Surname: Atkinson
Christian Names: Neil Howell
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Eaglehawk
Case Notes:

Atkinson also uses various other names, including Atkinson-Landwehr, Atchison, Achison, Landveyer, Williams, Williamson and other variations. Neil Howell Atkinson is not to be confused with Ian Atkinson, 2 RAR, Viet Nam 1967 - 1968. Ian Atkinson is a genuine veteran who served in the Australian Army and is in no way related to, or associated with the impostor featured here.

Introducing himself as a Doctor


and Vietnam Veteran, Neil Howell Atkinson became heavily involved with the "Vietnam Veterans International Reunion Melbourne 1988 Pty Limited". Somehow, he ended up as Company Secretary and represented the organisation at high levels by corresponding to various consulates and embassies seeking support for the project.

Atkinson first came to prominence in 1993 in Eaglehawk Victoria where he corresponded frequently with local newspapers concerning the plight of his "comrades in arms" Vietnam veterans and gained some credibility with genuine veterans.  Photographed left at Eaglehawk that ANZAC Day he wore the two Vietnam Medals sporting two MID's (Mentioned In Despatches) along with American and Vietnamese foreign bravery awards (see left lower photo for a more detailed shot).

Ingratiating himself with members of the VVMC (Vietnam Veterans Motorcycle Club) he earned himself a name as a "Hard Bastard" and adopted the nickname of "Claymore". A member of the VVMC saw an American citation on his wall which gave the details of horrendous action and his bayoneting/knifing of five Viet Cong guerrillas following an incident where his mate was KIA (killed in action) during an ambush.

Moving on to Castlemaine in country Victoria, Atkinson began telling people he was an MD (medical doctor) but because of an accidental death at a hospital where he worked, he had been advised to "lay low" for a few years  

He told many families of his horrific experiences in Vietnam and gained much respect throughout the local community.  Atkinson hurriedly left Castlemaine with a married woman to another location, after being charged by local police with firearms offences, and admitting himself to a psych ward allegedly in an effort to escape a charge of "Road Rage".

Atkinson has fraudulently used veteran status to further his ambitions, using several aliases to obfuscate the truth and also tells the tale that he is related to a Nazi SS officer - himself boasting membership of the Nazi Party. Reputed to give the "Heil Hitler" salute on occasion with his female partner.

In efforts to highlight Atkinson's fraud, the mass media has so far failed to find any address for him in Victoria and inquiries are being made interstate.

Given Atkinson's history and some of his rumoured and alleged exploits, it's likely he will again attempt to infiltrate the ranks of ESO's (ex-service organisations) wherever he settles next.

Atkinson's claims are all false, he is not a medical doctor and there is no record of him ever serving either in the Australian Army (ARA or CMF) or in Vietnam.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


Located in: Stolen Valour
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