decided WGCDR and a CO was a good rank/position to try and remain undetected"

A very high percentage of liars and wannabes listed on our site choose heroic roles in the Defence Force. Army is usually Special Air Service Regiment; Navy are Clearance Divers and the Air Force are often Pilots or Helicopter Door Gunners. Any long term Veteran can pick a liar and a fraud, as they lack the qualities inherent in people who served in those dangerous and demanding occupations.

Magann is an idiot of a civilian who claims the prestige of an RAAF Wing Commander who flies Jet Fighters at his choosing. In reality Magann is a frightened whimp completely lacking in the qualities required for that position. He daydreams and plans his lies and deception as all pathological liars do.

It is with great pleasure that we are able to exposure this bumbling idiot on our web site so that those people, he has "gulled", will know the truth of his Defence Force History which is zero.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

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