Surname: McMurtrie
Christian Names: Darcy James
Country: Australia
State or Province: Unknown
City or Town: Unknown
Case Notes:

Darcy James McMurtrie


Darcy James McMurtrie almost served in Vietnam as a Guard at the Australian Embassy in Saigon.

 He was posted to the Australian Embassy Guard Platoon on Army Headquarters Posting Order SVN 6/73 dated 10th January 1973.  McMurtrie did not go to Vietnam, as the Posting Order was cancelled on the 2nd March 1973, because the Australian Embassy Guard Platoon was to be recalled to Australia in June 1973.



McMurtrie will tell those who will listen that he served in Vietnam with 7th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (7RAR), and was attached to the elite Special Air Service Regiment (SASR).

A genuine, and very well known ex SASR Vietnam Veteran met McMurtrie by chance, and McMurtrie gave him a “rundown” of his Vietnam service and details of a Parachuting accident that occurred whilst attending a Free Fall Parachuting Course, that left him with a prosthetic leg.

Below is a transcript from a Statutory Declaration that we hold: inter alia

“I met a Mr Darcy McMurtrie. During discussions with Mr McMurtrie he claims to have lost a leg during a course (Military Freefall Parachute) at the Army Parachute School. I was quickly able to establish that Mr McMurtrie was not telling the truth about his accident and that he never attended such a course at the Parachute School.

In further discussions with Mr McMurtrie he also told me that he was a Vietnam Veteran and had served with 7RAR (attached to SAS) during his service in Vietnam.  He also has a private car that has a large sticker on the rear window that says “Vietnam Veteran and Proud of it””

Below is further information from the genuine Veteran:

“McMurtrie was very passionate about him having lost his leg on a parachute jump at the parachute school, even after I told him he was talking to the ex xxxxx xxxxx  of training wing, and that he had never been to the parachute school let alone done a course there.. His reply was that he had been there and has a photograph of him in his black jump suit on the course. My reply was .. there’s your answer mate.... only instructors wore black suits and students wore orange suits...”

McMurtries Service Record shows that he did attend a Basic Parachute course at the Air Support Unit Army Component between 23 January and 15 February 1974. His records do not reflect any accidents or injuries associated with that course. A Basic Parachute Course is a long way different from a Military Freefall Parachute Course.


McMurtrie did not serve in Vietnam with the Australian Defence Force and has never been attached to the Special Air Services Regiment (SASR). The last Australian Army units departed Vietnam in December 1972. McMurtries Certificate of Discharge shows no Overseas Service during his National Service from 30 September 1970 to 29 March 1972.


After being a civilian for eight months McMurtrie re-enlisted into the Australian Regular Army on the 11 December 1972.

McMurtrie continued with routine service. The last entry accessible on his file is dated mid 1982 when as a Private soldier he participated in Exercise Long Star in West Germany.

We know that McMurtrie has lied about serving in Vietnam with 7RAR attached to SASR, whether McMurtrie attended a Military Freefall Parachute course at some time after 1982 and injured his leg we don’t know, however, we do know that if he has a photograph of “himself” wearing a black jump suit during a descent it will be false.

McMurtrie is a wannabe fool who eventually told his story to the wrong person, and is now comprehensively exposed as a liar and wannabe. Because he lied about his military service his true military history is now available on this web site for all to see. Those who choose to gamble by grossly exaggerating their military history, have very high odds of joining McMurtrie and the hundreds of other liars frauds and wannabes we have exposed. Wannabes, be aware, ANZMI’s network is comprehensive and those who choose to be wannabes will eventually be exposed.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

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