Surname: Kasperski
Christian Names: Andrew Jan
Country: Australia
State or Province: SA
City or Town: Adelaide
Service: Nil
Case Notes:

Andrew Jan Kasperski aka H.S.H. Prince Andrzej Jan Piotr Xavier Kasperski-Łabędź SQT GCEG RCST CStS-JC J.P. Count of the Holy Roman Empire.

Below are two photos of His Serene Highness.  Each photo was taken on different occasions and he wears two different sets of medals.



Let’s dispense with any courtly manners towards Kasperski because his claim to be a Polish Prince is as false as the three Australian Defence medals he wears. He is Andrew Kasperski, Managing Director of Constellation Communications, in Adelaide, South Australia.

The photos show him wearing:

  1. Star of Courage (SC)

  2. The Medal of the Order of Australia. (OAM)

  3. Australian Defence Medal  (ADM)


The Star of Courage is awarded for acts of conspicuous courage in circumstances of great peril. It is the second highest Australian Bravery Decoration.


In the Australian honours system appointments to the Medal of the Order of Australia confer recognition for outstanding achievement and service.


The Australian Defence Medal recognises current and former Australian Defence Force personnel who completed an initial enlistment period, or four years service, whichever was the lesser.


The other medals he wears will be in relation to his “Royal Status” or his membership of The Polish Order of St Stanislas.  This is one of those “dress up and pretend” organisations attended by wannabe “Blue bloods” who clearly have psychological problems.

Now read the emails between ANZMI and Kasperski on the 14 March 2012

“14 Mar

to andrzej

Dear Mr Andrew Kasperski

Our organisation exposes frauds and "wannabes" in the Veteran community. Please see our web site at www.anzmi.net.au

We receive and investigate reports from concerned members of the general public. Only a small percentage of those reported are proven to be "Wannabes" and we find, that seeking advice from the person concerned is the most efficient method to deal the problem and perhaps save a lot of research work.

Would you please be kind enough to advise if you have:

Ever served in the Australian Navy or,


Worn Defence Force Campaign or other medals or,

Claimed to have served in the Australian Navy.


This matter may be resolved with one email from you.




“Andrzej Kasperski-Labedz andrzej@kasperski-labedz.com
14 Mar (3 days ago)

to me

Dear xxxxx,

Thank you for your email.  In answer to your questions:

I have never served in the Australian Navy.
I have never worn any Defence Force Campaign or other medals I am not entitled to wear.
I did claim to have served in the Australian Navy, which was a spontaneous and stupid error of judgement, for which I publicly apologised to all those involved, clarifying the above.
I do realise the silliness of my action, but I can also assure you that this was a one off occurrence, and at no time have I ever made these claims to others, or worn any uniform or decorations in public ever – nor is it ever my intention to do so.

Bill, should you require any further clarification, please do email me anytime.

Kindest regards,

Andrew Kasperski


Like most of our “Clients” Kasperski is a liar as well as a wannabe and medals cheat, he says:

“I have never worn any Defence Force Campaign or other medals I am not entitled to wear”

“at no time have I ever made these claims to others, or worn any uniform or decorations in public ever

Our response- LIAR.

To summarise:

Kasperski has never served in any part of the Australian Defence Force and has never been awarded a Star of Courage, an Order of Australia Medal or an Australian Defence Medal.

He has worn all or some of those medals in public on at least two occasions

In addition Kasperski must have spoke of his false Navy History on more than one occasions as stated in his email. See extract from a  Statutory Declaration, shown below:



Kasperski has not apologised to the writer of the Statutory Declaration as he claims to have done, which is indicative that the telling of his story of derring do was not “a spontaneous stupid error” and only on one occasion as claimed.

It is not an offence to be a make believe Prince amongst other make believe Princes, Princesses, Lords, Barons and Counts but these pathetic people must not wear Australian Defence Medals or claim to be returned Veterans.  In doing so Kasperski has insulted Veterans and committed offences against the Defence Act 1903 Part VII Sections 80A and 80B. For either of these offences he is liable to a maximum fine of $3,300 or six months imprisonment or both. 

Kasperski is a proven wannabe and liar with delusions of grandeur about being a Serene Highness.  Kasperski be warned, you can fool others of your ilk  into believing you are a Prince but people like you who invent a false military history will never fool genuine Veterans. Welcome to our web site.


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

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