Surname: Mealey
Christian Names: John Alexander
Country: Australia
State or Province: WA
City or Town: Bunbury
Service: Army
Branch: Transport
Case Notes:

John Alexander MEALEY

 DOB 28/06/1949, of Bunbury, 5717049 was a National Serviceman who was officially posted to the SAS Regiment on the 1st August 1970 as an ECN T109 Driver till his discharge on completing his 2 years of service. Read why he appears on this page

Mealey commenced his two years of National Service on the 2nd October, 1969 and was posted to 2 Recruit Training Battalion for his basic army training. He was then posted to 3 Training Battalion on the 10th December 1969 where he completed his Infantry Corps training.

On the 23rd March 1970 he was posted as an ECN 343 Rifleman to attend the 3/70 Basic SAS Training Cadre which ran from 08th April to 13th May 1970 as the first phase of qualifying as an SAS Trooper. Those that completed and passed phase one would go on to do phase two, the Basic Static Line Parachute course which would qualify them as an SAS Trooper and the right to wear the SAS Sandy Beret and SAS Badge.

Mealey failed the first phase before the cadre was completed and attended an Army Trade course known as a Driver T 109 which qualified the person to drive a number of types of army vehicles. He completed this course on the 19thJune 1970 and was formally posted to Base Squadron SAS Regiment as a Driver ECN T 109. He was with Base Squadron till his discharge from the army on the 30th September 1971.

 NOTE.   ECN.....Employment Category Number.... A method of classification of various employments within the Australian Military system.

In the South Western Times, dated Thursday May 2, 2002 a photo appears of Mealey marching on ANZAC Day with a group of qualified ex SAS members in Bunbury. He is wearing the coveted SAS Sandy beret which he is not entitled to wear as he failed the basic SAS course.

He was last seen wearing the beret on the 29th April 2007 at Subiaco Oval. This was part of the 50th Anniversary of the SAS Regiment prior to the Len Hall AFL commemorative game starting between the Fremantle Dockers and Adelaide. Members of the SAS Association marched around the oval whilst 44 Army cadets marched onto the oval, each carrying a flag depicting the SAS coat of arms in remembrance of the 44 members of the regiment who were killed on duty.

The Len Hall AFL commemorative game was started by the Fremantle Dockers as a tribute to the last West Australian World War 1 Gallipoli Veteran who later passed away on the 24th February 1999, aged 101.

Mealey is the second National Service person to be exposed as falsely wearing the SAS beret when not entitled to do so. Though he is not claiming to be a veteran he is by wearing the SAS beret showing his lack of loyalty or respect to serving and ex-serving members of the SAS Regiment as well as those that have fallen on active service or in training that did the hard yards to earn the right to wear the beret.   Members of the SAS Regiment as well as the members of the SAS Association must be wondering how this could be happening. Surely the credentials of anyone applying must be checked out especially for an elite unit such as the SAS. We know he is a member of the WA Branch and it will be interesting to see if the WA Branch of the SAS Association will expel this fraud or keep him on in their Association as they have with Dennis Liddelow who also appears on our site.

Is the SAS Association no better than a number of RSL branches that are mentioned on this site for failing to check the credentials of members they have let into their branches and occupy high positions in their branches.

A number of wannabes claiming SAS or Special Forces service appear on our site and after Mc Gibbon was caught out we would have thought the SAS Association would have carried out a back ground check on all its members.

20th Dec 2010

Well we finally have an update from a disgruntled member of the SAS Association to advise us what has been done by the WA Branch in regard to John Mealey and Dennis Liddelow who were both National servicemen and posted to the SAS Regiment and appear on our web site. The WA Branch Committee has taken it upon itself to form a Disciplinary Sub-Committee and accept apologies from Mealey and Liddelow on behalf of the WA Branch and the SAS Regiment

It is obvious that the WA Branch Committee is a law onto itself and does not keep its members informed of what is occurring and appear to be covering up the fact that two of its members appear on our web site.. The future will tell what effect that will have on its membership.

When a person appearing on our web site submits an apology our criteria is set out below.

1.     They offer a written apology to the veteran community at large, and
2.     They offer a written apology to their unit/ship/muster
3.     The offended Veterans accept the apology. 

The apology must be accepted by all, not a few.

One must assume the committee knows that number of its members and the unit would not accept their apology, thus the reason for the way they handle things.

They will remain on our web site for eternity and we will be adding updates as members of the public report any other information to us.

Subject Mealey and Liddelow on your web site.
This is to advise you that on the 29th August 2010, the WA Branch of the Australian SAS Association held an Annual General Meeting. A member of the committee put forward two motions to have Mealey and Liddelow who both appear on your web site be expelled from the WA Branch in breach of the WA Constitution in that they have brought discredit to the Regiment and the Association. The reference to the Association Constitution wording is “To preserve the Regiment’s good name and guard its interests”.
Only a small group of the members attended the Annual General Meeting, compared to the number of members within the branch. The motions were not sent out with the AGM papers 30 days prior to the meeting as required by the Incorporation Act so most members would not have known about the motions nor would they know the story behind the motions in that two of the WA Branch members appear on your site. They would not also be aware that Liddelow, the worst of the two has lied about his short service when posted to the SAS Regiment to finish off his National Service as a steward.
Only a small number of members attending the meeting voted to expel them, the rest don’t seem to mind that both have worn the SAS Beret and Badge when not qualified to do so and that Liddelow has told a lot of lies serving in Vietnam with the SAS and having one of the highest kill rates.
It appears that if you have been posted to the Regiment at some time, it makes no difference what lies you tell about your service with the Regiment or that you have worn the SAS Beret and Badge which is not an easy task to earn the right to wear the beret and badge of the SAS Regiment or any Special Force unit, you will be protected.
It appears that a Disciplinary Sub-Committee was formed and discussed the cases of Mealey and Liddelow and came up with recommendations. I did ask my mate what has happened about them as I was not at the meeting. He sent me the following result and I have crossed out the name of the president mentioned who was not even the president when they were discovered. We don’t know when the meeting was held as no one was advised about it or of the result. I and a number of members are disgusted the way the matters have been handled. My membership is due to run expire and I will not renew my membership if this association is not going to be open and accountable to its members.
I read your web site as I know a number of other members do and you are doing a great job. I have forwarded this email to your organization as I am totally disappointed in the lack of fortitude by the committee to keep its members informed of what is happening. Keep up the good work.
Yours Sincerely
Please be advised that following the meeting of the disciplinary sub-committee the following recommendations were made.
Disciplinary Sub-Committee Recommendations
Re - Dennis Liddelow & John Mealey
The disciplinary sub-committee recommend that:
• The apologies tendered by Dennis Liddelow and John Mealey be accepted.
• The resignation tendered by Dennis Liddelow be accepted.
• The members be advised individually of the outcomes of the hearing.
• The complainants be advised of the outcomes of the hearing.
• The matter be listed as an agenda item at the next Annual General Meeting of
the Australian Special Air Service Association (WA Branch).
These recommendations are based on the facts presented to us and are made in the
belief that that there have been no further instances by either member since they were
admonished by XXXXX XXXXX the ASASA (W A Branch) president at the time.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

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