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Surname: Mahoney
Christian Names: Desmond William
Country: New Zealand
State or Province: North Island
City or Town: Kaitaia
Case Notes:
Mahoney has not been seen wearing such honours and awards. It was a statement made to Veterans claiming that he was one of them that stamps him as a liar and wannabe, assuring him of “Permanent Resident” status.   Des Mahoney had never dragged on a boot in any Army so, as a perennial civilian, he will remain here on our “Cases” page no matter what.   He likes to sue people and has threatened the person who exposed him with legal action, this is a standard procedure adopted by wannabes when confronted. At time of publication, we understand that this legal action will not be taking place.
Had Mahoney been just another Joe Blow telling a few warries at the Club bar over a few drinks, he would not have been investigated and his story would not be here for all to read but he is a very public figure and was a mayoral candidate for the Far North District Council in New Zealand.
His claims of Veteran status are deemed to have been made in an effort to elevate himself in the eyes of his fellow constituents for personal and monetary gain.
Because New Zealand Veterans did all the hard work on this case, perhaps we should let their statements and gathered news reports tell the Des Mahoney story.

N A T I O N A L   N E W S   S T O R Y   


Lying mayoral candidate blames bad advice over beers

27 August 2004

A former Kaitaia mayoral candidate says he lied about serving in Vietnam after some bad advice over a few beers.

Des Mahoney, of Kaitaia, has also revealed he was declared bankrupt in 1995.

Mr Mahoney admitted he lied about fighting in Vietnam when he applied to join the Kaitaia Returned Services Association.

Far North District Council candidate Ross Miller, who lives near Kaitaia, highlighted the application as Mr Mahoney was seeking election as mayor.

Mr Miller believed a person standing for "high public office" should not attempt to portray himself as something he was not.

After the allegations on Tuesday, Mr Mahoney quit the mayoralty race but denied any connection between the allegations and his resignation.

He said he made the decision to quit a week ago for family reasons.

Yesterday he said he regretted lying about serving in Vietnam, and that his wife had not known he had lied. Mr Mahoney also said he had been declared bankrupt in 1995 over a $6000 debt and had been discharged from that bankruptcy in 1998.

The decision to lie about Vietnam came after some bad advice over a few beers.

"We all used to drink with a couple of the guys... it was 'just do this'.    "I regret it, I do honestly regret it." Mr Mahoney has claimed he has leukaemia and said the stress of the past few days had made him tired.  He was reluctant to discuss the illness.   "I know that I have got the terminal cancer, but everybody's number is going to come up. I wish that it had come up yesterday, to be honest." Mr Mahoney said he would be staying in Kaitaia after the furore of the past few days.  

nb:  Mr. Mahoney refused requests to allow his medical records to be viewed with regard to this claim of suffering from Leukaemia.

The Northland Age news articlehere


Membership card of the RSA, New Zealand



This [above] apology was offered and we believe some people may have accepted it but Desmond William Mahoney was never in the Military in New Zealand or Australia, so we again refer you to the information on our “Info” page.   He is here on our site and here he will stay.

As of publication date, Mahoney’s offer to donate his refundable candidacy fees to a very worthy Veteran’s cause has been rejected.

If you haven’t already read our story on Brigadier Jody Castle, please scroll further down our “Cases” page for a brief insight into another KIWI wannabe who went too far with his charades. There is a lot more to come from our New Zealand compatriots on the “Brigadier”.   Come back soon for updates on him and others.

31st Aug 2010

Desmond William Mahoney –  Kaitaia New Zealand -Update

Veterans have long memories; there is not one of them who has forgotten the experience of war.  They also have long memories when in comes to those who steal their honour. 

In 2004 Desmond Mahoney of Kaitaia, New Zealand was a Mayoral candidate who claimed to have served three tours of duty in Vietnam with the New Zealand Army until it was disclosed in the local newspaper that he was a liar a cheat and a wannabe.

Desmond William Mahoney is again running for public office in the Kaitaia area. Before casting a vote constituents from that area should be well aware of this man’s history as a fraud, liar and wannabe.

Veterans do not forget and will not forgive those who steal their honour

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: .
Christian Names: .
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Maitland
Case Notes:


The Maitland Returned and Services League (RSL) Sub Branch, is led by a duo of remiss medals wearers. The Maitland East RSL has one careless medals wearer. Here are the three:

No 1. Eric BELL - The RSL President Maitland.
No2. Henry MESKAUSIAS - The RSL Treasurer Maitland.
No3. Peter BLACKMORE OAM - RSL active member East Maitland.

Here is Eric Bell:

Bell E1

Bell is wearing:

A National Medal - For Police Service
Australian Defence Medal - Army National Service
Anniversary of National Service Medal - Army National Service
NSW Police Force ‘Diligent and Ethical Service - State Police medal, not to be worn on left breast.

Here is the offending medal worn by Bell.

Bell E2


Here is Henry Meskausias 

Meskausias 1

Meskausias is wearing

Australian Sports Medal - For service to Sport
Australian Defence Medal - Army National Service
Anniversary of National Service - Army National Service
NSW Local Government Outstanding Service. - Local Government medal. Not to be worn on left breast.

Here is Blackmore.


Blackmore is wearing.

Order of Australia Medal - For service to local government, and to the community of Maitland.
Australian Defence Medal - Army National Service.
Anniversary of National Service Medal - Army National Service.
NSW Local Government Outstanding Service - Local Government medal. Not to be worn on left breast.

Shown on the right hand side of the rack below is the offending medal, worn by both Meskausias and Blackmore.


Of the twelve medals worn by the three Maitland area RSL members, nine are for domestic service in Australia. Two of the medals worn are Local Government awards. One is a State Government Police award. None of these three medals are approved to be worn on the left breast, by the office of the Governor General of Australia, or the NSW State RSL.

We suggest to members of the two Maitland RSLs, particularly those wearing hard won medals celebrating overseas service, lodge complaints, regarding the current careless disregard of medals protocol by senior RSL members. In addition, RSL NSW has been advised, and we look forward to individual counseling of the offenders, and the transfer of the offending medals, from the left breast across to the right breast.

Surname: Mallaghan
Christian Names: Thomas Gerard
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Phillip Island
Service #: R96066
Service: Royal Australian Navy
Branch: Junior Recruit
Commencement of service: 02 Apr 1967
Completion of service: Unknown
Case Notes:

Mallaghan 1

Browse through the pages of ANZMI and you may recognise a theme – Returned and Services League (RSL) Sub Branch Presidents who are exposed as medal cheats.

Why these people have to display such disrespect towards the members they are supposed to be representing is beyond belief. Do they feel inadequate because others may have more medals, or is it just to groom their own ego and inflate their self-importance?

If you are unfortunate enough to meet any of these miscreants, you might like to ask them “Why”?

Thomas Gerard Mallaghan is the President of the Phillip Island RSL Sub Branch, and has been since 2015.

The above photograph was taken on ANZAC Day 2015. Here, it can be seen, at the end of his Feddeeral medals, Mallaghan has added the Victorian State Emergency Service (SES) Long Service Medal.

Mallaghan 2

Mallaghan has been photographed wearing this medal since 2013 and as recently as 2017 at a community function at Phillip Island.

He has been appropriately recognised for both his State and Federal service, as a member of the Royal Australian Navy and the State Emergency Service of Victoria.

The SES has a good media presence and there are no shortage of SES members marching on ANZAC Day, wearing their Federal medals on the left breast, and State medals on the right, as do their Country Fire Authority compatriots.

That Mallaghan, a man of his position and experience, was unaware of medal protocol, simply would not stand up to the scrutiny of a ‘reasonable person’.

The Victorian RSL State Executive appear to be not at all interested in administering medal protocol, evident by the number of their executives that grace this site!

Service in the Defence Force instills in one a set of values, among them, and across all three Services – Honesty, Honour and Integrity. These values are the cornerstones of the Forces that have given great service to this country since Federation.

Is there a culture among RSL Executive of dumping these values, along with personal pride and respect for the rules and regulations, once they leave that uniform behind? If so, it is certainly time for a new team to take over before the RSL fades into irrelevance and is just a place for old men, shiny trinkets and tall stories.

Surname: Mallan
Christian Names: James Waters
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Gloucester
Service #: Unkown
Service: Unkown
Branch: Unknown
Commencement of service: Unknown
Completion of service: Unknown
Case Notes:




James (Jim) Waters Mallan, President, Gloucester RSL Sub-Branch.

Every now and then at an ANZAC or similar service, you will see someone that causes you from the outset to question the row of medals displayed proudly on their chest. When that person also holds an executive position within the RSL, one must also question their integrity and overall fitness to hold that position.

There are many questions that must be asked of James Mallan.

Mallan 1 2


Mallan 2 2

These photographs were taken at the 2015 Gloucester Dawn Service and later ANZAC March in Gloucester, country New South Wales. Mallan can be seen wearing a well mounted rack of medals, namely:

1. NSW State Emergency Service (SES) Director-General’s Unit Citation (State award).

2. National Medal.

3. Australian Defence Medal

4. Centenary Medal

5. Anniversary of National Service Medal

6. NSW SES Long Service Award (State award)

Mallan 3 2 3

Mallan 4 2 3

Established protocols dictate that State awards should be displayed on the right side of the bearers chest  They do not belong, and should never be mixed, with official Federal issued medals.

That now raises further questions in regard to the Federal issued medals. Although the award of Mallan’s Centenary Medal (for service to the SES) is listed on the ‘It’s an Honour’ website, there is no record of his having been issued the National Medal. Although the National Serviceman’s Roll is voluntary, there is no mention of Mallan, nor in general is there any reference to his prior Defence service, which one would expect to find something, somewhere, given his position in the community and on the RSL.

Finally, there is the matter of the order that his medals have been mounted, they should appear, from left to right:

1. Centenary Medal.

2. National Medal.

3. Australian Defence Medal

4. Anniversary of National Service Medal.

James Mallan, President of Gloucester RSL Sub-Branch: You have a number of questions to answer, with regard to your honesty and integrity. However, there is no question that you belong on the ANZMI website.

Surname: Manson
Christian Names: Dennis Smeaton
Country: New Zealand
State or Province: .
City or Town: Auckland
NZ -Which Island:
  • North Island
Service #: 18223
Service: RNZN & Royal New Zealand Dental Corps
Branch: Dental
Commencement of service: 21 May 1964
Completion of service: August 1987
Case Notes:



  • NZ Operational Service Medal
  • Vietnam Medal
  • NZ General Service Medal 1992 (Warlike) with Clasp: VIETNAM
  • NZ Army Long Service & Good Conduct Medal
  • NZ Defence Service Medal with Clasp: REGULAR
  • Silver Star (USA) – not approved for wear by NZ citizens
  • Purple Heart (USA) – not approved for wear by NZ citizens
  • South Vietnamese Campaign Medal

Dennis Smeaton Manson is on the executive, and is the welfare officer, of the Devonport (Auckland, NZ) RSA.

His photo and profile info is displayed on their website.




Manson is also a liar, fraud and medal cheat!

Manson is a decorated Vietnam veteran, awarded six official medals (listed above). However that wasn’t sufficient for this self-avowed hero, who chose to obtain and wear 2 United States medals on his rack . One is the Purple Heart, a medal known as the “blood medal”. The Purple Heart is awarded to members of the armed forces of the U.S. who are wounded by an instrument of war in the hands of the enemy and posthumously to the next of kin in the name of those who are killed in action or die of wounds received in action. It is specifically a combat decoration.

Even that wasn’t sufficient for Manson, who decided to obtain one of America’s most prestigious awards, The US Silver Star. Because of this decorations seniority it is almost always presented by a high-ranking military officer or US diplomat. This would also be widely reported throughout New Zealand, and in military circles, as it is such a rare award.

According to Manson, his Silver Star and Purple Heart simply arrived in the mail.

This is what he claimed when asked for an explanation

“In September 2011 I received a package from Washington DC and wondered what it was. To my astonishment it was 4 medals with a note with words to the effect of "We have noticed you have not requested your medals. Please find the medals enclosed. Thank you for your service."

"I went and showed Jimmy Jones the then President of the Devonport RSA the note and medals. I told him I know I am NOT entitled to 2 of the medals as they are for US Service personnel. He then said we should have a presentation. He arranged for The Flagstaff Devonport's local paper to be in attendance and presented the medals 3 Oct 2011”.

Manson was half right, he most certainly was not entitled to wear two of the medals. The fact is, he was not entitled to wear all four of the medals that arrived "out of the blue in a plain package", apparently from Washington, DC. Apparently the then President of his RSA (Jimmy Jones) took Manson's word that he was entitled and apparently, insisted on a full presentation in front of the local media.

Here is the article and photo in the local paper showing Manson presented with the two medals by the President of the Devonport RSA.


Source:   The Flagstaff – Devonport 3rd Oct 2011


In an attempt to remove any doubts over the award of these medals, Manson then approached the NZ Defence Force requesting they acknowledge his claim that the US Government retrospectively awarded him these medals in 2011.

It was very quickly proved that Manson’ claims were fanciful, that he was never awarded either the US Silver Star or the Purple Heart, and his request was declined.

We have a copy of the report from the Advisor Medals Policy of Headquarters, Defence Personnel Executive, NZDF, stating:

We are aware of the campaign being raised for recognition of this award by Mr Dennis Manson.


NZDF have found no documentary evidence to support Mr Manson’s claims that the US Government retrospectively awarded him these awards in 2011.   All we have seen to date is his claim and the bare medals.


We have not sighted any citations, nomination forms or official letters from the US military to support his claims.


Attached for your information is the approved listing of all awards for service in Vietnam. There is still further research being conducted for some of these awards.   A US Silver Star would have been a major feature in this list if anyone had known of it.


LDA D.S. Manson was WIA at Tam Quan near Bong Son on the 1st March 1970 in the same incident where 80166 Sgt GS Watt, RNZAF was killed. Both were subjected to the same medical evacuation and NOTICAS action. Sadly Sgt Watt died of his wounds in Bong Son, LDA Manson was treated and recovered.


The NZ Services Medical Team unit war diary does not mention any US awards for Mr Manson as a result of his actions that day. There is also no indication that we can find of any NZ gallantry nominations from the two unit Commanding Officers over this period. HQ V Force files do not show any indication of any NZ gallantry nominations being raised through the NZ Services Medical Team or offer of US awards from the US Army HQ they were part of.


Finally – Ian McGibbon’s authoritative book on Vietnam “New Zealand’s Vietnam War” covers this incident in one paragraph on p.333. It confirms that Manson was ‘lightly wounded’ and that Sgt Gordon Watt (RNZAF) died of his wounds following this incident, but little else as he could find no other verification.

As a long serving member, who is also an executive member of an RSA, Manson would have been aware of medal protocols, especially involving such high profile decorations.

He would also have been advised by colleagues and NZDF following his request, of the rules around wearing of decorations under NZ Law, as follows:

'..No person may wear a medal or decoration awarded to them by a foreign government unless it has been approved for wear by the Sovereign.'   The Military Decorations and Distnictive Badges Act 1918 and the  Military Badges and Distinctive Badges Act 1974 refer.

On the official NZDF medals website is displayed the only awards presented to NZ personnel by the Government of the United States of America.

The Gallantry Awards to New Zealanders by the Government of the United States for service in Vietnam which have been approved for acceptance and wear:

Bronze Star with ‘V’ Device (for gallantry) - two awards

822606 Captain B.D. Chippindale, Royal New Zealand Armoured Corps
For acts of gallantry while attached to 1st Squadron, 4th Cavalry (United States Army)

30650 Captain B. Meldrum, Royal New Zealand Armoured Corps

- For acts of gallantry while attached to 11th Armoured Cavalry Regiment (United States Army)

Distinguished Flying Cross - one award

82805 Flying Officer M.R. Callanan, Royal New Zealand Air Force

- For acts of gallantry while attached to 19th Tactical Air Support Squadron (United States Air Force)


Here is the link to this item: http://medals.nzdf.mil.nz/news/archive2009.html#recipients

No mention of Manson there!

Worryingly, the RNZN has a policy of bringing in the 'old and bold' to talk to new recruits about their experiences in the Navy. Manson has been paraded as a decorated hero, to speak of his bravery and show off his unique array of decorations.

This photo shows Manson (highlighted) with the current (as of Nov 2018) Executive of the Devonport RSA.



Dennis Smeaton Manson is a VALOUR THIEF and a FRAUD. He has knowingly obtained a high order US military gallantry in combat (The Silver Star), and an award for being wounded when in combat with the enemy (the Purple Heart).

Manson has then represented himself publicly as a decorated combat veteran. He has stolen the honour of those US and other service persons who have legitimately earned the Silver Star in order to present himself as a ‘war hero’ to others, and has also fraudulently represented himself to have been wounded in action with the enemy by wearing the US Purple Heart.

Below is the Act Manson happily breached - twice!



Finally, Manson is guilty of breaching the Military Decorations and Distinctive Badges Act 1918 (copy above).

Perhaps the Devonport RSA may like to mitigate their shame by laying a complaint with the NZ Police over Manson’s disgusting deceit!

Manson is a deceitful character who should be booted out of the RSA altogether for bringing discredit upon that organisation. When the RSA is currently struggling to attract younger members, imposters like Manson show total disregard for honour and medals protocols, that have been in existence for over 100 years".

He is a fraud.

Following an approach to the Devonport RSA, and the National RSA, we received a copy of a letter sent to Manson advising that he was breaching RSA rules (rule 14) and advised to respond.

Since then we’ve been advised Manson has agreed to remove the US Purple Heart and the US Silver Star from his rack. The CEO of the RSA National Office has since confirmed the above and expressed the attitude to such issues, saying “the RNZRSA and RSA clubs take this stuff seriously”

Surname: Marchant
Christian Names: Duncan Edward Thomas
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Unknown
Service #: 8259650
Service: Australian Army
Branch: RAEME
Commencement of service: 17 Oct 00
Completion of service: 10 Feb 12
Case Notes:




Duncan Marchant is another in the litany of modern day ‘wannabes’ who choose to blame their irresponsible anti-social behaviour on ‘war’ service in ‘The Ghan’, rather than acknowledge that far from suffering PTSD, they simply don’t have a backbone.

Marchant enlisted in the Army in 2000 and completed twelve years of service. During his time in the Army, he was seconded to Operation QLD Flood Assist in 2010. This was his only operational deployment. For his service, he was awarded the following:

National Emergency Medal with Clasp ‘Qld 2010-11’
Australian Defence Medal

What has Duncan Marchant done to earn a place on our website? Well, Marchant has created a persona to help him impress prospective life partners, he is prepared to lie and blame his inability to maintain relationships and his other failings on PTSD. Knowing that Marchant has no overseas service, was a RAEME member and enlisted in 2000, the following segment of an Email written by Marchant will explain why he deserves his place on this website:

‘…I had a serious accident in a high risk exercise involving a helicopter many years ago. In 2002 there were 3 soldiers seriously hurt and three dead. I was one of the serious ones hurt but what u didn’t know was i flat lined twice on a air lift to Brunei hospital. Brunei is near Malaysia. It took me 18 months to learn to walk properly and eat properly again. The lumps all over my body were from that accident and I have always been so conscious about them and still am. I feel like a freak sometimes and when we were together and u said not to its the first time in my life I didn’t worry about them.

When Langers died I was over in the Ghan and I got pulled out of there team to replace a seriously hurt soldier on QRF which is Quick Reaction Force. Which means if any patrols or incidents we were rapidly deployed to the area. Langer’s unit got hit hard by enemy fire in an ambush and we were deployed. On route to the area we found out that there were several soldiers hurt badly and two critical. Our job was to secure the area for medivac and get the injured outa there to base hospital. When we landed a mate grabbed me and told me to get over to a body were 2 patrol medics was working on a soldier that was in desperate trouble. When i got over there it was Langers. Myself the medic and two others worked on him under the guidance of the 2 medics helping them. Langers was still conscious but shot up really bad. He laughed at me and said that he was ok but he and we knew he wasn’t. We got him on the helicopter and i went with him and two medics back to base hospital. But in the flight he had a massive hemorage and died in my arms. I couldn’t help him and felt so bad I had let my mate die and couldn’t do anything to stop it. I blamed myself for years and as u know never really gotten over it…’

Marchant’s tales of daring do are simply that, tales. His claims of involvement in a helicopter crash are complete lies. Marchant did began his Army service as a Rifleman in Infantry before transferring to RAEME. In 2002, he was undergoing training in Australia, quiet a long way from the jungles of South-East Asia.

“So what? No harm done”, some may say. “At least he is not wearing medals” others may comment. Well, for us here at ANZMI it is the second part of his claims which are most disturbing, particularly when we know he did not deploy to Afghanistan or other overseas location at anytime during his service in the Army.

Marchant puts himself as the centre of attention ‘When Langers died over in the Ghan’. It is unsure who he is referring to but it is likely to be the late Sergeant Todd Langley who was killed in action on 4th July 2011. Irrespective of the identity of ‘Langers’, there is nothing more offensive than to claim the valour due to our war dead. Hang your head in shame Duncan Marchant.

We have decided not to publish the entire Email from Marchant out of respect to the young lady he was corresponding with but fortunately she recognised that his stories were less than credible and dumped him.

Duncan Marchant is a liar and wannabe of the most contemptible kind. He falsely claims to suffer from PTSD in order to explain away his inability to maintain a relationship or to excuse some of his behaviour. Duncan Marchant has well and truly earned his place on this website.

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