Surname: Ronay
Christian Names: Jimmy
Country: Australia
State or Province: SA
City or Town: Marion
Case Notes:

Jimmy Ronay –Submariner - Special Air Service operative and  hedge clipper
Jimmy Ronay is that smiling almost invisible man that you may see toiling away at the Glandore Community Centre in the City of Marion in the Adelaide region. But beware, according to Jimmy there lurks the hidden past of a mighty warrior


  Jimmy claims in the document below to have served with the British Navy then immigrated to Australia, joined the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) and was well decorated during seven tours of duty in Vietnam. 

See the report below:

Ronay has told a Veteran. 

"Ronay served three years with the British Royal Navy and claims to have qualified as a carpenter and then claims to have been employed on Submarines.  Following his Royal Navy service and his migration to Australia, letters were sent from the British Government to the Australian Government saying that Ronay would be of great use to the Australian Defence Force.  A letter was sent to his residence in Mount Gambier in South Australia telling him to report for Military Duty at Puckapunyal in Victoria.  During his seven tours of Vietnam and because of his "Submarine" experience Ronay was seconded to the United States of America Navy (USN) where he was a “Spotter” for USN Ship Missouri. For this work he used glasses that turned green when he sighted the target, and they sent a signal to the Missouri for fire missions they were dead accurate. At other times in Vietnam, Ronay was  a “Spotter for B52's, a  Dog Handler a Tunnel rat and did totally secret missions for the Government who will not release details of his missions. The Government will however release his details if he signs a document requesting them to. He refuses to sign".

Australian Veterans are spread to every corner of Australia and are quick to recognize and report  liars and wannabes. In the Glandore Community Centre “blurb” it says of Jimmy:
“Jimmy epitomises the very best in volunteering and is a wonderful role model to others in the community” 

If the Glandore Community Centre believes that being a liar and a wannabe is an ideal role model we can’t really blame them because who would disbelieve such a “lovely” old con man.  Wannabes come in all shapes and sizes and ages. Jimmy Ronay is a senior citizen and a community volunteer but that does not give him the right to steal the honour of veterans.
We instigated a search for a Defence file for Ronay and received the following answer

Thank you for your query about the service records relating to the following servicemen: James RONAY

Post-WWII Army records are held by the Central Army Records Office (CARO). They have advised us that they were unable to locate a Post 1947 Army Service record for this individual. We provided them with the following information: 

Name:                           James RONAY

Date & place of birth:       Scotland

CARO Reference Officer Access & Communications

In addition Ronay is not included on the official Department of Veterans Affairs Nominal Roll, where all those who served with any of the three squadrons of Special Air Services are listed. We wrote a polite request to Jimmy Ronay seeking confirmation from him of his “Seven Tours of Vietnam”.  Jimmy failed to respond.   

We also contacted the Manager of the Glandore Community Centre and suggested that Jimmy may have been misquoted, however we are assured that what was written was what Jimmy said – “Seven Tours of Vietnam with Australian Special Air Services”

Jimmy Ronay has never served with the elite Special Air Service Regiment and has never served in Vietnam with the Australian Defence Force. He is not just a silly old bugger.  He is a liar and a wannabe

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

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