Surname: McInnes
Christian Names: Peter
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Beenleigh
Case Notes:

Archbishop Dr. Peter McInnes: C.J., O.S.B. Primate Hon. D.D., Hon. D.C.L., B. Th., Dip. Bus. (Admin & H.R.), Dip. Sport (Coach.), Dip T. & A.S., N.C.A.S., J.P. (Qual.)

ANZMI has the objective of exposing frauds, liars, cheats and wannabes in the Veteran community, the job is done without fear of favour and irrespective of position in society of the wannabe.



 When Mao Tse Tung said “Religion is poison” we are sure he was talking about the kind that "Somalia and Cambodia Veteran" Archbishop “Commander” Peter McInnes dispenses to his unsuspecting flock in the Beenleigh area of Brisbane, Queensland. We are reliably advised that he has a profane tongue that can spit out very “blue” words and a very quick and bombastic temper that he uses against those who question his methods or “wisdom”. He has been know to say “Who do you think they will believe, a Bishop, or you a lowly tradesman” ? This behaviour is text book wannabe behaviour.

The reason we have exposed McInnes is because, as well as being an Archbishop of a schismatic church who wears false medal ribbons on his Archbishop vestments, he likes to be associated with matters Naval and Military, on occasion he wears the uniform of a Navy Commander and also claims to have served with the Australian Army in Somalia and Cambodia.

In the photo above, notice on his right side he is wearing World War 2 ribbons, which were perhaps issued to a relative, however it is unfortunate that he has attached them the wrong way around.

On his left breast he is wearing four medal ribbons, we believe these represent:
    1. Dutch War Service 50th Anniversary Medal.
    2. Voluntary Service Medal.
    3. Far East Strategic Service Medal
    4. Centenary Medal
He is not listed on the official web site “Its an Honour” as having been issued the Centenary medal, so like the other three medals it is a self purchased medal being fraudulently worn.

McInne’s church the Anglican Independent Communion is a schismatic entity that has separated from the traditional Church of England, it is a recognised religious group and of course receives hand outs from us taxpayers. McInnes runs the church in Queensland and does all the things an Archbishop would do including conducting marriage ceremonies.

On one occasion he “spliced” a pretend Navy Admiral whilst McInnes was wearing a pretend Navy Commanders uniform.  The “Admiral” he performed the marriage ceremony for was none other than Rear Admiral, Sir Peter Lapko, KMC KIOM GNSOC (whatever all that means)  of the Australian Navy Brigade with a “Knighthood” from the Comic Opera, Hutt River Province of Western Australia. We assume that McInnes feels that he can wear the uniform of a senior Naval Officer because he claims to be the Chaplain of the pretend sailors of the Australian Navy Brigade.   See below, Lapko wearing his glorious Rear Admiral's uniform. Also shown is his much presented Calling Card.




It is of interest that “Rear Admiral Sir” Peter Lapko is ex 58808 Private Petro Lapko who served in Vietnam with 5th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment in 1966/1967 and never in his life served in the Royal Australian Navy.  We are reliably advised that when Lapko visited a Far North Queensland RSL some years ago he insisted on being address as “Sir Peter” or just plain “Sir”. In addition, on a ceremonial occasion in Cairns he laid a wreath in his Navy Rear Admiral's uniform.  Seems like he is well and truly lost in a europhic fog of self adoration, based on false rank and a false title.

Back to the “Archbishop” – We have Statutory Declarations from genuine Veterans declaring that McInnes has told them directly that he served with the Australian Army in Somalia and Cambodia.  We hold the nominal rolls for both areas of operation and McInnes is not shown. He is a liar and a wannabe, which are not the best of situations for an “Archbishop” to be in.

In a resume` found here  McInnes says “At the suggestion of family and Mal Lomax I joined the military at 17 and served in various locations”.The “Various locations” he mentions were only in Northern Tasmania where he was a member of an Army Reserve Transport unit for a very short time. 

In the wedding photograph, McInnes is wearing the rank of a Royal Australian Navy Commander on the basis that he was a Chaplain in the Navy. Unfortunately the only Navy he relates to is the pretend “Australian Navy Brigade”. In any case Navy Chaplains do not wear rank at all, as detailed below:

“Like chaplains in the Australian Army and RAAF, Royal Australian Navy (RAN) chaplains are commissioned officers and wear the uniform of a RAN officer, but like chaplains in the British Royal Navy (RN) they do not wear a rank. Rather they wear the same cross and anchor emblem worn by RN chaplains on their shoulder rank slides and do not have gold braided rings or executive loops on their winter sleeve coat or summer shoulder boards”.

Even if McInnes was a genuine Navy Chaplain (which he is not)as a Chaplain he has no entitlement to wear the rank of a RAN Commander and by doing so he adds another chapter to his offences as a wannabe, which are:


  1. Claims to have served with the Australian Army in Somalia and Cambodia – A lie.
  2. Wears false medals on his church regalia – The act of a wannabe.
  3. Wears the uniform and rank of an RAN Commander – The act of a wannabe.


McInnes is supposed to represent all that is good about human beings in his role as a senior church officer, when in fact he is a fraud, a liar, a cheat, and a wannabe. He offends veterans and he offends those with Christian ideals.

After reading what we have said, would you kiss this Archbishop’s ring as a sign of respect?  


Updated 15th Sep 2010


Update - Archbishop Peter McInnes
McInnes has used up all his credits in the Veteran community and he is now persona non grata.

How many times need we say that if you are a wannabe you will be caught and exposed just like McInnes has been by us, and followed up by the Brisbane Sunday Mail newspaper  . 



Notice that McInnes admitted to the newspaper that his only Military Service “was with the Army Reserve in Tasmania” We have Statutory Declarations stating that McInnes has lied to genuine Veterans with claims that he served in Cambodia and Somalia. Below is another photograph of McInnes in a Navy uniform playing at being a Navy Officer.



ANZMI and the Sunday Mail have reported McInnes as a military wannabe.  Dishonesty of this kind is not conducive to instilling confidence among his “flock” from his schismatic Church of England.

McInnes is quoted as saying:    “I ask not to be judged solely on this issue, but to be considered for all the volunteer work I do in the community and not just the past”. We are reliably advised that McInnes does volunteer work, as one of the Work for the Dole schemes. So his volunteer work is really self serving rather than charitable.  It is for sure and certain that he would never get a paid Archbishops job in a mainstream church.

We also assert that being an “Archbishop” is just another chance for McInnes to play dress up and pretend he is something that he is not.

Some free advice for McInnes – Get a job, stop playing dress ups, stop telling lies, and stop swearing at people. - Amen


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

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