Surname: Walkley
Christian Names: Terrence Ralph
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Unknown
Case Notes:

In the spring edition of the newsletter, 'Over the Top' - Ringwood Victoria, Returned and Service Leagues club, included a colour photograph of a member celebrating ANZAC Day 2002 at their club rooms. Everybody knew "Terry the Pom" - he was a veteran of the British Army due to service in Borneo/Malaya and for this service he was awarded the General Service Medal, Borneo.

He had also advised anybody interested that he also had service with the Australian Army - and done a tour of duty in Viet Nam.   His vehicle bore the mandatory Viet Nam ribbons sticker and Terry had found the comfort and camaraderie particular to the Viet Nam Veteran membership of his RSL.   His active service in South Viet Nam was something that had adversely affected his health and mental well being - those close to him were concerned for his welfare.

Once the newsletter hit the streets some Viet Nam Veterans experienced warning bells.  Here was a picture of one of their own wearing his medals out of sequence.   Concerns were directed to the Executive Committee and a cursory check was completed with ANZAC House and official Military sources.    Apart from his British Army service, this charlatan had NEVER served in the Australian Army, or for that matter any branch of the Australian Defence Forces.


CPMH was contacted and liaised with the RSL.   It is known that the RSL corresponded with Terry and gave him a seven [7] day period of grace to either produce evidence to the contrary or explain his actions.

Walkley did neither.   CPMH contacted him and gave him twenty one [21] days to produce irrefutable documentary evidence of his Service in Viet Nam or apologise in writing to the Viet Nam Veteran community   [included with this correspondence was a copy of the new penalties for offences against the Defence Act 1903].  Terry has not replied to this letter either.


What should leap out to the reader is the stupidity of this individual.   Had he done the correct research he would have been aware of the precedence of wearing Active Service Medals.   The Veteran community then would not have twigged and his bogus activities would still be attracting sympathy and the encouragement of 'The Brotherhood' and his other clan of believers.

It is not known if Terry has attempted any War caused disability claims through the Department of Veterans Affairs.   It is common knowledge that DVA access this site from time to time in the interest of preserving the rights of legitimate veterans and we would encourage them to check their records to see if any such claims may have emanated.

Terry Walkley is a veteran in his own right.  Why he saw the need to embellish his status is unknown.  His obvious inaction in showing the gumption to answer all contact for his deeds has earned him a place on this site.  Had he replied to the RSL or CPMH with the appropriate apology, it would have been accepted, if he pledged to refrain from attempting to be a Viet Nam Veteran again.


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.


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