Surname: Mead
Christian Names: Leslie W
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Padstow
Service: Nil
Case Notes:

Leslie W Mead of Sussex Inlet in New South Wales


For many years Mead has pretended to be a Vietnam Veteran, worn the medals, talked the talk and walked the walk at both the Padstow NSW and Sussex Inlet NSW Returned Services League (RSL) Clubs and Sub Branches. He was a full member at Padstow and an affiliate member at Sussex Inlet.   Mead is now hereby named and shamed as a liar, a cheat and a wannabe.



In the photograph Mead is clearly shown wearing the Vietnam Medal rack and a Returned from Active Service Badge (RASB] and the coveted Infantry Combat Badge [ICB]. He has stated to RSL members that he served in Vietnam as a Commissioned Officer.  He told an ANZMI Investigator that he served in Vietnam with 5th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (5RAR). 

5RAR have an association web site that contains the names of all who served with the Battalion in Vietnam.  Mead is not included on the 5RAR nominal roll; in addition Mead is not listed on the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) official Nominal Roll.

On another occasion Mead told an ANZMI Investigator that his only service was as a 1950s National Serviceman and as an Officer of Army Cadets.  He gave his Regimental number as 20331.  Central Army Records Office has no record of any person serving under that Regimental number in the Australian Regular Army.  It is an Army School Cadets number. If he ever served as a 1950s National Serviceman he has no Service File under the name of Leslie William Mead.

Here is the response to our request for Mead’s service file:

Ms xxxxxxxx,

Regarding your recent inquiries:

Leslie W Mead born 17/6/1940, 20331 – CARO cannot identify a serviceman with those details


Reference & Information Services
National Archives of Australia

Mead has spent years in both Padstow NSW and Sussex Inlet NSW creating a false military history for himself. It is our job to correct Mead’s false military history and we hope those people who have been lied to for many years now fully appreciate the extent of lies and dishonesty served up to them by Mead who was supposed to be their friend.

Now that he has been named and shamed we hope he feels it was all worth while, because he has gone from being an honourable Vietnam Veteran and RSL member to a liar, cheat and wannabe in one fell swoop.

Leslie W Mead is liable under the Defence Act 1903 to be charged and placed before a court for falsely claiming to be a returned veteran and for wearing medals he is not entitled to wear; both of these charges have a maximum penalty of $3,300 fine or six months prison or both.

The lack of due care exhibited by the RSL in checking the credentials of those applying for membership has become ingrained into the culture of the RSL. The RSL has an integrity problem because of the “watering down” of membership criteria. Veterans no longer control many Sub Branches as the Sub Branches have been taken over by people like Mead and by ex Servicemen who have never experienced operational service.

Any good work that may have been done by Leslie W Mead as an Officer of Cadets has been scuttled because Veterans will not abide those who steal their honour.

We hope that Mead does the right thing and scuttles away from the Veteran community.


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

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