Latest Cases

Latest Cases

Surname: AITKEN
Christian Names: Sam William
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Hervey Bay
Service: Australian Regular Army
Branch: Infantry
Commencement of service: 2001
Completion of service: 2004
Case Notes:


Sam William Aitken from Hervey Bay is a wannabe and liar.


According to Aitken, he had a very exciting stint with the Australian Army, however in reality, his service was all in Australia and very ordinary. He served as a private rifleman with 1st Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (1RAR) from 2001 to 2004. He had no operational service and earned no domestic or overseas medals.

Aitken claims to have been a Sniper with, 1RAR. Being a sniper is prestigious, and the new fashion for wannabes. To be one, you need to be an outstanding rifleman in a rifle platoon. At some stage in your career, if you are doing well enough, you will be able to apply for a specialist sniper course, if you get selected and pass the sniper course, you may be transferred internally within the Battalion from a Rifle Company, to Support Company, of which, Snipers are part of the Reconnaissance Platoon.

He claims to have served in East Timor in 1999, as a support asset with Special Air Service Regiment (SASR), infiltrating tactical areas via parachute.

He says he was in the army for twenty years, in particular the SASR special forces.

As a result of his war experience, claims to have been part of a Private Military Company (PMC), within the Middle East Area of Operations (MEAO), working in Iraq, Iran , Afghanistan and Africa. Boasts of killing many Arabs during his time within PMC service.

Claims to be an unidentifiable soldier in Afghanistan, shown in video war scenes in his possession.

He hunted and killed poachers in South Africa, earning $3,000 per day.

Just got back from killing insurgents in Afghanistan.

Because of his intensive service, he "gets regular medical treatment via telephone from the Army".

Aitken uses his military service, as an excuse for his bad behaviour, and also seeks solace from vulnerable woman, to whom he tells of his false war torn life.

Boasts of "having weapons, beyond belief".

He "travels regularly overseas spending significant time in the wilderness of USA and Asia".

Aitken is the epitome of a wannabe and valour thief, he served with an Infantry Battalion only in Australia, and did not complete his enlistment contract.

He has extrapolated the little he knows about military service into an heroic saga of overseas service in war zones.

We welome Aitken to ANZMI's Tactical Area of Responsibility (TAOR) where he is accompanied by hundreds of his ilk.

Surname: MOSSMAN
Christian Names: Graeme
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Ingleburn
Service: Australian Regular Army
Branch: Royal Australian Engineers
Commencement of service: 07 Sep 1976
Completion of service: 07 Sep 1999
Case Notes:


Graeme Mossman is the Honorary Secretary of the Ingleburn Returned and Services League (RSL) which is a major sub branch that is in the area of the former and historic Australian Army Base Ingleburn, NSW,

Mossman 1


Mossman wears three medals on his left breast, they are:

Australian Service Medal with first Clasp. (ASM) Entitled
Australian Defence Medal (ADM) Entitled
NSW Corrective Service Medal - NSW State medal. Not be be worn with Federal medals.

During his military service, he had some postings to the Pacific Islands, but was never deployed on overseas operational service.

He earned the first two medals, for his service, but has added the third, to increase his Federal awards by thirty three percent.

The NSW Corrective Service Award, is not approved by the Australian Governor General to be worn with Federal medals on the left breast. It is worn separately on the right breast.

Mossman 2

Mossman 3

When asked by a independent researcher about the medal, he was extremely aggressive and said that the RSL executive had approved his wearing of the medal. As he wears the medal on commemorative occasions at the RSL, that assertion could be true

We welcome Graeme Mossman aboard.

Surname: Tufrey
Christian Names: Brian Kenneth
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Yengarie
Service #: Nil
Service: Army
Branch: Claims SASR
Commencement of service: Nil
Completion of service: Nil
Case Notes:


Brian Tufrey was born in 1944.


We hold a Statutory Declaration detailing that Tufrey said, "he was a member of the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) and was involved in Black Ops, and he went on three man patrols, and they would climb Palm trees in wait for the enemy, then pop them off. He also said: " that he and his two comrades were lucky to survive what was a terrible ordeal" He added, " he should not be revealing any information as he may be recalled at anytime"

Brian Tufrey was contacted twice and spoken to by a researcher.

On the first occasion, he told the researcher that:

in 1962 at the age of eighteen years, he served as a "Sniper" with SAS, in Australian Army, and because of the exceptional secret nature of his service, he was never posted to, or served at Campbell Barracks, Swanbourne WA. His training was all done elsewhere and he could not, and would not divulge any information about it.".

Although the researcher, from experience, knew that Tufry was telling lies, due diligence proved that Tufry is a liar. Being an eighteen year old operational member of SAS and not serving at Swanbourne is ridiculous.

On the second occasion Tufry was contacted, it was put to him, that he was telling lies, and he vehemently denied that accusation and reasserted that:

"he served with SAS in 1962 and was deployed overseas on "Black Operations".

An eighteen year old serving with SASR, but not at Swanbourne, and being deployed of secret Black Ops? His story is very exciting and heroic, but simply put, he is a liar.

Here is the history of the SASR:

Australian Special Air Service Company was raised on 25 July 1957 at Campbell Barracks, Swanbourne, Western Australia (WA). It was expanded to a Regiment, and renamed Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) on 4 September 1964.

The Regiment first saw operational service on the island of Borneo in February 1965, when an SAS Squadron deployed to Brunei during the Indonesian confrontation.

He also said that:

"there are no records of his SAS service, and that details of the "Black Operations", and all of his military records were top secret and would never be released.

People from Yengarie in the Maryborough area of Queensland, may believe, that Tufry is an ex SAS Black Ops elite soldier, but it is sad, because his wife joined the conversation with the researcher, and extolled her unconditional belief, that Brian Tufrey has done all he says that he has.

The truth is that he is a liar, and the reason that files can not be located, is because they do not, and never have existed.

ANZMI lodgers quarters contain many who falsely claim to have served with the elite SASR. As a now ensconced wannabe lodger, Tufrey can spin his yarns for eternity, whilst feeling at home, with the hundreds of other liars, cheats and Valour thiefs. It is a truism that if all who claimed to have served with SASR, actually did, it would be the largest veterans association that ever existed.

Surname: Burke
Christian Names: Cameron
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: .
Service: Claims ARMY
Branch: Claims SASR
Case Notes:



ANZMI has been exposing military imposters, frauds, charlatans, medal cheats and honour thieves for about 25 years. That is a long time.

Hundreds of unscrupulous Australian and New Zealand individuals appear on this site for their deceit. The deceit is mainly for unearned public recognition, insecurity and envy of the achievements of others. We also include the “Love Rat” in this category who obtain cash, lodgings and other benefits from vulnerable ladies, who are taken in by their lies.

In the extensive time period ANZMI has operated, we are well aware that genuine military personnel, who have experienced traumatic events whilst on active service, do not relate those experiences to the general public. In particular, on social media. They do not have to.

Hence, the unfortunate evolution of military imposters and wannabees from all walks of life reported to ANZMI.

We now introduce you to Cameron Burke. He is all of the above.

We have been reliably informed from a close source, that Cameron Burke spent 3 or 4 months in the Australian Army, but departed because he could not cope with military life. He was a drop out from Recruit Training. The close source also revealed that all his military service claims are lies.



ANZMI have been investigating Burke since 2019. Evidence about Burke was fairly flimsy then, as witnesses were reluctant to come forward and provide information that could be corroborated.

That has all changed.

A number of people have now provided statutory declarations and other material to ANZMI that prove beyond all doubt that Cameron Burke is a shameless con man.

Featured below are articles where he has claimed to vulnerable ladies and others that he is a highly trained, former Captain in the Australian Special Air Service Regiment, SASR, with active service in Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia.



Below are other comments he has made on social media about his extraordinary military service.



He even claims he sat on the Afghanistan War Crimes Commission Panel.





Below are some of the claims Burke has made to numerous people, who have reported him to ANZMI over the past 18 months. He is also continuing to make these false claims to the present day.

• He served in the SASR as a Captain.
• He was a Graduate of Duntroon Military College.
• He served in Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan.
• Whilst in Afghanistan, he was wounded by an Improvised Explosive device IED and captured.
• As a wounded soldier he spent time in a Hospital in Germany.
• He was a sniper who killed 70 people. (Unusual for a Captain ANZMI comment)
• His entire team was captured.
• He killed multiple high level targets.
• He claimed he received 8-10 medals of honour.
• He is suffering severely from PTSD.
• The worst thing he had ever experienced was a mass killing of women and
children that he witnessed on a mission where Australia was "not supposed
to be there" and he was "ordered not to stop the massacre" and just watch
and report.
• He was captured after the bomb blast that rendered Luke a paraplegic and was tortured for 3 days.
• He used to parachute out of aircraft into the ocean and scuba dive into position for missions;
• He used to walk many kilometers to missions carrying heavy equipment,
which rendered his back injured and compacted his spine, so that he
became "shorter" after the military.
• His medals are with the Australian War Memorial in Canberra.
• He was a Captain, Regular Army for 8 years to 2008 and then Reserves for five years.

His lies and deceit go on and on. It is not worth expanding on the dozens of more lies that he has told to his friends and others. It does not take the matter further.

In conclusion, Cameron Burke is an incorrigible liar who will grace the pages of ANZMI for many years to come. He is a disgrace. He should be spurned by the Veteran Community at every opportunity. Ladies Beware.

Surname: Brennan
Christian Names: Bernard Charles
Country: Australia
State or Province: .
City or Town: .
Service #: A27412
Service: Royal Australian Navy
Branch: Meteorologist then Air Observer
Case Notes:


Age does not weary liars and valour thieves, they can be from seventeen to one hundred years old. Human beings like to be respectful to elders in their community, however this does not apply to people who grossly exaggerate their Defence service.

Bernard Charles Brennan was born on 1 Jul 1928 and served both as a rating and a commissioned officer in the RAN from 1946 to 1959. When interviewed about his Defence service he gave detailed information, much of which is not true.



A Producer from a film company named "100 Acts of kindness films", interviews and records stories from interesting people. One such interview was from Bernard Brennan who gave the film producer his "stories" about his RAN service.

Below is a summary of his genuine and fictitious RAN career.

"Bernie a Seaman in the RAN, in 1946, aged 17, was sent on the RAN destroyer, HMAS Warramunga, to clean up Hiroshima.
Then a few years later, he trained to be a aircraft pilot for Fleet Air Arm. He carried out bombing missions from aircraft carriers, in the Korean War. He claims to have been shot down, not once, but twice by the enemy. On the second time, he crash landed and was trapped underneath the cockpit. He was captured and tortured.

After being rescued, he was bound to secrecy by the Defence Force, for 50 years. This obligation has since expired, hence he can tell the "real stories" of his service".

Much of what Brennan has said are lies. His RAN records, do reflect thirteen years of RAN service, but do not reflect , his Korea war service as a combat pilot.

He is not listed in the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) Korea nominal roll.



His RAN records as an able seaman, in the late 1940s are in poor condition, for most other years they are readable .

Brennen claims to have been a pilot in the Korea war. The Korea war ran from Jun 1950 until Jul 1953. He also tells harrowing stories of flying Sea Furys and Fireflies in Korean, and then Sea Venoms after the war, resulting in being affected by PTSD.

As an Able Seaman in 1950, he was sent to RAAF Station Point Cook, Victoria, to learn to fly, but on 15 Aug 1950, he was deemed to have failed the training, and returned to the RAN, as an able seaman meteorologist.



On 15 Oct 1952 he was commissioned as an Acting Sub Lieutenant and posted to the below locations. He clearly never served as an able seaman pilot in Korea.



After he was commissioned he served in the following locations:



In 1954 he was sent to the United Kingdom (UK) for service and training. After his return from the UK in 1955 he was posted to 808 Naval Air Squadron, as an observer in Havilland Sea Venom aircraft.

The purpose of this entry is to ensure that Brennans history is accurate and his posterity know the true story of his service.
In any case, he did very well by being promoted, from a Seaman to a Lieutenant, but, he did not serve in the Korea war in any capacity. He has ruined his history by making outrageously false claims of heroism.

Full details of Brennan's interviews can be found here:

He is welcomed aboard the good ship ANZMI, however, for his fabrications has been demoted back to ordinary seaman.

Surname: Ellery
Christian Names: Craig
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Altona
Service: Army
Branch: Army 5/7 Infantry Battalion
Case Notes:


Craig Ellery is another St John Ambulance Officer who has embellished his medal rack. He currently carries out his duties as a St John Divisional Youth Manager, Altona. Melbourne Victoria. He is a Medal Cheat and Honour Thief.


ElleryCraig1 2021 03 05

In the above photograph, Ellery wears the following medal ribands.

1. Australian Service Medal. (ASM)
2. Defence Long Service Medal. (DLSM)

Second row.
3. Australian Defence Medal. (ADM).
4. Voluntary Medical Service Medal. (VMSM) U.K Award. Not entitled.


5. International Year of the Volunteer Medal. (IYVM) Tin medal


ANZMI received information that Craig Ellery has embellished his rack and is not entitled to wear the last two medal ribands displayed on his rack. The VMSM and the IYVM.

1. The VMSM is shown below.

ElleryCraig2 2021 02 25




The VMSM is a United Kingdom award proclaimed in 1932. It is awarded for 15 years continuous service as a volunteer for St Andrews First Aid or the British Red Cross. It is a Long Service Medal rewarding those volunteers who have served those Institutions for the required period. It is recognised in the Australian Honours and Awards system, and may be worn on the left side when awarded.

Recipients of this award are registered in the London Gazette.

Ellery is not registered in the London Gazette as a Recipient of this medal.

The last medal on his rack is the International Year of the Volunteer Medal. See below -;


International Year of Volunteers was designated for 2001 by the United Nations General Assembly. The initiative aimed at increased recognition, facilitation, networking and promotion of volunteering, to highlight the achievements of the millions of volunteers worldwide who devote their time to serving others, and to encourage more people globally to engage in volunteering.

This medal is not listed on the Australian Honours and Awards System. If worn, it is to be worn on the right breast and not mixed with or added to medals approved for wear by the Governor General on the left breast. It is a tin medal.

Ellery was contacted by a Researcher and invited to provide proof of his entitlements to the VMSM and the IYVM.

In a hostile response he stated -;

First Response

Mr. (name deleted) or whatever your name is.
I do not have to answer to you or anyone else concerning what honours and awards I possess. I know I have an entitlement to any medal I possess, so do what you will, you coward. If you care to meet me in a public forum I will be more than happy to present any documentation.
Have a good day!

Second Response

He then responded -;
You may take whatever you will from my email. The fact is I was awarded those medals from the appropriate delegates of those organisations, in Australia for my service to those organisations, in Australia. Do what you will as I don't care. This is my last message. Any messages from you or ANZMI (faceless cowards) will be deleted and blocked.

You would think that it would be a simple task to produce some supporting documentation for medals that you wear on your left breast. Any genuine medal recipient who is invited by ANZMI to provide that documentation does so. The matter is then concluded, and we congratulate them for their service.

On this occasion however, Ellery has adopted an aggressive attitude and states that he was awarded the VMSM in Australia for work he has done for those UK bodies (St Andrews First Aid and British Red Cross) in Australia.

If that is the case, why did he not just provide the evidence. He should be proud of his achievements over the 15 years he has put in to acquire the British VMSM medal, whilst not leaving Australia.

Following Ellery's belligerent response, a Researcher then contacted St Andrews First Aid, Australian Headquarters about Ellery's claims. This is their response -;

It appears that Craig Ellery was a member of St. Andrew’s First Aid Australia for a short period of time during the mid-2000s and ceased to be a member in February 2007.

Further, I can state that there is no record of Craig Ellery ever been awarded the Voluntary Medical Service Medal (VMSM) through St. Andrew’s First Aid Australia. Currently we have six members of our organisation who have been awarded the VMSM and they are listed in the schedule of approved foreign awards by the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. Craig Ellery is not one of them.

The British Red Cross, United Kingdom, were also contacted and they have no record of Craig Ellery ever being awarded the VMSM.

Ellery is a medal cheat. He has also stolen the honour of those six St Andrews First Aid personnel who have been recognised and awarded the VMSM for their dedication and loyalty.

Ellery needs to remove both medals from his rack immediately. He sets a bad example for St John Ambulance, and the young persons he mentors as a St John Divisional Youth Manager, Altona, Melbourne, Victoria.

He joins a growing list of St John Ambulance personnel who now grace the ANZMI website for their lack of credibility.

It is now abundantly clear that St John Ambulance need to carry out an intensive audit, to ensure that all their staff comply with Australian Governor General Honours and Awards medal wearing protocols.

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