Date of Entry: 12/01/2021
Christian Names: Roderick Bernard
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Bribie Island
Service #: R107454
Service: Royal Australian Navy
Branch: Marine Engineering
Commencement of service: 1969
Case Notes:


Rod Devenish-Meares resides in Bribie Island, Queensland. He was born in October 1950. He is currently the President of the Vietnam Veteran’s Association Australia, (VVAA), Bribie Island and he has held that position since 2019.

Devenish-Meares is a Medal cheat, who has embellished his authorized medal rack by attaching two tin purchased medals to make himself look more important than what he actually is.

Devenish Meares 1


Devenish Meares 2jpg


In the above photographs, Devenish-Meares is wearing the following Medals.
1. Australian Active Service Medal, clasp Vietnam. AASM Entitled.
2. The Vietnam Logistic and Support Medal. VLSM. Entitled.
3. Australian Service Medal.ASM. Clasp FESR. Entitled.
4. Defence Force Medal. DFM. Entitled.
5. Australian Defence Medal. ADM. Entitled
6. HMAS Sydney Commemorative Medal. Tin purchased medal. $60.00
7. Australian Logistic Support Forces Medal. Tin purchased medal. $60.00
8. On his lapel he wears the Returned from Active Service Badge for Vietnam. (RASB) Entitled.

Devenish-Meares was a crew member on two voyages to Vung Tau, South Vietnam, on the HMAS Sydney. They were -;
1. HMAS Sydney 21 Oct 1970 to 12 Nov 1970 - 22 Days.
2. HMAS Sydney15 Feb 1971 to 04 Mar 1971 – 17 Days.

These days were counted from the time Sydney left the last Australian port until it returned some time later. In this particular case 22 days for his first voyage and 17 days for his second voyage.

The Sydney was a converted RAN Aircraft Carrier that transported Infantry Battalions, stores and equipment to Vung Tau Harbour, South Vietnam.

Devenish-Meares' first voyage entered the relatively peaceful harbour of Vung Tau on the 31 October, 1970. It weighed anchor and departed later that day for security reasons. It returned to Vung Tau Harbour the following day and embarked 8 Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (RAR). The ship again weighed anchor later that day and departed. All up about 16 hours.

Devenish-Meares' second voyage arrived in Vung Tau Harbour about 7am on 25 February, 1971, disembarked 3 RAR and weighed anchor 8 hours later at 3pm and departed.

For those accumulative 24 hours anchored in Vung Tau, experiencing the safety of the Sydney, Devenish-Meares wears four medals and the RASB.

They are -; AASM clasp Vietnam - VLSM – and the two tins. More medals than any Australian Soldier, RAAF or RAN personnel with 12 months service in country would be entitled to wear.

Devenish-Meares should have more sense. He is the President of the Vietnam Veterans Association Australia at Bribie Island. An important job. He knows the rules. He knows that he purchased the medals and had them court mounted on his rack at some considerable expense. So do the people in Bribie Island who reported him to ANZMI.

His two voyages to South Vietnam were uneventful. His 24 hours in Vung Tau Harbour were uneventful.

His hat is emblazoned with the words, "VIETNAM VETERAN - LEAVE ME ALONE" You can make up your own mind about that one. We just hope his uneventful stays in Vung Tau Harbour, Vietnam, have not caused him severe PTSD or Depression.

Devenish-Meares has no credibility. He is a medal cheat and a glory hunter. If you have to buy the medals, you did not earn them. Simple as that.

Our advice to Devenish-Meares is remove the tin, resign your Presidency of the VVAA now, and let someone with credibility take the position. You set a bad example for your members and those Australians and New Zealanders, who have earned their Vietnam medals the hard way.

Welcome aboard ANZMI.

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