Surname: Wallis
Christian Names: Harold Gilbert
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Sussex Inlet
Service: RAN
Case Notes:

R29418 Harold Gilbert Wallis DOB 21/05/1928 of Sussex Inlet NSW served 22 years with the Royal Australian Navy as a cook on RAN Ships and Shore Bases.

He served the Nation for a long period which he should be proud of, having sailed the seas and visited a number of ports. Wallis was not satisfied with that and has embellished his service. Read his story here.

We were sent a photograph of Wallis taken at the Vikings Football Club Erindale ACT showing Wallis wearing a large number of medals.

He was quoted as saying that his service record was not available due to the Secrets Act. Well Harold Wallis your records are available and on checking your service record you are now entitled to wear three medals, though at the time of your discharge from the Navy you only had the Naval Long Service and Good Conduct medal.

Listed here are the medals which I will indicate the ones he is entitled to in bold and the ones he is not. I will start from left to right with the top row


  1. United States Meritorious Medal (Not entitled)

  2. Naval General Service Medal 1915-62 (Not entitled)

  3. Defence Medal World War 2 (Not entitled)

  4. War Medal 1939-45 WW 2 (Not entitled)

  5. British Commonwealth Occupation Forces (Post WW2 un-official medal, should not be worn)

  6. Australian Service Medal WW 2 (Not entitled)

  7. Australian Service Medal 1945-75 (entitled with one clasp FESR, Far East Strategic Reserve, issued after discharge)

  8. Australian Active Service Medal 1945-75 (Not entitled)

  9. United Service Medal Korea (Not entitled)

  10. Korea Medal (not entitled)

  11. General Service Medal 1962 (Not entitled)

  12. Naval General Service Medal no clasp (Not entitled, you only get the medal issued once and further clasps added to it, if entitled)

  13. Vietnam Medal (Not entitled)

  14. South Vietnam Campaign Medal (Not entitled)

  15. Australian Defence Medal ( entitled for the period of service in the Navy, issued after discharge)

  16. Pingat Jasa Malaysia Medal (Not entitled)

  17. Naval long Service and Good Conduct Medal (entitled issued prior to discharge)

  18. Returned from Active Service Badge (Not entitled, was never in an Active Service area)

Wallis enlisted in the Royal Australian Navy 21st May, 1946 and discharged on the 20th May, 1968. He was not old enough to serve in World War 2 and should not be wearing those medals at all.

On checking the dates of the ships he served on, only one came up as being in the Far East Strategic Reserve which was HMAS Vampire from June to December 1960 before going in for a refit until April 1961.This would entitle him to wear the ASM 45-75 with clasp FESR. You will notice in the photograph he is wearing three clasps.

Wallis did spend most of his ship time on HMAS Melbourne which was all in Australian waters. He also spent short times on other ships, but none of these ships whilst he was on board were in the waters of Korea, Malaya, Indonesia (during the confrontation) or Vietnam. Most of his service was in docks on board ships or shore bases.

As can be seen by the number of medals he is wearing and his service record, Wallis has gone right over the top in trying to fool people that he saw a lot of active service during his career with the RAN.

 He is showing a complete disrespect to the sailors he served with and the RAN and to all veterans who actually saw active service. He has brought disgrace upon himself and his family. For this he will grace our web site for the rest of his life.


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

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