Surname: Jessep
Christian Names: Shawn Douglas Myers
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Brisbane
Case Notes:

Shawn Douglas Myers Jessep aka “Jess” Jessep


Jessep is a wannabe of the First Gulf War, (Operation Desert Storm) which was waged between 2 August1990 and 28 Feb 1991. 

During that time Jessep claimed to his friends that he was  participating in an Officer Training Program with the Australian Army Reserve. He told acquaintances that he could be “called up” at any time and even packed his army gear into his car in readiness.


During the 1990s Jessep always used the name “Shawn” he now uses the name  “Jess”

We have a Statutory Declaration declaring that Jessep was residing in the suburbs of Gatton, Edens Landing and Woodridge, which are suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland during the whole time of operation Desert Storm.   We don’t know whether Jessep graduated from his Officer Training Course, but we do know that he acted irrationally after he claimed to have graduated. He said he had been assigned to a Military Police Unit.

Not long after his “graduation” he got a civilian job in a Video store.  He was fired after only a couple of weeks. 

Jessep had been bragging at his new work place that he was Military Police and as such was entitled to carry a hand gun at all times.  He had been wearing his military uniform to and from work and had been wearing a black shoulder holster over his uniform.  A visit by the State Police put a stop to that silly behaviour.

Although he claims to have been an Army Reserve Commissioned Officer, we doubt that he ever was, but that aspect is not essential to proving his lies and wannabe behaviour. It is the fact that he claims to be a Veteran of Operation Desert Storm that has caused his fall from grace.

The Statutory Declaration we hold further declares that Jessep had friends in Brisbane who believed that he had been deployed to Operation Desert Storm during the 1990 – 1991 because he had told them so.

His antics during the 1990s appear as the behaviour of an immature person with personality defects who had a need to be seen in a uniform. It is most unlikely that a person of that ilk would qualify for Commissioned rank in the Australian Army Reserve.

As pointed out above, we have a Statutory Declaration stating that he never left Australia during Desert Storm. To support that information we have inspected the Department of Veterans Affairs Nominal Roll. There are 1,872 Servicemen listed, Jessep is not listed as one of them, see for yourself here

Jessep has carried his lies into the present and still claims to be a Veteran of Operation Desert Storm.

The evidence is found in descriptions of himself in relation to businesses that he is involved in.  The first is a web site he operates named – “”. 


Notice he says: “My desire to help others has always been there but was further propelled after serving in the first Gulf War, after the invasion of Kuwait by Iraqi forces”  The web site is here:

See another Blurb below from a web site named “Artists Awake”


The web site is here:  Notice he again states:  “After serving as an Officer in the first Gulf War”

Jessep also contributes to the web site “Friend Feed” and as you can see has made an interesting comment at the top of the page.



His prophecy has well and truly come true, as he has been a liar for twenty years and ANZMI is now biting him on the arse.

Shawn Douglas Myers Jessep aka “Jess” Jessep has been a fraud a liar and a wannabe for the last twenty years, we hope he has enjoyed the experience because he will have to endure being named and shamed on our web site for at least the next twenty years.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

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