Surname: McCarthy
Christian Names: Paul Warren
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Shoalwater Bay
Case Notes:



Paul Warren McCarthy was born in Sydney in 1964, spent his youth in Sydney, Armidale and Rockhampton.  McCarthy has operated in those areas, as well as areas in South Brisbane, and tried to set up a Cadet Unit in Northern New South Wales. Also we must not forget Tara in South Western Queensland. extract of Police report here


 8 Jun 2008



In the ninety’s, McCarthy became linked with the Armidale Historical Unit Light Horse, but had an address in Woodridge, Queensland,  from which he operated a Cadet Unit under the name of the 12/16 Lighthorse Troop. This is in fact, a registered business, having been begun in 1993. association extract Office of Fair Trading, Queensland . McCarthy was refused re-admission to The Lighthorse Association, with whom he had been associated, in 1994 letter of expulsion here . The Lighthorse Association refuses to be recognized as affiliated with the cadet unit, and the 2nd Lighthorse Beenleigh Troop makes it clear that it is in no way associated with McCarthy’s cadet outfit newspaper article here .

            The Armidale Lighthorse group, with which McCarthy was associated, were themselves, not associated with The Lighthorse Association, but they linked with McCarthy’s group to run a “military style” pony club, with McCarthy as the strict “military style commander.” extract of letter from Australian Light Horse Association 

            McCarthy has also been known to have registered the “Armidale Historical Unit Light Horse Cadets Alpha Company Incorporated” as a Queensland business Certificate of Incorporation . He has also been known to use the names “1st Logan Regiment, Australian Light Horse Cadets”, the “2nd Veresdale Regiment, Australian Lighthorse Cadets”, and “5th S.A. Regiment , Australian Light Horse Cadets.  . He has also recorded 6 Squadron, Yeronga ALHC list of Associations named

            McCarthy has always been able to associate some of the parents of the cadets into “important” roles in the troop, using their involvement as a defence for his behaviour.

            From this group, McCarthy took a large number of Cadets to a meeting on the Australia Day Weekend of 1992 to a property near Batlow, N.S.W. This troop included children aged from 8 years old to 17 years old. The language and treatment of the children by McCarthy and his “NCO’s [non-commissioned officers] brought a barrage of complaints from other adults attending the proceedings of the weekend, with McCarthy kicking children and using unsuitable language to them. His attitude of punishing an 8 y.o. girl brought him into argument, when he was forcing this young child to act out punishment at 11 PM at night.   McCarthy tried to force the children not to talk to other adults, for fear they may tell stories, like one 17 y.o. girl who complained that the second in command had had night time conversations with her on the subject of masturbation. witness statements here  


            McCarthy’s life has been perhaps interesting. In 1987 he owned and operated a security company in Rockhampton Qld., when he was convicted of assault and possession of handcuff offences police file here  .    In 1992, he fired a Mauser rifle in the area of Marsden Qld., whilst showing children that the rifle was “capable of killing.”  . He was convicted of firearms possessions, and his licence to carry firearms was rebuked.  He did not need the licence for his security position anyway, since he had lost that licence in 1990 because he was of “unsuitable fame and character.”  . He had threatened to shoot his de facto wife on that occasion. The police report shown here should be read in full as it characterizes the dangerous nature of McCarthy and reiterates the fact that this person should have no dealings with children of any age.  In 1995, he faced charges of Passport offences, having signed a passport whilst posing as an Army Officer. He was charged with unauthorized use of emblems of rank  newspaper reports here . McCarthy has also been convicted with use of Army Insignia. He also uses copies of Army-like number plates, #92 11278 number plates.

            This brave man once gave his employment as a jockey occupation details on Police Child Exploitation sheet , however, he also was also convicted of cruelty by starving his own horses. In 1995, he was charged with such by the RSPCA for treatment to his 10 horses.  McCarthy blamed the drought for his registered pacers having to eat tree bark newspaper article on animal cruelty .

            McCarthy became a born-again Christian, but was asked to leave when it was found he was getting too friendly with the children.  At another time and another group, he was asked to leave because he was extracting sexual favours from a woman who attended the group for counseling.   as indicated and parents should be warned to keep children away from this person and seek reputable, Army approved, authorized and run cadet Units for their children to attend. If unsure of the cadet unit your child is attending a phone call to the nearest Army barracks can confirm if the unit is legitimate or not..

            He has been married once extract of Police statement  , however, he leaves a trail of five de facto’s behind him, most of whom have complained of assault    extract of Police report here         McCarthy promoted himself to the rank of Lieutenant with his Woodridge Cadets at “Romany Barracks”, having various other ranks of women and men to assist him with his troop.  In 1992, McCarthy was charged after a “field trip” to a block of land he owned at Tara, because he washed an 11 y.o. girl with  kerosene to rid her of ticks. He totally undressed this child and washed between her legs, despite the presence of a number of women trying to do the task extract of Police report here  . McCarthy was released because the case was faulted through a technicality of the evidence. The magistrate stated that he believed McCarthy guilty of the action, although he had to release him on technicalities newspaper article .

                        McCarthy lost an association he had with The Lighthorse Association Ltd., in 1994,  Lighthorse Association letter here. They advised McCarthy that they did not feel that children 6-17 y.o.  should be dressed with military attire, and slouch hats with plumes. They advised that they knew of his “commanding officer” status and advised their knowledge that his unit did not contain a “superior officer”.  McCarthy's cadet unit also does not have the approval of the Australian Army or a Army recognized/authorized cadet officer who is answerable to the Defence Force for the training of military cadets.

            McCarthy has registered a business incorporated in Brisbane to which he attaches Australian Regular Army connotations, uniforms, assumed discipline and ritual. He has used Army rank and logos out of context and allays to have just privilege for their use.  His use of military uniforms, rank insignia and military badges/crests/equipment is totally illegal.

            Paul Warren McCarthy makes parents of the children whom he conducts as a “cadet unit” affiliate with him, giving them positions so that they do not recognize the danger that he poses to those children. He uses “lieutenants” who have often been recognized with problems in their dealings with children.

            One of his former cohorts was convicted of offences against children, and another of those cohorts is currently serving time for paedophile activities, as well as for incestuous activity. These cohorts will most likely deserve their own page on this site and will be treated on their own merits here at CPMH at a later date.

            Promotion for McCarthy came at his own behest and timing, and he was into cadet meetings in the South East corner of Brisbane, although Captain McCarthy did venture to Griffith N.S.W. before continuing in the south of Brisbane area.

            McCarthy appeared on A Current Affair in 1999 and tried to scare the legal words out of those who spoke against him, with one of his Lieutenants, who also claimed to be a legal document server, as his legal advisor letter of demand . He, too, is currently under scrutiny from CPMH for wearing medals and decorations he is not entitled to.  There will soon be a page dedicated to this person also.

            Timor was a major event for McCarthy and some of his cohorts.

            McCarthy decided that he could become a self-made hero if he took some of his cadets to West Timor to hand out medical supplies, and to request/beg supplies and money from Australian societies. It is amazing that those societies were prepared to assist with the opposition that the area posed to those serving ARA [Australian Regular Army] troops.

            McCarthy, then a self-promoted “Major” also made the A Current Affair program in response to the complaints of some minors whom he had sent "on duty” in West Timor. It should be noted here that McCarthy took the children to the west side (Indonesia) of Timor, at a time when Australian troops had been activated in East Timor on a Peace-keeping/enforcing mission. This mission involved Australian troops patrolling the eastern side of Timor, carrying live ammunition, and in a state of readiness to return fire if attacked by militants from the western side of Timor, where McCarthy had taken the children. The following is from a person he had recruited for so called employment in Timor, and who were admitted as a cadet after their selection to McCarthy's bogus and dangerous program in West Timor.    Please read the whole statement and you will then gather a better insight to the non caring nature of Paul McCarthy and his cohorts for the welfare of people in his charge. Not only did he take people to the wrong side of the border, he forced them to wear a uniform that could well have seen injury or death afforded to these children. statement by a "recruited" volunteer

            For this "Aid" purpose, a new section of his cadet corps was formed called the Overseas Community Aid.   A department claimed to be of the “Department of Australian Light Horse Cadets Inc (A.L.H.C.F.O.C.A.) As per the statement shown above the children involved were "recruited" and "trained" to be qualified medical representatives, with the course commencing on 27 February 2001 and they appear to be fully qualified and "in Country" [West Timor] on 14 March.  However, read on in the following statement by "Major" Paul McCarthy where he states that the two new medical representatives are "experienced" in overseas trips/postings. programme for team 6 . With this title, the cadet unit made a number of trips to West Timor with cadets travelling in civilian clothes and then becoming uniformed in Australian/American  type uniform, as worn by the Peacekeeping troops in East Timor when they got to Denpasar, an action that placed those cadets in threat of action from Indonesian military or Indonesian authorities.

            McCarthy took the right on himself to make contact with the Consulate of the Republic of Indonesia, arranging visas for the cadets and requesting special treatment for them in their movements  . When one of the cadets had Visa problems, McCarthy had no problems in writing a note to the Konsulat R.I. [Consulate of the Republic of Indonesia], Greg Vickery, requesting that he sort the problem out, in March 2001. He signed the note “Paul. X Thank You.” McCarthy letter to Indon Consulate .

            McCarthy took another title at this time, in that he became the Senior Medical Officer for the Cadet troop, and he sought assistance from cadets who were promoted to the unofficial and unauthorized status of medical aides. It appears for such a promotion, you do not need further medical knowledge, just the assumed status.

            It was with this Overseas Community Aid agenda that he had recruited two of the cadets who caused McCarthy to star in the 2001 program of A Current Affair. That recruitment had taken place through the Crestmead [a southern Brisbane suburb] Community Association Inc  . This association assisted with 3 persons who were accepted as cadets after their acceptance. This association was also required to raise funds towards the airfares for these persons  .

            These youths were advised that they would be issuing medical drugs in West Timor, and were required to carry as hands luggage, items of medicines and vials, assumed to be medicines. These supplies would contain cold & flu tablets, aspirin and various other medications, which was somewhat surprising, since McCarthy, the “Co-Ordinator Food and Medical” , had advised that removal to West Timor had to be hastened due to “an outbreak of Malaria and Dysentery.” Malaria and Dysentery advice letter .

            Upon arrival in West Timor, these youth handed the “hand-luggage” medicines to their superiors, along with envelopes containing money.

Here again, McCarthy broke the law, by issuing Australian Light Horse Cadets Regimental ID Cards for these cadets, by placing a copy of the official ADD [Australian Defence Department] “Rising Sun” on the documents, along with the advice of duty stating; “Medical Corps.” The unprofessional manner in the way McCarthy conducts himself can be plainly seen here where a supposed "Official" Identity Card is hand written for a member travelling overseas on duty. Identity Card here.      Some concern here was indicated by the Department of Defence about the use of Military badges but again one has to ask the question why charges for this have never been brought against McCarthy or his bogus cadet organisation. 

            At this time, a “begging letter” was sent to societies and businesses, stating that McCarthy was leading a troop of cadets to Kupang, West Timor, administering to the West Timor camps. This document  stated that: “Captain McCarthy is the senior medical officer, overseeing 6 West Timor camps, and is responsible for 1485 families.”  McCarthy had also created a website, asking for assistance for his “official” aid programme. Since being exposed on Australian National Television this site is now closed.  CPMH managed to capture the site the day after the TV interview but was not quite quick enough to capture the images.  He must have been working very fast to close it down. Timor Aid site here         

            McCarthy’s troop also was aware that they had to cause an end to the Timor Crisis, because this document exhorted: “To ensure that this crisis is not long-term it is important that infrastructure be rebuilt enabling the East Timorese refugees to return to their homes in safety.” Of course this unenlightened advice exhorted towards money to build either East or West Timor.

            McCarthy’s cadets were issued with instructions for their visit that included time allowed to start a game of soccer to get the Timorese children to trust them, and allowed time for such contact for a number of days. It also advised that they would wear certain uniforms that included “your fatigue pants [a like reproduction of the Australian Army disruptive pattern trousers worn by troops in East Timor], boots and your medical T – Shirt & hat.” These were for use at “Camp Kesenian.” He advised their attitudes, remarking that they were both experienced in overseas trips (postings). . That advice was signed “Regards…   Major Paul McCarthy. SENIOR MEDICAL CORPS- ALHC.” here 


            The United Nations Transitional Authority in East Timor put out a security warning regarding McCarthy advising both East and West Timor of the suspected entry of McCarthy into the area. It advised that he illegally wore Army uniforms and had raised the ALHA cadet unit in Australia, however, that unit was not sanctioned by the ARA [Australian Regular Army] Cadets.

            This advice stated that no member of the UNAET was to render this individual any assistance at all, and that it should be recognized that this individual was able to create potential damage,posing as an ARA [Australian Regular Army] person being in West Timor, an area out of duty of the Australian Army Peacekeeping Forces.  Hence, whilst Australian Regular Army Forces were at combat readiness in East Timor, McCarthy breached their security by having his cadets in Australian Army uniform, working in West Timor, an opposing territory. United Nations Security Warning

            Two cadets who had gone to West Timor with McCarthy appeared on A Current Affair in 2001, complaining of the threat to their integrity posed by the rigid instructions that they wear uniform in a hostile environment. These youths were advised by the Army and Police not to wear their uniforms as it was dangerous, however, McCarthy continued to insist they wore Australian Army style uniforms in West Timor again indicating McCarthy's unsavoury attitude for the welfare of children entrusted to his care. section of cadet statement .

            In that programme, one person interviewed stated that McCarthy was interested in instructing children to use and discharge  firearms, no matter the age of the children, and no matter the type of firearm.

            McCarthy had thought that he had planned well. He supplied one girl cadet a letter for her employer, advising that she would be employed as a medical aid in the East Nusa Tenggara Timor region. It relates her posting with the cadet unit, adding that the cadet unit “is the only active serving unit in the West Timor Region.” [West Timor was a restricted area of no access to Australian personnel and could create hostilities if confronted with Indonesian led troops]  .  This letter noted the employer’s ability to allow the trip and also exhorted more assistance in the way of “aid.” Letter to employer here

            The cadets who went on this trip, found a newspaper report that the aid program had finished, even before they had left Brisbane. extract of statement here .

            Those youths felt that before they had left Australia, at an information session, McCarthy had continually made references to the way things were done in Timor in the form of Army and military circles. extract of statement .

            Those cadets also found that they were required to pay back-rent in their place of residence. They found out, only too well, about McCarthy’s failure to pay bills and wages, although he had requested monies from sponsors in Australia  . According to facts they gave, these youths felt they were never given a correct and legal agenda of employment  , and they felt that their security was endangered, by appearing in “Australian like” pattern uniforms in the Western side of the Timorese border. statement about rent and wearing of uniforms

            Paul Warren McCarthy had made himself a hero at great expense to others, and at a great threat to ADF personnel. He had defrauded in military claims, visa claims and claims of being a Medically trained person.  making statements of being medically trained caused great distress to the International Red Cross Organisation, however to this date it would appear that no action has been taken by them to pursue or charge McCarthy for falsifying his medical qualifications.   It is amazing that to this time, the Federal Government agencies have watched on, without taking any form of action against his illegal use of uniforms, rank and status, and operating on the “hot” side of the Timor border.  One wonders if war had been declared if McCarthy would have been classed as a traitor for operating on the wrong side of the "fence".

            McCarthy came home from Timor, claiming hero status. He claimed that he had been given a “Governor’s Award”, despite the security risks that he posed to Australian and UN forces. He claimed this for saving the life of a 1 yr. old boy, whose life he supposedly had saved from his fictitious medical and Army training,  of which he has none. newspaper article here

            McCarthy appears to be very forthright, however, one wonders if his contacts are his protection, since he has continually broken laws relative to military uniforms, rank and insignia, he has continually played with laws relative to consular activities, and no Federal action has been put to him.   He is also listed in police reports as a possible paedophile.  This is not a favourable background for a man involved with children in a cadet unit.......especially a non military approved unit.

            From his suspect service in Timor, McCarthy gave himself further military rank, and wore a Timor medal before they were distributed. He is NOT ENTITLED to wear any military medals for which he claims the right of wearing on his left breast.   This act also is a chargeable federal offence against the Defence Act. McCarthy in uniform with unauthorised medals   A list of the medals McCarthy wears is shown at the end of this page.

            In 2000, McCarthy visited the local newspaper printers for Logan in Southern Brisbane, demanding attention and response to his demands.McCarthy claimed that he was the current Federal Member for Forde, and eventually punched the reporter who did not pay him enough attention. The REAL Federal Member for Forde, Mrs. Kay Elson found this out when she was approached regarding charges of assault about to be laid on the “member.”

            Mrs. Elson is a Liberal Member who has a strong affiliation with the veteran community, and who would never make such demands. CPMH is aware that McCarthy is a current member of the National Party of Australia, and possibly may be claiming or using their help to make such claims.  has McCarthy received political assistance to avoid federal charges relating to his activities?  Only time will tell after relevant parties read this story on the internet.

            McCarthy has a consistent form of “modus operandi”. He moves into an area, contacting school officials so that he can get them to approach parents and their children for him. Then he affiliates with the parents, promoting them to positions where he hopes they will not be able to watch his activities too closely.  McCarthy has formerly actively campaigned for children from 6 to 17. see newspaper advertisement here    Is there a hidden adjenda here?   A police report shown on these pages alludes to paedophilia and it is a known fact that one of his "lieutenants is currently in jail for assaulting children and incest.

            This is the protocol which he used prior to the last Federal Election in 2001, in the towns of Albury and Wodonga, however, when he found that his background was to be checked, he disappeared from the region.

            If McCarthy, or his cohorts, approach a school or school officials near you, wanting to set up a “cadet unit” for the local children, be advised that he has NO affiliation with any part of the  Australian Defence Organisation, or the Australian Light Horse Association and that he will pray upon those children and adults who become involved.  Your best defence against this person is to immediately contact your local police and refer them to this site to see all the information displayed on his modus operandi.  Protect your children and do this immediately he invades your neighbourhood and schools.

            This man has a strong police profile as shown on these pages and any person or section of the community approached by him may be in immediate danger. he holds no qualifications to conduct a cadet unit and is not qualified to instruct anyone in any form of military training.  You have seen here what he does with weapons and is not, by law, able to obtain a weapons licence.  Treat him with prejudiced contempt and notify Police or Defence Department officials in your local area of his activities immediately you become aware of his existence in your neighbourhood.

McCarthy proudly wears the following medals on his left breast. 

The South African War Service medal

The Cadet Forces Medal  

Efficiency Decoration

and not shown in the photograph of him on the site, The Timor medal.

The wearing of these medals is a federal offence against the Defence Act.


Paul Warren McCarthy is a fraud and is not entitled to any medals at all. 

Paul Warren McCarthy is a fraud who has no entitlement to wear the a uniform, badges of rank, or any form of Military identification that can associate him with any part of the Australian Defence Force. 

Paul Warren McCarthy has never been a serving regular member of the Australian Defence Force.

Paul Warren McCarthy is a fraud who holds no qualifications to conduct any form of Military training for children wishing to belong to the Australian Defence Force Cadet Corps.

Paul Warren McCarthy is not sanctioned or authorised by the Defence Force to conduct any form of military type training for minors.

Paul Warren McCarthy is not a qualified medical practitioner and was therefore in contravention of the International Red Cross by practicing, unqualified,  in West Timor.  It is believed that the International Red Cross is conducting its own investigation into his activities, from which charges should be laid.

Parents of children who express a keen interest to be a part of the Australian cadet corps can call any Military Barracks for information on their nearest, Military approved, cadet unit.  CPMH encourages all parents to make this call and to then enroll your child/children in an approved cadet unit.   Not only is the cadet unit a good learning environment for your children but it may also give them an insight into a good life long career of which several outstanding Generals and later state Governors have evolved from.   A career in the Defence Force can stem from this first initial contact and your child can later in life say that he proudly served this nation and it all began from being a cadet in a properly organised and approved Military Cadet unit.

Parents of children wishing to join an authorized cadet unit should remain alert to the activities of this person.  He can and will appear in any area without warning and attempt to have you believe that he is genuine.   According to all reports shown here on this page this person and those that associate with him and his bogus cadet corps should not be considered as people who should be around children.    Read between the lines and see if you can see a hidden adjenda for his wanting to be with children.  This person does not hold regular employment but appears to dedicate his life to being with children.........your children, who deserve your protection from the likes of people like Paul Warren McCarthy who prey on their vulnerability to believe the lies that he teaches them in his cadet unit.

See here for more information relating to McCarthy and his activities.

See here legal threat made by McCarthy to The Australian Light Horse Association and their answer to him.   It should be noted here that the threat of legal action is made by one of McCarthy's Lieutenants.  This person is a genuine Viet Nam Veteran also wearing medals he has no entitlement to and will appear on his own page on CPMH soon. here  Being a genuine Veteran CPMH is offering him the chance to contact us with an explanation of his bogus medals once he is informed that he is on the site in association with McCarthy.

See here for Police Correspondence regarding McCarthy's activities

Judge for yourself if this is a responsible person that should have access to your children in his cadet unit or if he should ever be allowed to own a weapon again.


            Those persons who have served their country in either war-like or peace keeping activity role learn a common bond, and they would always be prepared to do their duty for their Country.

            This role extends to the people of the Nation, in that, Veterans were/are prepared to fight to ensure the safety and freedom of those who earn or deserve that freedom.

            Veterans generally, will not accept that children should be dumped on, as that is what they have been prepared to suppress.  Persons who carry out such actions become another enemy to those men, and they can expect the force of Veterans to retaliate to  them whenever possible.

            Similarly, the members of ANZMI will not accept such activity as any form of proper behavior and will, with a tenacity, work to stamp out any  such person from claiming any form of assumed Veteran status or affiliation with the proper Australian Defence Organization.

            To that aim, ANZMI will continue investigations relevant to false claims of military allegiance into the cohorts and supporters of this Wannabe, Paul Warren McCarthy.


5th Sep 2009

Paul Warren McCarthy


McCarthy is still playing around the edges of the Australian Defence Force. His latest Peccadillo was to pretend he was an ex Navy Cook with fifteen years experience and get himself employed on the recent joint Australian, United States Military Exercise, “Talisman Saber” in the Shoalwater Bay area of Queensland.

He was employed as a Civilian Cook, by a subcontracting firm however McCarthy true to form was just pretending, and if you are a “crook Cook” then proof of the pudding is in the eating.  McCarthy as a Cook was incompetent.

A quick investigation by Exercise security services soon revealed McCarthy’s less than salubrious past and he was removed from Defence Force land and sacked by the civilian sub contractor. 

McCarthy is a walking disaster who likes to hang around uniforms.  He has a history of Con man activities. It would be better for him and everyone else if he would simply drift into obscurity and try and find an honest occupation commensurate with his skills.


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.

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