Surname: Polgar
Christian Names: Louis Henry
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Fern Tree Gully
Case Notes:


Louis Henry Polgar and Hendrik Winjhots are good mates and have become known as Thelma and Louise as they do everything together.  Right down to and including concocting fictitious active service.  Both of them frequent several Returned and Services League's in Victoria, but the following information might just see them removed from these clubs because of their lies about Service

Louis Polgar

Hendrik Wijnholts

POLGAR   (Deceased)

An ex Regular Army soldier, Louis Henry Polgar served with 183 Independent Recce Flight in Lae, Papua New Guinea (PNG) for two years from 1971 to 1973 as a Royal Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineer (RAEME) technical clerk in the rank of Craftsman (Private).  Louis enlisted for six years on 11 Feb 1970 and was discharged 10 Feb 1976.  His only posting overseas was to PNG.  

Photographed wearing the Australian Active Service Medal with clasp "VIETNAM" at the Bayswater, Victoria, Australia, Returned and Services League at an ANZAC day Commemorative parade (alongside his legally awarded Australian Service Medal with clasp PNG (for non-warlike operations) in April 2005 Louis was sent the CPMH initial contact letter.


 Louis chose not to respond to our letter and has sealed his fate by having his details permanently stationed on our website.  Of interest, during the period he was under investigation, his father was exposed as an alleged Nazi collaborator who persecuted Jews during WW2.   See below 

Of interest in this article Louis claims that the Federal Police had investigated him re wearing illegal medals and that the matter had been "cleared up".  A follow-up with the newspaper staff who printed the story alleges that the Federal Police never spoke to Louis at all.   So what is the story?  

The medals depicted above are the AASM with clasp, Vietnam and the ASM with clasp PNG.  He is entitled to the ASM only

Having been provided the opportunity to defend/deny any of the accusations levelled at him, and blatantly ignoring same has earned Louis permanent fame on this site. Of interest, he keeps regular company with the next member of our "rogues gallery" Mr. Rick WIJNHOLTS - these two regularly attend the Boronia, Bayswater and Belgrave/Upwey RSL's in outer Eastern Victoria and have earned the dubious nickname of serial bogus veteran status as "Thelma and Louise".


Membership details at two RSL's show different units allegedly served with in the then CMF (Citizen Military Forces) in the 1960's.

 Physically observed wearing miniature Vietnam medals at RSL functions Rick the "Railway Man" was also sent the initial CPMH letter and chose to ignore it.

 Numerous Statutory Declarations, two of which are shown below,  attest to this man posing, telling tall tales of Vietnam service and its psychological damage done to him.  Once the reader absorbs all of his swill it is envisaged a bucket will be required.

These two "Travelling Willbury's" need to be physically removed from any veteran's circles.

The day the National body of the RSL passes down the edict of "Any member found to be illegally wearing medals/posing as a veteran (when not) shall have their membership cancelled for LIFE" - cannot come soon enough.

 12 Sept 2007

The Chief Executive Officer of the Victorian Branch of the Returned & Services League of Australia chose to believe a lying skunk of a wannabe over the word of two Vietnam Veterans. The Veterans statements were on signed Statutory Declarations. (See our original report).  Both veterans are members of the RSL and we are sure they are disgusted with this intolerable approach the RSL has towards Wijnholts and wannabes in general.

 Two veterans have stated on Statutory Declarations that Wijnholts has committed offences against the Defence Act that have penalties of up to $3,300 and six months jail or both. Wijnholts, by his actions of wearing Vietnam medals shows that he is a dishonest fool worthy of being charged with offences. Why would anyone be so gullible to believe anything he utters - He is a liar and a dishonourable blackguard and should not rub shoulders with genuine Veterans in an RSL Club.   


According to the letter, Wijnholts maintains he has never claimed to have served in Vietnam, that is a damn lie. On the 25th April 1997 he was seen wearing miniature Vietnam medals by two veterans, one veteran spoke directly to him on this occasion requesting that he remove the medals.  It is also known among Wijnholts workmates that he was thought to be a "damaged" Vietnam Veteran because he had told them that he was.  

We urge Victorian sub branch members to bring this matter to the attention of their executives so that it is made known to the Victorian State Branch, Chief Executive Officer that his action is intolerable and Wijnholt should not be allowed membership of any RSL anywhere anytime.

Expel him with ignominy


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

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