Date of Entry: 01/01/20xx
Surname: McLean
Christian Names: James Ronald Charles
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Wangaratta
Service #: Not Known
Service: Army
Branch: Armoured Corps
Commencement of service: 1984
Completion of service: 2006
Case Notes:




James McLean completed many years of respected Army Service mainly in the Royal Australian Armoured Corps where he was a skilled Crewman on Armoured vehicles. After his discharge he became a Fire Fighter in Victoria and seems to have run off his tracks.

Notice that McLean is wearing on his left breast:

Infantry Combat Badge (ICB)        -  Not entitled

General Service Medal (GSM) (Imperial)  -  Not entitled

Australian Active Service Medal    -  Entitled

Defence Long Service Medal        -  Entitled

Australian Defence Medal             -  Entitled

United Nations UNTAC Medal       -  Entitled

Above, and to the right of his rack, he is wearing a newly presented National Emergency Medal. Awarded for service as a Fire Fighter, he is entitled to that medal.

His deception

The ICB is a prestigious badge awarded to  serving members of the Australian Army for service as an Infantryman in warlike operations. McLean has never served in such a roll.

The GSM is an imperial medal that McLean claims was awarded to him for service in Northern Ireland whilst attached to United Kingdom Forces during his Special Air Service Regiment service during the 1980s.  In fact McLean has never served with the SASR attached to UK Forces and never served in Northern Ireland.

We hold Statutory Declarations declaring that McLean has told people  he also spent two weeks in Somalia with SASR.  In addition he claims to have been on a solo exercise "mission"  in Bass Strait Victoria to "Retake" an oil/gas rig, however he misread the tides and drifted past the Rig and had to have his "ship" return and  pick  him up.

McLean does have a history with SASR in that he attended two selection courses, one in 1991 and another in 1992.  He failed to complete the courses and was withdrawn on both occasions.

McLean earned the Australian Active Service Medal and the United Nations UNTAC medal for Peacekeeping operations in Cambodia.  He earned the Australian Defence Medal and the Defence Long Service Medal  for completing years  of service in the Australian Army.  He earned the  National Emergency Medal for civilian fire fighting duties.

He should have been satisfied with his awards and his service, but for reasons known only to him he awarded himself an extra badge and medal.

McLean is a medals cheat, a liar, a wannabe and a fraud, he wears a prestigious badge he did not earn, a UK medal he did not earn and tells lies about having served on dangerous operations in the elite SASR.

McLean's reputation has now been sullied by his own actions.  Those who choose this path of false fame will, like McLean be exposed on this website.


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