Surname: Montague-Elliott
Christian Names: Allen Angus
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Tivoli
Service: Citizen Military Forces
Case Notes:

Allen Angus Montague-Elliott -  Big name, big liar.

Among the worst kinds of wannabes are those who use fictitious war experiences to explain their ridiculous antics and disgraceful behaviour towards their friends, family and those they work with  such a man is Allan, Angus, Montague-Elliott of Tivoli Queensland.



Montague-Elliott claims to have served in the Army in the Vietnam War. He is a Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) trained Pension Officer and works with the Ipswich, Queensland unit of the Veterans Support and Advocacy Service Australia Inc. (VSASA). The VSASA unit took Montague-Elliott on face value and embraced him as a Vietnam Veteran. The President of the VSASA unit was alerted to the possibility of Montague-Elliott being a fraud and without bothering to check defended Montague-Elliot.  Being a member of such an organization gives wannabes the appearance of legitimacy. Montague-Elliott told the President of the organization that he completed recruit training at Puckapunyal, Victoria, then, after further training at Canungra, Queensland he was deployed overseas. Any alert person would see that Corps Training is missing from the equation.

During a court hearing in 2008, Montague-Elliott claimed to have been traumatized during his period of National Service. The Magistrate said.  “For reasons that were understandably not further explored in the evidence, it appeared during the xxxxxxxx, cross examination that he had endured a particularly traumatic event whilst conscripted to national service. This event has obviously left a deep emotional scar on the.”

Montague-Elliott was never a National Serviceman, he enlisted in the Citizens Military Forces (CMF) on 28 March 1966 and served part time service until July 1967, when he was discharged from the CMF for misconduct, relating to a civil offence involving illegal use of a motor vehicle. For that offence he was sentenced to serve fourteen months at the Youth Training Centre (YTC) in Malmsbury, Victoria.

On 14 August 1969 having completed his term at YTC he again enlisted in the CMF.  This time he chose to serve in the CMF, as a way of fulfilling his National Service obligation and avoid the possibility of service in Vietnam. He served as a part time CMF soldier until 5th July 1971, when he was again discharged because he “Failed to render efficient Service”.

The true history of Montague-Elliott’s military service is shown in the following document:





The dates shown cover almost the whole time of the Vietnam War and according to his service record there is no possibility that Montague-Elliott ever served in Vietnam. Now let’s look at all the outrageous wannabe statements he has made:

“He was employed in Vietnam fixing tank tracks, one day he fired his rifle out of the back of an Armoured Personnel Carrier and shot some enemy troops”

“He has a Veteran Pension Card and he stated also he can claim as much money he wants while he has this Veteran’s Pension Card’

“There were no records of his Vietnam service because he was involved in the Black Market and was dishonourably discharged”

“He did two tours of Vietnam and blamed that for his abusive personality”

“Accidentally shot another soldier and was sent to army jail”

“Whilst in Vietnam accidentally shot an Officer.

“he acted the way he did because once a man had been trained to kill. It was impossible to get rid of violent impulses. The army trained men to kill sent them to kill, and then just abandoned the violent men it had created”

“I am a Vietnam Vet, who has killed for flag and country. I also killed because the army taught me to kill, but I was a killer no matter which way you slice it.”

“I have not lied to you I am a Military Vet”

“But I have my Dad’s medals and mine in a tin, War Medals”.

“I am a Vietnam Vet and I had a secret”

Some of the above quotes are written in Montague-Elliott’s own hand and others are contained on Statutory Declarations.

Here is an example of a statement written in his own  hand writing.


Let there be no doubt that this bloke is an evil con man and with a name like Montague-Elliott he is already halfway up the straight. His naive Doctor wrote a letter to his family suggesting “they be more understanding because of his war record”, and even suggested they join a Veterans support group for relatives of returned Veterans. Obviously Montague-Elliott has finagled this letter from his Doctor with false sob stories of his horrible war experiences. Montague-Elliott has pretended to a Federal Magistrate, his family and friends, a group of VSASA veterans, his Doctor and obviously many others that he is a Vietnam Veteran.

The lies told to the Federal Magistrate were in relation to explaining his disgraceful behaviour, and his evidence was given on oath and accepted as true by the Magistrate. He has deliberately lied to the court.

Montague-Elliott has committed an offence under the Defence Act 1903 by Impersonating a Veteran. It is unlikely that the Federal Police will take action, and therefore we are pleased to expose Allen, Angus, Montague-Elliott as a liar a fraud and a wannabe


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

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