Date of Entry: 01/07/2019
Surname: Rakowski
Christian Names: Eugeniusz John (Eugene)
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Ballarat
Service #: 45282
Service: Australian Army
Branch: Catering Corps
Case Notes:


Eugene Rakowski was born on the 21 December, 1951. He enlisted in the Australian Army as a Regular Soldier and was posted to the Army Catering Corps. Following successful training as a Cook, he was posted to 17 Construction Squadron, Royal Australian Engineers. As a Private Soldier, he was posted to South Vietnam with 17 Construction Squadron as a member of the Catering Corps from January, 1971 to November, 1971.


Eugene had honourable service in the Australian Army as a Private Cook in the Catering Corps in South Vietnam. His position was, and still is, a respectable rank within a very respected Corps

Eugene was reported to ANZMI by former Australian Army servicemen who respect and comply with the Australian Governor General’s Honour's and Awards system regarding awards and the wearing of genuine military service medals.

The above photograph depicts Eugene wearing a tin “Infantry Front Line Service Medal”. Crossed rifles with a green and yellow ribband.

The photograph has been downloaded from a recent addition to his Facebook Page. This is the last medal on his rack and has been purchased by Eugene for about $40.00 to embellish his genuine awarded rack of medals for his South Vietnam deployment.

The crossed rifles on this tin medal (badge) indicate that the wearer has been in combat as an Infantry soldier. It is an unofficial commemorative medal, initiated by a Queensland World War 2 Infantry Association, to raise funds for their members and families.

No problems with that.

However, if purchased, it should be worn on the right side and not mixed or added to genuine awarded medals from the Australian Government that are worn on the left..

Eugene, you have served your country well and have earned genuine active service medals. Take some good advice and wear the unofficial medal on the correct side.

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