Surname: MacKenzie
Christian Names: Bruce Alexander
Country: New Zealand
State or Province: South Island
City or Town: Wyndham
Service: Infantry
Branch: Army
Case Notes:

Bruce Alexander MacKenzie, of Wyndham New Zealand – Liar, cheat and wannabe

 In the south of NZ we have a pathetic man who is not as he pretends to be, nor as sick as he acts, nor as honourable as he claims.

ANZMI received information that achieved a sorrowful admission of guilt from this medal cheat and liar, who has sought sympathy, praise and honour, when he possesses none of these qualities.

According to MacKenzie, he served with the New Zealand Special Air Services (SAS) in Vietnam and on Commemorative occasions he wears medals to prove it.

The photograph shows MacKenzie wearing the following medals:

1.  General Service Medal 1918-62

2.  Republic of South Vietnam Campaign Medal

3   A green and white ribbon (no medal)

4.  Vietnam Medal

5.  SVN Cross of Gallantry

6.  Cambodian National Defence Medal

7   US Air Medal

8.  US Defence Meritorious Medal Service Medal

9.  UNDOF (UN Disengagement Observation Force Medal Israel and Syria)

10. He is also wearing SAS Parachute wings that are worn on formal occasions

He has earned none of them, and any Veteran can see that they are worn in a chaotic fashion.

An ANZMI Investigator phoned MacKenzie and requested confirmation of his Military Service. MacKenzie advised as follows: 

“He never served in any military role, in any country. He claims to have been a cadet at high school which started his interest in military matters.

His father and grandfather both served, but the medals he is seen wearing are not those of his father or grandfather.

He employed an investigator to dig into his family’s service and as a part of this managed to “obtain” copies of “some” medals and badges.

He claims not to have been aware until 2 months ago (making it after ANZAC day 2013) that one may only wear ones father’s and grandfathers’ medals on the right breast.

He is extremely apologetic and constantly reassures that he will never wear these things again.”

We believe that MacKenzie is sorry that he has been caught and not for pretending to be a returned Vietnam Veteran.

We are reliably advised that for many years MacKenzie has made ridiculous claims to his family and friends about his fake service, including;

Serving with NZ SAS in Vietnam

Rescuing Prisoners of War whilst working with United States Soldiers in Vietnam

Served with other foreign military forces

Was a prisoner of war

Has nightmare about his Military Service

MacKenzie is in the category of one who seeks solace from his family for being a damaged war veteran, when in fact he is nothing but a low down cheap chiseling con artist, only a man with no conscience would treat his family in such a way.

MacKenzie is well known in the Wyndham, Invercargill region of the South Island of New Zealand where he has peddled his lies and deceit. Having been a false hero for many years he can now suffer the consequences of his behaviour with his true “Military” history broadcast to the world.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Located in: Stolen Valour
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