Date of Entry: 30/08/2021
Christian Names: Terrence
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Cairns
Service #: Nil
Service: Merchant Navy
Case Notes:


Terrence Spurrier is the North Queensland (NQ) Commodore of the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard.


Before moving to Australia, Spurrier served with the United Kingdom (UK) Merchant Navy:


As a UK citizen, he had no UK Defence service, and has had no Australian Defence service.

As shown in the above photograph Spurrier wears four medal ribbons and one badge on his left breast, which is no place for self purchased "Tin" UK commemorative medals.

The general public, and members from the NQ Coast Coast Guard would be puzzled by the ribbons and badge, and knowing he is from the UK, would assume that he has been presented with official UK medals and the badge.. That assumption is correct, except that the medals and badge have been purchased and presented, to himself by himself.

He wears:

UK Commemorative Maritime medal. Worn in both first and fourth place.
The Queen's Golden Jubilee Commemorative Medal 2002.
The Commemoraive General Service Cross.
UK Commemorative Maritime medal. Also worn in first place.



Armed Forces Veteran Badge.


Eligibility to be presented the badge. You can apply for it, from UK Government, if you served with any of these UK Forces:

Royal Navy
Royal Marines
Royal Air Force (RAF)

Spurrier served in none of those

Spurrier was contacted and asked about the medal ribbons and badge, and here are the reasons given by Spurrier.

"Dear Mr xxxxxx

In these days of scams and spam emails, I had decided to ignore your first email due to grammar issues, formality in which you addressed me and if your were truly an interested researcher you would have addressed the association, I am connect with by its full title and given it the due respect it deserves.

That being said your second email shows that you have done some research, but failed to recognise my Grandfathers WWII medals , but you did recognise the veterans badge I wear to honour my Father who served in the Korean war.

With regards to the ribbons I wore on Remembrance day, let me provide you with two possible reasons for you to decide:-

1. In my younger days I did work for the MOD and US DOD that was listed as National Security and as such I got no recognition for. So maybe as years have passed I have purchased the ribbons as a self gratification of the work I did for the Government.?
2. Together with other members of our association we purchase the ribbons so that the other 3 services wouldn’t look down on us as the poor cousin at Remembrance services?
I will leave it at that and do not expect a response as your email address is now blocked and been listed on our Governments cyber security organisation group.


Note that Spurrier says. "Together with other members of the Association we purchase the ribbons so other 3 services wouldn't look down on us"

ANZMI has a copy of the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard Dress Manual, and apart from an error in allowing the Year of the Volunteer medal to be worn on the left breast, (that medal is not approved by the Australian Governor General) it complies with National Rules and protocols for the wearing of medals. There is no mention of allowing the wearing of self purchased UK Commemorative Medals on the left breast.

It is difficult to believe that the most senior Coast Guard Officer in Far North Queensland would make such a self pitying statement. It is also suggested that "the other members of the Association, who also purchased commemorative ribbons" get them off, before their very prestigious organisation becomes a laughing stock, and his medal cheating associates appear on the ANZMI site.

Spurrier lacks integrity and honour. His explanation is imbecilic. He has thumbed his nose at long standing Australia Governor General's Medal wearing protocols. He may get away with wearing worthless tin medals in the United Kingdom, but in Australia and New Zealand, he will be thought of by the Veteran Community as a fraud.

Spurrier should stand down from his current position or be sacked. He brings discredit upon himself and the Volunteer Coast Guard.

Have no doubt that the Australian Coast Guard is an organization that saves lives in difficult circumstances, and it would be a pity if Commodores like Spurrier bring it into disrepute.

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