Surname: Mahoney
Christian Names: Desmond William
Country: New Zealand
State or Province: North Island
City or Town: Kaitaia
Case Notes:
Mahoney has not been seen wearing such honours and awards. It was a statement made to Veterans claiming that he was one of them that stamps him as a liar and wannabe, assuring him of “Permanent Resident” status.   Des Mahoney had never dragged on a boot in any Army so, as a perennial civilian, he will remain here on our “Cases” page no matter what.   He likes to sue people and has threatened the person who exposed him with legal action, this is a standard procedure adopted by wannabes when confronted. At time of publication, we understand that this legal action will not be taking place.
Had Mahoney been just another Joe Blow telling a few warries at the Club bar over a few drinks, he would not have been investigated and his story would not be here for all to read but he is a very public figure and was a mayoral candidate for the Far North District Council in New Zealand.
His claims of Veteran status are deemed to have been made in an effort to elevate himself in the eyes of his fellow constituents for personal and monetary gain.
Because New Zealand Veterans did all the hard work on this case, perhaps we should let their statements and gathered news reports tell the Des Mahoney story.

N A T I O N A L   N E W S   S T O R Y   


Lying mayoral candidate blames bad advice over beers

27 August 2004

A former Kaitaia mayoral candidate says he lied about serving in Vietnam after some bad advice over a few beers.

Des Mahoney, of Kaitaia, has also revealed he was declared bankrupt in 1995.

Mr Mahoney admitted he lied about fighting in Vietnam when he applied to join the Kaitaia Returned Services Association.

Far North District Council candidate Ross Miller, who lives near Kaitaia, highlighted the application as Mr Mahoney was seeking election as mayor.

Mr Miller believed a person standing for "high public office" should not attempt to portray himself as something he was not.

After the allegations on Tuesday, Mr Mahoney quit the mayoralty race but denied any connection between the allegations and his resignation.

He said he made the decision to quit a week ago for family reasons.

Yesterday he said he regretted lying about serving in Vietnam, and that his wife had not known he had lied. Mr Mahoney also said he had been declared bankrupt in 1995 over a $6000 debt and had been discharged from that bankruptcy in 1998.

The decision to lie about Vietnam came after some bad advice over a few beers.

"We all used to drink with a couple of the guys... it was 'just do this'.    "I regret it, I do honestly regret it." Mr Mahoney has claimed he has leukaemia and said the stress of the past few days had made him tired.  He was reluctant to discuss the illness.   "I know that I have got the terminal cancer, but everybody's number is going to come up. I wish that it had come up yesterday, to be honest." Mr Mahoney said he would be staying in Kaitaia after the furore of the past few days.  

nb:  Mr. Mahoney refused requests to allow his medical records to be viewed with regard to this claim of suffering from Leukaemia.

The Northland Age news articlehere


Membership card of the RSA, New Zealand



This [above] apology was offered and we believe some people may have accepted it but Desmond William Mahoney was never in the Military in New Zealand or Australia, so we again refer you to the information on our “Info” page.   He is here on our site and here he will stay.

As of publication date, Mahoney’s offer to donate his refundable candidacy fees to a very worthy Veteran’s cause has been rejected.

If you haven’t already read our story on Brigadier Jody Castle, please scroll further down our “Cases” page for a brief insight into another KIWI wannabe who went too far with his charades. There is a lot more to come from our New Zealand compatriots on the “Brigadier”.   Come back soon for updates on him and others.

31st Aug 2010

Desmond William Mahoney –  Kaitaia New Zealand -Update

Veterans have long memories; there is not one of them who has forgotten the experience of war.  They also have long memories when in comes to those who steal their honour. 

In 2004 Desmond Mahoney of Kaitaia, New Zealand was a Mayoral candidate who claimed to have served three tours of duty in Vietnam with the New Zealand Army until it was disclosed in the local newspaper that he was a liar a cheat and a wannabe.

Desmond William Mahoney is again running for public office in the Kaitaia area. Before casting a vote constituents from that area should be well aware of this man’s history as a fraud, liar and wannabe.

Veterans do not forget and will not forgive those who steal their honour

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.


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