Surname: Mitchell
Christian Names: Robert
Country: United Kingdom
State or Province: Devon
City or Town: Dartmouth
Case Notes:

Robert Mitchell


Robert Mitchell, a former British Royal Navy Commando is the Secretary of the Dartmouth, United Kingdom Branch, of the Royal Naval Association and he is a liar and a wannabe who wears false medals.

  The reason this “Pom” features on this Australian wannabe website is because he claims to have carried a bullet in his groin for forty years after clandestine operations on board Australian/New Zealand Gun Boats that were ordered upriver in Cambodia. He also claims to have been “Tagged” to an Australian Battalion in Vietnam.  Neither Australia nor New Zealand ever had Gun Boats deployed in Vietnam, nor were any British Commandos ever “Tagged” to Australian Battalions.



Now read the bizarre story behind Mitchell’s claims of being wounded and carrying a bullet in his groin for 40 years.




Mitchell is wearing four medals that he has described in this newspaper clipping.



The first medal Distinguished Service Medal

Mitchell claims to have been awarded the Distinguished Service Medal (DSM). He was never in Vietnam as he claims, and therefore his DSM is a dishonourable lie. Here is information about DSM awards:

Every DSM award has to be published in the London Gazette – even for covert operations. Nobody named Robert Mitchell has been Gazetted. Twenty One DSMs have been Gazetted since the 2nd World War. These are:

Two for Royal Navy awarded for service in Brunei and Borneo

One for Royal New Zealand Navy awarded for service in Borneo

Four for Royal Australian Navy for service in Vietnam

Twelve British Servicemen for service in The Falklands

Two British Servicemen for service in the Gulf war.

The second medal is the British General Service Medal 1962 (GSM) with two clasps

Mitchell claims the GSM as the Vietnam Campaign medal. The GSM with clasp Vietnam was awarded to Sixty Eight Australian soldiers who were members of the elite Australian Army Training Team AATTV who served in Vietnam between 1962 and 1964. After 1964 Australian Servicemen were issued with the Vietnam Campaign Medal.  Mitchell has not earned the GSM with clasp Vietnam because he was not there and therefore is wearing it dishonourably.

The third medal St Johns Ambulance Medal

This is not a medal issued for Military Service it is for service as a civilian with St Johns Ambulance Brigade.

The Fourth Medal New Zealand Australian Campaign Medal

Not an official medal, it is a self purchased Commemorative “Tin” Medal with no significance and should not be worn.

The Bullet

In another newspaper report a spokesperson for the Torbay Hospital, where Mitchell was operated on, denied having removed a bullet.  See here:

Mitchell is a liar who created a false heroic military history that involved him serving with Australian units in Vietnam.

Mitchell did not carry a bullet in his groin for forty years.

He did not have a bullet removed at the Torbay Hospital as claimed.

He did not go “Upriver” on Australian/New Zealand Gunboats.

He never served in Vietnam “tagged” to an Australian Battalion.

He was never awarded a DSM.

For fooling with Australian Military History and for creating a false military history for himself we are happy to include this despicable “Pom” on our web site where the whole world can see that he is a liar, cheat and a wannabe

Shame Mitchell shame.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

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