Surname: McGuire
Christian Names: Mary
Country: Australia
State or Province: Tasmania
City or Town: Burnie
Case Notes:

Mary McGuire nee Entwistle claims to be a fully qualified ex British Army Nursing Lieutenant. She claims to have served in both Malaysia and Vietnam whilst still a Lieutenant in the British Army and her work was classified as "TOP SECRET". In fact her service is so secret that she claims she was never issued with a nurse's Personal Identification Number [PIN] nor a military service number - issued to every single recruit in every armed service in the free world. Her mission, that she tells everyone about, was that in Malaysia and VietNam she was required to wash and embalm all the bodies of Australian and American KIA before they were shipped home. It is known that some, but not all bodies were embalmed prior to return to Australia and these were done not by Australian or 'British' personnel, but by a US Army unit in Saigon. There were no Australian or British personnel posted to this US unit.

CPMH has been in touch with several senior members of the medical staff from the VietNam era and it has been confirmed that few Australian bodies were embalmed for transport back to Australia and that there were no British military personnel employed in Viet Nam with Australian Army medical services.

A double check of Australian and British records can not identify any British nurses that served with the Australian, New Zealand or American forces in Vietnam so Mary McGuire's secret stories, as she tells them, must be true. She continues on further to tell one and all that her service was so secret that she has never been issued with medals nor is she able to access the Department of Veterans Affairs pension services. We have it on very good authority that she has also been turned down by Legacy. 

When asked about the unit she served in and the period of time that she claims to have been in Vietnam she again states that she is unable to give out details due to the secrecy act that she signed. Unfortunately for Mary, this secrecy act, which after signing forbids any form of discussion about your work environment, is unable to stop her from verbally relating stories of her service and it is also unfortunate that she cannot disclose details of people, places and/or dates to verify her service. The other really unfortunate thing for Mary is that the 30 year secrecy act for the service she claims in VietNam is over and all serviceperson records are now available on public access through the British and Australian National Archives system. A thorough search of military records both here and in the UK have not been able to produce any evidence that Mary McGuire is even a registered nurse. 

It is known that Mary has made claims around Burnie, Tasmania, that she is a fully qualified nurse and has even offered medical advice and treatment to unsuspecting people. It is also known that this advice, given to some, was incorrect. When the stories Mary relates are questioned and tend to get a little tough to handle, she will very quickly change the subject around to involve her father, who she states was a detective with Scotland Yard before being transferred to the New South Wales police force to "straighten it out". Mary should have taken the advice that was offered to her and stopped telling her stories, but it appears she, like most who are bogus, couldn't resist continuing on with them. 

This caused her case to be referred to CPMH and after exhaustive research both in Australia and England we now have our first bogus nurse gracing the pages with all the bogus "secret service" SAS people. Not bad for a woman [who has no recorded military service or service address] who claims she can still be called up for "active" service. At her age

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


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